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					Who Can Apply?
Healthcare professionals who hold a clinical professional                   Application deadline:
degree may apply to the program. These clinical professional
degrees include, but are not limited to, medicine, dentistry,                  March 15, 2011
clinical psychology, pharmacy, physical therapy, exercise                    First on site session:
physiologist, or registered dietitian.                                    July 31- August 12, 2011
Application fee: $ 60 USD                                                                                                      School of Public Health
Tuition: $20,000 USD                                                        For more information
Other fees: textbooks, travel, lodging and graduation fees                        please contact:
as applicable                                                     Office of Distance Learning and International
                                                                                                                       Master of Public Health
Prerequisites for the Master of Public Health in Lifestyle
                                                                             Rafael Molina, Director
                                                                             Loma Linda University
                                                                             School of Public Health
                                                                                                                        Lifestyle Medicine
  GPA of 3.0 or higher
  4 year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited
                                                                            Phone: +1 (909)-558-7762
  Graduate Record Examination (GRE) unless the pro-
  spective student is a physician or dentist
  English Proficiency. TOEFL: 80 - internet based;
  IELTS: 6.5; MELAB: 77. Scores are valid for two                               In collaboration with
  years from the test date.                                            Adventist University of France (AUF)
  International students are required to have their credentials   Euro-Africa Division of the Seventh-day Adventists
  translated and evaluated by an independent evaluation                    Health-Ministries Department
  service. Loma Linda University accepts:                                        Berne, Switzerland
     American Association of Collegiate Registrars and                 and Trans-European Divisions of the
     Admissions Officers (AACRAO)                                             Seventh-day Adventists
     World Education Services (WES) and                                    Health-Ministries Department
     Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc (ECE)                            St Albans, Herts, England
     American Education Research Corporation (AERC)
  Anatomy and Physiology (full course sequence)
  Biochemistry or Nutritional Metabolism
  Pathology of Human Systems
  Pharmacology                                                                                                           Collonges-sous-Salève, France
                                                                                                                             July 2011 to August 2014
Note: This degree does not prepare a person to practice
Master of Public Health                                         u   This is a combined program of on-site (Salève, France) and
                                                                    online learning experiences.
Lifestyle Medicine                                              Degree Requirements
                                                                                                                                                  Loma Linda University
Salève, France                                                  Public health core - 33 units
                                                                                                                                                  School of Public Health?
                                                                ENVH 509 Principles of Environmental Health (3)
                                                                EPDM 509 Principles of Epidemiology I (3)
                                                                GLBH 524 Cultural Competence and Health Disparities (2)                           Why Loma Linda University?
The Missing Link
                                                                HADM 509 Principles of Health Policy and Management (3)                           Loma Linda University is currently the only accredited
Helping people to prioritize body, mind and spirit is an
                                                                HPRO 509 Principles of Health Behavior (3)                                        School of Public Health in the U.S.A to offer this program.
important and perhaps indispensable complement to the
                                                                HPRO 530 Fundamentals of Research in Health and                                   In addition to the public health core curriculum, this
current medical treatment for the whole person.
                                                                         Health Education (3)                                                     program focuses on the full spectrum of evidence-based
                                                                HPRO 536 Program Planning and Evaluation (2)                                      knowledge and practice in nutrition, behavior change, and
The Master of Public Health (MPH) in Lifestyle Medicine
                                                                NUTR 509 Public Health Nutrition and Biology (3)                                  physical activity. Loma Linda University School of Public
could be the missing link for practitioners who want to use
                                                                PHCJ 605 Overview of Public Health (1)                                            Health is uniquely positioned to help you become a
their energies proactively in promoting health, rather than
                                                                PHCJ 501 Intro to Online Learning (1)                                             specialist in Lifestyle Medicine as the School conducts one
solely fighting established disease. This degree is the first
                                                                PHCJ 675 Integrated Capstone (2)                                                  of the largest longitudinal studies of its kind measuring the
program of its kind in the country, and provides essential
                                                                RELE 534 Ethical Issues in Public health (3)                                      effects of lifestyle on health-The Adventist Health Study.
tools and skills for healthcare professionals to promote
                                                                STAT 509 General Statistics (4)                                                   This research has been funded by the National Institutes
health and wellness in clinical settings.
                                                                                                                                                  of Health (NIH) and currently has 97,000 participants.
                                                                Lifestyle Medicine core - 30 units
As a student in the MPH program, you will gain
                                                                HPRO 515 Mind-Body Interaction and Health Outcome (3)                             Loma Linda University is deeply committed to integrating
knowledge, skills and competencies to meet increasing
                                                                HPRO 527 Obesity and Disordered Eating (3)                                        the physical, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions of
needs in the prevention and reversal of lifestyle-related
                                                                HPRO 529 Preventive and Therapeutic Interventions (4)                             life. This is in keeping with the university’s rich heritage
diseases. In addition you will acquire competency in the
                                                                HPRO 573 Exercise Physiology I (3)                                                emphasizing the whole person approach to health.
core areas of public health, including environmental health,
                                                                HPRO 578 Exercise Physiology II (3)
health administration, global health, nutrition, and
                                                                HPRO 565 Tobacco Use: Prevention & Intervention (3)                               As a community, Loma Linda models the benefits of a
                                                                HPRO 606B Preventive Care Seminar- Motivational                                   healthy lifestyle. According to a November 2005 National
                                                                          Interviewing and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (2)                         Geographic report, Loma Linda is one of the few places in
The MPH in Lifestyle Medicine will give you the skills to
                                                                NUTR 517 Advanced Nutrition I-Carbohydrates and                                   the world where centenarians live productive and healthy
promote health in your community: health for you, health
                                                                          Lipids (4)                                                              lives. Seniors who walk, swim, and visit the gym regularly
for your family, health for your society.
                                                                NUTR 518 Advanced Nutrition II- Proteins and Vitamins (4)                         are a common sight in Loma Linda.
                                                                NUTR 556 Nutritional Applications in Lifestyle Intervention (1)
This program will take place at Saléve Adventist
                                                                                                                                                  The LLU School of Public Health has been offering
University / Collonges-sous-Salève, France, July 2011 to        Field experience - 6 units                                                        distance graduate education around the world for over 30
August 2014.                                                    HPRO 798 B Field Practicum (200 clock hours/6 units)                              years.
Graduation: August 2015                                         Total units: 69 units
                                                                “Credit is recorded in quarter units. One unit represents a minimum of 10 class
‫ ٭‬Pending WASC approval                                         hours in lecture or 30 hours in laboratory practice”. LLU Catalog

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