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                        School District Mission Statement

     The school district mission statement is used to focus the vision for
  instructional technology. All school improvement initiatives across the
         district are tied to the overall mission of the school district.

2. Instructional Technology Vision Statement

The Vision for the Use of Instructional Technology conceptualizes the outcome of
implementing the instructional technology plan. How is your school district using and
planning to use Instructional Technology to reach the goal of improving student learning
as defined in your schools’ individual school improvement plans?
Awareness               Emerging                       Leadership

Vision is skill-based   Vision is an integral part     Vision is an integral part of
only and does not       of implementing the            implementing the school district
address the larger      school district mission        mission statement. Vision is tied to
outcomes of the         statement. Vision is tied to   student learning outcomes and
school district         student learning               includes curriculum integration. The
improvement plans.      outcomes and includes          vision statement goes beyond just a
                        curriculum integration.        plan. The district makes decisions
                                                       regarding instruction and learning
                                                       outcomes based on the vision. “Walks
                                                       the Talk.”

District Mission Statement:
        We provide the opportunity for all students to acquire the
knowledge, skills, and learning experience necessary for successful living
in a changing world.

Technology Mission Statement:
      The technology mission of Attica USD 511 is to support, facilitate,
and enhance the district’s mission statement by providing learning and
administrative systems that encourage and coordinate the acquisition of
the knowledge, skills, and learning experiences required for success in a
constantly changing, technological world.

Instructional Technology Vision Statement:
       The instructional technology vision of Attica USD 511 is to achieve
and maintain the comprehensive integration of curriculum with student
learning outcomes and standards through the infusion of technology in all

2. Instructional Technology                                                     1
Vision Statement                                                        9/12/2012
curriculums to enhance instruction and learning so that students are
prepared for a constantly changing, technological world.

The National Education Technology Plan (2004) reports that “today’s
students of almost any age, are far ahead of their teachers in computer
literacy. Kids prefer to access subject information on the Internet…” It also
states that “progressive teachers, principals, and superintendents
understand this…they have successfully adapted the endless
opportunities presented by computer technology and married them in
creative and challenging ways to the high-level technical capabilities
and motivation of their students. Students and teachers become partners
in the exploration of this new universe.”

Attica USD 511’s technology mission and vision statements are aimed at
producing an environment that will allow and encourage student and
teacher partnerships in exploring the constantly changing, technological
world as well as preparing students for it.

The district’s goals are to improve student achievement in all areas
including reading, math, and problem solving, to improve communication
within and without the district, and to prepare students for a constantly
changing world. As stated by many, “improvement in student
achievement as a result of technology investments will not be realized
until technology is fully integrated into the curriculum. And integration is
learning through the use of technology; not ‘how to use’ technology.”
The same can be said for improved communication and student
preparation for a changing world. To get the most for “your bucks,” the
technology must be used authentically.

The inclusion and incorporation of the strategies and interventions from
the QPA school improvement plan are a major emphasis of all district
programs. All programs; QPA school improvement, Title I schoolwide,
technology plan, curriculums, etc.; are interwoven to “provide
opportunities for all children” and to “address the needs of all students in
an integrated way.”

To accomplish the district’s missions and vision statements, tremendous
emphasis is placed on the involvement of the district as a whole in any
program or curricular change. All district stakeholders have numerous
opportunities to review previous year’s goals, priorities, the QPA school
improvement plan, the Title1 schoolwide plan, the technology plan, and
any other plan or program that effects the district’s student population.
Always included in these discussions is the review of both the past year’s
successes and needs for improvement.
2. Instructional Technology                                                2
Vision Statement                                                   9/12/2012
Because of the small size of the district, many of the district’s committees
serve multiple purposes. All school personnel, parents, community
members, and business members are actively invited and encouraged to
attend any and all meetings so that all segments of the population are

2. Instructional Technology                                               3
Vision Statement                                                  9/12/2012

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