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                                 Trainings & Orientations offered

Shikshamitra has given inputs to
o   25 govt primary school in Swanirvar area in N 24 Parganas district (~3,000 students)
o   Swanirvar’s own 4 primary schools (~500 students)
o   33 govt high schools also in Swanirvar rural (~ 24,000 students)
o   5 NGOs in various parts of the state —
    1. Development Action Society (DAS) — working in southeast Kolkata with underprivileged children
       & women
    2. Praajak — based in Kolkata but working all over West Bengal with marginalized children
    3. Nibedita Seba Mandir — Working in Bhowanipore, Kolkata, with local slum children
    4. Swami Vivekananda Vani Prachar Samity (SVVPS) — Working in Durgapur, Burdwan district,
       West Bengal, with underprivileged children
    5. Marfat — Working in Dhulian, Murshidabad district, West Bengal, with Bidi workers & their
o   DIET (District Institute of Education & Training) of Nadia district under SCERT (State Council of
    Educational Research & Training)
o   Two private schools —
    1. Our Lady of Providence, Kolkata
    2. Bharati Residential High School in Bagmundi, Purulia

The subjects in which such trainings have been given are
    1.    Bangla: Accelerated Reading through Barah-khari; How to read a text, Creative writing
    2.    English
    3.    Math
    4.    Evaluation
    5.    EVS
    6.    Art-Craft
    7.    Learning Problems & Remediation
    8.    Theme-based teaching
    9.    Film as text
    10.   Multiple Intelligence & Innovative schools
    11.   Problem solving: puzzles & games

In particular, Shikshamitra teacher has been math resource person in various trainings organized by
Nadia DIET & Science Communicators’ Forum (SCF), a resource group on science & geography for high
school level.
1. Language: Bangla

A. Creative writing

      Subject                 Date & Venue     Org / Participants                     Details
1     Creative writing        DAS (Aug 16 -    17 children of DAS    “Developing Writing Skills” course
      course (for DAS         Nov, 2007)                             consisting of 24 classes for children
      students)                                                      who would become peer leaders of
                                                                     DAS in Bantala area (Eastern
                                                                     Bypass) of Kolkata (by Ankur &
2     Writing &               DAS (Oct 23-     DAS coaching          Writing & remediation workshop (by
      remediation             24, 2008)        center teachers       Sudeshna)
3     Creative writing,       SVVPS (Jul 7-    15 SVVPS teachers     Jul 7 – Sudeshna on “writing” &
      learning                8, 2009)                               dealing with difficult children
      disabilities, puzzles                                          Jul 8 – Biswajit on puzzles
      (for teachers)
4     Creative writing        Swanirvar (Mar   20 Swanirvar &        Bangla creative writing workshop (by
      (for teachers)          7, 2010)         govt primary school   Sudeshna)
4a    Creative writing        Swanirvar (Apr   15 Swanirvar & 4      Concluding part of the Mar 7
      (for teachers)          24, 2010)        govt primary school   workshop (by Sudeshna)
4b    Creative writing        Shikshamitra     10 Swanirvar & 15     Logistics of making materials for
      TLM (for teachers)      (Jun 26, 2010)   SSK & govt primary    Creative writing (by Sudeshna)
                                               school teachers
5     Creative writing        Nibedita Seba    14 children ageing    1 hr / week for 4 weeks to develop
      (for students)          Mandir (Apr 5,   10-15 yrs             their writing skills (by Madhabendra
                              12, 19, 26,                            Singha Roy, an external resource
                              2010)                                  person)

B. Basic language (mother tongue) teaching:
(Accelerated reading program through Barah-khari)
         Subject             Date & Venue      Org / participants                       Details
1    Language              DAS (Jul 16 - Sep   17 DAS teachers       16 two-hr sessions spread over 2
     reading & writing     16, 2008)                                 months for inputs on dealing with
                                                                     difficulties of children belonging to 8-12
                                                                     age group in reading, writing & spelling
                                                                     (by Sudeshna)
2    Accelerated           Shikshamitra (Jul   Praajak teachers &    4 two-day sessions Jul 2008 - Apr
     Reading program       2008 - Apr 2010)    volunteers from       2010, basic orientation & training
                                               several Drop-in       program on effectively using the Barah-
                                               Centers (DIC)         khari method – details later (by
3    Accelerated           Dhulian (Jun 29-    12 primary & non-     2-day session, basic orientation &
     Reading program       30, 2010)           formal center         training program on effective reading
                                               teachers from         using the Barah-khari method (by Sipra
                                               Marfat                & Sudeshna)
C. Looking at language differently
      Subject       Date & Venue             Org / participants                         Details
1    How to        Swanirvar           14 teachers from Swanirvar’s     3-day workshop on reading a text
     read a text   (May 5-7,           4 rural schools, 1 each from 2   & looking for sub-texts. The
                   2007)               NGO schools & 9 govt             workshop also included few
                                       schools                          sessions with students. (by Ankur)
1a   Visits to     Swanirvar           Follow-up school visits          Visits to 2 Swanirvar primary
     primary &     primary schools                                      schools to watch the effect of the
     govt high     at Fatullapur &                                      language workshop in May 2007 &
     schools in    Chandalati, 2                                        also to make helpful general
     Swanirvar     govt High                                            suggestions. 2 govt high schools
     rural area    schools                                              where Swanirvar KKB wing
                   (Dec 10-11,                                          conducts environment classes were
                   2007)                                                also visited. The Swanirvar KKB
                                                                        dept takes classes in 17 rural govt
                                                                        high schools where Shikshamitra
                                                                        can make important interventions in
                                                                        the next 1-2 years. (by Ankur)
2    Demo          Bharati             Purulia schools (poorest hilly   Demonstration classes in the
     classes on    Residential         tribal district)                 Kishore Bharati School to show how
     how           High School in                                       language can be taught differently.
     language      Bagmundi,                                            Also visit to the local NGO Mandra
     can be        Purulia (Jul 4-6,                                    Lions Club’s pre-primary schools to
     taught        2007)                                                see how local culture could be
     differently                                                        incorporated in the classroom. (by

2. Language: English
A. High school teachers
      Date & Venue          Org / participants                                  Details
1    Swanirvar         23 govt. high school English       1 English workshop with govt high school
     (Nov 11, 2009)    teachers                           teachers to asses what they actually want (by
                                                          Sudeshna & Sonali)
2    Swanirvar         Govt high school English           Visiting 3 govt. schools for English classroom
     (Dec 18, 2009)    classrooms                         assessment (by Sudeshna with external resource
                                                          persons - Brendan Maccarthaigh & Maggie
3    Swanirvar         Govt high school teachers          1 demo class for teachers, students were mostly
     (Mar 19, 2010)    along with 65 students & few       from Class V (by Sudeshna & Maggie)
                       Swanirvar primary school
                       students for demo
4    Swanirvar         9 govt high school teachers        To make TLM on the basis on inputs given in the
     (Apr 12, 2010)                                       March 19, 2010, workshop. (by Sudeshna)

B. Others
      Date & Venue             Org / participants                                Details
1    DAS               8 teachers from DAS tuition            How to write basic sentences in English &
     (Feb 18, 2010)    centers, including the coordinator     vocabulary development (by Sudeshna)
3. Mathematics
A. High school teachers
       Date & Venue          Org / participants                                 Details
1a    Swanirvar         29 Math teachers from 24      1 meeting of a “Math network”; discussing general
      (Jun 23, 2009)    govt high schools             problems; a little bit on fraction, geometry,
                                                      mensuration. (by Swati, Sabyasachi)
1b    Swanirvar         18 Math teachers from 18      2 workshop of Math network mostly on ratio &
      (Jul 14, 2009)    govt high schools             proportion (by Swati)
1c    Swanirvar         ~ 20 Math teachers from       3 Geometry: making low-cost-no-cost TLM (by
      (Aug 18, 2009) govt high schools                Swati)
1d    Swanirvar         17 Math teachers from 17      4 Geometry: paper folding activities to introduce &
      (Oct 26, 2009)    govt high schools             check theorems & corollaries (by Swati)
1e    Swanirvar area Visits to 1 remedial center      1 Visit to these center & schools to interact with
      (Nov 16, 2009) & 2 govt high schools            students, observed & took classes (by Swati)
1f    Swanirvar         17 Math teachers from 17      5 Algebra: using innovative TLM in a more hands
      (Dec 7, 2009)     govt high schools             on way (by Swati)
1g    Swanirvar         21 Math teachers from govt 6 Algebra: making the TLM’s mentioned in last
      (Mar 9, 2010)     high schools                  workshop (by Swati)
1h    Swanirvar         14 Math teachers from govt 7 Various discussions regarding the syllabus, how it
      (Apr 8, 2010)     high schools                  can be divided into unit tests, problems from the
                                                      books, some algebra & other school related issues
1i    Swanirvar area 1 MSK & 1 govt high school 2 Visit to 2 schools, class observation & discussion
      (Apr 22, 2010)                                  with the teachers (by Swati)
1j    Swanirvar         10 Math teachers govt high 8 Discussion continued on problems from textbook,
      (May 13, 2010) schools                          issues faced in class (by Swati)
The above is an ongoing networking effort. As part of that these teachers have been introduced to
various TLM’s available from math resource groups like Jodo Gyan & several books on math as well as
school education in general (Letter to a Teacher, Chhotto Ekti School). Many teachers are eagerly buying
these books & some TLM’s.
2a    Nadia DIET        Madhyamik Siksha Kendra       Workshop organized by Science Communicators
      (Aug 15, 2009) (MSK) teachers from all          Forum (SCF) on physical science, life science,
                        over West Bengal              mathematics (Swati was part of SCF resource team)
2b    Rupkala           Madhyamik Siksha Kendra       Follow-up of 15 Aug workshop, statewide broadcast
      Kendra,           (MSK) teachers from all       of a DVD on math-related activities & subsequent
      Kolkata (Sep      over West Bengal              Q&A session through teleconference (Swati was part
      14, 23, 2009)                                   of SCF resource team)
3     Nadia DIET        80 govt school teachers       Workshop on high school Math VI-VIII organized by
      (Nov 13-14,       from Nadia district           Nadia DIET (by Swati & Subir Bhattacharya, an
      2009)                                           external resource person)
4a    Madhyamgram ~ 20 govt high school               Workshops organized by SCF to prepare teachers
      (Apr 19-21,       teachers                      for Vacation Camps for Creative Learning (VCCL)
      2010)                                           during summer. These summer camps are meant to
4b    Falta (May 7,     ~ 8 govt. high school         bring activity-based learning to children.
      2010)             teachers
4c    Siliguri (May     ~ 12 govt high school         Falta teachers are supposed to use the methods in
      10-12, 2010)      teachers                      regular class as well. (Math portion by Swati as one
                                                      of the external resource persons)

B. Others
       Date & Venue               Org / participants                           Details
1 Shikshamitra              Praajak teachers & volunteers     4 two-day sessions on basic (primary-
  (Jul 2008 – Apr 2010)     from several DICs                 level) Math – details later (by Biswajit)
4. Remedial teaching
      Subject       Date & Venue        Org / participants                         Details
1   Language       Shikshamitra        14 teachers from      Workshop on identifying language problems &
    problems &     (Jun 11, 2007)      Swanirvar’s 4 rural   dealing with them. This was the first training on
    reading                            schools, 16 from 12   Shikshamitra premises. (by Sudeshna)
2   Remedial       Swanirvar (Sep      govt schools, 1       2-day workshop on remedial teaching & then
    teaching       8-11, 2007)         from another NGO      visits to a few of the schools. (by Sudeshna)

5. Teachers’ capacity building
       Subject         Date &           Org /                                Details
                       Venue        participants
1   Teachers’        Swanirvar      Teachers of     We have started a systematic once-a-month interaction
    capacity         (Feb 3,        Swanirvar       with teachers of Swanirvar rural schools & adjoining govt
    building         Mar 2,         rural schools   primary schools for building up their overall capacities.
                     2008)          & adjoining     This is purely voluntary & has a very intense mix of
                                    govt primary    exercises, dialogue, watching films, hearing songs, group
                                    schools         works etc. The 1 class on Feb 3, 2008 was on the theme
                                                    “nation” & the 2 one on “relationship”. (by Ankur)
2   Innovative       Swanirvar      ~ 25 govt       Story of 5 innovative schools (i. Digantar, Jaipur,
    schools          (Nov 23,       primary         Rajasthan; ii. Kanavu school, Kerala; iii. Sita school of
                     2008)          school          Jane Sahi near Banagalore; iv. Aksharnandan, Pune; v.
                                    teachers        Waldorf school) were narrated followed by discussions
                                                    (by Sudeshna)
3   Multiple         Swanirvar      Same as         The film on Kanavu school was shown. There was group
    intelligence     (Jan 11,       above           work on Multiple Intelligence followed by very interesting
                     2009)                          discussions & presentations. (by Sudeshna)
4   Multiple         Swanirvar      Same as         An interesting piece “The Animal Parable” was given;
    intelligence     (Feb 22,       above           Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence was again discussed. This
                     2009)                          was followed by an exercise on how they would re-
                                                    structure school timetable to handle multiple ways of
                                                    learning. The task of refining this timetable was given as
                                                    homework. (by Sudeshna)
5   Multiple         Swanirvar      Same as         The day started with discussion on the timetable they had
    intelligence     (Mar 22,       above           made last month & to extract the “points” to be kept in
                     2009)                          mind to create the routine for an alternative school.
                                                    Tagore’s poem “River (Nodi)” was given & participants
                                                    had to figure how they would teach this differently to
                                                    “different” kind of learners as per Gardner’s scheme. How
                                                    to “evaluate” was just started with a reading from the
                                                    delightful chapter “How much marks did Tagore get?”
                                                    from the book “A small School.” by Sankho Ghosh. The
                                                    day ended with a review of this whole program. (by
6   Alternative      Sanlaap        12 Sanlaap      Basic Orientation on alternative curriculum & methods (by
    curriculum &     office (15     teachers-       Sudeshna & Biswajit)
    methods          Jul, 2009)     staff
7   Conflict         Shiksha-       12 KKB          These KKB teachers teach in several govt high schools
    resolution       mitra          teachers        where they are the most approachable teachers. Due to
                     (Jun 12,       from            RTE & otherwise, these schools are creating a space for
                     2010)          Swanirvar       children to “talk” to these teachers. So they went through
                                                    a session to understand potential issues while
                                                    experiencing the process themselves. (by Sudeshna)
6. Using films
        Subject          Date &             Org /                               Details
                         Venue           participants
1    How to use      Swanirvar        8 teachers from     Orientation of the teachers on how to use picture
     picture         (Jul 19, 2007)   Swanirvar rural     story films for teaching English (by Sudeshna)
     story films                      schools
2    Film as         Swanirvar        ~ 25 govt primary   The film “Taare Zameen Par” on a dyslexic child
     TLM             (Aug 28,         school teachers     was shown along with intensive work on related
                     2008)                                worksheets & discussions (by Sudeshna)

7. Evaluation
       Subject        Date & Venue         Org / participants                        Details
1   Alternative      Swanirvar (Apr     5 Swanirvar primary &        Alternative assessment, what to assess,
    assessment       14-15, 2009)       10 govt primary teachers     open ended questions (by Sudeshna)

8. Misc.
A. Problem solving / Life skills
           Subject           Date & Venue      Org / participants                    Details
1   Puzzles & games          SVVPS             SVVPS primary          Biswajit Chitrakar, a Shikshamitra
                             (Feb 13-15,       teachers               employee, was part of Swanirvar’s
                             2008)                                    team giving training to SVVPS
                                                                      primary teachers at Durgapur &
                                                                      conducted a highly enjoyable session
                                                                      on problem-solving puzzles & games
                                                                      (by Biswajit along with Swanirvar
2   Creative writing,        SVVPS             15 SVVPS teachers      Jul 7 – Sudeshna on “writing” &
    learning disabilities,   (Jul 7-8, 2009)                          dealing with difficult children
    puzzles                                                           Jul 8 – Biswajit on puzzles
3   Library development,     Nibedita Seba     25 students of         Mohua Dutta conducted 4 sessions
    art & craft, & puzzle    Mandir            Nibedita, mainly a     of library development, leading the
                             (Jul - Aug,       tuition center & an    children from the orphanage to
                             2008)             orphanage, a sister    manage their own library. It was
                                               organisation of        followed by 4 sessions of art & craft
                                               Nibedita               by Maura Hurley assisted by our
                                                                      students Bikey & Boloram in art-
                                                                      switch & 6 sessions of book binding
                                                                      by Baliraj Das. Biswajit took a puzzle
                                                                      & games session. (by Mohua, Maura,
                                                                      Bali, Biswajit)
4   Life skills              Shikshamitra      2 teachers from        Teaching life skills to the teachers
                             (Apr 3-5, 2010)   Praajak DICs           from the Malda & Asansol DICs. (by
    B. Others
           Subject            Date & Venue          Org / participants                  Details
    1   Class               Our Lady of            20 teachers of Our    1-day orientation on class
        management          Providence             Lady of Providence    management for teachers of a private
                            Convent                Convent               school for underprivileged children
                            (May 4, 2007)                                called “Our Lady of Providence
                                                                         Convent” (by Sudeshna)
    2   The use of          Seva Kendra            Rural NGO workers     SCF organized a workshop on the
        map as              (Mar 24-25, 2008)      from many districts   use of map for rural NGO workers
        planning tool                                                    where Malasree Dasgupta was one
        for rural NGO                                                    of the resource persons (by Malasree
        workers                                                          along with other resource persons)
    3   Theme-              Swanirvar              Govt secondary        How to do “theme” teaching on cloth,
        teaching on         (Aug 20, 2009)         school work           sharing of Shikshamitra experience,
        cloth                                      education teachers:   planning on what can be done in govt
                                                   15                    schools. (by Sudeshna)
    4   EVS question        Swanirvar              10 Swanirvar KKB      EVE model question papers for KKB
        papers              (Oct 7, 2009)          EVE teachers          teachers, Swanirvar (by Sudeshna &
                                                                         Mohua Dutta)
    5   Staff &             Shikshamitra           3 DAS employees       An internal evaluation with the help of
        education           (Apr 16, 2010)                               Shikshamitra to revamp the
        center                                                           education system of DAS. This is to
        evaluation                                                       be continued. (by Sudeshna)

    9. Training sessions for Shikshamitra-Praajak project for platform children
    (General orientation, accelerated reading program, basic Math, life skills)
         Subject         Date & Venue           Participants                              Details
1   Teachers’           Shikshamitra         7 teachers & 1     Orientation program for the Shikshamitra-Praajak
    orientation &       (Jul 10-13, 2008)    supervisor from    educational program that aims to teach DIC children
    training                                 Praajak DIC, 3     elementary mathematics & basic reading & writing
                                             teachers from      skills in Bengali. Before this, Sudeshna Sinha &
                                             Shikshamitra       Biswajit Chitrakar visited Praajak’s Malda &
                                                                Khargapur’s centres. (by Sudeshna, Biswajit & Gopal
                                                                Mondol & Safikar Ali from Swanirvar)
2   Re-orientation      IITD, Kolkata        12 Praajak staff   Problems faced by railway platform DIC staff;
    & review of         (May 8-9, 2009)                         alternative Math & language teaching (by Sudeshna,
    Praajak DICs                                                Biswajit Chitrakar, Sipra Mukherjee)
3   Capacity            Shikshamitra         8 prospective      On overall management of railway platform DIC’s:
    building of         (Jun 24-27,          peer leader        nutrition, cooking, first aid, conducting discussions
    older students      2009)                youths from 4      on various issues (by Nandita, Biswajit, Sudeshna)
                                             railway centers,
4   Orientation &       Shikshamitra         Newly appointed    Basic orientation & training (by Sudeshna, Biswajit,
    training            (Sep 1-3, 2009)      teacher of Malda   Sipra)
                                             Railway DIC,
5   Orientation         Shikshamitra         Praajak DIC        DIC volunteers‘ orientation in basic Bangla, Math (by
                        (Feb 19-20,          volunteers         Sipra & Biswajit, supervised by Sudeshna)
6   Orientation &       Shikshamitra         2 teachers from    Imparting basic Math & language teaching skills
    training for        (Apr 3-5, 2010)      Praajak DICs       along with life skills to the teachers from the Malda &
    Praajak DIC                                                 Asansol DICs. (by Sudeshna, Sipra, Biswajit)

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