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					                                          Function Creates Affection

                                          Functionality is the basis upon which many individuals put their
                                          affection. After all, if someone is doing something for you, do you not
                                          temporarily at the very least feel indebted to them? In small cases, this
                                          indebtedness is part of a larger and more powerful feeling of
                                          resentment, but as long as the function or service was performed with a
                                          good attitude, the feeling in the other person is likely to be that of
                                          gratitude and this temporary affection. However, this is not just said
                                          about humans. We value animals which perform daily functions for us,
                                          we value functional and clean households, we value functional lifestyles,
                                          where resources are not wasted and where we are able to express our
                                          creativity in new and better ways. Let’s face, function breeds affection.

                                           In your company, superfluous additions to your business plan and
                                           extraneous areas and spaces of your office complex are considered
wasted money, time and energy. We value function so much that wasted function is directly associated with loss of
money or wasted money. Clearly, function is valuable in our world! Even art is more valued and considered more
interesting if it serves a functional purpose and does not exist purely for aesthetic appeal, though many people
believe aesthetics to be a separate function all on its own.

In the business world, function is key to operating a good business. If your clients or customers are not being
appropriately served, then what is the point of your company? It cannot be to bring in money, for anyone can do
that performing any task. The purpose must be of service, and this service must bear very real results. Without it,
you are a joke to the business community, and your services will begin to be seen that, on and on until you cannot
even bring in enough money to stay afloat. Reputation serves a function and in the business world, reputation can
be everything.

Employee drug and alcohol screening serves a function by increasing reputation, delineating set goals and
priorities for employees who do not know better, and by showing problems which must be eradicated. It is a
cleansing function. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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