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									Granite Falls School District

Technology Plan

April 16, 2004
The original Technology Plan for the Granite Falls School District was developed over
five years ago by a group of teachers, administrators and staff. Their comprehensive
plan included requirements for hardware and infrastructure as well as software
curriculum and teacher training. Unfortunately, the hardware and infrastructure
requirements took a few years to put into place and the teacher training was put on hold
or not done in a consistent way to support the original plan.

This year a District Technology Committee was reconvened to review the original
Technology Plan and make recommendations for updating it. The consensus of the
committee was that for the most part our infrastructure is in place and our
hardware/software needs are within reach of our current technology budget. Our focus,
therefore, was on developing consistent grade level expectations for technology
instruction based on the National ISTE standards for Technology adopted by the State of
Washington, and to ensure that the training expectations and opportunities were in place
for our staff to successfully meet our curriculum goals.


Technology is an integral part of our daily lives. Computer-based technology as an
educational tool motivates learners of all ages, encourages clear communication,
stimulates critical thinking, fosters creativity, and develops job skills. Utilizing the tools of
technology help us apply the core concepts and principals of the Washington Essential
Learning Requirements. In that endeavor, we will provide opportunities to integrate
technology into all areas of the curriculum, just as it has become a part of our everyday
lives. Our intent is to create a networked learning community, which encourages
collaboration, and will be accomplished through adequate training, infrastructure,
extensive communication, and community involvement.


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