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					May/June/July 2002                            Pioneer Troubadour                  May/June/July 2002 1
      Pioneer                                                                 Make preparations for Flag Day         5

  Official publication of the Pioneer District
                                                                              Ya gotta ask the question!
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                                                                              Meredith Willson: 100th anniversary
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   Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of                          My trip to the Big Easy               18
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                 Volume 53, Issue 3

                                                                                Accidental Consonance
Harmony Heritage Chorus,                                                        wins district Collegiate
Power Play win spring contests                                                  Barbershop Quartet
                                                                                           By Al Bonney

                                                                                T        heir name may have been
                                                                                         an accident, but the singing
                                                                                         we heard from this remark-
                                                                                able group of Central Michigan
                                                                                University juniors was no acci-
                                                                                   Scoring 809 points in winning
                                                                                the college quartet contest, ACCI-
                                                                                DENTAL CONSONANCE would
                                                                                have placed sixth in the district

                                                                                quartet contest had they been eli-
           acomb County Chap-            In the quartet competition,
                                                                                gible to compete.
           ter’s HARMONY HERI-        POWER PLAY — tenor Don
                                                                                   Nicholas Allen explained the
           TAGE CHORUS bested a       Slamka, lead Mike Slamka, bari
                                                                                quartet’s name. A voice major
field of 15 to win the Pioneer Dis-   Mark Slamka, and bass Jack
                                                                                hoping to become a vocal per-
trict’s 2002 chorus championship.     Slamka — once again earned the
                                                                                former after a master’s program at
Directed by Carl Dahlke, the cho-     honor to represent the district at
                                                                                a major conservatory, Nick was
rus, with 46 singers on the risers,   the International Convention &
                                                                                browsing through a music history
scored 872 points singing “The        Competition in Portland, Ore., in
                                                                                textbook one day and came across
Church Bells are Ringing for          July. This marks the 11th time
                                                                                the musical term “consonance,”
Mary” and “Get Me to the Church       POWER PLAY has won the right to
                                                                                meaning, of course, “harmony or
on Time.”                             represent our district. The quartet
                                                                                agreement among components.”
    This was Macomb’s first dis-      has finished in fifth place in inter-
                                                                                This seemed like an apt descrip-
trict championship since it won in    national competition the past two
                                                                                tion for his quartet’s sound. Cou-
1998 under the direction of Jack      years, and has been in the top ten
                                                                                pling his research with predictable
Slamka.                               four times.
                                                                                youthful joie de vivre, he couldn’t
    Lansing’s C APITOL C ITY             POWER PLAY’S overall score
                                                                                help adding the tongue-in-cheek
CHORDSMEN finished second with        was 2,054 points; that was 85.6
                                                                                descriptor “accidental” and the
782 points, Grosse Pointe’s LAKE-     percent of the total points possi-
                                                                                quartet had a name.
SHORE CHORUS was third with           ble. It earned 1,020 points at Fri-
                                                                                   Ben Rodgers, a music educa-
777 points, the HURON VALLEY          day night’s semi-finals, singing
                                                                                tion major, learned about the Pio-
HARMONIZERS was fourth with           “I’ve Been Working on the Rail-
                                                                                neer District and the CBQC con-
762 points, and Holland’s WIND-       road” and “Time After Time.”
                                                                                test at the Michigan Music Educa-
MILL CHORUS was fifth with 736           At the Saturday night finals,
                                                                                tor’s Convention in Ann Arbor in
                                                   (Continued on page 16)                     (Continued on page 18)
2                                                                 Pioneer Troubadour                       May/June/July 2002

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May/June/July 2002                              Pioneer Troubadour                                                 3
                                                                                    so they can take advantage of
A View from the Top                                                                 opportunities and learn about re-
                                                                                    sources available to them.
Al Bonney, President                                                             The Association was never in-
                                                                                 tended to be a ruling body; it was
                                                                                 formed to be a resource provider to

It’s what we do!                                                                 help chapters help the guys on the
                                                                                 risers have fun every week. If we
                                                                                 are meeting this objective, we are

W        e sing! We have fun sing-
         ing! We joined this hobby
to get together on Tuesday nights
                                          of the water while under water his
                                          little feet are thrashing about at a
                                          hundred miles an hour! If we keep
                                                                                 doing a good job. If we aren’t,
                                                                                 then shame on us and we need to
                                                                                 be reminded to get our programs
and make music with a group of            the surface stuff simple, the guys     back on track.
like-minded men. This is not com-         love it. Men take leadership jobs          The current district leadership
plicated — like Roger Lewis says,         because they know somebody has         team is very aware of this impera-
                   “Singing          is   to handle the details and they are     tive, and we speak of it regularly
                   life ... the rest is   willing to do it. Just don’t let the   as we go through the details of the
                   just details.”         details get in the way of having       Association business. In my view,
                       It helps me,       fun singing on the risers!             there are few issues of greater sig-
                   when the busi-             The Barbershop world grew          nificance to our organization today
                   ness of Barber-        quickly after that first meeting at    than the issue of supporting fun for
                   shop seems to          the Tulsa Club in 1937. Soon there     the guys on the risers every week.
                   get too compli-        were many chapters across the              So, let’s get back to what we
                   cated and con-         country. To strengthen what they       do – have fun singing ... every
    Al Bonney      voluted, to re-        were doing, chapters formed Asso-      week! And for us guys in leader-
                   member it is all       ciations of Barbershop Chapters to     ship jobs at every level, don’t get
about the men on the risers singing       add some force and resources to        confused if what we are doing
every Tuesday night. That is why          support fun in Barbershopping.         doesn’t add to the fun in chapter
O. C. Cash got the first group to-        We call these associations dis-        meetings. Maybe it’s time to re-
gether at the Tulsa Club — they           tricts. These districts provide sev-   think what we are doing!
were all about having fun singing         eral resources that chapters can’t
together.                                 do alone:
    Today, our chapters have mis-         • We convene – The Association
sion statements. The VOCAL MA-               plans conventions and gather-
JORITY’S mission might be differ-            ings where we can see our fel-       Register for the
ent from Traverse City’s, but that’s         low Barbershoppers and sing to-
OK. If the mission identifies why            gether.                              International
the men keep coming back every            • We compete – The Association
week, and if the chapter leadership          organizes competitions and pro-      Convention in
is doing what it takes to fulfill the
                                             vides trained judges.
mission — and the men are com-            • We educate – The Association

ing back every week — then they              brings in coaches and trainers to       t’s getting closer! Don’t miss
have a great chapter! The guys are           help chapter officers, directors,       out. Register today for the
having fun, and I’ll bet their chap-         quartets, and singers grow in our    International Convention in
ter is growing because of it!                hobby. It organizes events like      Portland, Oregon, June 30-July
    It sounds simple — and it is.            COTS and Harmony Round-Up            7, 2002.
There are, however, a lot of details         to help, too.                            To register, call 800-876-
that chapter leadership must go           • We communicate – The Asso-            7464 x-8462, or go on-line at
through — kind of like a duck                ciation circulates information of
gliding so smoothly across the top           interest to chapters and members
4                                               Pioneer Troubadour                            May/June/July 2002
                                                                                    Well, our organization has defi-
Here’s the Society Pitch                                                         nitely plateaued in membership.
                                                                                    Yes, and we’ve got some good
Raleigh Bloch, Society Board Member                                              coaches in Ev Nau, Dick Bek, and
                                                                                 others. But we, the chapters, have
                                                                                 to recognize the problem. Then we

Get an Attitude and Look Out!
                                                                                 have to decide to do something
                                                                                 about it, get some coaching, and
                                                                                 do it.

S    o what are you going to write
     about this time?
   Oh, hi. I thought I’d write about
                                         things we can do to reach out that
                                         will, in turn, help us.
                                             Yes, but we need to be altruistic
                                                                                    Then we can look back and gig-
                                                                                    Wouldn’t that be fun? So the
some information I picked up from        about that effort and not just meas-    moral of the story is …
Roger Lewis and from Mike and            ure our efforts by “What’s in it for       Wait. Wait. Let me tell it. “Get
Don Slamka of POWER PLAY.                me?” An excellent example is            an Attitude and Look Out.”
   Boy, you’re a real name-              “United We Sing.” You’ll be hear-          There you go again.
                       dropper,          ing a lot about this very soon. I          Where?
                       aren’t you?       urge you and your chapter to get
                           Hey, not      involved with this program and
                       only that, I’ll   follow it to the letter.                Barbershop
                       find out if           OK. OK. So what did POWER
                       they read my      PLAY or the Slamka’s have to say?       notation manual
                           Do you
                                             Mike said, “Get an attitude,”
                                         and Don said, “All organizations
                                                                                 available on the
    Raleigh Bloch
                       read theirs?
                           Let’s not
                                         plateau and then either go up or
   So what did Roger have to say?
   He said, “Look out!”
                       get into that.        Did they say any more about
                                             Yes, they said when their quar-
                                                                                 T    he new Notating Barbershop
                                                                                      Arrangements manual is on
                                                                                 the Web at
   That’s it? “Look out?” Look           tet plateaued, they went to coaches     arrangements. The purpose of
out for what?                            to get them on the move again.          this manual is to provide direc-
   Well, he didn’t say it quite like         Good advice.                        tion to members of SPEBSQSA,
that. He said something like,                However, they felt that the         Inc., who are engaged in notating
“Organizations that are focused on       quartet’s attitude was key. It had to   and editing arrangements either
themselves or inward tend to be-         be that the men wanted to do            for publication by the Society or
come stagnant and decline, while         something about it and only they        for inclusion in the list of Legal
organizations that focus on others       could make the difference. The          Unpublished Arrangements.
or outward become vibrant and            coaches could tell them what to            To download the free Adobe
grow.”                                   do, but they, the quartet members,      Acrobat Reader, go to http://
   That’s a whole lot different          had to do it. The coaches couldn’t
from just “Look out!”                    do it for them. They said, “Then        acrobat/readstep.html.
   You’re right. I guess he was          you get the giggles.”                      NOTE: If you do not have
saying that sometimes we are so              What did they mean, “the gig-       Adobe Acrobat 5.0, and do not
focused on our own problems, we          gles”?                                  wish to download it FREE, you
don’t see the possibilities that are         On their way back from coach-       will need the following two files
out there and what we might do for       ing sessions, they would listen to      for the complete manual: 1. BBS
others, things that can make our         their tapes of the session. They        Notation, and 2. Shine on Harvest
organization more interesting to us      would hear what the coaches said        Moon. You must have Acrobat
and more attractive to others.           and then hear themselves perform        3.0 or higher version to download
   Roger is right; there are a lot of    it. That’s when they would giggle.      these files.
May/June/July 2002                            Pioneer Troubadour                                              5

Here’s the District Pitch                                                    Time to make
Brian Dunckel, Member Services VP                                            preparations for
                                                                             Flag Day
Let your Barbershop                                                          Consider “United We Sing”

                                                                             S    ince 1998, the Society has

light shine
                                                                                  been part of the National
                                                                             Pause for the Pledge of Alle-
                                                                             giance, held under the aegis of the
                                                                             National Flag Day Foundation.

I  n the first quarter of the year
   here in Pioneer, we had 11
chapters grow, four stay the same
                                       that 54 percent of our members
                                       joined the Society because some-
                                       one asked them!
                                                                             Briefly, the National Pause for the
                                                                             Pledge of Allegiance takes place
                                                                             on Flag Day, June 14, at 7:00 p.m.
                      size, and 15         Sadly, too, in the Jan/Feb Har-   EST.
                      get smaller.     monizer, it pointed out the fact         Across the country, people
                         There are     that 48 percent of Barbershoppers     gather at the appointed hour to re-
                      many reasons     have NEVER received a Man of          cite the Pledge of Allegiance. U.S.
                      for drops in a   Note award. I know many of you        Barbershoppers have offered their
                      chapter’s        will say I have asked everyone I      talent to the observances by per-
                      numbers: at      know; then try those you don’t        forming appropriate patriotic mu-
                      the House of     know! That Man of Note award          sic.
                      Delegates        may be just one more invitation          One approach to your perform-
                      meeting, we      away.                                 ance could very well be the new
   Brian Dunckel      honored 12           Wouldn’t it be sad to know that   “United We Sing” program. If you
                      deceased         you missed that opportunity?          have questions about the program,
members. Others have moved             Don’t let it happen! Ask those you    you can research program infor-
away in retirement or for new jobs     know and those you don’t. Never       mation at www.UnitedWeSing.
and, sadly, some have just             let an opportunity pass by.           org. There you will find the
dropped out.                               “Singing is Life.” It ought to    downloadable script with the rec-
   The disappointing factor is         be more of our life than our mem-     ommended songs. Many of the
that, as a district, we are not even   bership numbers show.                 songs are already known by most
keeping up with our losses, let            “Teach the Children to            chapters, and the music is avail-
alone growing. Rather than point       Sing.” Even if that child is as old   able from Harmony Marketplace.
the finger of blame at anyone, I       as you are, he can “re-capture”          Planning for these events is
offer this challenge. Remember         some of his youth with harmony.       normally handled through the of-
the song, “This Little Light of            “Keep the Whole World             fice of the mayor or other appro-
Mine”? One of the key phrases of       Singing.” Do you really mean it?      priate government office. Each
that song is “hide it under a          What are you going to do about it?    member city of the League of Cit-
bushel? NO, I’m gonna let it               Membership growth? Y              ies receives a mailing about the
shine!” To me, that’s where many       KNOT!                                 observance.
Barbershoppers are falling short.                                               To learn more, visit the Flag
   Have you let your Barbershop                                              Day site on the Society Web page
light shine? Do you enjoy this
hobby? Doesn’t everyone else de-       Sing …                                at
                                                                             FlagDay/. From there you can also
                                                                             visit the Website of the National
serve the opportunity to enjoy it as
you have? Society statistics show            for life!                       Flag Day Foundation.
6                                              Pioneer Troubadour                            May/June/July 2002

Public Relating                                                                 Ya gotta ask
                                                                                the question!
Greg Humbel, Marketing & Public Relations VP                                          By President Al Bonney

Marketing & public relations
                                                                                A      nyone who read the January
                                                                                       issue of the Harmonizer
                                                                                clearly understands the magnitude
                                                                                of our membership challenge. This
key to growth                                                                   challenge is no less real in Pioneer.
                                                                                Our membership numbers have

M        arketing and public rela-
         tions will always be a key
component in the growth of our
                                        several Man of Note awards on
                                        their lapel how the were able to do
                                        it, he would tell you that he brings
                                                                                dropped every year for the past
                                                                                several years. From all of the re-
                                                                                search and studies that have gone
hobby. At the Society, district, or     up his hobby in his everyday con-       on to understand how organiza-
                      chapter level,    versations and thinks nothing of        tions like ours builds membership,
                      we     struggle   it!                                     one clear and consistent truth
                      with      good        Try this: Make 10 personal          keeps coming out: “Ya gotta ask
                      ways to pro-      contacts in a day, week, or month.      the question!”
                      mote our love     Share your hobby with five of               I gave my last Man of Note
                      for music and     them and you will have two peo-         award to my wife. She put me onto
                      to share our      ple minimum to bring to your next       a guy who was interested because
                      infatuation       guest night. It’s marketing! It’s a     SHE got into a discussion with
                      with this art     numbers game. Share your hobby          him, heard his sonorous voice, and
                      form       with   today!                                  asked if he was a singer!
   Greg Humbel        everyone we           Further, and very simply, dis-          Rob Hopkins, our International
                      meet.       We    play something “Barbershoppy”           EVP, sent me an e-mail about a
need to continually develop new         as you meet other people: Use           guy he met in an airport who lives
and exciting ways to promote our        your MBNA Barbershop credit             in Traverse City – he asked the
choruses, quartets, shows, guest        card. Wear Barbershop stuff, like       question, and now the guy wants to
nights, and charitable mission.         your “Singing is life ... the rest is   visit our chapter.
    Each of us needs to do our part     just details” button from Society           Now we all know that you have
to get guests to a chapter meeting      President Roger Lewis. Eventu-          to kiss a lot of frogs before you
or guest night. Each chapter must       ally, someone will comment on it,       find a prince. But ask the guys who
stay focused on providing an ex-        or it will give you an excuse to        have 10 or 20 Man of Note
citing chapter meeting with some-       bring up the subject. And you can       awards; they’ll tell you that they
thing available for each member         take it from there whenever you         ask the question — a lot!
to enjoy.                               find a man who likes to sing ... or         If you ask the question, you will
    I continue to be convinced that     his wife!                               start bringing guests to your chap-
we do a pretty good job of reten-           As you move forward to your         ter meeting, too.
tion of our members once we get         next function or event, ask your-           So my challenge is — will
an interested man in the door.          self if the membership component        YOU go out and start asking the
    Your job, if you choose to ac-      has been addressed. Ask, what do        question to people you meet in
cept it, will be to receive a Man of    I do here?                              stores, gas stations, libraries, and
Note award at least once a year             Grow membership!                    airports? With the resources, tal-
because you shared your excite-                                                 ent, and fun that we have in this
ment of your hobby.                                                             district, there is no reason in the
    I will guarantee you that if you                                            world why our membership num-
ask someone in your chapter with          Sing … for life!                      bers are not going up. I know we
                                                                                can do it; I hope you will help.
May/June/July 2002                             Pioneer Troubadour                                                 7

Chapter Coaching                                                              How I got hooked
                                                                                  By Guy Hissong, Flint Chapter

Doran McTaggart, Chapter Support/Leadership VP                                I  have enjoyed Barbershop music
                                                                                 most of my adult life. I got
                                                                              hooked when I found myself tap-
Next spring, will your chapter                                                ing the BUFFALO BILLS from “The
                                                                              Music Man” so I could listen in

win a plateau award?                                                          the car. I also found some Barber-
                                                                              shop tapes at music stores which
                                                                              hooked me even more.
E    ach April, the chorus contest
     score sheet shows winners in
many plateaus. What are these pla-
                                        sist you. To get you on stage, we
                                        will move mountains. What do
                                        you need? Money? Uniforms?
                                                                                  It wasn’t until the spring of
                                                                              1997 until my in-laws surprised
                                                                              me by taking me to see the FLINT
teaus and why do we have them?          Voice parts? Coaching? Music?         ARROWHEAD CHORUS at their
The plateaus group chapters ac-         You name it and we’ll get it. I       spring show. Talk about hooked!
                       cording to       mean it! Ask and you’ll receive.      Can you imagine someone telling
                       their mem-                 COTS changes                their in-laws to shut up during the
                       bership.         No longer will Christmas activities   performance when they asked me
                       There are        keep chapters away from COTS.         how I was enjoying it? I just
                       six     pla-     Pioneer COTS will be held Janu-       wanted to hear everything and not
                       teaus, and       ary 4-5, 2003. It will be at the      miss a single thing.
                       the highest-     Holiday Inn Express in Okemos,            Then a few days later, my wife,
                       scoring          just southeast of Lansing. From       who is a pharmacist, spoke to one
                       chorus in        now on, our COTS will be the first    of her customers who was a Flint
   Doran McTaggart     each     pla-    weekend of January in Okemos.         Chapter member, Ed Wracan. She
                       teau      re-    This site will give us room for ex-   told Ed, how much I enjoyed the
ceives a plaque for its achieve-        pansion. Flint’s Doug Lynn will       show. When Ed asked her if I
ment. Many chapters can go home         be the new COTS Coordinator and       could sing, she responded, “Do
with an award for its efforts. Win-     will send COTS information to         you have a shower at the chorus
ners of these awards were:              every chapter in the fall.            hall?”
Plateau 1 - (20-29) - Michiana Metro           Send-Off Show June 14              Well, Ed picked me up the fol-
Plateau 2 - (30-39) - Saginaw-Bay       The Send-Off Show will again be       lowing Tuesday night; I was to-
Plateau 3 - (40-49) - Huron Valley      held at the Caboto Club in Win-       tally in awe. I was scared at first,
Plateau 4 - (50-75) - Pontiac-          dsor. Tickets have been distributed   but the guys made me feel at
   Waterford                            to 15 chapters close to the Canada-   home and in no time were teach-
Plateau 5 - (76-99) - Lansing           U. S. border. The doors open at       ing me to ring chords and let
Plateau 6 - (100 +) - (none)            6:30 p.m.; the famous pasta dinner    loose. Hooked again!
The 2002 District Chorus Cham-          is at 7:45 p.m.; and the super show       It wasn’t until 2000 when I was
pion is Macomb’s HARMONY                follows dinner.                       asked to do Singing Valentines
HERITAGE CHORUS. Next spring,               Eight choruses and a massed       did I have the nerve to sing in a
will your chapter win a plateau         chorus of 300 men will sing. Our      quartet. Really hooked!
award?                                  Pioneer representatives, POWER            And, of course, each time we
   Only half of our Pioneer chap-       PLAY, ACCIDENTAL CONSONANCE           sing at nursing homes and hospi-
ters entered the contest. For those     (college quartet winners), and the    tals and see the looks on the faces
chapters who haven’t experienced        GREAT LAKES CHORUS will also          and smiles as we sing, now that’s
the joy of singing in the contest for   perform. All this for only $16.00.    getting majorly hooked.
a number of years, plan to do so        Call me at 519-948-0637 for tick-         Barbershopping — Oh, what a
now. Your chapter coach can as-         ets. See you there.                   life!
8                                                Pioneer Troubadour                            May/June/July 2002
                                                                                 they think they are? My voice is
Take Note                                                                        good enough and I shouldn’t be
                                                                                 expected to try to make it better. It
                                                                                 was good enough to be born with,
Gene Hanover, Chorus Director Development VP                                     so it’s good enough for this. Right?
                                                                                     Then we send them to Harmony

The secret life of your director
                                                                                 College/Directors College or Har-
                                                                                 mony Round-Up, hoping that
                                                                                 someone will tell them the way

H      ave you ever thought, “Gee, I
       wonder what new and excit-
ing things our director has come up
                                          sister directors out there, I am go-
                                          ing to give you some information
                                          that will make you raise your
                                                                                 that the real world works, and it
                                                                                 just makes things worse. They
                                                                                 come home with all that enthusi-
with for our rehearsal this week”         “poos” and open your throat with       asm and stuff that only a sadist
or “I think I will call the director of   fright!                                could invent! Does it never end?
my chorus and ask if there is any-            Did you know that we all have          Of course it does. When we lose
thing that I can do to make his job       this contest to see which director     our director because we refuse to
                      a little easier     can inflict the greatest pain on our   at least try these things to help our
                      this week”?         members? That’s right. We are in       singing get better. Or when we al-
                          We        all   constant contact with each other to    low them to conduct the whole
                      know that cho-      create these drills to make you        night without a break. Do you
                      rus director has    think that we are nuts and should      know that the number one reason
                      an easy job. It     be put away for a long time. Why,      directors leave choruses is that
                      takes little time   just the other day I heard a conver-   they feel that their work is in vain
                      or     thought.     sation between the director of         and just simply give up?
                      Right? I mean       Kalamazoo and Michiana Metro               The average director puts in
   Gene Hanover       all he does is      that, well, made me shudder.           three hours of work each and every
                      get in front of         They talked about meter, pulse,    day, I said day, to prepare for your
the chorus each week and do the           and making the breathing in a song     three- to four-hour weekly re-
same thing week in and week out.          the most important part of the         hearsal, only to find that he cannot
How hard can it be?                       song. They even discussed what         work on the things that he would
    It’s a fairly safe bet that the       exercises to do to get the point       like.
leads will sing out of tune, just like    across. Then they talked about us-         As members we can come and
last week. The basses will be a lit-      ing your head, chest, and mixed        go as we like and think nothing of
tle flat and forever late coming in       tones while singing.                   it. You say, “I’m not having fun”
throughout every song, just like              Then they turned to singing in     or “I don’t need to warm up” or “I
last week. The tenors could never         tune! I mean, really! What is that?    don’t need to work on my notes
sing a high third if their lives de-      Come on, what does that have to        and words outside of rehearsal.”
pended on it, just like last week.        do with singing Barbershop? We             Well, guess what. The directors
And the baritones, well, that’s just      just want to sing and what comes       out there need to have fun, too!
too easy, just like last week. So, all    out is what you get. We couldn’t       They don’t like warm-ups either!
he or she has to do is give the same      care less about putting that music     They would rather not have to go
old dialog, just like last week.          stuff in the song. Right?              over the notes and words as well,
    What about those supposed vo-             They even had the nerve to talk    but they know that they have to if
cal exercises and drills that they        about how, along with other hob-       things are to get better. Our cho-
come up with — bubbling, oo’ing,          bies, we do our best to learn more     ruses are like our children. We
loo’ing, scerasping, endless              about them so we can get better.       want what is best for them and
scales — and those dumb “ear              We take tennis lessons, bowling        want them to be the best that they
training” exercises never end.            lessons, piano lessons, and the real   can be.
    Well, at the risk of getting in       biggie, golf lessons, but would we
big trouble with my brother and           ever take a voice lesson. Who do                     (Continued on page 9)
May/June/July 2002                             Pioneer Troubadour                                               9

Yours 4 A Song                                                                Take note
                                                                              (Continued from page 8)
Dan Bezaire, Music & Performance VP                                              If you don’t have a director,
                                                                              look internally and figure out what
Extra effort to improve                                                       you have to change to get a good
                                                                              one and keep him. You see, any-

results in better performances                                                one who is a director knows that
                                                                              directing a chorus takes lots of

                                                                              time, and that we have to commit
        usicians, like golfers, writ-   many opportunities as possible so
                                                                              ourselves for that long haul.
        ers, or anyone else inter-      that we can raise the musicality of
                                                                                 If you have a director, you had
ested in improvement, are con-          the district. Some of the projects
                                                                              better start looking at the same
stantly seeking ways to become          underway, or in the planning
                                                                              things and helping him or her out
better. Barbershoppers in Pioneer       stages:
                                                                              so you don’t lose him. Then train
                      are no differ-    Coaches’ Directory – With this
                                                                              others to help him out and give
                      ent; they have    database — perhaps attached to
                                                                              him a break now and then. We
                      shown      that   the Pioneer Website — choruses
                                                                              lose far too many good directors
                      they are very     and quartets can locate a coach
                                                                              every year for dumb, simple rea-
                      interested in     who can work with them.
                                                                              sons that are fixable.
                      taking steps      Bush League – This year we are
                                                                                 Remember that chapters with-
                      to     become     incorporating a quartet coaching
                                                                              out good directors usually go un-
                      better singers    clinic along with the traditional
                                                                              der. Chapters with poor, underde-
   Dan Bezaire
                      and perform-      contest. Up to 16 quartets can be
                                                                              veloped, or disinterested directors
                      ers.              accommodated. (September)
                                                                              never grow. Do all you can to en-
   For example, for two succes-         Harmony Round-Up – Barber-
                                                                              sure that your chapter does not be-
sive weekends in late February          shop classes, quartet coaching,
                                                                              come a statistic.
and early March, many of our            YMIH. (May)
                                                                                 Be on time, warm up with the
choruses took advantage of our          Standing Ovation – Enhancing
                                                                              rest of the chorus, learn your notes
chorus coaching days. At those          entertainment value.
                                                                              and words, take an occasional
sessions — one in Gaylord and              Take advantage of these pro-
                                                                              voice lesson, encourage you direc-
one in East Lansing — a total of        grams. You will hear the differ-
                                                                              tor, and start to enjoy the better
12 choruses spent an hour with          ence!
                                                                              singing that is guaranteed to come
each of three different coaches. If
                                                                              from your chorus.
nothing else, all of these groups
                                                                                 Who knows, you may even be
came away with tools to work
with to improve our craft. The
                                        Bad e-mail addresses                  able to get into a quartet as a by-

                                        T    he recent bankruptcy of the      product of your learning! Now,
comments from those events were
                                             “@home” e-mail provider          that would really be a shame. Or
overwhelmingly positive, proving
                                        has caused numerous e-mail ad-        would it?
that the singers of Pioneer are
                                        dresses in the Society database to       Happy singing!
willing to put out extra effort to
improve.                                be incorrect. This was brought to
   I believe the spring contest in      their attention after a request for
Lansing bears this out. The level       quartets was sent out to a person
of performance was very high and        in the Bay Area in California.           “Quartet singers
many of the competitors were                Please use the Members Only         make better chorus
among the participants of the           site on the Society Web page to
                                        update your personal or quartet
coaching sessions.
   We are trying to provide as          information.                                               Dr. Greg Lyne
10                                            Pioneer Troubadour                           May/June/July 2002

Young Men in Harmony                                                          Bulletin Editor of
                                                                              the Year awarded
Dave Anderson, District VP                                                        By District Bulletin Contest

It’s time for action!
                                                                                   Coordinator Elbert Ford

                                                                              W        e had a very good Bulletin
                                                                                       Editor of the Year (BETY)

Y      our YMIH Team has been
       very busy since the last is-
sue of the Troubadour. Our booth
                                       district has awarded them $1,000,
                                       so they have a shortfall. They are
                                       also just returning from a singing
                                                                              contest this past year in Pioneer.
                                                                              The entrants were judged on three
                                                                              consecutive issues with a mini-
at the MSVMA (Michigan                 tour in China, so their coffers are    mum requirement of eight issues
Schools Vocal Music Association)       pretty empty.                          published in 2001. The awards
Convention in Ann Arbor was                Now comes the request for          were presented at the district
very successful. Many music            “action” on your part. I am setting    spring convention. There were
teachers were exposed to using         up a fund drive for contributions      four entries — the highest in four
Barbershop as a means to increas-      from individuals and from chap-        years — with two of them being
ing male interest in their classes.    ters to help these guys make the       first-timers.
The program session that was held      trip and represent us. The details         The contest was won by Elbert
by Bill Rashleigh and POWER            have not been finalized at this        Ford. He is in his fifth year of
PLAY was a hit; they’ve already        time, but you should hear more         publishing The Chorister in the
begun planning for another ses-        through the PioNet on this. Any        Traverse City Chapter and has
sion in January 2003.                  checks should made out to              placed first for the third year in a
    It was at this convention that     “Pioneer District” and mailed to       row, amassing the highest point
we had our first contact with our      me at: Dave Anderson, 39043            total ever in the Pioneer District in
New College Quartet Champions,         Cadborough Dr., Clinton Twp.,          this contest.
ACCIDENTAL CONSONANCE. Two             MI 48043. Let’s all work together          Last year, he also placed fifth
young music majors from Central        and give these four young singers      in international competition and
Michigan University kept coming        an experience to remember.             won the Dick Girvin Most Im-
back to our booth to sing tags; we         By the time that you get this, A   proved Bulletin award as well.
then found out about their quartet,    CAPPELLA BLAST! 2002 will                  He was followed closely by
coached by Dr. David Gillingham.       be history. Many people have           Robert Rancilio of the Grosse
You might remember him from            worked very hard to make this a        Pointe Chapter with his publica-
1993 Ditrict Champions, FULL           quality event for our young men.       tion, The Pitch Pipe. He has been
CHORD PRESS. The quartet then          Please thank Bob Wisdom for            an editor for only two years, but
did an outstanding job in the dis-     handling registrations and other       has taken advantage of the men-
trict competition. According to the    jobs, and thank Ken and Vicki          toring program offered by
numbers provided by Jim Styer,         Gibson and their staff for the great   PROBE.
ACCIDENTAL CONSONANCE is               teaching job. Also, thank the              Bob says, “Bulletin editorship
ranked sixth of all college quartets   many chapters that helped sponsor      can be an exciting part of being a
qualified, based on scores from all    students and get teachers enthused     Barbershopper. In addition to the
of the districts.                      about attending.                       obvious benefit of getting to know
    The quartet has asked for some         In closing, remember to keep in    what’s going on in the chapter’s
monetary help to get to Portland       contact with those music teachers      nooks and crannies, I feel I play a
to compete. The cost for airfare is    and help set things up for when        supportive role in the health of the
about $1,200, hotel rooms $1,000,      they return in the fall. Please re-    chapter by providing information
$500 for all events tickets, plus      member to help the college guys        on such topics as singing tech-
some food money. Their total cost      going to Portland by sending in a      niques.”
can get into the $3,500 range. The     donation … do it today.
                                                                                          (Continued on page 11)
May/June/July 2002                           Pioneer Troubadour                                               11

The Judge’s Corner                                                            Bulletin Editor of the
                                                                              Year awarded
Ed Fritzen, Contest & Judging VP                                              (Continued from page 10)
                                                                                  They were followed by John
If you accomplished a goal,                                                   Cowlishaw of Pontiac-Waterford
                                                                              Chapter with Smoke Signals, and

you’re a winner!
                                                                              Art Lane of Holland Chapter with
                                                                              his publication, The Windmill

I  think I’ve finally recovered
   from another fantastic weekend
of Barbershopping in Pioneer. I
                                          I would like to challenge all of
                                      the competitors and would-be
                                      competitors in Pioneer to set some
                                                                                  John took over Smoke Signals
                                                                              in May 2001. Since then, he has
                                                                              published an issue a month for
                   hope all of you    goal for the next contest. Let me       eight months. He was in Nashville
                   enjoyed      the   know what it is, and tell me how        in 2001 for international, and at-
                   spring conven-     you did. I will then use this space     tended the PROBE meeting that
                   tion as much as    to publicly recognize and cele-         first morning. As you can see, it is
                   I did. Con-        brate your achievements. Perhaps        his first entry also.
                   gratulations to    this type of thinking could lead to         Art Lane is a former weekly
                   our     interna-   greater participation by our mem-       newspaper editor in Saugatuck,
                   tional quartet     bers in our contests. Wouldn’t that     He became editor of The Windmill
                   representatives,   be great?                               Blade about 11 years ago. The
    Ed Fritzen     POWER PLAY,            That brings me to another as-       Blade has ranked second in the
                   and to our new     pect of the contests and conven-        district and competed internation-
district chorus champs, the HAR-      tions. The Pioneer District Board       ally several times, gaining high
MONY HERITAGE CHORUS. They            is looking at ways to improve all       marks for grammar and style.
both were clearly the cream of the    aspects of our conventions.                 The Society’s organization of
crop last weekend.                        If you have any ideas on what       Public Relations Officers and Bul-
   However … were they the only       you’d like to see or do at a con-       letin Editors (PROBE) named Art
winners? Not by a long shot; for      vention, please forward them to         1988 Public Relations Officer of
every man who appeared with a         me. Don’t be shy. If there’s some-      the Year for a single event for in-
quartet or a chorus on that stage     thing you don’t like about our          formation and promotion sur-
was a winner.                         conventions, now’s the time to          rounding the chapter’s singing ex-
   Sure, POWER PLAY and the           speak up.                               cursion to the Netherlands.
HARMONY HERITAGE CHORUS                   We want to host conventions             I would encourage each chapter
scored the most points in their re-   that appeal to all members of our       to publish a bulletin and send in
spective contests, but there were     district. You’ll be hearing more        three issues for judging. A chapter
many other just as significant suc-   about this in the coming months.        bulletin does an invaluable ser-
cesses in Lansing. How about              Finally, I’d like to congratulate   vice — disseminating information
Holland’s 5th-place finish, or even   Don Kill, Al Fisk, and Neil Nu-         to its membership.
more impressive, the 6th-place        gent, who have been accepted into           I would like to congratulate all
finish of Michiana Metro?             the judging program as applicants       of the contestants in the BETY
   Both choruses came away win-       and who have been invited to at-        contest and encourage any other
ners, as did everyone who accom-      tend Candidate School this sum-         editors to jump in. The help re-
plished a goal — even if the goal     mer. Way to go!                         ceived from the judges and
was only to improve a little over         Hope to see you all at Harmony      through the mentoring program is
the last contest. And isn’t that      Round-Up.                               immeasurable!
what competing is all about?
12                                            Pioneer Troubadour                                 May/June/July 2002

Quartets Champions Association Take me out to
Dennis Gore, PR & Communications the ball game … in
T    he Pioneer District Quartet
     Champions Association
(QCA) met following the district
                                        tapes and music to the mem-
                                        bers. This is earlier than any
                                        QCA chorus preparation in the
                                                                                   T    he Portland AAA ball team, the
                                                                                        Portland Beavers (farm team
                                                                                   for San Diego), has a game Tuesday
quartet prelims on Friday night,        past.                                      night, July 2. A package price of
April 26. The meeting included a      • The tentative show planned is to           $24 includes a one-hour buffet and
social hour where discussions           be one hour with a focus on                ticket to the game against the Fresno
about the competition took place.       quartets. The QCA chorus will
   The members received music           learn two new songs per year
and learning tapes for songs that       and rotate repertoire.
will be performed by the QCA          • Check out the calendar of re-
chorus in the fall. BobWinters has      hearsals on the QCA Website.
coordinated this effort and it is
                                                 NEWS FLASH:
now well under way. At the end of
                                      • Russ Seely (Pioneer QCA Presi-
the meeting, those present read
                                        dent) named Secretary of AH-
through some of the songs di-
                                        SOW Organization -- WAY TO
rected by Mike Slamka, Al Fisk,
                                        GO, PRES!
and QCA President Russ Seely.
   Thirty-nine QCA members            • The QCA wishes POWER PLAY
were in attendance. Russ reviewed       all the luck in the world as they
the Steering Committee’s plans          carry the Pioneer banner into
and introduced each of the com-         the fray in Portland. Give ’em
mittee leaders to furnish the group     hell, lads!
with some ideas for the future.       • We are also proud of our other
                                        competing active district
            QCA activities              champs, PHILATOGA TOWNSHIP,             Grizzlies. PGE Park is conveniently
A QCA Web page has been estab-          WJBC, and FOUR MAN FISHIN’              located on the MAX train route
lished. It is still under construc-     TACKLE CHOIR. Great singing,            within the “fareless square” area. A
tion; however, you can view the         guys!                                   Barbershop quartet will sing the Na-
rough site at http://www.geocities.                                             tional Anthem.
com/t6237dg/index.htm. When a         If you have any comments or sug-             The all-you-can-eat buffet is tra-
permanent host site is established,   gestions, please send an e-mail to ditional ballpark fare and includes
we will publish the URL.                         hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburg-
    Calendar of activities:                                                     ers, baked beans, Frito Lays, Pepsi
• May 17-19, Mini-HEP school at                                                 beverages, and cookies. The buffet
   MSU. QCA will meet Friday                                                    runs from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Game
   night.                                                                       time is 7:05 p.m.
• Summer 2002, date and location
                                                   Music                           For tickets, call Eben Yager,
                                                                                group sales and marketing manager,
• Oct. 18-20, Battle Creek. QCA        For the common things of every day,      at 503-553-5427 or e-mail to
                                       God gave us speech in the common way. Tickets will
   show Friday night after quartet     And He gave to the poet words to reveal, be held at the Will Call window and
   contest.                            The deeper things we think and feel …
                                                                                will be available starting at 5:30
          QCA show                     But for heights and depths no word
                                                                                p.m. (Gates open at 6:00 p.m.).
• Bob Winters provided learning           could reach,
                                       God gave us music, the soul’s own speech.
May/June/July 2002                          Pioneer Troubadour                                            13

Meredith Willson: 100th                                             In Memoriam
anniversary of his birth
                                                                         Art Schulze
M       eredith Willson was born in Mason City,
        Iowa, on May 8, 1902. He grew up there and,
after graduating from high school, attended what is
                                                         Art Schulze, a 60-year member of SPEBSQSA,
                                                         passed away in March. A member of the Frank
now the Julliard School of Music in New York.            Thorne Chapter in recent years, Art was a former
    During World War II, Willson was the director of     member of the old Detroit #1 Chapter and of the De-
Armed Forces Radio, which led him to a successful        troit-Oakland Chapter.
career as a composer, performer, and director of mu-        He was past historian of the Pioneer District, a
sic programming for many popular shows. He wrote         past president of Detroit #1 Chapter, and one of the
symphonies and many hit songs, including “It’s Be-       last surviving members of the old DETROIT METRO-
ginning to Look Like Christmas” and “May the Good        POLITAN CHORUS.
Lord Bless and Keep You.”                                                  From Larry King
                                      His most fa-
                                   mous works were
                                   “The Unsinkable
                                   Molly Brown” and      2002 International
                                                         Convention Web site
                                   “The Music Man,”
                                   which was inspired
                                   by his childhood
                                   experiences in Ma-
                                   son City and pro-     T     he Greater Portland Vocal Gentry, hosts of the
                                                               2002 International Convention, invite you to
                                                         visit their updated convention Web site: http://
                                   duced the popular
                                   march, “76 Trom-
                                      The Music Man
                                   Square in the heart
                                   of Mason City is
                                   the future home of
                                   the Meredith Will-
                                   son Museum. The
                                   square will contain
a turn-of-the-century “River City” indoor streetscape
complete with the Candy Kitchen” and “Pleazol” bil-
liard parlor, a children’s exploratorium, a conserva-
tory of music education, a reunion meeting hall, and a   You’ll find information on:
theater. A grand opening is planned on the anniver-      • Tourism — what to see and do around Portland,
sary of his 100th birthday, May 8, 2002.                   Oregon, and southwest Washington
                                                         • Convention events — including a preliminary
                                                           events schedule
“Barbershop quartet singing is four                      • Getting around town on MAX light rail system
guys tasting the holy essence of                         • Where to park your camper/RV
four individual mechanisms com-                          • Camping in Oregon
                                                         • The West Coast Amtrak Woodshedder’s Caboose
ing into complete agreement.”
                                                         • Travel deals for Barbershoppers to Portland
                                Meredith Willson         • Post-convention cruise with GAS HOUSE GANG
14                                            Pioneer Troubadour                            May/June/July 2002

  In Memoriam                           Pioneer District as well as back-
                                        stage chairman and sound techni-
                                                                               From Greg Humbel: I’ll always be
                                                                               thankful for Jim being there for
                                        cian for district contests.            Huron Valley. His talents and soft
       Jim Stephens                        He was recognized as Barber-        approach to teaching was unbeliv-
                                        shopper of the Year at Detroit #1      able.
         1931-2002                      (1979) and Huron Valley (1976,
                                                                               From Jim Ryan: Jim was actually
J   im Stephens was born in Lans-
    ing, the oldest of three children
of Harper and Ellen Stephens. He
                                        1983, 1988, & 1995), and was
                                        elected to the Pioneer District Hall
                                        of Fame (1991). Jim also received
                                                                               my first contact when I moved to
                                                                               Michigan. He was so warm and
                                        an Outstanding Accomplishment          friendly that it just seemed natural
grew up there and attended Lans-                                               to come sing for him at Wayne.
ing Eastern High School. In 1949,       Award in 1979 from Detroit #1
                                        Chapter and a Commendable Ser-         Jim constantly encouraged me to
Jim enrolled at Michigan State                                                 reach for the higher goal and
University, earning bachelor’s and      vice Award in 1991 from Detroit-
                                        Oakland Chapter.                       coached several of the quartets I
master’s degrees in music.                                                     had the privilege to sing with over
   Jim devoted his whole life to                                               the past 10 years. Of all the things
music. Like his father and grandfa-                                            I will miss about him, it was that
ther before him, he was a public                                               warm smile and genuine love he
school music teacher. He spent 31                                              had for Barbershop.
years teaching in Southgate,
Michigan. During those years, he                                               From Keith Opal: Jim was very
touched the lives of hundreds of                                               dedicated, a marvelous teacher,
students, many of whom have kept                                               and a great friend. My most vivid
in contact with him. During his                                                memory came after he had an acci-
teaching tenure, he also directed                                              dent which broke both of his legs.
church choirs, which fulfilled his                                             Even though he couldn’t stand, he
spiritual needs.                                                               still showed up for rehearsals, sat
   Barbershop harmony was an-                                                  in a chair, and directed and taught
other important part of Jim’s musi-                                            music.
cal life. While still in high school,                                          From Dick Reinholt: Jim had a
he formed a quartet called the AT-                                             way of bringing out the best in an
MOSPHERES (Jack Frucci was in                                                  individual. He helped many a Bar-
this quartet). In the 1980s, he sang                                           bershopper. He had the mental
lead in the SOUND AMBASSADORS.             In 2001, he was selected Bar-       strength of 10 men. He always
His senior quartets included THE        bershopper of the Year in Tucson,      gave and very seldom ever asked
PRESIDENT’S MEN (1991), PRIME           Arizona, where he had resided for      for anything, except that each man
TIME (1992), OLD BONES (1993),          the past few years. In addition to     do the best he was capable of.
RARE VINTAGE (1994), VOCAL              serving as vocal coach for the
                                        TUCSON SUNSHINE CHORUS, he             From Lynne Peirce: I remember
GENTRY (1995), and CHORDINARY                                                  sitting in the waiting room while
GUYS (2001 in Tucson). He di-           coached their chapter quartets and
                                        continued to share his expertise in    my husband, Tom, was undergoing
rected the JACKSONAIRES, DE-                                                   heart bypass surgery. Jim walked
TROIT #1, WAYNE RENAISSANCE,            sound reinforcement for chapter
                                        shows and area performances.           in. Tom was not currently active in
and HURON VALLEY HARMONIZ-                                                     his chapter and I didn’t even know
ERS over his many years in the De-      From Paul Ludwig, Tucson Chap-         Jim knew about Tom’s illness. Jim
troit area.                             ter: This diminutive man was in-       stayed the entire time, not leaving
   In addition, he devoted many         deed a musical giant. I can’t begin    until Tom’s surgery was over and
hours to arranging music, teaching      to tell you how much he helped me      he was out of danger. It was the
vocal exercises, providing individ-     to be a better musician. He had a      first time I think I fully understood
ual voice lessons, and coaching         way of instructing that did not em-    the power and love of the Barber-
choruses and quartets. He spent 10      barrass me or injure my pride as a     shop family.
years as music educator for the         director.
May/June/July 2002                        Pioneer Troubadour                                                 15

2002 CARA                            Hi-tech electronic communication
nominees                                By Pioneer District Secretary
                                              Marvin Skupski
                                                                            ments to any one e-mail within a
                                                                            more workable range.

T   he Contemporary A Cappella
    Recording Award nominees
have been announced for 2002:
                                     W         e have now completed
                                               our first district conven-
                                                                                The second “glitch” was that
                                                                            most chapters did not print out
                                                                            the documents and have their
                                     tion at which notices and other
   Best Barbershop album:            convention documents were dis-         delegates bring the documents to
MILLENNIUM - “Millennium”            tributed electronically by e-mail      the House of Delegates Meeting.
CRYSTAL CLEAR - “Lucky Day”          and e-mail attachment to all dis-      Delegates arrived expecting to
RIPTIDE - “Wonderful Life”           trict officers, selected committee     have documents available for dis-
AMBASSADORS OF HARMONY -             chairmen, and chapters. I should       tribution at the meeting. For the
“Applause”                           say we have “successfully” com-        fall convention, we will put major
                                     pleted that first district conven-     emphasis on “print-out-and-
   Best Barbershop song:
                                     tion using only electronic com-        bring-with-you.”
                                     munication because it went well            The third “glitch,” and one
Piggy Went To Market”
                                     with only a                                                   which the
MILLENNIUM - “Jezebel”
                                     few minor                                                     district
                                     glitches.                                                     cannot
“My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms”
                                         The first                                                 control, is
RIPTIDE - “Fit As A Fiddle/For
                                     “glitch” to                                                   the     fact
Me & My Gal” medley.
                                     be       cor-                                                 that some
                                     rected is to                                                  chapter e-
                                     have past                                                     mail con-
Tribute to Jim Stephens              district                                                      tact per-
                                     presidents                                                    sons ap-
A tribute to Jim Stephens will be                                                                  parently
                                     included in one of the group mail-
held on Saturday, June 15, 2002,                                            did not communicate to the chap-
                                     ing lists. Your district secretary
at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran                                             ter officers and chapter member-
                                     neglected (shame on him!) to for-
Church, 1400 W. Stadium Blvd.,                                              ship the information that was be-
                                     ward convention documents to
Ann Arbor, Michigan. The cele-                                              ing sent to them.
                                     those who served us so well in
bration of Jim’s life will be from                                              These are not private commu-
                                     the past. Also to be added are our
7:30-10:00 p.m.                                                             nications for the e-mail contact.
                                     district historian, our COTS coor-
    Participating throughout the                                            The persons who have been des-
                                     dinator, and some additional
evening will be several Pioneer                                             ignated as the chapter e-mail con-
                                     committee chairmen.
District and Sweet Adeline quar-                                            tact have the responsibility to see
                                         Thus far we’ve received no
tets. The GENTLEMEN SONG-                                                   that the information the district is
                                     complaints concerning reception
STERS, the HURON VALLEY HAR-                                                communicating does indeed get
                                     from any of the groups. However,
MONIZERS, and the RENAISSANCE                                               to the chapter officers and the
                                     some attached documents only
CHORUS will be performing as                                                membership.
                                     partially printed. I believe the
well.                                                                           A dialog on the PioNet con-
                                     problem may have been the fact
    Refreshments will be pro-                                               cerning glitches and complaints
                                     that at times eight or 10 docu-
vided.                                                                      would be helpful. We need to
                                     ments were attached to one e-
    Donations will be accepted to                                           know what the problems are so
                                     mail. I will try to eliminate that
Harmony Foundation. Contact                                                 we can seek solutions quickly. If
                                     problem for the fall convention
Dick Reinholt at 734-761-2958                                               you prefer not to respond on the
                                     by spreading the number of at-
or e-mail at RReinholt@comcast.                                             PioNet, e-mail me personally at
                                     tachments over several e-mails
                                     when necessary to keep attach-
16                                        Pioneer Troubadour                           May/June/July 2002

Harmony Heritage Chorus,
Power Play win spring
(Continued from page 1)
the foursome scored 1,034 points
singing “Sunshine of Your Smile”
and “Takin’ a Chance on Love.”
   2001 Pioneer District Cham-

pion Quartet Philatoga Township
finished second with 1,756 points.
The foursome — tenor Tom

                                           September 27-29
                                                           Triple Play:
                                                1. Great Quartet Contest
                                                   2. Quartet Coaching
                                           3. Saturday Night Show of Shows
                                         After 55 years of serving up the Pioneer District a great quartet
POWER PLAY: (l to r) Tenor Don           activity, the Gaylord Chapter has teamed up with the Pioneer
Slamka, lead Mike Slamka, bass           District to provide coaching by certified judges to the quartets
Jack Slamka, and bari Mark               involved in the weekend. The partnership allowed the use of
Slamka.                                  district grant monies to be used for this event.
                                            For more information on how to get your team on the bus to
McCoy, lead Larry Reinhart, bari         this event, contact Hank Hedges at 989-731-1169, or
Gary Nitz, and bass Phil       
Haines — sang “Shanghai,” “With
a Song in My Heart,” “Kiss Her
Goodbye for Me,” and “Tin Roof
   Finishing third was WJBC —
tenor Bruce LaMarte, lead Craig
                                     Book your next trip
Pollard, bari Brian Kaufman, and
bass Doug Morgan — scoring           through Harmony Travel
1,732 points. It sang “Jeepers
Creepers,” “I’m Alone Because I
Love You,” “There’ll Be No New
Tunes on This Old Piano,” and        H      armony Travel was created
                                            to provide memorable travel
                                     experiences for Society members,
                                                                          Thorn at 1-800-876-7464 x-8489
                                                                          for more specifics.
                                                                             Also, Harmony Travel works
“Oh, How I Miss You Tonight.”                                             with TravelEx for air transporta-
WJBC was district champion in        families, and friends. Current
                                     tours include a post Portland con-   tion needs. Call 1-800-882-0499
1999.                                                                     and ask for Shelley.
                                     vention Alaskan cruise. Call Doug
May/June/July 2002                                     Pioneer Troubadour                                          17

                                                                 Doug                                            Rich
                                                                 (517) 351-9587                        (517) 482-0365

                                                                                   The Patch Chords
      THE HARMONY HOUNDS                                                                Music and Mirth
           Pedigree: Barbershoppers
                CONTACT: ROGER LEWIS
      Bus. (616) 979-4343 — Res. (616) 965-5714                  (517) 521-3218                        (517) 321-3941
                                                                 Roger                                          Larry

 Ed                                                     Gene

                                                                      Your business card could be here
                           PO Box 322
                      Bridgman MI 49106
                                                                  reaching more than 1,300 Barbershoppers
                          616-465-4428                                       for only 15¢ a day!
             1998 Pioneer District Quartet Champions                              Call Gary Simon at
Raleigh       A Registered Barbershop Quartet           Kerry

                                                Hooked on Harmony

                                                Cast for:
                                                Neil 231-882-4835 or
                                                Tracy 231-348-1178

  Ever growing … Or nothing else matters!
18                                              Pioneer Troubadour                      May/June/July 2002

Accidental Consonance
                                      many old-time Pioneer District
                                      Barbershoppers: Dr. David Gil-       My trip to the
(Continued from page 1)               lingham, music director at CMU.
                                      Dr. Gillingham is ACCIDENTAL
January. Ben explained that Bar- CONSONANCE’S coach and mentor.
                                                                           Big Easy
                                                                                    By John Baker,
bershop is only a part of their          No stranger to Barbershopping,
                                                                                 Grand Rapids Chapter
overall repertoire. While they love he sang with and coached Jamie
the “consonant” sound of the Bar- Carey years ago when Jamie was
bershop style, they also perform coming through CMU and begin-
vocal jazz, do-wop, and even some ning the first of his championship-
                                                                           R     ecently I had the pleasure to
                                                                                 spend some time with the
                                                                           MARDI GRAS CHORUS. This came
classical selec-                                        level quartets.    about when my company had its
tions.                                                  ACCIDENTAL         annual sales meeting in New Or-
    Steven Shaw,                                        CONSONANCE’ S      leans. This meeting was going to
an instrumental                                         coaching     re-   take me away from my normal
music       major                                       sources would      meeting with my quartet, SILHOU-
heading for a                                           help explain the   ETTE, and the GREAT LAKES CHO-
teaching career                                         quality of their   RUS.
in music, told                                          performance on         My first step was to locate a
about the Ar-                                           Saturday night     nearby chapter in New Orleans us-
tReach program                                          of the conven-     ing the SPEBSQSA home page. I
they participate                                        tion!              e-mailed the president of the
in. ArtReach is                                            The young       Greater New Orleans Chapter,
an outreach pro- ACCIDENTAL CONSONANCE: (Left to men won a                 Mervin Ginsburg. I wrote him that
gram for elemen- right) Bari Jeff Malecki, bass Ben $1,000 stipend         I would be in the area and asked if
tary schools in Rodgers, lead Nicholas Allen, and from the Soci-           I would be able to sit in on one of
the Mt. Pleasant tenor Steven Shaw.                     ety to defray      its rehearsals.
area.                                                   their expenses         Well, it didn’t take long before
    Contributing to the music part to participate in the College Bar-      I got a phone call from Mervin.
of the program, ACCIDENTAL CON- bershop Quartet Contest in Port-           Not only was I welcomed, he said
SONANCE sings regularly in the land, Ore., in July, sponsored by           he would pick me up at my hotel.
schools. They want to mentor male MBNA Bank. Based on their sing-          Two gentlemen pulled up and
singing, show the kids that singing ing Saturday night, I am confident     asked if I was John Baker. Mervin
is fun for big kids, too, and support they will be proud representatives   introduced himself and Beryl
the music education programs al- of our district.                          Laufer, their chapter membership
ready in place in the schools.           And because they are all jun-     VP.
    Jeff Malecki, also a music ma- iors, we will certainly hear them           Mervin showed me some points
jor with an instrumental bent, re- again next year!
minded us of a name familiar to                                                        (Continued on page 19)

                               Gary Nitz
                               7498 Dunross Dr.
                               Portage, MI 49002
                               Tel: 616-324-0521
May/June/July 2002                           Pioneer Troubadour                                                 19

My trip to the Big Easy
(Continued from page 18)
                                       The Pioneer District planning process
                                          By Pioneer District President             and additions and approval for
of interest as we traveled to                     Al Bonney                         both the work plan and the

Delgado Community College,                   thorough planning process is           budget.
where they rehearsed.                        a key ingredient to our run-       5. The final step of the process is
    When we got to their rehearsal     ning this business of Barbershop-            to intertwine Society-level
hall, I was greeted by several of      ping efficiently, effectively, and           goals that require district ac-
their members. Mervin introduced       professionally. It appears lengthy           tion with district-level goals
me to Mark Vile, their musical di-     and involved, but if you under-              that have been approved by
rector, and gave me a guest book.      stand it, you may be better pre-             the HOD. This happens at the
He then placed me with the basses.     pared to participate in and use the          National Leadership Forum in
    That’s where I meet Sherman        process. Let me outline how it               early November in Racine,
Platt, Board member and singer         goes:                                        Wis., where all of the district
with the RAMPART STREET IR-            1. The process begins in March               leadership teams meet with the
REGULARS. Sherman told me that I           when the Society gathers in-             Society Board and committee
had picked a good night to come.           formation for its “planning              chairs, and finalize the plans
They were expecting some Sweet             guidance,” a document that               for every level in the Society.
Ads and a guest quartet.                   outlines the major themes for            This ensures that everyone’s
    We then began rehearsing.              work that is to be undertaken            needs are met and all of the
Sherman pointed out that the mu-           in the NEXT year. Once com-              bases are covered.
sic we were singing came from a            pleted in May or June, it is cir-    6. By the end of the year, the fi-
member of their chorus, Einar              culated to all of the district           nal plan is typed and circu-
Pedersen.                                  presidents for consideration in          lated to all interested parties
    During the break, Beryl an-            the district planning process.           and posted on the district
nounced to his chapter members         2. At the same time, districts               Website. A reporting schedule
that they had two guests visiting          should be communicating with             is published to ensure that
that night, but no chance of mem-          their members’ chapters to so-           regular status reports circulate
bership additions — a gentleman            licit input for district-level is-       throughout the organization.
from the Louisville T HOR-                 sues that the chapters consider          These status reports are pro-
OUGHBREDS and me.                          important undertakings.                  vided to all chapter representa-
    Then the quartet, HEYDAY, ar-      3. Armed with the above two                  tives at each House of Dele-
rived. They were Southwest Dis-            pieces of information, the Dis-          gates in April and October.
trict 2000 champs and 2001 Inter-          trict Leadership Team meets          I would welcome any suggestions
national semifinalists. What a             in August to review and update       or comments on this process. I es-
treat! They did their show package         the five-year plan, write the        pecially welcome input into what
for us.                                    next year’s draft work plan,         should be in the plan as well as
    Chapter member Larry Moran,            and draft a budget that will         what you think about how the plan
who lived near my hotel, drove me          support the work plan.               is being implemented. The District
back. It took me awhile to get to      4. In October, the Team intro-           Leadership Team exists to serve
sleep that night.                          duces the draft work plan and        the district membership, and these
    So, gentlemen, if you’re ever in       budget at the House of Dele-         plans outline how that mission
New Orleans, give the MARDI                gates, seeking its comments          will be carried out.
    Or attend any chorus rehearsal
when you’re out of town. They’re        “Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch
as easy as an e-mail away.
    And spread the fellowship of        of boring dates by which bills must be paid.”
harmony. It’s a great experience.                                                                 Frank Zappa
20                                             Pioneer Troubadour                             May/June/July 2002

Making its pitch for Barbershop quartets
The following article was written       mother ship has been here in             pered from the 1890s through the
by Dennis McCann and appeared           Kenosha, where a staff of more           1920s, in vaudeville, the Chautau-
in the February 17, 2002, edition       than 40 coordinates competitions,        qua circuit, and minstrel shows
of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.      archives sheet music, conducts           (with both black and white quar-
It is excerpted here with permis-       charitable programs and, not least,      tets). Interest rose and fell through
sion.                                   runs Harmony College, the annual         the years but barbershop music

                                        summer school for 600 barber-            outlasted all of those. SPEBSQSA
       enosha: Hel-lo, HEL-lo,
                                        shoppers who wear red and blue           was formed in 1938 when Tulsa
                                        beanies — with propellers — in           tax attorney O.C. Cash invited a
    Can you tell where I am?
                                        singing contests.                        handful of other lovers of harmony
    Of chorus you can. I’m at the
                                           Beyond that, Harmony Hall is          to a songfest on the roof garden of
home of barbershop music in
                                        home to the Heritage Hall Mu-            the Tulsa Club.
America, and a more harmonious
                                        seum of Barbershop Harmony,                        ‘Perfect’ acronym
way of getting here would be hard
                                        where I learned that Harry Truman           Cash was said to have a flair for
to find.
                                        was a barbershopper, as was Bing         publicity, and the Society’s awk-
    One moment I was in a barber’s
                                        Crosby.                                  ward acronym was fodder for writ-
chair near my house, which gave
me an idea, and so an hour later I               How cool is that?               ers. With word of mouth and help-
was at Harmony Hall in Kenosha,         Uh, remember the beanies? Not            ful publicity, the Society grew.
the palatial lakeside headquarters      very. But Heritage Hall is as much       When competition was introduced
of the world’s largest all-male         about preservation of the Society’s      in 1939 at the first convention of
singing society, the Society for the    story as the Society is about pre-       such quartets, The BARTLESVILLE
Preservation and Encouragement          serving quartet singing, which           BARFLIES won the Society’s first
of Barbershop Quartet Singing in        brings us to the obvious question.       championship — and $50.
America, a name only slightly           Did it actually begin in the barber-        The museum has artifacts from
longer than its acronym — SPEB-         shop?                                    throughout the years, but I was
SQSA. Even the society advises                 African-American roots            most interested in a display on the
against pronouncing SPEBSQSA            No, though it certainly was sung         “The Family Schmitt” of Two Riv-
as a word.                              there in its early days, as it was on    ers, from which came the famous
    In a world in which teen tarts,     street corners, in minstrel shows        SCHMITT BROTHERS QUARTET.
randy rappers and country sex kit-      and other stages. What is known as       Fran, Joe, Paul, and Jim were four
tens sell records by the gazillions,    barbershop singing, according to         of the 17 children of German im-
barbershop music flies well under       the society, actually has its roots in   migrants Henry and Anna Schmitt,
the radar, but the blend of tenor,      African-American music as early          and were rather new to harmonic
lead, baritone and bass has been        as the 1870s, when black quartets        singing when they went to the so-
around for more than a century.         such as THE AMERICAN FOUR and            ciety’s 1951 championship in
While like many other organiza-         THE HAMTOWN STUDENTS helped              Toledo.
tions it is searching for ways to at-   to establish the improvisational na-        It was 100 degrees and the
tract new members to an aging           ture of four-part harmony. Such          Schmitt boys were last of 40
base, the Society still claims nearly   quartets could at times be found         groups to sing, so they sat around
34,000 members in more than 825         singing at such spots as Joe             in their underwear for eight hours,
chapters in the United States and       Sarpy’s Cut Rate Shaving Parlor in       lest their costumes wrinkle in the
Canada, with affiliated organiza-       St. Louis, or in Jacksonville, Fla.,     steamy conditions. And when they
tions around the world.                 where one black historian noted          did take the stage, they nailed
                                        “every barbershop seemed to have         “Hello, Hello, Hello,” “I Love the
    Keeping 40 people busy
And since 1958 the Society’s            its own quartet.”                                     (Continued on page 21)
                                            Such music especially pros-
May/June/July 2002                            Pioneer Troubadour                                               21
 Chapters                                                  By Hank Hedges
                                                                        Gaylord Rides into spring in style
 in Action                                                 Some 25 members of the HARMONIE MEISTERS CHO-
                                                           RUS and over 20 friends of Barbershopping boarded a
                                                           chartered bus and sang into Lansing for the 2002
Windsor                                                    spring convention. Joined by other members who
By Bill Strong                                             came earlier, we arrived just in time to fill the back
                                                           row risers with yellow shirts and have the eminent
The time sure flies when you’re having fun, and so         Steve Sutherland try to teach us the highly complex
this article may seem a little outdated, considering       and powerful dance routines of the JOE BARBERSHOP
that some of the events took place a while back. First,    CHORUS.
our annual show, “Barbershop Classics,” took place             The real story of this journey was that this was the
in April and was a huge success. It featured quartets      first district convention to which over 60 percent of
CORNERSTONE, FERMATA NOWHERE, Windsor’s own                our chapter had attended. What a blast! The contests,
BORDER CROSSING, along with our SUN PARLOUR                the new friends, tag singing, and the up-front view of
CHORUS. Many thanks go to Show Chairman Andy               our fine district organization were true eye openers.
McCann and his helpers.                                        Besides, the district gained at least 14 new expert
    Our district competitors, BORDER CROSSING and          judges to call on! Seriously, we highly recommend
the SUN PARLOUR CHORUS, both did well. We did              using busing as the way to and from conventions held
ourselves real proud. Rest assured we’ll be back in        away from the past southern state locations (like 2004
the fall and hopefully improve upon our scores. Bot-       spring convention and 2002 Bush League in Gay-
tom line — we had fun.                                     lord). Interested chapter organizers can contact Jim
    Chapterwise, we continue to roll along. One of the     Quin (
more pleasing aspects is not only our numbers but,
more importantly, the number of quartets that are try-
ing to get organized within our chapter. Not unusual       Muskegon
to get to chapter meetings a little early and hear a       By Frank Scott
couple of quartets practicing in the back room. Keep       Chorus Manager Tom Porritt has booked our chorus
it up, guys. That’s what its all about. Maybe they’ll be   and float for three parades and two summer concerts.
on stage some day.                                         The chorus is learning new music for our 62nd annual
                                                                                           (Continued on page 22)
                                                           went silent.
Making its pitch for barbershop quartets                                     Architectural beauty
(Continued from page 20)                                      If you are more a fan of architecture than harmonic
                                                           singing, Harmony Hall is worth a visit in its own
Way You Roll Your Eyes,” and “The Sandman” to              right. It was originally the mansion home of Walter
advance to the next round and, a day later, the cham-      H. Alford, an early automotive industry titan. Not bad
pionship.                                                  for a house the Society acquired for back taxes of
   Two thousand fans were said to have greeted them        $75,000.
when they returned to Two Rivers (so not everyone             You might say — at least I will — they got it for a
was a sibling) and a career was launched. The quartet      song.
did 110 performances that year, including “The Ed             Harmony Hall is open free to the public year
Sullivan Show” and Arthur Godfrey’s radio program.         ’round, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to
Over the next 35 years, they did 2,857 shows, trav-        5:00 p.m. For more information, call (262) 653-8440
eled 2 million miles, and recorded seven albums be-        or visit
fore Joe died in 1985. The brothers had earlier agreed
never to replace a member, so the singing Schmitts
22                                            Pioneer Troubadour                           May/June/July 2002

                                                           year as we bring together POWER PLAY and FOUR
 Chapters                                                  MAN FISHIN’ TACKLE CHOIR.
                                                              Finally, it saddens me to report that, for the first
 in Action                                                 time since its inception in 1990, we don’t have a re-
                                                           cipient of the Bill Butler Quartet Coaching Scholar-
                                                           ship Fund this year. This fund was created in 1990 to
(Continued from page 21)                                   support quartets and quartet coaches with scholar-
show in September. Featured quartets will be WJBC          ships at Harmony Round-Up. We had been able to
and the PATCH CHORDS.                                      send at least one district quartet or quartet coach to
   John Tyler, VP of chapter development, has ob-          our district mini-HEP every year from 1990 through
tained a date for the chapter to sponsor a “Party in the   2001. Currently, we have $100 in the fund. So we are
Park” for August 16. These parties take place in           soliciting contributions in hopes of reviving this
Hackley Park in downtown Muskegon on most Friday           scholarship next year.
evenings during the summer.
   We’re inviting all members of neighboring chap-         Flint
ters to attend and enjoy this event. Call John at 231-
755-3088 for more information.                             By Guy Hissong
                                                           Hello, fellow chord ringers. The ARROWHEAD CHO-
                                                           RUS once again had a great time at the wonderful
Detroit-Oakland                                            spring convention. It’s always nice to see so many
By Tom Uicker                                              fellow Barbershoppers and hear them sing.
First of all, let me invite you to the “Return of the          Jim Massey is giving us some excellent tips and
Jug” Night on Friday, June 7. The party will be held       coaching on woodshedding. This will definitely get
at Sacred Heart Byzantine Catholic Church hall,            some of those guys interested who thought they
29123 W. 6 Mile Road in Livonia, Mich. The doors           couldn’t do it.
open at 7:00 p.m., with the food served at 8:00. We            We are presently gearing up for our show that will
expect POWER PLAY to be there as well as many other        be held on June 1, “Happy Daze.” Show times are
quartets and choruses.                                     2:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. at Grand Blanc High School.
    Second, we appreciate all the thanks and well-         See our Web site at
wishes resulting from our recent hosting of the district   flintbarbershop for a map to the auditorium. Special
spring convention. We discovered the void in hosting       guest quartets will be CROSSFIRE and the lovely
chapters at the same time we won the district chorus       Sweet Adeline’s TALK OF THE TOWN. We hope to see
championship. We were glad to be able to step up and       you there.
lend our experience in filling this void.
    It was also nice to attend a district convention       Monroe North
without the stress of competition. We had four or five
members who had not been to a convention previ-            By Chris Berry
ously. For them and their spouses to get involved with     Since the beginning of the year, much has hap-
so many other chapter members working toward a             pened — some good and some not. Our membership
common goal brings a spirit that is hard to attain in      was on the decline, we cancelled our show, we got a
other activities of the chapter.                           new director, and we brought in a new board of direc-
    We wish all the best for Kalamazoo, hosting this       tors. All of this would ordinarily be cause for alarm,
fall, and Huron Valley, hosting next spring. And for       but the chapter members have pulled together to put
other chapters that haven’t taken the opportunity to       the chapter back on its feet and move forward.
host a district convention, we would encourage you to         As a chapter, we’ve set two goals for ourselves
seriously look at doing so in the future.                  this year. The first is to reach a membership goal of
    Third, we will be performing at the Nardin Park        25 by the end of the year, and the second is to have at
Concert Series on Wednesday, July 17, in Farmington        least 12 performances this year.
Hills. And we will have a whole new show ready for            Easy goals you would think, but not so with 13
next February. We are going with local talent next         members at the time the goals were set. Since Janu-
May/June/July 2002                           Pioneer Troubadour                                               23
ary, we’ve raised our membership to 18 and will have         Another evening highlight was the presentation by
had five performances by the end of May! We are set-      Chris Miller of the Pontiac-Waterford Honorary “Big
ting up a dinner show for September and are in the        Chief” trophy to Russ Seely for Russ’s many contri-
process of creating a committee for next year’s show.     butions to our singing society.
   We’re coming back strong and invite anyone inter-
ested in singing with us to stop on down.                 Grosse Pointe
                                                          By Nick Piccione
Pontiac-Waterford                                         The Grosse Pointe Chapter keeps moving up the lad-
By John Cowlishaw                                         der at district competition. At Lansing this spring, our
Our BIG CHIEF CHORUS sang to a 9th-place finish at        LAKESHORE CHORUS captured a very respectible third
the district spring convention. We scored 667 points      place … only five points out of second … Wow!
singing “Let’s Get Away From It All” and “If I Had            Russ Seely worked his magic by wringing out
the Last Dream Left in the World.” It was not quite       every last drop of emotion and quality sound from his
what we’d hoped for, given the growth (to 61 mem-         “meatheads” as he directed “I’ve Found My Sweet-
bers, putting 44 on stage) and improvement we’ve ex-      heart, Sally.” Steve Pauling directed his very special
perienced in recent months. But it’s always exciting      rendition of “Get Out and Get Under the Moon.”
to be out on the stage.                                   Amazingly, they scored almost identical total points.
    We’ve benefited from the coaching of Linda Lid-           Thanks, Russ and Steve, for giving us that most
dicoatt (half-funded by a Michigan Council of the         wonderful gift of making us proud of ourselves.
Arts mini-grant) and from the Pioneer District Chorus         Our chapter newsletter, the Pitch Pipe, has become
Coaching Clinic on the Michigan State University          so exceptional in substance, readability, layout, repro-
campus March 2, of which 35 of our guys attended          duction, and general overall quality that it has been
despite the snow.                                         recognized by the Pioneer District as an award win-
    Our senior quartet, SUNNYSIDE, sang in two school     ner. Therefore, the Grosse Pointe spotlight falls on
programs in the Florida Keys that raised nearly           our inimitable and talented Pitch Pipe editor, Bob
$2,000 for the schools, one in Sugar Loaf Key and the     Rancilio. Rather than go on about Bob’s many abili-
other in Marathon Key. They also spent Friday, April      ties, I’d just like to say:
12, at Clarkston Elementary School as part of Festival       Any writer of particular note,
USA. Lyle Howard joined Dick Johnson, Roger                  Is remembered by the things that he wrote.
Holm, and Smitty Smith to conduct classes in Barber-         Bringing news to the guys is his mission,
shop harmony for the kids (kindergarten through fifth        Although quite hard to fill all those pages,
grade). Dick brought a large collage of BBS memora-          Bobby does it for love, not for wages.
bilia. What a wonderful educational experience for           We can’t wait to see each new edition!
the kids! And Dick says it was “superfine, super-
satisfying!” for the quartet.
    Five chapters attended this year’s woodshed con-
test, and Bill Pascher awarded the Bennington Trophy
for best chapter attendance and participation to            Harmony College is a solid
Grosse Pointe. The SILVER DOMES (John Wearing,
Russ Seely, John Wade, and Gene Bulka) were the             week of solid Barbershop
judges at Pontiac-Waterford’s 46th Annual Wood-
shed Contest. They judged the singing of 18 quartets
(72 singers) and their ability to join together in har-
                                                            H     armony College is one of the great experi-
                                                                  ences of membership in the Society. It’s held
                                                            each year at Missouri Western State College in St.
mony.                                                       Joseph, Mo. Dates this year are July 28 to August
    THE FOUR HOOTS — lead Frank Fortier (Grosse             4. (See the ad on the back cover of the March/April
Pointe), tenor Fred McFadyen (Macomb), bari Mike            issue of The Harmonizer.)
Profitt (Grosse Pointe), and bass Bob Wisdom (Motor             For more information or to register, call 800-
City Metro) won the contest.                                876-7464 x-8551, or on-line at
24                                                 Pioneer Troubadour                                               May/June/July 2002

                                           Wayne Chapter, SPEBSQSA, Inc.
                                           36500 Ann Arbor Trail                                                          NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                           U. S. POSTAGE
                                           Livonia MI 48150
Last week when I went to my                                                                                                  LIVONIA, MI
bank, I asked the teller to check                                                                                          PERMIT NO. 1034

my balance. She leaned over and
pushed me!
Never fry bacon in the nude!
It doesn’t matter what tempera-
ture the room is; it’s always room
Marriage is the process of find-
ing out what kind of man your              Postmaster: Dated material – Please RUSH!
wife would have preferred.                 An official publication of the Pioneer District Association of Chapters of the Society for the
                                           Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, Inc.

          Upcoming Events
May 10 - Holland Show.
May 11 - Macomb Show.                                                                                     michigan council for
                                                                                                         arts and cultural affairs
May 17-19 - Harmony Round-Up at MSU. Contact Dan
May 19 - Hillsdale Show.
June 1-2 - Flint Show.
June 7 - Return of the Jug Night. Contact Tom Uicker: 248-
June 7-8 - Traverse City Show.
June 14 - Windsor Send-Off. Contact Doran McTaggart:
June 15 - Jim Stephens Tribute. See page 15.
June 30-July 7 - International Convention, Portland, Ore.
July 28-Aug. 4 - Harmony College, Missouri Western State
College, St. Joseph, Mo.
Sept. 14 - Huron Valley Show.
Sept. 27-28 - Gaylord Bush League. Contact Hank
Hedges: 517-731-1169.
Sept. 28 - Muskegon Show.
Oct. 18-20 - Pioneer District Convention & Competition,
Battle Creek, Mich.
Note: All chapter show activities must be cleared
through Pioneer District Secretary Marvin Skupski
(contact information on page 2).

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