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									                     Armidale and District Family Day Care


Armidale & District Family Day Care Ltd.(AFDC) is committed to high standards
of ethical conduct and accordingly places great importance on making clear any
existing or potential conflict of interest.

This policy has been developed to provide a framework for all stakeholders in
declaring potential conflicts of interest.

Statement of the Policy:
The Board of Directors, Management, staff, educators and others acting on
behalf of AFDC (the Stakeholders) have an obligation to avoid ethical, legal,
financial or other conflicts of interest, and to ensure that their activities do not
conflict with their obligations to AFDC, or its welfare.

Definition of a Conflict of Interest
Conflict of Interest is considered to exist in situations where:
   (a) An individual’s position provides either personal benefit or an opportunity
       for undue influence in a decision relating to another person’s benefit;
   (b) An individual, while occupying more than one position, which may involve
       the exercise of power and influence, affects outcomes in one position
       which are of direct or personal benefit to him/her as an occupant of
       another position.

    AFDC’s Conflict of Interest Policy is declaration driven.

    A stakeholder who has a personal interest in a situation which is being
     dealt with by AFDC, or is about to be dealt with, must disclose the nature
     of the interest as soon as possible after the relevant facts are known. The
     declaration should be recorded in a Notice of Disclosure of General
     Interest. (Annexure A)
 Following disclosure, that person may not participate in deliberations
  regarding the issue and must not take part in any decision making

 Where the conflict of interest is not in the nature of a material personal
  interest, the Board of Directors, together with Management, may
  determine whether the person may take part in any related deliberations
  and decisions.

 Where a person declares her/his potential conflict of interest, or leaves a
  meeting to avoid being placed in a situation of conflict of interest, the
  absence of that person from the meeting shall be recorded in the minutes
  of the meeting.

 The Board of Directors, together with Management, may provide advice
  and counsel to individual stakeholders on any potential conflict of interest.

 Directors, Management, Staff and Educators of AFDC are prohibited from
  improperly using their positions, or information gained from their positions
  within AFDC to gain an advantage for themselves or another person or to
  cause detriment to the Company.
  Reference: Regulation 168 (2)i
  Source:      A.Dixon Consulting, Saratoga.o
  Policy Formulated: 31/1/12
  To be Reviewed: July 2013

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