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                            Vol. 60 / Issue 16                                                                                                                             May 16, 2007

                                                                                                                                           Youth eager
      Southern                                                                                                                             for mission
                                                                                                                                           to Zimbabwe
      to Sumrall                                                                                                                           By Woody Woodrick
                                                                                                                                           Advocate Editor

       That was the route along a former rail line about 60                                                                                        aKeadra Coffey has never flown in
       bicyclists took May 12 during the second annual Circuit                                                                                     an airplane. She’s picked a doosey
       Ride sponsored by the Mississippi Conference. The                                                                                           of a trip for her first air travel.
       event on the Longleaf Trace started at Gateway                                                                                        Coffey will be among 26 people, most-
       Southern Miss in Hattiesburg and made its way 15                                                                                    ly youth, from the Mississippi Con-
       miles to the Sumrall Station. Cyclists traveled at their                                                                            ference traveling to Zimbabwe on a mis-
       own pace, enjoying a solitary ride along the peaceful                                                                               sion trip. The trip is part of the Chabadza
       trace or moving along with a group of friends. The                                                                                  Covenant signed last year at Annual
       event began in 2006 as a way to recall circuit riding                                                                               Conference creating a
                           preachers of yesteryear and to pro-                                                                             relationship between Related story,
                           mote health. The first event drew                                                                               the Mississippi Confer- page 8
                           about 30 people to the Natchez                                                                                  ence and the United
                           Trace. Participants came from as                                                                                Methodist conferences in Zimbabwe.
                            far as Greenville and the Gulf                                                                                 Bishop Hope Morgan Ward is traveling
                            Coast this year, including several                                                                             with the group, which leaves May 27.
                             children and teenagers from the                                                                                 “I’m excited and anxious,” Coffey said.
                             Trinity Mission in Forest. The                                                                                “This is my first time flying and it’s a
                             bluegrass band Kudzu Station of                                                                               pretty long flight.”
                              Yazoo City provided music prior to                                                                             It’s actually about 20 hours flying time
                              the start.                                                                                                   to Harare, Zimbabwe.
                                                                                                                                             Once there, the group will be involved
                                                                                                                                           in service, worship and other activities
                                                                                                                                           with youth, children and adults. The
                                                                                                                                           group will also visit some tourist sites.
                                                                                                                                             “Our purpose is to live out the

                                                                                                                                                       See TRIP, page 10

How firm a foundation
Learning to ask for gifts helps support ministries
By Woody Woodrick                                                                              The man wrote a check on the spot.
Advocate Editor                                                                                “I learned that Jesus said, ‘Ask and you
   RIDGELAND – Jerry Mitchell recalls                                                        will receive,’” Mitchell said. “We often
clearly an event that he says changed his                                                    think about asking the Father in heaven
life and would later impact United                                                           for spiritual things. I think the Father in
                                                                                             heaven wanted me to ask (the business-
Methodist churches in Mississippi.
                                                                                             man). God used him to turn my life
   “I had been (pastor) at Gautier (First
United Methodist Church) and been                                                              The businessman, Mitchell said,
appointed to Hazlehurst,” Mitchell said.                                                     became not only more active in the
“We had a budget deficit, and I just did-        MITCHELL
                                                 the deficit. Although he didn’t feel com-   church but continues as a leader.
n’t feel right leaving that for the next                                                       Mitchell took that lesson and used it
preacher.”                                       fortable doing it, Mitchell asked the
                                                                                             to turn the United Methodist Foun-                                         Photo by Gwen Green
   Mitchell said he reluctantly approach-        man, who attended church occasional-        dation of Mississippi, Inc., into a vital     The spray from Victoria Falls creates a rainbow
ed a church member who was a suc-                ly, if he would make a contribution to                                                    in the afternoon sun. The youth mission team
cessful businessman. He told him about           balance the church budget.                       See FOUNDATION, page 7                   will visit the falls while in Africa.

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2                                                                                                                 Mississippi United Methodist Advocate/May 16, 2007

                                                           ANNUAL CONFERENCE
                                                             Countdown to
                                                                                                                         should keep in mind:
                                                                                                                                        ■ As in 2006, per diem will be paid at
                                                                                                                                            Annual Conference. No payments
    This Week
                                                                                                                                               will be issued prior to confer-
      As Annual Conference draws closer, the sched-                                                                                              ence.
    ule of district meetings to prepare delegates                                                                                                     ■ Eligible members will

    grows. Five districts have meetings planned this                                                                                                 receive a signed per diem
                                                                                                                                                     authorization form from
    week. They include:
                                                                                                                                                     one of the following: dis-
      May 17 — Tupelo District, 5:30 p.m. at Wesley
                                                                                                                                                    trict superintendent (dis-
    UMC in Tupelo
                                                                                                                                                  trict officers, equalizing
      May 20 — East Jackson and West Jackson dis-
    tricts; 2 p.m.; Christ UMC in Jackson; Senatobia         2007 Mississippi                                                                   members and seminary stu-
                                                                                                                                             dents), conference liaison officer
    District, 3 p.m., First UMC, Senatobia; Meridian
    District, 3 p.m., District Office, Meridian              Annual Conference                                                         (retirees and surviving spouses), or
                                                                                                                         director of Connectional Ministries (conference

    Next Week                                                Arise! Shine! Rejoice!                                      officers).
                                                                                                                           ■ Per diem recipients shall bring their completed
      Pre-conference meetings continue. Note that                                                                        forms to conference and turn them in at the on-site
    the Starkville District will hold two briefings:
                                                             June 10-13, Christ UMC,                                     treasurer’s office by noon, June 11. Do not mail
      May 21 — Brookhaven District, 6 p.m., New
    Hope UMC on Mississippi 550 in Wesson;
                                                             Jackson                                                     forms to the confer-
                                                                                                                         ence office; they will
    Starkville District, 7 p.m., First UMC, Louisville                                                                   be returned.
      May 22 — Seashore District, 6:30 p.m., Heritage
    UMC, D’Iberville; Starkville District, 7 p.m., First
    UMC, West Point
      May 27 — New Albany District, 2:30 p.m., First
                                                                    nnual Conference is just around the cor-
                                                                    ner. Here’s some useful information to
                                                                    keep in mind while making plans to
                                                                                                                           ■ Checks may be
                                                                                                                         picked up the evening
                                                                                                                         of June 12, after worship or
                                                                                                                         any time June 13. Per diem
                                                             Briefings                                                   recipients who must leave
    UMC, Booneville
                                                               The district pre-conference briefings are under-          conference early may make
                                                                                                                         arrangements with the treasurer’s office
    Next Month                                               way. Clergy and lay members can get a preview of
                                                             Annual Conference, register, pick up materials and          to get their checks early.
      Across The United Methodist Church, compas-            ask questions at the briefings. All members are               ■ No checks will be mailed.
    sionate people respond to God’s call to be peace-        encouraged to attend. See the schedule at left.             Childcare
    makers. They advocate for human rights, buy                                                                            Childcare will be provided by the staff of Christ
    fair-trade products, care for the environment,           Online
                                                               Download the pre-conference workbook and get              UMC for conference members’ children ages 6
    demonstrate for a cause, eradicate poverty, feed                                                                     months to 6 years. Evening care is available this
    hungry people, mediate conflict, provide health          forms and other information about Annual
                                                             Conference on the conference Web site, www.mis-             year in addition to daytime care. Registration forms
    care, seek affordable housing and model nonvio-                                                                      are due May 21. Forms are available on the confer-
    lence.                                          Click on Events, then “2007
                                                             Annual Conference.”                                         ence Web site.
      Because of the special offering received June 3
    on Peace with Justice Sunday, God’s people learn         Come and worship                                            Health check
    to coexist lovingly and peacefully. Global out-            Worship is an important part of Annual                      Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare personnel will
    reach through the General Board of Church and            Conference. Built around Isaiah 61, the worship             offer free blood pressure, blood sugar and choles-
    Society and annual conference-related peace              services will be full of rejoicing and celebration. All     terol screenings at Annual Conference.
    with justice ministries transform lives.                 services will be held in the Christ UMC sanctuary.          Special meals
                              ■                              Come and bring a friend to any of the services:               Many groups are having special breakfasts,
      Annual Conference is scheduled for June 10-13            ■ Service of Ordination, 6:30 p.m. June 10                luncheons, or dinners during Annual Conference.
    at Christ United Methodist Church in Jackson.              ■ Interim Shared Communion with Bishop                    The special meals schedule is available on the con-
    This year’s event will feature some changes in the       Duncan Gray III of the Mississippi Episcopal                ference Web site.
    agenda, highlighted by holding the ordination            Diocese, 8:30 a.m. June 11
    service on the opening night and the commis-               ■ Memorial Service with Bishop                            Spouses luncheon
                                                             Ivan Abrahams of the Methodist                                Clergy Spouses will hold its annual luncheon on
    sioning service on the closing afternoon. In addi-
                                                             Church of Southern Africa preach-                                   Monday in the fellowship hall at Christ
    tion, the conference will feature a service honor-
                                                             ing, 2 p.m. June 11                                                   UMC. Tickets are $12 ($6 for retirees) and
    ing the Charles Wesley’s 300th birthday.
                                                               ■ Mission Service with confer-                                      must be purchased by May 29. No tickets
                                                             ence mission offering and                                            will be sold at the door. Make checks
                                                             Bishop Abrahams preaching,                                          payable to Mississippi Conference Clergy
                                                             7:30 p.m. June 11                                                  Spouses and mail to Robin Smith, 1070
                                                               ■ Celebration of Charles                                        Beech St., Wesson, MS 39191.

                                                             Wesley’s Life and Music, 7:30
                                                                                                                             Mission offering
               Do You                                        p.m. June 12
                                                               ■ Morning Worship with
                                                                                                                              Bishop Hope Morgan Ward has designated the

                    Know                                     Bishop Abrahams preach-
                                                             ing, 8:30 a.m. June 13
                                                                                                                            2007 Annual Conference Mission Offering to
                                                                                                                           support ministries with children and youth in

              Someone                                          ■ Service of Commissioning and Sending
                                                             Forth, 4 p.m. June 13
                                                                                                                          Zimbabwe and Mississippi. In the spirit of
                                                                                                                         chabadza, 50 percent of the offering for youth and

                                                                                                                         children’s ministry in Zimbabwe and 50 percent for
                                                             Young voices                                                youth and children’s ministry in Mississippi.
                                                               Children in kindergarten through fifth grade are            A bulletin insert and flyer are available on the
       Will be ordained, commissioned, retire or             invited to sing in a mass children’s choir during evening   conference Web site.
                                                             worship on June 11. The choir will lead two songs to
       represent your church at 2007 Annual
       Conference?                                           open the service. Contact the Rev. Chuck Hallford at
                                                                                                                           Youth 16 and older are needed to serve as pages for
       Show your support by purchasing an ad in              601- 914-7110 for more information.
                                                                                                                         the Annual Conference staff, and United Methodists
       the Daily Advocate newspaper!
                                                             Per diem                                                    from the East and West Jackson districts are invited
       For more information call 1-866-647-7486                Members who may receive per diem from the                 to serve on the hospitality team. To volunteer, con-
       or 601-354-0515 ext. 16.                              conference are listed on page 259 of the 2006               tact the Connectional Ministries office at 601-354-
       Don’t wait! Deadline is June 1!                       Journal, Volume 1. Members eligible for per diem            0515.
Mississippi United Methodist Advocate/May 16, 2007                                                                                                                             3

                                                       MISSION AND MINISTRY
Statue of Wesley Couple gives restoration tips
near completion                                               Special to the Advocate

                                                                Drs. James and Molly Scott made quite an impres-
                                                                                                                        Albany gathering included persons from the
                                                                                                                        Senatobia and Tupelo districts, also. New Albany
                                                                                                                        District Superintendent Jerry Beam and the district
                                                              sion on the Mississippi Conference.
Special to the Advocate                                                                                                 A29 coordinated this event.
                                                                The clergy couple spoke at two seminars for A-29
                                                                                                                          Some in attendance were so impressed that they

           illsaps College is close to bringing a statue of   district teams on April 28 and 29. At the second
           John Wesley to the campus.                         event, held at Bethlehem United Methodist Church          purchased Restoring Methodism and ordered the CD
              Challenged by alumnus Lee McCormick             in New Albany, those attending said the couples’          that may be used to help lead a church in exploring
and with the help of Alumni Association President             comment drew frequent “amens” from the more               this text. Local church leaders plan on using these
Ward Van Skiver and Church and Parent Relations               than 250 in attendance.                                   resources to help transform their churches.
Director Kay Barksdale, friends and graduates of                The Scotts, both clergy members of the Arkansas           “This large gathering of our people proves that
Millsaps are helping make the statue a reality.               Conference of The United Methodist Church, wrote          people are hungry for a word of hope and restora-
    A fund raising effort, began with members of the          the book Restoring Methodism. The events were             tion,” said Dr. Embra Jackson, administrative assis-
classes of 1964, 1965 and 1966. Additional efforts to         sponsored by the Mississippi United Methodist             tant to the bishop.
fully fund the cost of the statue were recently extend-       Foundation, the New Albany District and the confer-         Jackson termed the gatherings a success not just
ed to all alumni, especially United Methodists, and           ence Office of Congregational Development.                because of the attendance, but because of “the pres-
will total more than $45,000. The life-size bronze              In their book, the Scotts call for United Methodists    ence of God’s spirit and the possibility that ‘these dry
sculpture, depicting Wesley in his circuit-riding             to return to their early heritage by making and           bones can and will live again.’”
                                        clothes with sad-     implementing 10 decisions. These are thought by             Two more gatherings are planned in response to
                                        dle bags at his       the Scotts to be essential to Methodist churches’         the A2 assessments and efforts to transform church-
                                        feet, was created     efforts in moving from decline to transformation          es. The two events are part of the first conference
                                        by Millsaps alum-     and vitality. The Scotts also ask that United             Transformational Leaders’ School for teams of lay
                                        nus Ben Watts         Methodists focus on three essentials as set forth by      and clergy. Sponsored by the Office of Con-
                                        and is expected to    founder John Wesley: repentance, faith and holiness.      gregational Development, the sessions are sched-
                                        be ready for            The Scotts also call for a renewal of the role of the   uled for Aug. 25 and Nov. 3.
                                        installation by       laity as leaders in the denominations as local elders       “The Discovery Church Journey” on Aug. 25 will be
                                        late summer.          and local deacons with positions as they held in          led by Dr. Doug W. Ruffle, congregational develop-
                                          “Millsaps      is   early Methodism.                                          ment coordinator for the Greater New Jersey
                                        proud to be a           The first event was held April 28 at the conference     Conference. The November event will examine the
                                        United Methodist      office in Jackson and was attended by 20 A29 district     L3 Incubator.
                                        college, and we       team members from various districts. The Scotts led         Both events are free if participants register before
                                        want everyone to      the teams in discerning how they could use                May 30. District A29 teams will receive priority. The
                                        know about our        Restoring Methodism to help lead churches in the          sessions are set for 9 a.m. at the Mississippi United
                                        Wesleyan her-         process of responding to A2 Indicator assessments.        Methodist Foundation building in Ridgeland.
                                        itage,” said Presi-     At New Albany, extra chairs and tables had to be          Contact Jackson at 601-354-0515 or 1-866-647-
                                        dent       Frances    provided to accommodate the large crowd. The New          7486 for more information.
Millsaps College alumnus Ben Watts has
                                        Lucas. “As we
been charged with creating a statue of enhance         the
                                        beauty of our
John Wesley for the college campus.
                                        campus with stat-
ues and sculptures, John Wesley deserves a place of
prominence. We look forward to dedicating this beau-
                                                              Growth begins with core values
                                                              ■ Editors Note: Third in a series                         storms of life come their way.
tiful sculpture, done by one of our own Millsaps alum-
                                                              By Embra Jackson                                            Foundational for a local church is discerning the
                                                              Administrative Assistant to the Bishop                    call of God upon the congregation. Faith Com-
   There is still time for alumni and friends of the col-
                                                                                                                        munities Today states that “More important then the-
lege to participate in this project. Send donations to          Core values, perhaps the most significant of the A2
                                                                                                                        ological orientation (for churches) is the religious
Wesley Statue, Millsaps College, Box 151191, Jackson,         Indicators, are sometimes difficult to describe and to
                                                                                                                        character of the congregation and the clarity of mis-
MS 39210-1191. Donors to date include:                        define.
                                                                                                                        sion and purpose. Growing churches are clear about
   Larry Adams, Pauline Dickerson Akers, Will Austin,           The A2 definition states that core values are “non-
                                                                                                                        why they exist and about what they are to be doing.”
Carol Lowry Baird, Kay Barret Barksdale, Rod and              negotiable principles that define the meaning and
                                                                                                                          Here are some suggestions to help lead churches in
Beverly Featherston Bartlett, Jerry Beam, Bradley             practice of a congregation within a particular frame-
                                                                                                                        the process of discerning core values:
Bennett, Julia Dawson Bishop, Judge and Mrs. William          work for ministry, i.e. your congregation and the sur-
                                                                                                                          ■ Develop leadership partnerships. Leadership is
Bizzell, Janet Clogston Cavalier, Sammy Clark, Harry          rounding community.” How do we translate this
                                                                                                                        paramount in churches developing a sense of identi-
Dinham, Nat and Pat Ellis, Delores Kirkfield Feldman,         description into action within our local churches and
                                                                                                                        ty. A church’s leaders must have a shared sense of call-
Tom and Donna Fowlkes, William and Gale                       communities?
                                                                                                                                          ing and purpose. It is only when the
McDonnell Fuller, Mike and Elaine Lord Gemmell,                 Drs. James and Molly Scott in

                                                                                                                                          clergy and laity are on the same page
James K. Gentry, Doug and Mabel Mullins Greene,               their book Kingdom People con-
                                                                                                                                          – God’s page – that churches will be
Lewis Hatten, Rosemary Hillman Hopkins, Francis               tend that core values are derived
Jacobs, Barbara Tate Jepsen, Warren and Beverly               from our behavior that derives
                                                                                                                                            One of the best resources to assist
Humphries Jones, Frank Jones, Nelda Jordan, Paul              from our beliefs. Core values are
                                                                                                                                          the church in forming such partner-
Keller, Boyd and Janice Ray Kynard, John South Lewis,         the deepest, most important and
                                                                                                                                          ships and thus discerning their core
Robert E. Lewis, Lee and Linda Banes Lewis, Frances           most cherished values that we
Lucas.                                                        have.                                    INDICATORS                         values is GBOD’s L3 Leadership
                                                                                                                                          Incubator. L3 stands for “Loving,
   Also, Barbara Lefeve McCleese, Judy Shaw                     “One might say that he (she) val-
                                                                                                                        Learning and Leading.” Visit
McCormick, Lee McCormick, J. Rhett Mitchell, Jerry            ues his (her) children, but the calendar of the past
                                                                                                                        to learn more.
and Frankie Mitchell, Monterey United Methodist               month shows so little time spent with them that their
                                                                                                                          The conference’s 2007 Transformational Leaders’
Church, Robert Morrison Jr., Paul Cooper Morrison,            behavior reveals it is not a core value, not one of the
                                                                                                                        School will focus on L3 at its November session. For
Max B. Ostner Jr., Dell Fleming Palazzolo, Burt               most important values,” the Scotts write. “Another
                                                                                                                        registration information, contact my office at (601)
Patterson, George and Lynne Krutz Pickett, Bonnie             way to think of this is to look at each of your core
                                                                                                                        948-4561, ext. 23. There is no charge to participate in
James Powell, Fred and Kay Nelson Rendfrey, Newt              beliefs (What we believe to be true about God, life,
                                                                                                                        the school, but registration by May 30 is required.
and Ann Reynolds, Susan Wright Roberts, Wilson                ourselves and others) and what kind of behavior and
                                                                                                                          ■ Use retreats to revisit your mission. Many con-
Ragan Rodgers, Vence and Kathy Alexander Smith,               action would be logically expected from that belief
                                                                                                                        gregations develop vision and mission statements
Susanne Lamb Stevens, Earl and Ann Cathy                      and ask if your behavior matches that answer.”
                                                                                                                        only a few times in the entire life to the church. I
Williamson Stubblefield, Mike and Ygondine                      One of the major determinants to a church becom-
                                                                                                                        believe that because every congregation, regardless of
Sturdivant, Ward and Kay Van Skiver, Mack and Penny           ing a disciple center is its DNA, its foundation.
                                                                                                                        its size or location, is called by God to ministry,
Sanders Varner, Carolyn Allen Wolfe, Willis C. Woody          Without a strong foundation a building is easily
Jr., Joseph W. Carroll, Bill Carroll and David Carroll.       destroyed. Likewise, churches that lack a firm foun-
                                                              dation are not very stable and easily fall when the                          See A2, page 10
4                                                                                                             Mississippi United Methodist Advocate/May 16, 2007

                                                SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON
Policies often ignore plight of downtrodden
By Dr. Talmage B. Skinner                  Ahab. Around 786 BCE Jeroboam II            righteous life.” If people did justice      Israel. After a time, the people of Israel
June 3                                     became king in Israel. He ruled suc-        and lived righteous lives, then all that    went whoring after false gods and God
                                           cessfully in a time of resurgence and       public display would be wonderful.          punished Israel and cast her out. Then
Committed to Justice                       prosperity for most of the people.             We live in a materialistic society.      after a time of punishment, God takes
Purpose: To identify how authentic         There was a great deal of religious fer-    Many of our churches just see who can       her back as his people and restores
worship develops a mature faith that is    vor, public worship and confidence          put on the best show. We judge success      Israel. The punishment is to heal, to
expressed in a social conscience.          that they were God’s chosen people          with the accumulation of wealth and         cure, to refine the people of God. The
Bible Lesson: Amos 5:10-15, 21-24          and that God would bless and protect        its being spent on lavish lifestyles. We    redemption of Israel is an expression
Key Verses: “Let justice roll down like    them. They longed for an expected           honor people who are rich and seem to       of pure grace.
waters, and righteousness like an ever-    event called the Day of the Lord when       praise them for ruthless and uncon-            In 9:1 and following, Hosea lists the
flowing stream.” — Amos 5:24               God would drive out all the enemies of      cerned attitudes toward the poor.           indictment against Israel as unfaithful-
                                           Israel and bless them.                         Amaziah, the priest at Bethel, told      ness; a lack of loyalty to the God who
  A bit of background will help to           Into this apparent good time came         Amos to go home to Judah and proph-         brought the people out of Egypt. Israel
understand Amos. After Solomon, the        Amos from Tekoa in Judah. He was a          esy there and never again speak at          is also charged with having no knowl-
United Monarchy of Israel split into       layperson, not a priest or prophet or a     Bethel for it is the king’s sanctuary and   edge of God. There is a big difference
the Northern Kingdom (Israel with 10       prophet’s son. Amos dressed sycamore        a temple of the kingdom. Does this          between knowing about God and
tribes) and the Southern Kingdom           trees. God called him to go to Israel       sound familiar?                             knowing God. Because they do not
(Judan with two tribes – Judah and         and prophesy. His message was                  You do not dare disagree with the        know God, there follows swearing,
Benjamin). The split was along a fault     straightforward: “The expected Day of       president because you will be called a      lying, murder, stealing and adultery.
line that been there a long time. Israel   the Lord is not light, but darkness.        traitor, but it goes much deeper than       Chapter 12:8-9 speaks of a false confi-
was stronger but less stable. Israel was   Israel is doomed because God is very        that. We get our worship and enter-         dence that is kin to the Greek concept
more interested in the Moses               displeased with Israel and the way          tainment all mixed up. We pray that         of “hubris,” which is an inappropriate
Covenant tradition, while Judah was        people are living. All the public display   God’s will be done on earth, but then       self-love and confidence.
more concerned with the covenant           of religion and piety cannot cover up       we choose policies in business and             The sin of Israel is always expressed
between God and David. Judah, of           the way they treat the poor and help-       government that neglect not only the        as separation from God that is brought
course, had the temple in Jerusalem        less. There is in place an unfair system    needy of the country, but all the miser-    on by lack of loyalty (Hesed) and one
and the promise that they believed a       of justice and the rich get rich on the     able, trampled-on people of the world.      type of rebellion or another against
descendant of David would be on the        backs of the poor. It is a materialistic       The older I get, the more aware I am     God. Examples are eating the forbid-
throne forever. This made for a stable     society.”                                   of the simple truth that none of our        den fruit, because it would make Adam
change of leadership.                        Amos said that God was tired of their     material stuff will leave this life with    and Eve know as much as God, or the
  In the north, kings changed very         “solemn assemblies and their music          us. The longer I am a Christian and         Tower of Babel – climbing up to heav-
much like judges changed in the days       and sacrifice.” For Amos, it seemed         study both the Old and New                  en on our own. There is the ongoing
of the Tribal Confederacy before Saul      that right living is more important         Testaments, the more I see a lack of        struggle with the Canaanite religion
became the first king. The kings of        than right worship. He is not saying        concern – a deep concern for the poor       that manipulates their gods for their
Israel did not send the people back to     that worship does not matter but that       and downtrodden of the world. I see a       own benefit. That focus of the Baal reli-
Jerusalem to worship in the temple;        religious palaver without deeds and a       “lifeboat” mentality, which is “as long     gion is active today. Just watch TV and
therefore the writers of the scripture     reformed system is empty and evil.          as we and our own are OK, do not            listen to the emphasis on getting bless-
label all of them bad. Many were bad         The Hebrews, north and south, never       worry about others.” We used to sing a      ings, gifts and wealth from God. Listen
for other reasons as well. Israel built    dealt with the questions, “Does God         hymn from the Cokesbury Hymnal              to all the preaching about using God
Samaria as their capital with places of    exist?” God is Yahweh who brought           called Others. We need to dust it off       for our own success.
worship such as Dan and Bethel to          them out of Egypt. The question is,         and not only sing it, but practice what        All of this shows they do not know
compete with Jerusalem.                    “What does God require?” Well, Amos         it teaches.                                 God. They know a magical being who
  As the years passed, interesting and     answered that question with a trumpet                                                   grants their wishes. The God of Israel is
powerful people ruled Israel. The most     call in 5:21-24, “Take away the noise of    June 10                                     not a fairy godmother. Some scholars
exciting period was the time of Elijah     all your assemblies, offerings, sacri-                                                  think Gomer was a part of that
who stood up to Jezebel and King           fices, songs – and do justice and live a    God’s Indictment of Israel                  Canaanite culture and the worship of
                                                                                       Purpose: To examine how divine judg-        Baal. Over and over again Israel tried to
                                                                                       ment is neither punishment nor              worship Yahweh and Baal at the same
                                                                                       vengeance bout an expression of God’s       time. Because of this God is going to
                                                                                       faithfulness and truth.                     punish Israel. However, Hosea does
                                                                  P. O. Box 16657      Bible Lesson: Hosea 4:1-4; 7:12; 12:8-      not see everlasting doom. He takes
                                                     Hattiesburg, MS 39404-6657        9                                           Gomer back. A remnant will return,
                                                          Phone: (601) 296-1676        Key Verses: “There is no faithfulness       and Israel will be restored.
                                                      Prayer Line: (800) 280-4040      or loyalty, and no knowledge of God in         Perhaps we must endure some hard
                                                      Website:         the land.” — Hosea 4:1                      times to be purified and return to the
                                            E-Mail:                                                       fold as people who know God and his
                                                                                          Hosea probably overlaps with Amos
                                                                                       just a bit. He is from Israel and has a     ways. I do not believe that God makes
                                                                                       longer career than the brief one of         bad things happen to people. I do
                                                                                       Amos. Hosea also preached doom for          believe God uses everything that hap-
                                                                                       Israel because of the same attitudes        pens to us to instruct, strengthen and
     May 20                 Finding Ways to Feed                                       and wrongs lifted up by Amos. He            purify if we are paying attention.
                 Music:     Go Light Your World, Sarah Davis                           tends to see the faulty living as the
                Lesson:     Keith Tonkel                                               result of impure worship. Couple these      June 17
       Lesson Scripture:    Revelation 21: 9-10, 21:22-22:5                            two prophets with attention to wor-         True Worship!
               Sermon:      Rev. Eddie Rester                                          ship and moral living and you get a
              Scripture:    John 21: 15-19                                             strong message for their day and ours.
                                                                                                                                   Purpose: To show that acts of worship
                                                                                                                                   we choose to offer cannot substitute
                                                                                          The message of Hosea is more in his
     May 27                 Set Free to Speak                                                                                      for God’s demand for righteousness.
                                                                                       life than in his words. God tells him to
                 Music:     Lifesong, Allanda Small                                    marry an unfaithful woman whose
                                                                                                                                   Bible Lesson: Isaiah 1:10-11, 14-20
                Lesson:     Keith Tonkel                                               name is Gomer. They have several chil-
                                                                                                                                   Key Verses: “Seek justice rescue the
       Lesson Scripture:    Revelation 22:6-10, 12-13, 16-21                                                                       oppressed.” — Isaiah 1:17
                                                                                       dren who are given symbolic/prophet-
               Sermon:      Rev. Eddie Rester                                          ic names. Gomer is indeed unfaithful          Yes! This scripture does sound a lot
           Sermon Text:     Acts 2: 1-6                                                to Hosea, and he divorces her and           like Amos and Hosea. All of the great
                                                                                       casts her out. Later on, he buys her and    prophets are own the same page. At
                                                                                       restores her to her position as his wife.   the heart of our religion is how we treat
                                                                                       This is a parable of the relationship       other people. Sometimes it is how you
                                                                                       between God and Israel. God chose           treat other Hebrews; but little by little
Mississippi United Methodist Advocate/May 16, 2007                                                                                                                                                           5

                                                           SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON
until we get right in the middle of the            to the king about trusting in God rather        new covenant written on the heart.               developmental process of lifetimes
message of Jesus, it is how we treat               than alliances with big or small coun-             All of the great prophets preached            and ages. Life is a teacher who illus-
everyone, not just our own kind. The               tries for defense. As he looked at the          doom and punishment for Israel’s                 trates our lessons through our experi-
proof of worship is in the living and              world situation, he believed that God           unfaithfulness and neglect of justice            ences. Isaiah teaches us that God con-
doing.                                             would use Assyria to purify Israel (it          and mercy. Those who survived the fall           stantly makes all things new, that he
  For a long time everything centered              turned out to be Babylon), but at the           of Judah started preaching renewal               has established an everlasting
around offering sacrifice to God,                  heart of his message was that Israel (in        and hope and the return of a remnant             covenant, not just with David, but with
sometimes even going so far as to offer            his case Judah) was called to be good           that would be God’s people (Second               all humankind. Our part should be
human sacrifice, which was done to                 not powerful. They were called not for          Isaiah and Ezekiel). The emphasis of             gratitude and thanksgiving and hope
please God and gain his favor. All God             special privilege but to be a “nation of        this lesson is on how God provides so            for the future.
wanted was for the people to “ … learn             priests, a light unto the Gentiles.” We         many things for us. There is danger                 Seek first and always the kingdom of
to do good, seek justice, rescue the               hear so much about “national interest”          here in reading this just for today and          God. The good things that God wants
oppressed, defend the orphan, plead                and being No. 1 in the world. Perhaps it        thinking of what God wants to do for             to give us are the lasting gifts of deep
for the widow” (Isaiah 1:17). Without a            is time to “learn to do good.” Recently I       us. In must be read in the context of a          joy and love that are present in all of
good understanding of the sacrificial              read that a presidential candidate said         message to people who have seen their            life situations.
system, the death of Jesus on the cross            that it is important that other nations         country and religion destroyed and               ■ Skinner is a retired member of the
makes no sense.                                    be afraid of us. I would rather they            who have lived in a strange and foreign          South Carolina Annual Conference
  Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice, and             respect us and want to emulate our              land. In modern terms, the message is            and served as the chaplain at Wofford
guess what? The sacrifice comes from               character. Making tons of money in              comfort after the Holocaust or after the         College for many years.
God. Instead of sitting back and                   our personal lives does not make up             death of innocent students or any of
smelling all that burning meat, God                for wickedness and neglect. Power and           life’s troubles.
                                                   wealth often keep individuals and
                                                                                                                                                                 STARKVILLE TOURS
offers the sacrifice that reconciles us to                                                            Often overlooked in the Old                      • Alaska • New England • Nova Scotia • SW
God. He replaces our attempts to bribe             nations from being good.                        Testament is how many times God for-                • NW • Branson • Myrtle Beach • KY • GA
                                                                                                                                                       • Niagara Falls • Williamsburg
God with an atoning deed that ends all                                                             gave Israel. It makes ones think of
                                                   June 24
                                                                                                                                                       • New York • Smokies
attempts to get God to save us, give us                                                            Jesus’ instruction to forgive “seventy              E-mail:
                                                                                                                                                       Call: 1-800-286-2366
victory and all that our heart desires.            Finding Satisfaction                            times seven,” or an infinite number of
The one we seek to honor graciously                                                                times. This is the grace of God. It would
shows his love/forgiveness to us. What             Purpose: To discover how we can live            be a big mistake to believe that our                             CHOIR ROBES
                                                   faithful lives in the midst of a secular
God wants is for us to respond to his
                                                                                                   actions have no consequences of that             Made in Mississippi by theexperience. Direct factory
                                                                                                                                                                                South’s oldest and largest
action with action of our own; not                                                                 God is a forgetful old grandparent who           manufacturer. Over 50 years
action directed toward him, but toward             Bible Lesson: Isaiah 55:1-3b, 6-11              indulges and allows all things.                         prices. 2 to 3 weeks delivery on most orders.
others.                                            Key Verses: “Seek the Lord while he                The Deuteronomistic writers in the
                                                                                                                                                                     Latest styles and materials.

  You cannot get to the meaning of                 may be found; call upon him while he            Old Testament had a simple formula:                           GRADUATE SUPPLY HOUSE
                                                   is near.” — Isaiah 55:6                                                                              Box 1034-1620 N. Mill St. / Jackson, MS 39205
Isaiah without chapter 6 and the story                                                             obey God and you will succeed and be                                601-354-5323
of Isaiah’s call and temple experience               The Isaiah we see and hear about in           blessed; disobey and you will be pun-
at the time of the death of King Uzziah.           chapter 55 is not the same person we            ished by bad things happening. We
The heart of the chapter is his experi-            met last week. Scholars believe that            know that is too simple. Bad things
ence of the holiness of God and his
own impurity. Also of importance is
chapter 5 and the “Song of the
                                                   this material was written after the fall
                                                   of Jerusalem perhaps during the Exile
                                                   or near to the time of the return. Isaiah
                                                                                                   happen to good people, and good
                                                                                                   things happen to bad people.
                                                                                                      They do make a point with this over-
                                                                                                                                                            Custom Stained
Vineyard” telling of God’s displeasure
with Israel and her infidelity and shal-
low faith. I am fearful that many today
                                                   of Jerusalem in last week’s lesson was
                                                   pointing toward a harsh punishment
                                                   for Judah. Second Isaiah (we have no
                                                                                                   ly simplified formula. The ultimate
                                                                                                   good does come by seeking to do God’s
                                                                                                   will. To ignore it trivializes it in the long
                                                                                                                                                            Glass Windows
have mixed up their worship with                   idea of his real name) is writing after         run and leads to destruction. Even
entertainment. In attempts to be casu-             the fall and is writing about God’s             then God is seeking our redemption.                     STAINED GLASSWORKS, INC.
al, comfortable and have a good time               grace toward Israel and, like Hosea’s              Second Isaiah affirms that God did
in worship, we have often lost a sense             accepting Gomer back, God is restor-            not jus put us here; he is always                                 Columbus, MS
of and experience of the Holy.                     ing Israel and is fully available. He is        involved. Our creation is not just one                             Since 1992
  One of Isaiah’s big tasks was to speak           offering a new covenant that will last, a       magical act, but a maturing, learning

                               MISSISSIPPI METHODIST SENIOR SERVICES, INC.
                                          GIFTS FOR APRIL 2007
                              ississippi Methodist Senior Services, Inc. gratefully acknowledges the following honor and memorial gifts made in April 2007.
            Acknowledgment cards were also mailed as directed by the donor. Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission of serving older adults in the spirit of Christian love.
            MEMORIALS               Mrs. Hessie I. Croft           Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Herrin         Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Biddle        Mr. Glen Spradling                           HONORARIUMS
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    Rev. E. S. Furr                 Mr. & Mrs. William S.          The Acts II Fellowship Class                                                                      Dr. & Mrs. Felix A. Sutphin
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6                                                                                                                 Mississippi United Methodist Advocate/May 16, 2007

                                                AROUND THE CONFERENCE
Choctaw Mission leader earns commission
         iane V. Wood, a new United Methodist Church
         and Community Worker, has become the
         director of programs and projects with the
Choctaw Mission in Mississippi. Church and commu-
nity workers are missionaries of The United Methodist
                                                                                                                                                               Deaconess Diane
  The Choctaw Mission serves the Native American                                                                                                               Wood receives the
communities of Pearl River, Red Water and Bogue                                                                                                                laying on of hands
Chitto. One priority of Wood’s work will be to organize                                                                                                        during her com-
the visits by United Methodist Volunteer In Mission                                                                                                            missioning as a
teams. The teams will build dormitories and a sanctu-                                                                                                          church and com-
ary and expand a fellowship hall.                                                                                                                              munity worker at
  Wood is one of nine missionaries commissioned for                                                                                                            Global Ministries’
service in the United States on April 24 at the semi-                                                                                                          2007 Spring Board
annual meeting of the General Board of Global                                                                                                                  of Directors
Ministries in Stamford, Conn.                                                                                                                                  Meeting.
  Bishop Joel N. Martinez of San Antonio, president of
the mission agency, presided at the service of worship
that also included the commissioning of 10 deaconess-
es and a home missioner.
  Wood was born in Connecticut. She is a deaconess
and a member of Green Hill United Methodist Church            The event, arranged by the Moffats’ children, is          ful,” Carder said. “To be chosen to occupy a distin-
in Philadelphia.                                            scheduled for 2 p.m. June 24 at Raymond United              guished professorship devoted to the practice of
                                                            Methodist Church.                                           Christian ministry is especially gratifying. Perhaps the
Jackson Central plans event                                   Send regrets or comments to          greatest honor is following the two previous occupants
  Food, entertainment and spiritual renewal are on tap                                                                  of the Williams Chair, Jack Carroll and Peter Storey,
for those attending Family and Friends Day at Jackson       SoSA plans senior high harvest                              both of whom are treasured friends, insightful men-
Central United Methodist Church.                              The Society of St. Andrew has scheduled a “Harvest                           tors, and valued colleagues.”
  The event is scheduled for June 1-3. A gospelfest is      of Hope” senior high week-long event in Mississippi                              Carder is the author of three
set for 6 p.m. June 1. The next day at picnic and talent-   for the first time.                                                            books, Sermons on United Methodist
fashion show are planned for 11 a.m., and then wor-           It will be held at the Wood Institute in Mathiston July                      Beliefs, A Bishop’s Reflections, Living
ship is set for 10:30 a.m. Sunday.                          1-7. For more information about Society of St. Andrew                          Our Beliefs and a study guide for
                                                            and Harvest of Hope in Mississippi, call 800-333-4597                          “Who Are We? The Doctrine,
West accepts new hospital post                              or see                                                      Mission, and Ministry of the United
  Steve West has been named senior vice president of          Harvest of Hope is SoSA’s mission retreat program                            Methodist Church.” He also has con-
community benefits at Methodist Le Bonheur                  offering weekend and weeklong events of worship,                               tributed articles to several journals
Healthcare. West had served as senior vice president        learning and gleaning to feed the hungry.                    CARDER            and magazines, including The
                     and chief legal officer.                                                                                             Christian Century, Circuit Rider and
                       West – who has served Methodist      Duke appoints Carder to chair                               Christian Social Action.
                     for 29 years – will focus on various     Bishop Kenneth Carder, professor of the practice of         He also is a member of the University Senate of the
                     community benefit initiatives and      pastoral formation and a senior fellow with Duke            United Methodist Church and chair of the Senate’s
                     special projects benefiting MLH, as    Divinity School’s Pulpit & Pew program, has been            Commission on Theological Education.
                     well as supporting MLH’s relation-     named the Ruth W. and A. Morris Williams Chair of the
                     ship with the University of Memphis    Practice of Christian Ministry.                             Help kids improve reading skills
                     in its formation of the Health Law       The purpose is to highlight the importance of parish        Congregations for Children is partnering with the
                     Institute at the Cecil C. Humphreys    ministry and to help form students as effective practi-     Barksdale Reading Institute to help children improve
 WEST               School of Law. West will serve as the   tioners who are ready to lead congregations, said Dean      their reading skills over the summer.
Institute’s first executive director.                       L. Gregory Jones.                                             BRI will create reading camps in 12 locations around
  West will work closely with MH Foundation                   Carder came to the divinity school following 30 years     Mississippi to provide extra instruction for kinder-
President Paula Jacobson and Senior Vice President of       in parish ministry and 12 years as a United Methodist       garteners through third graders who need help with
Health & Welfare Ministries Gary Gunderson.                 bishop. He retired from the Mississippi episcopacy in       their reading.
  West will fully assume his new role after a successor     2004 and joined the Divinity School faculty later that        The camps will be in Gulfport, Hattiesburg,
is hired and on board.                                      year.                                                       Raymond, Jackson, Canton, Durant, Tchula,
                                                              In the chair, he succeeds Peter Storey, who retired in    Columbus, Clarksdale, Quitman and Como.
Reception to honor anniversary                              2006 to return full-time to his native South Africa and       The institute will place qualified teachers at each
  Friends of Curtis and Dell Moffat are invited to          now is professor emeritus.                                  camp, train volunteers and provide books, materials
attend a reception to celebrate and honor their 50th          “Being named to the Williams Chair is a distinct          and transportation for the children. Congregations for
wedding anniversary.                                        honor for which I am humbled and profoundly grate-          Children is seeking 10-12 volunteers for each site. The
                                                                                                                        main role of volunteers will be to encourage children
                                                                                                                        to read and support them in their efforts. A volunteer
                                                                                                                        training event will be held May 19 in Hattiesburg and
                                 Methodist Tested Recipes                                                                 “The Barksdale Reading Institute works very hard
                                                                                                                        over the course of the school year to get children read-
                                                                                                                        ing at grade level before their departure from third
                                                                                                                        grade. The greatest challenge is addressing the lapse
     4 cups cold milk                            Creamy Strawberry Punch                                                that occurs while the students are out of school in the
                                                                                                                        summer,” said Cassandra Welchlin, Congregations for
     1 pint strawberry ice cream,
                                             In a large container, combine milk, ice cream and lemonade                 Children liaison.
     1 (6 oz.) can frozen Lemonade           until smooth. Add ginger ale and serve. Yield: 12 to 14 serv-                Contact Welchlin at 601-354-0515, ext. 13, for more
       concentrate, thawed                   ings.                                                                      information about volunteering.
     4 cups chilled ginger ale                         — by Wendell Stewart in The Fruits of Our Labour                   Congregations for Children is an interfaith effort
                                                    published by the Prayer Warriors Sunday School Class                launched by the Episcopal, Roman Catholic and
                                                                                     at Hickory Flat UMC                United Methodist churches in Mississippi, open to
                                                                                                                        partnership with all others who sense a calling to love,
                                                                                                                        celebrate and advocate for children.
Mississippi United Methodist Advocate/May 16, 2007                                                                                                                                        7

                                                                                  Foundation, from page 1

part of the conference’s ministry.                                                                                                              states that fewer than 5 percent of
Mitchell plans to retire from the founda-                                                                                                       United Methodists include tithing in
tion in June after 23 years at the helm.                                                                                                        their stewardship plans. The average
  “I took this ministry with one goal, and                                                                                                      United Methodist is 60 years old, and it
it has remained my golden vision as I                                                                                                           takes four to six new members to make
walk out the door: To build a strong                                                                                                            up the giving of just one older member,
financial base under the ministry of the                                                                                                        according to the newsletter.
local church,” Mitchell said.                                                                                                                     “Young couples are in debt and going
  The foundation does that, says Martha                                                                                                         deeper,” Mitchell said. “You can put on
Scarborough, who has been named                                                                                                                 all the campaigns you want, but they’ve
Mitchell’s successor.                                                                                                                           already committed themselves to pay
  “I have to admit that before coming to                                                                                                        more than they make. How can they do
work with the Foundation, I was igno-                                                                                                           more?”
rant of all that was available,” she said.                                                                                                        Mitchell said he believes the local
“We have access to many resources and                                                                                                           church is missing a great opportunity
tools that help people give more by giv-                                                                                                        for ministry by not helping young adults
ing wisely. This is especially important                                                                                                        with their finances. “If the local church
for our conference ministries since they                                                                                                        can’t help members get a handle on
are so dependent on donations. To be                                                                                                            their finances, they’ve missed a great
able to show people how to maximize                                                                                                             opportunity to minister to that family,”
their gifts is a very important ministry.                                                                                                       he said.
  “The growth of permanent funds has                 their wills to support a specific ministry.   strong board of directors. He believes a
been due to the efforts of Jerry Mitchell            Those range from community centers to         strong board makes the difference            Staff changes
and Willard Leggett over the last 40                 Wesley Foundations to mission groups          between a successful ministry and a            From a one-man operation in the cor-
years, through their work with many                  to the Mississippi United Methodist           weak ministry, and a strong board takes      ner of a conference room, the founda-
faithful donors in Mississippi and the               Advocate. The gifts range in size from a      many tasks off the shoulders of an exec-     tion has grown to include four full-time
desire of those donors to use their                  few thousand dollars to millions.             utive director so that person can focus      employees. Mitchell’s retirement creates
resources to support their local church                Mitchell said gaining the assets often      on the day-to-day operation of the min-      two vacancies because Frankie Mitchell,
and ministries they are interested in                goes back to that lesson he learned in        istry. Each ministry’s board should          his wife, is also retiring as secretary and
sustaining,” Scarborough said.                       Gautier – ask.                                include successful people because they       receptionist.
  The foundation was founded in 1967.                  “There is enormous wealth in this           don’t like failure and know how to suc-        Scarborough has served as associate
Mitchell became executive director in                state being passed from one generation        ceed, he said.                               director since April 2006. Prior to that,
1984. At that time, the foundation had               to the next. There are more groups, such                                                   she served as director of development
assets of $4.7 million. As of February, its          as universities, knocking on doors say-       New home, new future                         for five years. She spent 11 years as
assets stood at $78 million and will like-           ing ‘give.’ The church is silent.               When Mitchell became executive             treasurer of the Mississippi Conference
ly exceed $80 million by the end of the                “Preachers are reluctant to ask people      director of the foundation, it was a part-   and eight years as treasurer of the old
year. The greatest growth came from                  to give,” Mitchell said. “People knock on     time job. His office in the conference       North Mississippi Conference.
1995 to 2003 when assets grew from $23               my door (at home) asking for all kinds of     headquarters building was a desk in the        Mitchell said Scarborough brings
million to $55.6 million.                                                  funds. In the           corner of a conference room. When the        many assets to the director’s post.
                                                                           church it’s a hush-     room was in use, Mitchell had to work          “She loves the church and loves peo-
                                                                           hush matter. ‘I’m       elsewhere. As the foundation grew, its       ple,” Mitchell said. “She knows the
                                                                           not going to ask        office requirements and locations            preachers and knows the churches.
                                                                           people to give.’        changed but were still small.                That’s fundamental. She knows the
                                                                           Jesus did.”               Today, Mitchell’s office is in a one-      leadership of the conference.”
                                                                              Mitchell points      story building on one of the most desir-       The Rev. LaRue Owen has joined the
                                                                           out, it takes money     able streets in Mississippi – Highland       foundation as director of development.
                                                                           to do ministry.         Colony Parkway. The building features        Owen had been on staff at Madison St.
                                                                              “I’ve committed      several offices, a kitchen and a high-tech   Matthew’s UMC.
                                                                           my life to Christ       meeting room that can be divided into          “We have a strong board of directors,”
                                                                           and his kingdom,”       two sections.                                Scarborough said. “With LaRue Owen
                                                                           he said. “If I’ve         The building opened in April 2006 and      and (treasurer) Billie Spraberry already
                                                                           done that, I’m          since has become a popular place for         on staff, our first task will be to build a
                                                                           going to support it     meetings ranging from the conference         strong team to work with the board to
                                                                           financially, and I      Cabinet to community groups. It has          put legs to the goals they have identi-
                                                                           don’t mind asking       hosted a meeting of youth and their par-     fied.
                                                                           somebody else to        ents preparing for a trip to Africa, a         “We have an excellent opportunity to
                                                                           do the same.”           chamber of commerce group and a gath-        be involved in the amazing ministries
                                                                              Mitchell     said    ering of top executives of AmSouth Bank.     that are happening in Mississippi. I look
                                                                           those who have            Mitchell believes making the building      forward to working with our churches,
                                                                                                                                                our boards and agencies, and the con-
 Frankie Mitchell speaks to at the UM Foundation of Mississippi Board of wealth and hoard it       available to these groups is important.
 Directors luncheon while Jerry Mitchell (right) and Howard Boone become                cynical      “It’s a good reflection on the denomi-     ference as we support Christ’s work in
 listen.The meeting was the Mitchells’ last before their retirement.       and bitter. They        nation to be able to offer and provide a     Mississippi through the Foundation.
                                                                           look for faults and     meeting place like this,” he said.             Cheryl Webb will join the foundation
    Mitchell said it took from 1967 to 1992 reasons to justify not giving.                           With a strong financial base and state-    in July as receptionist. Webb currently
to reach the $10 million mark. Since                   “Giving changes your life. Givers are       of-the-art building, the foundation is       works as administrative assistant to the
then growth has been much more rapid. not complainers, gripers or fault-find-                      looking to the future. The board has         conference benefits officer at the con-
“Reaching $10 million is sort of a bench- ers. They are supporters and people of                   established a visioning committee to         ference headquarters.
mark,” he said. “That shows people you vision,” he said.                                           determine where it might go in aiding          Over the years, building credibility for
know what you’re doing and are a strong                Mitchell tries to help potential donors     ministry in the Mississippi Conference.      the foundation has been hard work,
organization.”                                       develop a vision for their gifts, what the      However, the foundation has already        Mitchell said. Not all conference leaders
    After hitting the $10 million mark, it gift can do and how to make it happen.                  begun programs to reach out to more          seemed to consider the foundation’s
took just three years to reach $20 mil- He said it takes three things to get a                     people and help them learn how to be         role important. He said Bishop Hope
lion, another three to hit $30 million and donor to make a contribution:                           better stewards of their own funds in        Morgan Ward is the first episcopal
then another three to pass $40 million.                ■ Knowledge of the ministry                 addition to teaching stewardship to          leader of the Mississippi Conference to
In May 2003, the foundation passed the                 ■ Interest in the ministry                  churches.                                    attend a foundation business meeting,
$50 million mark.                                      ■ Ability to make a gift whether large        One of those programs is the Good          despite that position having a seat on
    The funds deposited with the founda- or small.                                                 Sense Workshop where the foundation          the board.
tion support a variety of ministries in a              “First you have to promote what             teaches personal finance.                      “We’ve come a long way,” Mitchell
variety of ways. Some churches deposit you’re doing and that creates interest,”                      Mitchell points to a passage in the        said. “We’ve been accepted by the con-
funds with the foundation for long-term he said.                                                   Texas Methodist Foundation newsletter        ference, and we can stand tall and say
projects. Many of the assets are in                    Another reason the foundation has           that states that more and more people        we made a contribution.”
endowments established by donors or grown, Mitchell said, is because it has a                      are going into debt at a young age. It
8                                                                                                                           Mississippi United Methodist Advocate/May 16, 2007

                  GLEANINGS                             Giving report carries mixed results
        Bishop Hope Morgan Ward

                                                                pportioned giving is our way in budget increase from 2006 to 2007, this
                                                                The United Methodist Church of shows no growth in giving.                               DAVID
                                                                being in “big” ministry even         Two trends in our giving are cause for             STOTTS
       Chabadza                                         though we are a conference of small alarm. First, giving is down from 2006 in
                                                        local churches.                            six of our 11 districts. Second, 300
                                                          For example, none of our churches churches spread throughout all dis-
    ■ “For we are God’s servants,work-
                                                        could singlehandedly provide camping tricts have paid nothing at all this year
    ing together.” – I Corinthians 3:9
                                                        facilities and staff like we                          on their apportionments,

    A         youth team with adult men-
             tors will depart on May 27
             for Zimbabwe to engage in
    listening, learning and chabadza –
                                                        have available at Lake
                                                        Stephens, Wesley Pines and

                                                        more people met Jesus at
                                                                                          B                   which

                                                        Seashore Assembly. Yet, systematically, the total conference budg-
                                                                                             y not giving $2,043,670, or 11 percent of

                                                                                                              et. At this time last year, 293
                                                                                                                                                      At Annual Con-
                                                                                                                                                    ference, the Council
                                                                                                                                                    on Finance and Administration will rec-
                                                                                                                                                    ognize the churches that have given
    partnership in which workers in the                 our camps last year than in we are not allow- churches were at zero. The                    systematically in 2007. CFA encourages
    field are joined by others with com-                90 percent of our churches. ing the ministries total apportionments of                      churches to send in apportionments
    mon purpose. I look forward to                        Caring for the sick, wid-                           those churches represented            each month. At the end of May, church-
    being a part of this grand mission                  owed and disadvantaged          that we are sup- $1,938,938, or 10 percent of               es that give systematically will be at
    experience.                                         and educating our young
       The team totals 27 persons. We                   people are fundamental
                                                                                       porting to receive the budget. This ismust not
                                                                                                              ly a trend that we
                                                                                                                                                    5/12ths, or 41.67 percent, of their
                                                                                                                                                    apportioned amount.
    will travel to Harare, Victoria Falls,              parts of who we are as             their “fuel.”      continue.                               Wouldn’t it be great to recognize all
                         Mutare        and              United Methodists, and we                               However, we do have rea-            1,142 churches for being at the 41.67
                         Great Zimbab-                  share in these ministries                             sons for great celebration. A         percent level? Can we do it? Of course
                         we, enjoying the               together through our con-                             third of the way through the          we can, with God’s help.
                         hospitality of the             nectional giving.                                     year, 68 churches have                  I hope that each one of you will
                         people          of               Of course, the apportion-                           already reached 100 per-              encourage your church to catch up if
                         Zimbabwe and                   ment system is not what                                 cent, and 329 churches              you are behind in connectional giving.
                         seeing the beau-               is important at the end                                    have paid 33.3 percent           Most every one of us, whether we are
                         ty of the land-                of the day, but this sys-                                 or more! This means we            lay or clergy, retired or active, receive
                         scape, animals                 tem allows us all as                                      have 397 churches giving          our compensation on a systematic
                         and       natural              United Methodists to                                      to the apportionments             basis. If we do not give systematically,
    wonders of the country.                             put fuel in the vehicle                                  systematically. I give             we are keeping the ministries we sup-
       We will be engaged in chabadza in                that delivers mission and                                thanks for the good stew-          port from receiving their “fuel” on a reg-
    a particular way for several days –                 ministry to all of God’s                                 ardship and faithfulness           ular, dependable basis. This, in turn,
    working with the United Methodist                   people. That is what is                                 of these congregations.             hampers our day-to-day mission and
    youth and adults to paint church                    important, because at the                                 Churches can check                ministry. Are we really doing unto oth-
    facilities, in study and prayer and                 end of the day, we must                                their level of apportion-            ers as we would have them do unto us?
    from which they will go forth in                    be able to answer the ques-                           ment giving any time on the             I look forward to seeing you at Annual
    mission to others.                                  tion of what each one of us                         conference        Web        site,      Conference as we have conversation on
       The team will return on June 7,                  did to make disciples of Jesus         Click              how God is moving among us and our
    just in time to share in the mission                Christ.                                    on the Finance and Administration                churches. It will be a great time of wor-
    celebration at Annual Conference.                     I am happy to report that our giving as drop down, and go to Apportionment                ship and a great time to look forward to
       The local churches and districts                 of April 30 is $3,204 ahead of last year. Records. You will need your GCFA num-             how we will be serving our Risen Lord
    have supported the youth members                    This is good news – except with no ber and local church number to log in.                   together over the next year.
    of the team with great generosity.
    We have another opportunity to

                                                        No other faith’s deity equal to God we serve
    help by providing the children of
    Zimbabwe with over-the-counter
    medicines and medical supplies.
    Items needed include topical anti-
    septic, adhesive bandages, pain
    relievers such as children’s Tylenol,
    children’s aspirin or children’s
    Advil, etc. Bring these items to the
                                                        J    oe Edd Morris’ comments in the
                                                             April 4 Mississippi United
                                                             Methodist Advocate (“Christianity,
                                                        Islam: Faiths of compassion, forgive-
                                                                                                               KAY VERRALL
                                                                                                                Guest Columnist
                                                                                                                                                    there are many writers and teachers
                                                                                                                                                    who do read and understand one or all
                                                                                                                                                    of these languages, and, because of
                                                                                                                                                    their efforts, I have for most of my life
    conference office by May 24 .                       ness”) have percolated in my thoughts                                                       been taught, rebuked, corrected and
                                                        for several weeks. I find that though I      less complicated. I believe a statement
       They go forth as a result of your                                                                                                            trained in righteousness by reading
                                                        am unable to speak knowledgeably             Bishop (Thomas J.) Bickerton (of the
    vision and partnership. Thank you                                                                                                               various translations of the Bible as well
                                                        about most of the content of his article,    Pittsburgh Area) made in one of his
    for your prayers as the mission                                                                                                                 as commentaries and other study aids
                                                        I am compelled to take issue with one        devotionals at our (2006) Annual               written by these scholars. Are we not
    adventure unfolds.                                                                               Conference applies here: “When we
                                                        sentence, which read: “And, yes,                                                            blessed in the Christian faith to have
                                                        though by a different name, that is the      sacrifice truth for unity, we end up with      Scripture inspired by the Holy Spirit,
                                                        same God we worship.”                        neither.”                                      written by men of old, which can be
                                                          I take issue, not out of fear or insecu-      In his book, Jesus Among Other Gods,        read and understood in as many lan-
                                                        rity in my faith as he suggests in the       the Absolute Claims of the Christian           guages as it can be translated into!
          MISSISSIPPI UNITED                            article, but rather out of the very secure   Message, Ravi Zacharias wrote: “All reli-        As a result of my lack of training in
          METHODIST ADVOCATE                            position that the God of the Bible,          gions are not the same. All religions do       Arabic, I also depend upon others for
          (USPS 354-360)                                revealed to us in Jesus Christ, present
                                                        in us as the Holy Spirit, is the one true
                                                                                                     not point to God. All religions do not
                                                                                                     say that all religions are the same. At
                                                                                                                                                    information regarding the Islamic
    321 Mississippi Street / P.O. Box 1093 / Jackson,
                                                                                                                                                    faith. Among the many books and arti-
      MS 39215-1093 / Telephone: 601-354-0515
                                                        God, like unto whom there is no other,       the heart of every religion is an uncom-       cles which compare and contrast Islam
                                                        not by any name.                             promising commitment to a particular           and Christianity, two by Ergun and
    Published twice a month, 24 times a year, on the      I am well aware that Morris’ state-        way of defining who God is or is not           Emir Caner stand out in my mind
     first and third Wednesday of each month, by the
       Mississippi Annual Conference of The United      ment is considered correct by many in        and accordingly, of defining life’s pur-       (Unveiling Islam and More Than A
         Methodist Church, 321 Mississippi Street,      our society, and even in the church,         pose... Every religion at its core is exclu-   Prophet).
    Jackson, MS. Periodicals postage paid at Jackson,
             MS and additional mailing offices.
                                                        and, if it were true, it would be a very     sive.”                                           These two are brothers raised in a
     ■ Gwen Green, Communications Coordinator
                                                        comfortable and convenient belief, not          (Morris) intimated that unless one          strict Muslim family who were, with a
             ■ Woody Woodrick, Editor                   to mention less offensive than the           reads Arabic it is impossible to under-        third brother, disowned by their father
           ■   Cindy W. Clark, Graphic Designer         belief that Christians worship a one-of-     stand adequately the teachings of the          when they became Christians. They
          Postmaster: Send address changes to           a-kind God. If we could all just go along
        The Mississippi United Methodist Advocate,                                                   Koran. I do not read Arabic. Neither do
          P.O. Box 1093, Jackson, MS 39215-1093         to get along our world would be much         I read Hebrew, Aramaic nor Greek, but                     See VERALL, page 9
Mississippi United Methodist Advocate/May 16, 2007                                                                                                                              9

                                                       Verrall, from page 8
                                                                                                                                              LETTER TO THE
were fortunate. As they interpret            unto life,” “we know that we are of the     Muslims he has never heard one say                      EDITOR
Hadith 9.57, they should have been           truth,” we know that he abides in us, by    that Allah is the same as the Christian
killed. They state plainly that they did     the Spirit whom he has given us,” “we       God. He asks: “Is Allah triune? If not,
not “switch religions” but were saved by
the blood of Jesus Christ, and, they add,
                                             know the Spirit of God,” “we know that
                                             God hears us,” “we know that we have
                                                                                         then we are not talking about the same
                                                                                         God. Does Allah have a Son? If not, then
                                                                                                                                          Put thought
“Christianity is not about religion; it is
about a relationship with the Savior. It
must be understood that orthodox,
                                             eternal life” (1 John)
                                                The Koran calls Jesus a prophet, and
                                             if that were all he was, he would be in
                                                                                         we are not discussing the same God. Is
                                                                                         Allah the vicarious Redeemer and aton-
                                                                                         ing Lamb of God, taking away the sins
                                                                                                                                          into voting
biblical Christianity assumes the exis-      very good company. However, he              of the world? If not, then we are not         An open letter to the lay members
tence of truth. Truth implies the exis-      would not be God, nor would he be the       talking about the same God” (p. 108).         of the Annual Conference:
tence of error, and mutually exclusive       savior of all who come to him. The            Just prior to his death Moses recalled        Next month, you will elect persons to
claims of truth cannot both be correct.      Caner brothers borrow a motif from          to the children of Israel the events of       represent Mississippi Methodism at the
Such is the case with Islam and              Christian philosopher C.S. Lewis and        their 40 years of desert wandering and        General and Southeastern Jurisdictional
Christianity. Either Islam is correct in     state that if “Jesus claimed to be God,     said, “You were shown these things so         Conferences. Those who want to be
the assumption that ‘there is only One       He couldn’t have been a prophet. He         that you might know that the Lord is          considered for election will provide you
God, Allah, and Muhammad is His              could have been insane, like those who      God; besides him there is no other.”          with significant information about
prophet,’ or Christianity is correct         wander the streets assuming they are          My desire is not to belittle the god of     themselves. Please read that informa-
when Jesus says, ‘I am the way, the          divine. But if He were insane, He could-    another faith nor to try to prove some-       tion carefully and vote for the candi-
truth, and the life. No one comes to the     n’t have been one of Allah’s prophets.      one right in order to prove someone           dates whose positions are consistent
Father except through me (John 14:6).’       He could have been a fraud, deceiving       else wrong and certainly not to add fuel      with those of Mississippi laity at large.
They cannot both be correct” (p. 16).        people, but, again, an impostor and         to the fires of controversy that rage         Don’t vote for people because you know
  The Muslim knows nothing of the            charlatan couldn’t have been a prophet      around the general discussion of              them, because they are leaders in the
love and acceptance of his god and           of Allah” (p. 18).                          beliefs of different religions.
                                                                                                                                       Annual Conference, because they have
hopes salvation is earned through good          Among other things, Jesus claimed to       But I have seen the incredible works
                                                                                                                                       been elected before, or because of their
works, but is never sure outside of mar-     be the bread of life, the light of the      of God, I have experienced his pres-
                                                                                                                                       age, gender, race or home church. In the
tyrdom. The God of Christianity loved        world, living water, the way, the truth,    ence, his love, his faithfulness, his sav-
                                                                                                                                       final analysis, all that matters is how our
us so much that, even while we were          the resurrection and the life. He said he   ing grace.
                                                                                            I felt if I did not speak, even the very   representatives will vote on key issues at
still sinners, he sent his son to die for    was one with the father. John R.W.                                                        General Conference. Please do your part
our salvation. Scripture says that “we       Scott, in Basic Christianity, wrote: “We    rocks would cry out, for I consider it an
                                                                                         egregious offense to equate with any          to ensure that the Mississippi Annual
know that we know him,” “we know             cannot any longer regard Jesus as sim-
                                                                                         other deity the holy God we serve, the        Conference elects delegates who will
that he is righteous and that everyone       ply a great teacher if he was completely
                                                                                         one who said, “I am the Lord. That is         represent the beliefs of Mississippi
who does righteousness is born of            mistaken in one of the chief subjects of
                                                                                         my name, and my glory I will not give         Methodists.
him,” “we know that he was manifested        his teaching — himself.”
to take away the sins of the world,” “we        It is instructive that Ergun Caner       to another.”                                                          Garry Ruff
know that we have passed from death          states that in all his contacts with        ■ Verrall lives in Starkville.                           Midway UMC, Moss Point

           Mississippi Fellowship of United
               Methodist Evangelicals
                2007 Annual Banquet

                    Featured Speaker: James Heidinger,
                    president of Good News
                    Monday, June 11 - 6 p.m.
                    Christ United Methodist Church Gym
                    Dinner tickets $10

                    To make reservations call Cindy Switzer
                    at 601-416-8878.
10                                                                                                                            Mississippi United Methodist Advocate/May 16, 2007

Bill Mills                                                                                         dist Church, P.O. Box 6513, Jackson, MS           Women and the United Methodist Ministers
retired pastor                                    Marie Watts                                      39212-6513, or the Bishop’s Fund for aid to       Wives as well as an attendee and delegate to
  LOUISVILLE — The Rev. William G. (Bill)         pastor                                           ministers, P.O. Box 931, Jackson, MS 39205-       the Mississippi Annual Conference.
Mills, 72, died April 26, 2007, at Baptist          Marie A. Watts, a United Methodist pastor      0931.                                               She worked for Maywebb Knitting Mills for
Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle in              in the Mississippi Conference, died May 4,                                                         many years before retiring in 1989.
Columbus.                                         2007, at St. Dominic/Jackson Memorial            Annie M. Wright                                     She was preceded in death by three chil-
  Funeral services were held April 28 at First    Hospital.                                        retired                                           dren.
United Methodist Church, with interment in          Graveside services were be held May 7 at         MERIDIAN — Annie M. Wright, 74, of                Other survivors include: daughters, Annie
Memorial Park Cemetery. Porter Funeral            New Hope Cemetery in Covington County.           Meridian, died Saturday, May 5, 2007, at the      Cherry of Quintin, N.J.; Shirley Loper, Mamie
Home was in charge of arrangements.               Hulett-Winstead Funeral Home handled             University of Mississippi Medical Center in       Walker and Evelyn King, all of Hickory;
  Rev. Mills was a graduate of Wood Junior        arrangements.                                    Jackson.                                          Lillian Lee of Memphis, Sandra Casper of
College and the summer program at Candler           Mrs. Watts was a retired legal assistant for     Services were held at Central United            Augusta, Ga., Gloria Christian of Marion;
School of Theology in Atlanta. He served          Watkins & Eager Law Firm and co-pastor           Methodist Church with the Rev. Douglas            sons, Douglas Wright of Jasper, Texas, Clovis
numerous Methodist churches in North              with her husband, the Rev. Everette R. Watts,    Wright Sr. officiating. Burial was in Forest      Wright of Olive Branch, Christopher Wright of
Mississippi and retired in 2005. He was serv-     at Emmanuel United Methodist Church in           Lawn Cemetery.                                    Clinton and Timothy Wright of Memphis; sis-
ing the Weir/Salem charge in Choctaw              Jackson.                                           Clark’s Memorial Funeral Home is in             ters, Daisy Johnson and Etoria Bester, both of
County. He was a Navy veteran of the Korean         She was preceded in death by a daughter,       charge of arrangements.                           Newton, Hattie Snow and Mildred Kennedy of
conflict.                                         Betty Rachel Ladnier and parents, Olen M.          Mrs. Wright was married to the Rev. Clovis      Rose Hill, Cora Brown Byrd of Hattiesburg,
  Survivors include: wife of 53 years, Betty S.   and Anita C. Black.                              Wright, a retired United Methodist pastor.        Gladys Davis and Addie Bogan, both of
Mills of Louisville; daughter, Bonnie Tippey        Other survivors include: son, Wendell          She traveled with and supported her hus-          Chicago, Alma McMillan of Detroit; brothers,
of Stanford, ll.; sons, David Mills of            Watts of Jackson; daughter, Elaine M.            band in life and ministry at various churches     Ben Avery Chapman and his wife, Betty and
Jacksonville, Ark., and Scott Mills of            Thomas of Jackson; brother, Wayne Black of       and pastorates of the United Methodist            Clarence Chapman, all of Hattiesburg; and 38
Booneville; five grandchildren, and one           Laurel; and six grandchildren.                   Church and others throughout Mississippi          grandchildren; 19 great-grandchildren.
grandson-in-law.                                    Memorials may be made to the Watts             for more than 40 years.
  Memorials may be made to the Gideons.           Memorial Fund, Emmanuel United Metho-              She was a part of the United Methodist

                                                                                        A2, from page 3

churches should revisit their mission and calling from            Bible reminds that we are a covenant people and that              ciple making occurs.”
time to time. A retreat every two or three years with the         we are called to be in covenant with God and with each              ■ Pray. It is also our obligation and duty to pray as
pastor and lay leaders is a good opportunity to explore           other. Local churches should develop a written                    we seek to discern what God is calling us as individu-
the church’s sense of calling.                                    covenant on a regular basis. Kingdom People includes              als and as a community of believers to be and to do.
  Hinton Rural Life Center’s guide, “Visioning and                sample church covenants.                                          Failure to pray is one of the largest obstacles that we
Planning for Effective Ministry” and “Creating a Vision,            Likewise, a review of the function and purpose of a             must overcome in our discernment of our core values.
A Mission, and a Plan for Your Church” by Douglass W.             local church should assist churches in becoming more              Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your
Johnson of the General Board of Global Ministries are             aligned with their core values. The 2004 Book of                  heart; and lean not on your own understanding; in all
excellent resources to assist with this process.                  Discipline in paragraphs 201-204 cites the definition,            thy ways acknowledge God and God shall direct thy
  ■ Look to the Book and the Discipline. We should                function, relationship and care of members of local               path.”
never forget that the Word of God is the record of God’s          churches. The Discipline states that “the local church
                                                                                                                                    ■ Jackson serves as administrative assistant to the
relationship with humanity throughout history. The                provides the most significant arena through which dis-

                                                                                       Trip, from page 1

Chabadza Covenant,” said the Rev. John                                                                                                                 “We’re going to be involved at Annual
Richardson of New Albany, conference                                                                                                                 Conference in telling some of the sto-
youth coordinator and one of the adults                                                                                                              ries, particularly Monday night at wor-
going on the trip. “This is not a one-time                                                                                                           ship,” Richardson said.
thing, but something that takes work                                                                                                                   “We’ll have a video and some mem-
over time.                                                                                                                                           bers of the team will be sharing. We
  “For us, it’s really about exploring what                                                                                                          hope the same type of sharing will occur
that means and finding ways (to work                                                                                                                 around the conference in churches.
together) particularly with youth and                                                                                                                  “I’d like to see this become an annual
young people in Zimbabwe.”                                                                                                                           event.”
  “Chabadza” is a Shona word meaning                                                                                                                   Others on the trip include Eddie
a partnership in which workers in the                                                                                                                Amelung, Cari Casteel, Callie
field are joined by others with common                                                                                                               Creekmore, Warren Creekmore, Cody
purpose.                                                                                                                                             Donald, Lorenzo Fletcher, Xzadrean
                                                                                                                                                     Gladney, Tish Glover, Hilary Glover,
                                                                                                                                                     Chiquita Hewlette, Jasmine Hodges,
                                                                                                                                                     Marshall House, Matthew Moore, Perri
                                                                                                                                                     Morgan, Chelsey Overstreet, C.C.
                                                                                                                                                     Robertson, David Shrock, LaDaysha
                                                                                                                         Photo by Timothy Thompson   Smith, Callie Stewart, Robert Stroup,
                                                                                                                                                     Sam Tyson, Emma Ward and Ashley
                                                                  Orphans at the Fairfield Children’s Home (above) at the Old Mutare Mission greet
                                                                  visitors from the Mississippi Conference. Tour Guide Leo points to the beauty of
                                                                  Victoria Falls to a group from Mississippi.
                                                             “When I first heard                     “We’ve not only taken care of details,             HELPING THE MISSION
                                                           Bishop Ward talk about it               we’ve worked to make sure the founda-
                                                           at Annual Conference last               tion is laid for a good trip,” he said.
                                                                                                                                                        Churches throughout the Miss-
                                                           year, I thought that                    “People who have traveled to Zimbabwe
                                       Photo by Gwen Green sounded neat,” Coffey                                                                      issippi Conference can help the
                                                                                                   before have come and talked to us. A
                                                                                                                                                      children of Zimbabwe by providing
  Coffey, a graduating senior at Weir said. “It became real when I received my                     Jackson State University professor from
                                                                                                                                                      over-the-counter medicines and
High School and a member of First acceptance letter in December. I                                 Zimbabwe spoke to the group about the
                                                                                                                                                      medical supplies for the youth mis-
Unity UMC, said she became interested thought, ‘I’m going to Africa.’”                             historical and political situation.”
                                                                                                                                                      sion May 27-June 7. Items needed
in taking the trip when Ward brought up      Coffey said she knows several of the                    Coffey said she’s also spent time pray-
                                                                                                                                                      include topical antiseptic, adhesive
the possibility at the 2006 Annual        teens going on the trip from her involve-                ing about the trip.
                                                                                                                                                      bandages, pain relievers such as
Conference. Bishop Eben Nhiwatiwa of ment with the conference Council on                             “I’ve been praying for a safe trip, that
                                                                                                                                                      children’s Tylenol, children’s aspirin
Zimbabwe preached at the conference Youth Ministries.                                              everyone will be happy and that I will
                                                                                                                                                      or children’s Advil, etc. Bring these
and was guest speaker at the youth din-      She’s eager to learn about the lives of               bring something back that will be life
                                                                                                                                                      items to the conference office by
ner.                                      folks her age in Zimbabwe and to visit an                changing. I wan to learn something
                                                                                                                                                      May 24 so they can be taken to chil-
  Ironically, Nhiwatiwa is currently in orphanage, an AIDS clinic and “see the                     from them.”
                                                                                                                                                      dren in need in Africa.
the U.S. and is scheduled to be on the little children.”                                             The group is scheduled to return just
same flight with the Mississippi group       The mission team has met three                        prior to Annual Conference and will
for part of the journey to Africa.        times, Richardson said.                                  take part in the Mission Service June 11.
Mississippi United Methodist Advocate/May 16, 2007                                                                                                                                                         11

                                                                            MINISTRY CONNECTION
The Ministry Connection provides an opportu-         523 N 14th AVE, Laurel, MS 39440.           Application deadline is May 24.           faith, sharing the live-changing love of Jesus
nity for United Methodist churches in                CHILDREN/YOUTH WORKER — Decatur                      YOUTH DIRECTOR — Crystal Springs United              with others. This full time position implements
Mississippi seeking to fill staff positions and      United Methodist Church seeks a part-time            Methodist Church seeks a full-time Youth             all aspects of the church’s established youth
persons in Mississippi seeking staff positions to    summer children/youth worker. Anyone inter-          Director to coordinate programs for youth, chil-     ministry. The Youth Director would be working
give notice of availability. The cost is 25 cents    ested in applying for the position, please con-      dren and young adults. Primary focus will be on      alongside our Youth Associate and Youth
per word with a $5 minimum.                          tact Rev. Johnny Crosby at 601-635-3219 or 601-      youth ministries and activities. References          Assistant, supervising and developing youth
ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT — Mississippi               635-2729.                                            requested. Salary negotiable. Please send            leaders, plus overseeing ministries for Senior
Conference benefits office has an immediate          SUMMER WORKER — Bethlehem Center in                  resumes to Crystal Springs United Methodist          and Junior high: Sunday school, small groups,
opening for an administrative assistant. This        downtown Jackson seeks summer camp leaders           Church, 306 W. Georgetown St., Crystal Springs,      youth worship, retreats and mission trips. The
position requires a working knowledge of             to join our ministry team. Duties include plan-      MS 39059, or e-mail to          Youth Director would also be responsible for
health insurance and Medicare. Customer serv-        ning, leading and supervising activities (e.g.       For more information, call 601-892-1357 or           the college ministry and retreats during college
ice, telephone skills and computer skills includ-    reading, recreation, field trips, music, VBS) for    601-573-9597.                                        breaks. Qualified candidates will need to have a
ing Excel and Microsoft Office are required.         groups of no more than 15 children between 5-        YOUTH DIRECTOR — Madison St. Matthew’s               college degree, youth director experience and
Send your resume’ to David Stotts, P. O. Box         and 12-years-old. Position requirements              UMC (1,400 member congregation) seeks a              be actively growing in their faith. Attractive
1201, Jackson, MS 39215 by May 22.                   include two years of college and previous expe-      Youth Director with a passion for leading 7th-       salary and possible relocation package offered
CHOIR DIRECTOR — West Laurel UMC seeks               rience in working with children. To apply,           12th grade youth and college students to live        based on related training and experience. Send
part-time choir director. Ideal candidate will       please mail or email a letter of application to      each day in the fullness of Christ. St. Matthew’s    resume and references to: Staff Parish
have music education background and-or               Rev. Allison Carr Dickerson, Executive Director,     is a church in a thriving community, located in      Relations, St. Matthews UMC, 7427 Old Canton
experience directing musical groups. Send            Bethlehem Center, Inc., 920 Blair Street,            the suburbs of Jackson. We are a mission orient-     Road, Madison, MS 39110 or email:
resume to West Laurel UMC, Attn. Gena Mixon,         Jackson, MS 39202 or bethlehemjackson@bell-          ed church that believes in being a family of

                                                                                     CLASSIFIED ADS
COOKBOOKS — “The Fruits of Our Labour” by            borhood. Each unit will sleep 6 and has a fully
the Prayer Warriors’ Sunday school class of          furnished kitchen, gas logs, ceiling fans, phone,
Hickory Flat UMC. Proceeds used for needy            cable TV, covered deck with table and chairs
children’s Christmas. $25, includes shipping.        and one step to door. The Upper Unit has 2 bed-
Contact Debbie Rowland, 800 County Road 54,          rooms, 2 baths, washer & dryer and deck rock-
New Albany, MS 38652. 662-534-7899.                  ers ($85/day, $550/week). The Lower Unit has 3
GATLINBURG LOG CABINS — 2 bedroom, 1                 bedrooms, 1 bath, and deck swing ($75/day,
one-half bath or 1 bedroom loft, both on same        $500/week). Can rent whole house with stair-
secluded creek, (2 night minimum). Call 662-         well that connects both apartments ($160/day,
724-2026 or 601-416-8918 or email for pictures       $1000/week). Call Don or Nancy Bishop at 662-
and info at            494-           9203           or           e-mail
LAKE JUNALUSKA — Enjoy a spacious house     and ask to see
which sleeps 11 people and a large porch to          pictures. One day’s rent deposit required to
enjoy the mountain views. Ideal for 2 couples or     reserve.
2 families to share. House is complete with          LAKE JUNALUSKA — Apartment for rent. Nice,
cable TV, VCR/DVD, Washer/Dryer, Microwave,          new furnished one bedroom efficiency apart-
well equipped kitchen. The cost is $100 per          ment; patio, air conditioned; very easy access
night (3 nights minimum) or $550 per week.           with one small step; park near door; microwave,         A complete insurance                                        For information contact:
One night deposit required. Contact Betty Sue        kitchen, utensils; $35/night (3 night minimum);
Veal               828-452-2942                or    one night’s deposit required for reservation; call      program available exclusively for                          Dimple Nicholson 828-452-7728 for reserva-              United Methodist Churches.                                  Bill Barham
LAKE       JUNALUSKA        PROPERTIES         —     tions.
LAKESHORE REALTY is your source for                  LAKE JUNALUSKA — Furnished apartment for                                                                            Wellington Associates, Inc.
Junaluska properties. Whether you are looking        rent throughout the year. Sleeps four: double                                                                       P.O. Box 12029
for retirement, vacation, investment, or a lot to    bed and set of twin beds. Sun porch and deck                                                                        Jackson, MS 39236-2029
build your own Junaluska dream home,                 with excellent view of the lake; cable TV; com-
Lakeshore Realty has a complete list of all avail-   plete kitchen with microwave, cookware and
able Lake properties. Call Phyllis or Marisa         dishes. $45/night with 3-night minimum; one
                                                                                                             SINCE 1973                                       601-420-0174 or 1-800-748-9002
today for a current brochure at (800) 270-7154       night’s deposit required with reservation. Call
or visit our website at    Minna Appleby, 828- 456-5289 or write her, P. O.
LAKE JUNALUSKA RENTAL — 2 BR apt. Sleeps             Box 841, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745 or from
6; 1 king, 1 queen, 2 twin and baby bed; large       November through April call 334-794-2169.
deck, close to all activities; weekly, monthly,      LAKE JUNALUSKA — Nice apartment for rent.
daily, 3-day minimum. Call 251-928 4770 or           Two bedrooms with double beds; cable TV;
(summer) 828-452-7053.                               microwave, cookware. $40/night with 3-night
LAKE JUNALUSKA — Two furnished apart-                minimum. One night deposit required. Call Ilah
ments for rent by day or week (2 day minimum)        King, 828-456-8046 for reservations.
from Sept. to May. Modern, clean, comfortable,       CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES — 25 cents
beautifully decorated home in a quiet neigh-         per word with $5 minimum.

                                                                                                               CLERGY SPOUSE LUNCHEON

                         Do You                                                                                               Monday, June 11, 2007 • 12:30
                                                                                                                         Christ United Methodist Church, Jackson, MS

                                   Know                                                                                       The luncheon will be held in the Fellowship Hall
                                                                                                                                     We are having a Hawaiian Luau

                      Someone                                                                                                             Beautiful Decorations
                                                                                                                                        Delightful Entertainment
                                                                                                                                             Delicious Food

                                                                                                                                               Casual Dress
                                                                                                                                Wear Your Jeans, Sundresses, Shades, Flip Flops,
                                                                                                                                     Or what every is comfortable for you

                                                                                                                     YOU MUST PURCHASE A TICKET BY MAY 29, 2007.
        Will be ordained, commissioned, retire or represent your                                                       NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR!
        church at Annual Conference?
        Show your support by purchasing an ad in the Daily Advocate                                                          Tickets may be picked up at the Clergy Spouse table
        newspaper!                                                                                                          Sunday afternoon or Monday morning until 11:00 am.
                                                                                                               I have enclosed:
        Prices start at low as $30 for an ad in all three issues of the                                        ________$12.00 FOR LUNCHEON TICKET
        Daily Advocate, which reports on each day’s events                                                     ________$6.00 FOR RETIREE/WIDOW/WIDOWER TICKET
        during Annual Conference.                                                                              ________$5.00 FOR CLERGY SPOUSE DUES …. optional
        Show your church friends your love and support.
                                                                                                               Please make checks payable to MS Conference Clergy Spouses
        Don’t wait! Deadline is June 1!                                                                        Mail your registration and payment to: Robin Smith / 1070 Beech Street /
        Call 1-866-647-7486 or 601-354-0515 ext. 16.                                                           Wesson, MS 39191
 12                                                                                                                             Mississippi United Methodist Advocate/May 16, 2007

Photo File

                                                                                                                                      Carrollton United Methodist Church recently recognized
             Bill Poole shot a 1-over-par 73 on May 1 to record the low round in the Mississippi Methodist Ministers’ Golf            one of its saints. Leta B. Sanders, age 92, was recognized
             Association spring tournament. Poole’s round gave him the first flight championship at The Refuge in Flowood. Van        by the church as its oldest active member. Sanders has
             Moore won the second flight with an 87 and Mitchell Hedgepeth the third flight with a 104. Herman Williams’ 74 won       been a member of the Carrollton church for over 70 years
             the guest flight and had the longest drive of the day. Among those winning prizes were (from left) Ed Sanders,           and is still active in church and in the community.
             Hedgepeth, Kelly Pope, Poole, Williams, Bud Gordon and Moore.

             Annah Herring, a faithful member of the Picayune
              Trinity United Methodist Church and a student at
               Picayune Memorial High School, has been cho-
                sen as Coast Electric’s representative to attend
                 the Electric Power Associations of Mississippi
                       Youth Leadership workshop in Jackson.

         During Lent, Gitano United
          Methodist Church partici-
               pated in “Love On The
         Cross.” This program pro-
               motes spiritual growth
             and explores the love of
          God as revealed in Jesus.
                On the first Sunday of
           Lent, those who attended
          received individual cross-
           es with a red heart in the
             center. Each week there-                                                                 Cooking is something for which the people of Carrollton and North Carrollton United
           after, a sticker or symbol                                                                 Methodist churches are known, and this gift has become their ministry. Since Hurricane
          was added to the cross. A                                                                   Katrina hit, this small, rural charge has sent four mission teams to the coast to help by
               weekly devotional also                                                                 preparing meals for those who are doing the rebuilding. These volunteers, dubbed the
            was given. Sermons and                                                                    “Methodist Missioners,” began serving meals to evacuees in Columbia following the storm.
         children’s sermons carried                                                                   Since then, they have cooked for the volunteers based out of Camp Hope in Vancleave. They
          a theme about God’s love.                                                                   are now planning their fourth trip to Camp Hope. “It’s like the story of the loaves and fish,”
         This cross, with the week-                                                                   explained the Rev. Trey Harper. “We give the time and talents of a few and God feeds the mul-
              ly symbols, was placed                                                                  titudes.” Among those on the team are (from left) Dot Carpenter, Anne Johnson, Harper,
            outside the Gitano build-                                                                 Malcolm Dunn, Grace Dunn and Carole Mann.
            ing for passersby to see.
              The cross was built and
         decorated by Gitano mem-
                     ber Allen Powell.

                                                                                                      United Methodists in Norway recently provided a car for use by the Projects and
                                                                                                      Communications office of Zimbabwe Episcopal Area. The vehicle, which arrived April 27, will
       When Rocky Springs United Methodist Church held homecoming on April 15, it marked              be used primarily by the Rev. Lloyd Nyarota. It will be used for journeys such as delivering
       170 years of ministry for the church, located just off the Natchez Trace between Clinton and   new school uniforms to a primary school, one of the newest missions of the United Methodist
       Natchez. Services were followed by a dinner on the grounds, or in this case in the church      Church in Zimbabwe. Groups served by the vehicle are being asked to contribute 35 cents per
       due to the chill in the air and gusty winds.                                                   kilometer for upkeep and fuel for the car.

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