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Erasing Barriers


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									                                                                                                          1st QUARTER     | 2010

                                              Erasing Barriers.
 In this Issue…                                JARC's 12th Annual SpringElation!
                                               Thursday, May 27, 2010 from 6–9 pm at the Detroit Zoo
 JARC Highlights
 An at-a-glance look at everything                                                Mark your calendars now for the most fun-filled family event of
 going on at JARC!                                                                the season — SpringElation 2010! This all-inclusive family evening
                                                                                  helps raise funds to benefit children with disabilities receiving services
2                                                                                 through JARC's Merle and Shirley Harris Children and Family Division.
                                                                                  During this exclusive event, enjoy a family-friendly picnic dinner and
 The Dr. Martin E. Guyer                                                          dessert catered by Matt Prentice Restaurant Group (dietary laws
 Scholarship Program                                                              observed), music and dancing by StarTrax, face painting by Faces
                                                                                  In The Air, all zoo exhibits, rides on the Tauber Family Railroad,
 New fund established to help
 students participate in JARC’s School                                            docent tours, crafts, prizes for the kids and lots more new and fun
 Inclusion Program                                                                activities for all ages.

3                                              This year's SpringElation chairs are Ron Applebaum and Jenny Kaplan, Adam and Lauren Cohen,
                                               Sharon and Howard Eisenshtadt and Stacey and Marc Wittenberg.
                                                                      JARC is honored this year to pay special tribute to the late Shirley Harris who,
 New Features:                                                       along with her husband Merle, helped start the Children and Family Division in
 From Our Readers — letters from our                                 1998. According to the Harris' son, Steve, "My mom was proud to spearhead
 readers answered by JARC staff                                      the community's expanded commitment to children with disabilities with
 Getting To Know You — meet a person                                 funding and the new programs. The Merle and Shirley Harris Children and
 JARC serves                                                         Family Division is an important memorial to her as a reminder of her role in our

4-5                                                                  family, her leadership in the community, and as a chance to make a difference
                                                                     in so many lives."

                                               SHIRLEY HARRIS
                                                                     SpringElation funds the vast majority of the Merle and Shirley Harris Children
 The JARC Scrapbook                                                  and Family Division, which serves hundreds of children with any disability,
 A photo gallery of recent JARC events         including autism, developmental delays and physical and emotional disabilities. Vital services include
                                               in-home respite provided by trained staff, social opportunities for teens and advocacy with schools
6                                              and agencies on behalf of families.
                                               New This Year! Innovative
 Tributes and Memorials                        and Comprehensive
                                               Corporate Sponsorships
 Recognizing your generous support
                                               Opportunities begin at $5,000 and
10                                             include tickets to JARC's fall
                                               fundraiser and SpringElation.
                                               To become a SpringElation Sponsor

CHECK IT OUT!                                  or for more sponsorship
                                    PHOTOS     information, contact Carol
Photo Highlights of past
                                    ONLINE     Kaczander at 248-538-6610 x343 or
JARC Events . . .
       Click on any ‘photos’ link              Watch for individual tickets to
        Printed on Recycled Paper. 10% post
                                               go on sale March 22 at
        consumer waste. Made in the USA        www.jarc.org.
2   Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers. 1st Quarter 2010

                                                                                                                            I Bingo season got under way monthly on
                                                                                                                              Tuesday evenings at Temple Beth El
                                                                                                                            I Students and families from Adat Shalom
                                                              ’s Whatning
                     Robert Nusbaum
                        President Elect
                   Jeffrey Eisenshtadt
                                                          Here appe                                                           Synagogue hosted dinner followed by a
                                                                                                                              Havdallah celebration and s'mores around a
                       Vice Presidents
                         David Carroll                    Been H ARC!                                                         campfire
                                                                                                                            I The Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center's
                         David Grand
                      Howard Luckoff
                                                               at J                                                           Studio One Art Program showcased mixed
                                                                                                                              media artwork by JARC residents and other
                            Lisa Brown                                                                                        community artists
                                                                                                                            I Several homes visited the Holocaust
                          Ryan Dembs                 MERLE AND SHIRLEY HARRIS
                                                     DIVISION CLUB SCENE                                                      Memorial Museum
                                                                                                                            I Rosen RRR (Recreation, Relaxation and
                                                     Social Clubs for Adults and Teens
                                                     I Movie Mania Club saw premieres of Alvin and
                 Ronald Applebaum
                   Joanne Aronovitz                                                                                           Relationships) participated in outings to the
                         Craig Erlich
                            A.J. Falik                 the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel and Up in the Air                        library, lunch-time concerts at the JCC and to
                Stephanie Freedman                     and The Spy Next Door                                                  the mall for Hanukkah shopping; they worked
                                                     I Diners Club enjoyed dinner at Brooklyn Pizza,
                       Myrna Grand
                   Robert D. Kaplow
                                                                                                                              on winter craft projects, played bingo and
                           Eli Scherr                  Border Catina and Pita Cafe                                            board games, went bowling and on a
                                                     I Movin' & Groovin' Club
                      Janis Shulman                                                                                           scavenger hunt, attended My Chance to

                                                                                                                              Dance classes and made their New Year's
                             DIRECTORS                 played indoor miniature golf                  CLUB
                              Amy Berlin                                                                                      resolutions
                                                       at the Putting Edge and
                                                                                                                            I The Berlin Home had front row seats at a
                           Sandy Bittker                                                             SCENE
                      H. Adam Cohen                    bowling at Langan's                           Activities &
                         Margo Collins                 Bowling Center                                 Schedule                Detroit Red Wings game thanks to the
                                                     I Cooking Club learned how to
                   Sharon Eisenshtadt                                                                                         generosity of Julie and Robert Hertzberg
                                                                                                                            I Four homes plus 20 teen volunteers toasted
                          Lindsay Gross
                           David Haron                 make spaghetti pizza        www.jarc.org
                                                     I Picasso Club worked on their scrapbooking
                       Julie Hertzberg
                          Renee Kaplan
                                                                                                                              the New Year at a gala party where they great
                            Joel Kellman               skills at the Scrapbook Zone                                           food and were entertained by the fabulous
                                                     I International Delights Dining Out Club sampled
                             Sherri Ketai                                                                                     jazz music of the Waterstone Duo (special
                          Linda Z. Klein
                        Barry Leshman                                                                                         thanks to Jack and Hannah Waterstone!)
                     Miriam Leventhal
                                                       Ethiopian cuisine at the Blue Nile restaurant in
                      Martin Levinson                  Ferndale
                          Bobbie Miller
                                                     I Culture Club attended a Music Student Showcase                       STAFF
                                                                                                                            I University of JARC Staff Training:
                    Rabbi Jason Miller
                         Jo Elyn Nyman                 at Oakland Community College
                                                     I Fit n' Fabulous Club cheered loudly at the
                           Susie Pappas
                             Lisa Pernick                                                                                   — Q & A with soldier Daniel Cohen of the Israeli
                          Lowell Salesin               Palace of Auburn Hills when the Detroit                                 Defense Force
                       Marc Schechter                  Pistons played the Golden State Warriors and
                        Joseph Selesny                                                                                      — Surviving the Holidays: Making Healthy
                       James Sherman                   watched a Plymouth Whalers hockey game                                  Choices During the Holiday Season
                     Robert Steingold
                           Scott Werner              JARC HOMES AND INDEPENDENT                                             — Making Community Connections
                    Stacey Wittenberg                LIVING PROGRAMS
                                                     I Nearly 200 guests celebrated at the annual
                                                                                                                            — Hospice Care, presented by the Hospice of
                    PAST PRESIDENTS
                     Sharon Alterman                   ILS Hanukkah party at Congregation Beth
                          Harry Berlin*
                                                       Shalom with spirited dancing and delicious                           — Safe Driving
                     I. William Cohen
                        Morton Collins                 food                                                                 — Annual CPR and First Aid training
                                                     I Kraft Social Action Committee members
                            Craig Erlich
                     Michael Feldman                                                                                        — Women's Heart Health, presented by
                         Daniel Gilbert                prepared and served dinner to homeless                                  Beaumont's Cardiac Rehab
                         Cheryl Guyer
                                                       individuals and families at Temple Israel
                                                                                                                            — Diabetes, presented by Maureen Anthony,
                                                     I Thirteen JARC homes attend the fabulous
                    Barbara Nusbaum
                     Meyer Pearlman*
                             Joel Shere
                                                                                                                               RN, Ph.D. of the University of Detroit/Mercy
                        Ronald Stone*
                                                       Hanukkah party sponsored by the Youth
                    Joseph Tanzman*                    Federation of Temple Israel
                    Norman Wachler*
                         H. James Zack                Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers. is a publication of JARC, a 501(c)3, nonsectarian organization serving people with
                                                                                         developmental disabilities and their families.
                     * Of Blessed Memory

                                                      30301 Northwestern Highway             JARC’s Mission is:
                                                                                               to enable people with developmental disabilities to live full, rich lives as respected
             Richard A. Loewenstein                   Suite 100
                                                      Farmington Hills, MI 48334                  members of the community in the setting of their choice;
                                                                                               to provide access to a Jewish way of life for those who choose it;
                                                      248.538.6611 v/tty
                                                                                               to provide support services to families who have minor children with any disability
                      Christine Hench
                                                      Fax: 248.538.6615
                      Randy P. Baxter                 E-mail: jarc@jarc.org                       or adults with developmental disabilities living at home;
        CHIEF DEVELOPMENT OFFICER                     www.jarc.org                             to educate and sensitize the public regarding people with disabilities and their
                    Rena Friedberg                                                                value to the community.

    Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers.
                                                                                                        1st Quarter 2010   Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers.   3

   Letter from the President:
                              Dear Friends,

                              As my term as JARC's president is winding down, I am beginning to reflect on the wonderful events that have
                              marked my tenure. From the fantastic 40th year anniversary celebrations, to meeting the challenges of an economic
                              downturn; from our collaborative efforts with our sister Jewish agencies to the opening of the nation's first barrier-
                              free "green" group home, we have stood firm in our mission to provide the highest quality of care to the men,
                              women and children we serve.

                              Now, as we begin a new year and a new decade, we are also welcoming a new tagline:

   ROB NUSBAUM                                                Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers.
                              I think this new message is simple, powerful and focused. It is a positive affirmation of all our past accomplishments
                              as well as a promise for the future. It says that we are here to enhance the quality of life for those entrusted to our
                              care. It communicates to everyone that we consider it our responsibility to eliminate obstacles that interfere with
                              the right of people with disabilities to reach their fullest potential.

                              While a tagline is only as good as the promises it delivers, I know, without a
                              doubt, that long after my term as president, JARC will remain a strong,
                              passionate, committed advocate for the people we serve.
                                                                                                                  ROBERT NUSBAUM, JARC President

JARC is proud to announce
JARC is proud to announce the establishment of the Dr. Martin E. Guyer Scholarship Program, launched by Penny and Seymour Greenstein to
honor the memory of their dear friend. The fund is designed to help students who lack financial means be able to participate fully in JARC's School
Inclusion Program.
The School Inclusion program provides comprehensive support services in five Jewish day schools so children with disabilities are able to attend
school with their same-age peers. JARC provides a Classroom Assistant and a team of consultants to develop a plan of action that allows a child
with a disability to remain in an integrated setting and develop their skills and abilities at their own pace.
The Dr. Martin E. Guyer Scholarship Program will be used to assist families who are unable to pay their portion of the costs of services, or who
would otherwise be unable to participate in the program without the funds. It will give students with developmental disabilities a chance to prove
that nothing is impossible, and will truly make a difference in the lives of others.
The Greensteins established this scholarship program as a loving legacy to Dr. Guyer. According to Seymour
Greenstein, "Marty was a good friend for forty-five years. He was passionate about his work, his family and the
beauty of nature that he perpetuated with his camera. But more than that — we developed an understanding of
each other through decades of simple, honest and two-way communication. That's a blessing that comes along
rarely in life."

              It will give students with developmental disabilities a
            chance to prove that nothing is impossible, and                                                                   DR. MARTIN GUYER

                 will truly make a difference in the lives of others…

To make a contribution or tribute to the Dr. Martin E. Guyer Scholarship Program, contact JARC at 248-538-6610
or log on to www.jarc.org

                          CHECK IT OUT!                  www.jarc.org           | JARC Event Photo Highlights | Click on any ‘photos’ link
4   Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers. 1st Quarter 2010

    Spotlight on Staff:
    Laurel Berger
    Laurel Berger has been Director of the Merle and
    Shirley Harris Children and Family Division since its
                                                                   Z NEW

                                                                                    FROM OUR READERS
                                                                                    New in this edition, JARC prints and/or responds to letters
                                                                                    from readers. Please submit your letters to
    inception in 1998. She has over 30 years experience in                          JARC FORUM | 30301 Northwestern Highway | Suite 100
    the field of developmental disabilities. Laurel has been                        Farmington Hills, MI 48334
    at JARC for 19 years, initially overseeing JARC’s group
    home programs.
                                                                       Dear JARC,
                                The Harris Division provides
                                                                       I run a group home in Wayne County and receive your very informative
                                services for families who have
                                                                       newsletters. I read in the last newsletter about JARC Heart and
                                a child of any age with any
                                disability. As Laurel explained,       noticed that one of the tenets has to do with Gentle Teaching. Can you
                                “Starting a program from               give me some more information about how JARC uses Gentle Teaching
                                scratch was a wonderful                and if it is something I can incorporate in my work and everyday life?
                                opportunity, and something             How do I learn the techniques?
                                I had never done before.               Thanks so much and keep up the good work you’re doing!
                                Families clearly had unmet
                                needs, and they were very                                                           Jessie M. — Taylor, MI
    LAUREL BERGER                generous with their time,             Dear Jessie,
                                 telling their stories and             Thanks for the great question. Gentle Teaching (GT) is a way of working
                                 helping to determine what             with people through gentleness and non-violence. It was started by Dr. John
                                 the Harris Division would             McGee. Dr. McGee first developed the techniques for people who had
      … I’ve seen a lot          become.”                              become violent and self-abusive after being institutionalized. He has
      of change in this          Respite care, school                  since found it effective with a variety of people, including people with
                                 inclusion, family advocacy            dementia, delinquent and abused youth, homeless people and so forth.
        field during the         and the Club Scene programs           People who become immersed in GT find their relationships with their
                                 (social and recreational              children, partners and other people in their lives improve. Dr. McGee
           course of my          opportunities) were a direct          believes that people become combative, self-abusive or isolate themselves
                                 result of families’ feedback.         because they do not feel safe or cared about. He teaches caregivers to
    career… no longer            Laurel holds a Master’s degree        make people feel safe and valued using four tools: eyes, words, presence,
                                 in Social Work from the               and touch. People who feel safe and cared about are then able to
            are children         University of Wisconsin in            become caring and engaged with others. Safe and caring relationships
                                 Madison, with a concentration         are the basis of healing.
       segregated from           in developmental disabilities.        At JARC, we use our tools in our daily interactions with those we serve.
                               Prior to coming to JARC she                  EYES — Our eyes need to be soft.
           their peers … was part of a team of
                                                                             WORDS — Our words need to be uplifting. We want to praise, and
                               professionals that freed                      minimize demands. When someone is upset, we must speak slowly
                               hundreds of individuals with                  and softly.
    developmental disabilities from state-run institutions,
                                                                             PRESENCE — We want to be with people whether they are ‘good’ or
    and developed small group homes and foster family
                                                                             ‘bad’. We don’t use our interaction as a reward or punishment.
    homes. “I’ve seen a lot of change in this field during
                                                                             When we are with someone, we want to convey an ‘open’ posture,
    the course of my career," says Laurel. "No longer are
                                                                             not one of authority or control.
    people warehoused because they have a disability, nor
    children automatically segregated from their typically                   TOUCH — Many people respond well to a touch on the hands, a pat
    developing peers.                                                        on the back, or a hug.
                                                                       While Gentle Teaching might sound simple, it takes training (often
    I am delighted to support our families who are
                                                                       several trainings) to really be able to make it a part of who you are.
    demanding a full, enriched life for their children.”
                                                                       For more information, go to gentleteachinginternational.com.

    For more information on services offered by the Merle
    and Shirley Harris Children and Family Division,                   This letter was answered by Chris Hench, JARC's Chief Operating Officer, who is a trained
                                                                       mentor in Gentle Teaching and who has addressed professional groups on the principles of GT.
    contact Laurel Berger at 248-538-6610 x325 or
    email laurelberger@jarc.org

    Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers.
                                                                                                             1st Quarter 2010   Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers.   5

         Getting to Know You: Caryn Martel
                      A new feature introducing you to a person JARC serves, written in their own words
                                                                                                                                   Z      NEW

                                    My name is Caryn Martel and I live at the Keller/Walch Home.
                                    I have been working at ePrize for 3 1/2 years. I started on August 21, 2006. When I first started working at
                                    ePrize, I stocked cans of Coca Cola into pop machines. There were 4 pop machines, one on each level except
                                    for level 4. I collected the empty pop cans and put them by the back door and then collected the recycling
                                    bins from each floor and the empty water bottles and put them outside by the road. I worked Mondays and
                                    Fridays. I picked up a few hours other days during the week. I would also stock the cups by the coffee stations
                                    and straighten up the conference rooms. Jay Laney helped me stock the pop cans and taught me a lot how to
                                    do them. I had a job coach, but Jay was the best person helping me. I also sorted the sweepstakes mail when
                                    someone from fulfillment went to pick it up.
    CARYN MARTEL                   In September 2008, I got promoted to work in the fulfillment office just sorting sweepstakes mail and doing
                                   data entry. I only work Tuesdays and Thursdays and another day when there is an increase of mail. A lot of
                                   mail comes in that needs to be sorted. I like what I am doing now. I like sorting the sweepstakes mail that
                                   comes in and doing data entry.
                                   I have a lot of friends that are very nice to me, and help me out at times. Some of my friends are Kate Bush,
                                   Shayna Levine, Jay Laney, and A.J. Falik, but she doesn't work there anymore. I miss her.

Social                                             Spotlight on Volunteer: Ed Cherkinsky
Volunteer                                                                       Ed Cherkinsky began volunteering at JARC over seven years ago after a
Opportunity:                                                                    successful career as an attorney. In addition to helping out in the JARC
                                                                                office on a regular basis, filing, assembling mailings and doing a myriad of
Do you ‘tweet’, ‘blog’                                                          other clerical duties, Ed also spends a good deal of quality time with his
and ‘post’?                                                                     friends at the Grand Home.
                                                                                Nearly every Thursday evening, Ed and the men from the Grand Home go
Are you a regular with lots of friends on                                       out for a bite to eat, maybe see a movie or catch a ballgame. Once a
FaceBook?                                                                       month on Sunday, Ed gets together with Ivan, Michael, Ruben, Charles,
Do you do enjoy social networking with             ED CHERKINSKY AND            Jack and Robert and treats them to lunch or dinner and maybe a game of
friends and co-workers?                            MICHAEL ROSEN                pool. At every fall fundraiser, you'll see Ed sitting along side the men, and
                                                                                at every JARC event they seek out each other's company "to pal around
Do you frequently "tweet"?                                                      doing guy things".
Then you would be PERFECT for helping              Grand Home Manager, Lisa Green, reports that the men can't wait for “Ed’s day” to arrive so they can
JARC spread the word about our                     spend time with him. According to Ed, “Being with my friends at the Grand Home has been mutually
upcoming events and volunteer projects.            rewarding. We have become very close and share so many happy times. I am grateful to be a part of
It won't take any more of your time than           their lives and to have them as part of mine.”
what you are already spend on social
networking sites and you be helping                Ed's wife, Barbara and their two adult sons, Jason and Todd, also volunteer at JARC. It's a family
JARC reach thousands of people.                    tradition sure to be carried on for many years to come.

For more information or to become a
social networking volunteer, contact
Lindsey Fox-Wagner at 248-538-6610                 For volunteer opportunities, contact Lindsey Fox-Wagner at 248-538-6610 x349 or
x 349 or lindseyfoxwagner@jarc.org.                email lindseyfoxwagner@jarc.org or log on to www.jarc.org

                             CHECK IT OUT!                  www.jarc.org           | JARC Event Photo Highlights | Click on any ‘photos’ link
6   Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers. 1st Quarter 2010

    JARC celebrates milestone
                birthdays for two!
           (L) Grand Home resident Ruben Domnitch
             marked his 86th birthday with girlfriend,
                                  Barbara Hertsberg
            (R) Sylvia Alper from the Shenkman Home
         celebrated her 89th birthday with friends at a
                    festive party held at the JARC office

                                                                                    Over 75 volunteers, including teens, families
                                                                                               and JARC participants took part
                                                                                                             in the 15th annual
                                                                                                       JARC's Heart To Heart
                                                                                                        Valentine's Day project
                                                                                                          preparing hundreds of
                                                                                                        candy packages for kids
                                                                                                       at Beaumont Children's
                                                                                                             Hospital, Orchards
                                                                                                         Children's Services and
                                                                                                         Lighthouse of Oakland
                                                                                                                LEFT: Two teen volunteers (far left) join
                                                                                                                        Caryn Martel, Seth Grosky and
                                                                                                                                      Lee Schanfarber

                                                                                                                 RIGHT: Steve and Gail Elkus surround
                                                                                                                             event host, Richard Graff

    JARC's Annual
      Hanukkah Party

          Thanks to hosts Anita
            and Ron Taylor and
                Stacey and Marc
            Wittenberg, JARC's
        Annual Hanukkah Party
            held at Congregation Beth
              Shalom was an amazing
                combination of holiday
         traditions, upbeat music and
      dancing, delicious food and the
                                                            TOP LEFT: Anita and Ron Taylor share a dance
      closeness of family and friends                       BOTTOM LEFT: Jack Resnick with his holiday bounty
                                                            ABOVE: Hanukkah party guests enjoy dancing with friends

                                                            Thanks to Michael A. Jonas Photography

    Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers.
                                                                                                         1st Quarter 2010   Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers.   7

Become a JARC Business Buddy! 248.538.6610 | x 314

                                              Edward Hersch: Business Buddy Extraordinaire
                                              When JARC's Business Buddy program was still in its infancy, Edward Hersch was one of the very first
                                              businessmen to sign on. Without much fanfare, Ed's companies provide services to JARC on a very
                                              regular basis. Hersch's Lawn Spray does the lawn fertilizing at all JARC homes and at the Katzman
                                              Administration Building. In addition, JARC is given a huge discount on salt and snow-melting
                                              products during the winter months.
                                              Ed and his business partner, Eugene Sherizen, also graciously donate the use of storage units at their
                 JARC salutes its             Oak Park and Troy 1-800-Mini-Storage facilities, plus the use of a truck for moving and to pick up
                                              donations and supplies.

      Business                                JARC is very grateful to have Ed's ongoing friendship and generosity
                                              because it enables us to save funds that can go directly to providing

       Buddies                                services to the people in our homes and programs.
                                              For information on becoming a JARC Business Buddy, contact Rena
                                              Friedberg at 248-538-6610 x314 or renafriedberg@jarc.org                         1-800-Mini-Storage

JARC salutes the following Business Buddies for their generous contributions of goods and services during the past 12 months. We could never have
done so much without you!
                                             ACE Animal Control Experts — Kerry Streng             KT Group, Inc.
                                             Action Video & Imaging, Inc.                          Lighting Supply Company
                                                B. Michael Grant                                   Lipton Law Center, PC
                                             Advance Packaging Technologies                        Maddin, Hauser, Wartell, Roth & Heller, PC
  JARC is often in need of                   Advance Plumbing and Heating Supply Co.               Matt Prentice Restaurant Group
  various non-monetary items to              Ronald M. Applebaum, Esq.                             Nicole Meadows, DDS
  help in our mission of serving             Danny Aronovitz, DPM and                              Metro Air, Inc.
  men, women, and children                      Marvin Aronovitz, DPM                              Jeffery Meyers, M.D.
  with disabilities. Below is a list         Joanne Aronovitz Interior Design                      Michael A. Jonas Photography
  of items on JARC's current                 Art Van Furniture                                     Mobile Dentists
  Wish List.                                 Automatic Apartment Laundries                            Dr. Marcy Borofsky & Dr. Margo Woll
                                             Blossoms, Inc.                                        Miller Canfield
                                             Bodman LLP                                            Bobbie Miller — Re/Max in the Hills
  Home remodeling including major            Cheryl Melamed Photography                            Gary D. Miller — Miller Systems
     kitchen or bath and enclosed            Cohen, Lerner and Rabinovitz, PC                      Pest Arrest, Inc.
     porches                                     Steven Z. Cohen                                   Pascucci Marble and Granite
  Pick-up or delivery truck                  Detroit Popcorn Company                               Pitt, McGehee, Mirer, Palmer and Rivers, PC
  Replacement driveways                      Dykema                                                Resource Data Systems Corporation
  Concrete work                              Evolution Media                                       Sam’s Plumbing — Sam Simko
  Roofing                                       Fran Victor and Bill Harder                        Specialities Appliances & Plumbing Fixtures
                                             EW Kitchens                                           Star Trax Events / Pulse 220
  Interior/exterior house painting
                                             Faces in the Air, Ltd.                                Statewide Disaster Restoration
  Lawn service/snow removal                  FASTSIGNS of Farmington Hills                         Steve's Blinds and Wallpaper
  Gutters                                    Barry W. Feldman, MD                                  Tarnow Doors
  Asphalt                                    Frank, Haron, Weiner & Navarro                        Technihouse Inspections
  Vehicle maintenance                        The Frankel Organization, LLC                         Teknicolors Paints
                                             Full Circle Graphics, Inc.                            Tracey and Associates
  New major and small appliances
                                             Gayle’s Chocolates                                    David Ungar, DPM — Personal Foot Care
                                             Glenn Triest Photographic                             Vision Specialists of Birmingham
  If you can help, please call               Great Lakes Landscape Design, Inc.                    Dr. Elliot Wagenheim
  John McCaffrey at                          Harry's Garden Centers, Inc.                          Walker Printery, Inc.
                                             Hersch's Lawn Spray                                   Wallside Windows
  248-538-6610 x320 or                       Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP                 West Friendship Materials
  email johnmccaffrey@jarc.org               Jo Bruce Corporate Training Associates                Wolverine Alarm
                                             Joe Cornell Entertainment                             Zack and Chandler, CPA, PC

                                                                 248.538.6610 | x 314 Become a JARC Business Buddy!

                                    Become a Fan of   JARC on                         | Click on the FACEBOOK link @                   www.jarc.org
8   Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers. 1st Quarter 2010

                                                               The feeling of ‘home’ begins
                                                                                                              with a house …and the
                                                                         Dealing With A Loss:
                  FARMINGTON HILLS                                       The loss of someone important to us can leave a tremendous
                                                                         void in our hearts. When that person is part of the big JARC
                                                                         family — whether it is someone we serve or a staff person —
                                                                         it takes everyone coming together to help heal the pain.

                                                                         Bernice Harvey worked at the Berlin Home for over 9 years.
                                                                         Although her relatives often hinted that she might want to
                                                                         consider retiring, she would hear nothing of it. She loved
         SADIE AND CHARLES GROSBERG HOME                                 "her guys" at the Berlin Home. To her, Clay, Gerry, Jonathan
                 FARMINGTON HILLS
                                                                         and Richard were full of life and a joy to be around. Every
                                                                         Friday night, Bernice would make them a Shabbat spread like
                                                                         no other. If Gerry preferred mashed potatoes and Richard
                                                                         wanted sweet potatoes, that's what Bernice made them.
                                                                         Saturday mornings meant a huge hot breakfast with pancakes
                                                                         and eggs. She loved to fuss over them all.

SHIRLEY T. MEDOW HOME • HUNTINGTON WOODS                                 One morning in January, Bernice passed away. Berlin Home
     A gift from Abram, Daniel and Lynn Medow
                                                                         Manager, Brandie Whelan and her other staff, Chris Crissey
                                                                         and Maribeth Cote were stunned. Clay, Gerry, Jonathan and
                                                                         Richard felt they had lost a member of their own family, and
                                                                         in a very real way, they did. Bernice was someone they
                                                                         trusted, someone who put their needs and interests first,
                                                                         someone who cared about them unconditionally.

         A gift from Jack and Linda Schechter

            A gift from the Laker Family                          A gift from Jack and Miriam Shenkman                              FARMINGTON HILLS

          A gift from Laura and Jim Sherman                  A gift from Shirley and Sam Gilbert, Jennifer and Dan   A gift from Natalie and Manny Charach. Funded in part by
                                                                  Gilbert, Gary Gilbert, David Katzman Family         the Janice Charach Epstein Permanent Operations Fund
                                                                                                               1st Quarter 2010   Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers.   9

caring, loving people who live there.

                                                                                                                         HARRY AND SARA BERLIN HOME
       That's the kind of personal connection that elevates a JARC                                                          BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP

       "employee" to a member of the family. It's what distinguishes a
       "house" from a "home". It's the caring warmth that binds people
       together during good times and bad.

       It's what ultimately gives them the strength to accept what they
       cannot change and move forward with their lives.

                                                                                                                       MILTON AND SYLVIA PIERCE HOME
       The Berlin Home may have suffered a great loss, but they know they                                                      BEVERLY HILLS
       can rely on each other for support. For Clay, Gerry, Jonathan, Richard,
       Brandie, Chris and Maribeth, the pain of losing Bernice is still there,
       but together — as a family — they have begun the healing process.

       After all, they know Bernice would have wanted it that way.

                                                                                                               RUTH AND MANUEL FELDSTEIN / IDA AND HYMAN
                                                                                                                     KATZMAN HOME • WEST BLOOMFIELD
                                                                                                                       A gift from Lois and Paul Katzman

                                                         NUSBAUM FAMILY HOME • FARMINGTON HILLS                   BEIT CHANNA HOME • FARMINGTON HILLS
                                                    A gift from Barbara and Irving Nusbaum, Arthur Nusbaum            A gift from Anna and Philip Slomovitz
                                                                  and Lori and Robert Nusbaum

               FARMINGTON HILLS                                          BEVERLY HILLS                       A gift from Albert and Doris Pitt. Funded by the Albert and
                                                            A gift from Barbara and Irving Nusbaum                      Doris Pitt Permanent Operations Fund

                FARMINGTON HILLS                                      WEST BLOOMFIELD                         SHIFFMAN/ALEX STEIN HOME • FARMINGTON HILLS
  Funded in part by the Natalie and Manny Charach   A gift from Nancy and Stephen Grand. Funded in part by     A gift from Nathan Greenberg, A.S. Green, Dr. Milton
            Permanent Operations Fund                     The Ben N. Teitel Permanent Operations Fund         Shiffman, Dr. Ben Stein, Esther Stein, William Valensky,
                                                                                                                             Estate of Louis Greenberg
10   Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers. 1st Quarter 2010

                                                 HARRY & SARA BERLIN                         MARVIN & BETTY DANTO                    SCOTT CANTOR
                                                                                                                                       Gloria Flanders
                                                 ENDOWMENT FUND                              FUND FOR JARC RESPITE
       Important                                 Used for general purpose needs of JARC
                                                 In Honor Of
                                                                                             Helps provide respite services in the
                                                                                             Harris Division
                                                                                                                                     SOL COHEN
                                                                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Elkus
                                                                                                                                     CYRILLE COOPER

       Notice                                    SYLVIA & ERNEST BAKER
                                                   Ruth Miller
                                                 In Memory Of
                                                                                             In Memory Of
                                                                                             MAURICE SHANAMAN
                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Bidlofsky
                                                                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Elkus
                                                                                                                                     DAVID DASHOW
                                                                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Grossman
          we know you’ll                         NATE NUSINOV                                                                        FATHER OF SANDRA DEMBS
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Irving Apatoff                 DAVID-HORODOKER                           Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Jacobs
          understand…                            ALVIN SIMS                                  PASSOVER FUND                             Phil Dembs & Fran Milgrom
          For the time being, in an                Mr. & Mrs.Irving Apatoff                  Provides Passover foods and supplies      Mr. & Mrs. Rick Rothman
                                                 STUART TESSER                               In Honor Of                             IRENE ELKUS
          effort to cut printing                   Mr. & Mrs. Irving Apatoff                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Manny Charach
                                                                                             RICHARD LOEWENSTEIN
          costs and be more eco-                 HERB ZUCKERBERG                               Donna Wright                          BARBARA GOODMAN
          friendly, this will be the               Mr. & Mrs. Irving Apatoff                 In Memory Of                              Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Elkus
                                                                                             LAURA BENESON                           BELLE GREENBAUM
          last newsletter in which               BERLIN FAMILY TRAINING                                                                Irene Lusky
                                                                                               Sara Matz Manson
          Tribute/Memorial                       & SOCIAL WORK FUND                                                                  DR. MARTIN GUYER
          contributions will be                  Helps support staff training and family
                                                                                             IRENE ELKUS GOOD TIMES                    Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Lusky
          printed.                               counseling                                  FUND                                    STELLA HOLLENDER
                                                                                                                                       Gloria Flanders
                                                 Birth                                       Helps fund social events for persons
          For upcoming                                                                                                               DOUGLAS KAY
                                                 GRANDSONS OF ROSEANNE &                     served
                                                                                                                                       Ruth Berman
          newsletter issues,                     THOMAS KUKES                                Anniversary                             FRED LEVEY
          however, you can                         Dr. & Mrs. Charles Feinman                MADELINE & MARTIN BRONSTEIN               Gloria Flanders
                                                 GRANDSON OF DR. & MRS. ROBERT                 Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Elkus            FRED MARX
          request a complete                     MICHAELS                                    DEBBIE & WAYNE LUSKY                      Ron Elkus, Rod Brown & the Shirt Box
          Tribute listing be mailed                Dr. & Mrs. Charles Feinman                  Irene Lusky                             Family
          to you by calling                      Birthday                                    Bar Mitzvah                             FREDERICK “RICK” MELAMED
                                                 DR. TERRY WEINGARDEN                        JACOB NITZKIN                             Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Jacobs
          248-538-6611, or view                    Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Berlin                    Ron Elkus                             BERNARD NATHANSON
          the quarterly listing to               In Memory Of                                Bat Mitzvah                               Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Malach
          be posted on JARC's                    SCOTT KOZENY                                ERIN GRAUB                              GRANDFATHER OF MR. & MRS. JAY
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Berlin                    Ron Elkus                             NITZKIN
          website at                                                                         SAMANTHA SILVERMAN
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan C. Berlin                                                       Dr. & Mrs. Irwin Goodman
          www.jarc.org.                          MANFRED STRYK                                 Ron Elkus                               Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rosenfeld
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Berlin                  Birth                                   MARVIN LEE PERRY
          We welcome your                                                                    AVRAHAM JONAS
                                                                                                                                       Ron Elkus
          feedback on this new                   HARRY & SARA BERLIN                           Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Elkus
                                                                                                                                     GLORIA RADNER
          policy and encourage                                                               SARAH RAIZEL ROMAND
                                                 MAINTENANCE FUND                              Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Elkus
                                                                                                                                       Esther Monheit
          you to call Rena                       Provides for the maintenance of the                                                 ESTER ROSENTHAL
                                                                                             TWINS OF MR. & MRS. DANIEL
                                                 Berlin Home                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Elkus
          Friedberg at 248-538-                                                              SAMPSON
                                                                                                                                     RYAN ROSMAN
          6610 x314 with your                    Birthday                                      Ron Elkus
                                                                                                                                       Gloria Flanders
                                                 JOEL TOPF                                   Birthday
          comments.                                Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan C. Berlin             STEPHEN ALTMAN
                                                                                                                                     HAROLD ROTHENBERG
                                                                                                                                       Gloria Flanders
                                                                                               Ron Elkus
                                                                                                                                     GILBERT RUBENSTEIN
                                                 MAXINE & BYRON                              KEITH BORNSTEIN
                                                                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Elkus
                                                 CANVASSER ENDOWMENT                           Mr. & Mrs. Steven Elkus
                                                                                                                                     DR. NORMAN SCHAKNE
                                                                                               Ron Elkus
                                                 FUND                                        MARTIN BROWN                              Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Elkus
                                                 Used for general purpose needs of JARC        Mr. & Mrs. Alan B. Havis              ROBERT SCHLAFF
                                                                                             RONALD ELKUS                              Esther Kurtz
                                                 In Memory Of
                                                                                                                                     AL SCHWARTZ
      Many, Many                                 IRVIN DUBIN
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Charles Canvasser
                                                                                               Dr. & Mrs. Murray Baruch
                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Michael Curhan               Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Elkus
                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Alan B. Havis              LEON SIMON
                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Lee Hurwitz                  Ron Elkus
                                                 MANNY & NATALIE                                                                     HELEN SINGER
                                                                                               Michelle Karas
                                                 CHARACH FUND                                  Lisa Kreinbring                         Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Malach
                                                 Provides for the operational needs of the     Mr. & Mrs. Steve Mertz                ALLEN SMALTZ
                                                 Charach Home                                  Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rosenfeld            Gloria Flanders
                                                 In Honor Of                                   Mr. & Mrs. Lee Zendel                 RUTH WAIN
                                                 MANNY CHARACH                               CARY GOTTLIEB                             Mr. and Mrs. Philip Elkus
                                                   The Berman Family                           Ronald Elkus                          EDITH WYMAN
                                                                                             In Honor Of                               Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Berman
             The following Tributes and                                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. David Efros
                                                 JANE JOSPEY COBB                            RONALD ELKUS
                                                                                                                                     Speedy Recovery
                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Robert Alter
               Memorials were received           PROGRAM FUND                                  Dr. Martin J. Brown & Mike Coraci     CAROLE BAKST
            between October 1, 2009 to           Helps pay for Judaic programming            SUSAN LEFF                                Ron Elkus
                                                 services                                      Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Lusky                BARRY BEAN
                      January 15, 2010.
                                                 In Memory Of                                ERIC UNATIN                               Mr. & Mrs. Steven Elkus
                                                 MARJORIE JOSPEY                               Mr. & Mrs. Steven Elkus               ARNOLD BERMAN
          We are so very grateful to each          Martin Bader                              In Memory Of                              Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Elkus
               and every member of the             Corrine Lemberg                           BRUCE ABRAHAMS                          CAROLYN COMAI
                                                   Dr. & Mrs. Michael Rontal                   Mr. & Mrs. David Dubin                  Ron Elkus
                 wonderful JARC family.            Dr. & Mrs. David Stutz                      Ronald Elkus                          SARAH ELKUS
                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Malach                Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Elkus
                                                 WARREN & MARGOT                             LOIS ANSTANDIG                          DONALD RAFAL
                 You give so generously to                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Elkus              Ronald Elkus
                                                 COVILLE FUND                                                                        SHIRLEY ROSENWASSER
                support men, women and                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Malach
                                                 Used for general purpose needs of JARC      RABBI MILTON ARM                          Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Elkus
             children with developmental         Marriage                                      Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Elkus            REVEREND SAMUEL SEMP
            disabilities as valued, included     JOANNA & BENJAMIN NADLER                    ARTHUR BLAU                               Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Elkus
                                                   Stephen Rosenbaum                           Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Elkus            MARTIN WEINSTOCK
             members of our community.
                                                                                               Ron Elkus                               Mr. & Mrs. Steven Elkus

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                                                                                                                  1st Quarter 2010   Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers.   11

 JANICE CHARACH EPSTEIN                    Marriage                               ESTHER KAPLAN                             MILTON FISHMAN
                                           JACKIE & MARC ISNER                      Arlene Speiser                            Mr. & Mrs. Rolland Walt
 FUND                                        Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Ambrose           DOG OF JEANNE KATZMAN                     RALPH GERSON
 Provides for the operational needs of     In Memory Of                             Deena Gelfond                             Andrew Broder
 the Epstein Home                          BROTHER OF DR. & MRS. PETER AJLUNI     GLORIA JEAN ROBINSON                      RENEE GINSBERG
 In Memory Of                                Mr. & Mrs. Mervyn Sternberg            Deena Gelfond                             Seymour Garsoff
 JOHN J. MAMES                             ALAN FISHER                            BARBRA WALKER                             ED HAINICK
   Mr. & Mrs. Manny Charach                  Mr. & Mrs. Mervyn Sternberg            Deena Gelfond                             Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Lash
                                           MOTHER OF HARLENE FRIEDMAN             SHIRLEY WILLENS                           GOLDA & MARTY JACOBS
 MORT ESKIN MITZVAH &                        Mr. & Mrs. Mervyn Sternberg            Miriam L. Leventhal & Dr. Norman          Mr. & Mrs. Meyer J. Segal
 MUNCHIES FUND                             MICHELLE GLENNON                         Tepley                                  DANNY KAPLAN
 Makes possible Jewish learning group        Mr. & Mrs. Mervyn Sternberg          EDITH WYMAN
                                                                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kaplow
 activities                                DELORES GROSS                            Mr. & Mrs. Allan Gelfond
                                                                                                                              Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Taylor
                                             Mr. & Mrs. Scott Wasserman             Beatrice Howard
 Birthday                                                                                                                   ESTHER KAPLAN
                                           ROBERT IGIEL
                                             Mr. & Mrs. Mervyn Sternberg          GENERAL FUND                                Mr. & Mrs. Michael Robbins
   Joan Zager                                                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Weiner
                                           GUSTI MANBER                           Used for general purpose needs of JARC
 TERRY OSTER                                                                                                                FRANK KOZIN
   Mr. & Mrs. Irving Nusbaum                 Mr. & Mrs. Mervyn Sternberg          Anniversary
                                           HUSBAND, FATHER, GRANDFATHER OF                                                    Jackie Ublansky
 In Honor Of                                                                      JUDY & JAMES ANDREWS
                                           DIANE MORRISON FAMILY                                                            LILY KRAMER
 HARRIS MAINSTER                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. James Andrews
                                             Mr. & Mrs. Morris Wexler             EILEEN & DAVID BLUMENAU                     Betty Mitchell
   Mr. & Mrs. Irving Nusbaum
 FLORINE MARK & DON BENYAS                 WILLIAM NADLER                           Richard Knoll & Maureen Fill            GEORGE LERNER
   Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Dembs                   Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Ambrose           MR. & MRS. ROBERT BRODY                     Dr. & Mrs. Irving Levitt
 JOAN, LARRY & CASEY ZAGER                 SAMUEL PEARLMAN                          Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Modell               ANNA LEVIN
   Jerry Sturman & Brian Sturman             Mr. & Mrs. Mervyn Sternberg          MR. & MRS. LEONARD FORREST                  Nancy Edmunds
 In Memory Of                              MOTHER OF STUART ROBBINS                 Mr. & Mrs. Seward Goldin                ANNETTE LEVIN
 RABBI MILTON ARM                            Mr. & Mrs. Mervyn Sternberg          JUDGE & MRS. BENJAMIN FRIEDMAN              Mr. & Mrs. Cornell Janeway
   Mr. & Mrs. Irving Nusbaum               MICHAEL SHOENFIELD                       Sharon Klein                            HERB & MEBS LEVIN
 JEANETTE YOUROFSKY                          Mr. & Mrs. Paul Katzman              CAROLYN & MILTON JACOBS                     Mr. & Mrs. Joe Metzger
   Mr. & Mrs. Irving Nusbaum               THELMA STEIN                             Mr. & Mrs. Edward Meer                  JERRY MAYERSON
 Speedy Recovery                             Mr. & Mrs. Mervyn Sternberg          HANNAH & GORDON MOSS                        Mr. & Mrs. Martin Weiss
 JOAN ZAGER                                SALLY STEINBERG                          Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Strote                EUGENE MERIN
   Brian Sturman & Family                    Mr. & Mrs. Mervyn Sternberg          DR. & MRS. MELVIN WASSERMAN                 Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Rosenberg
 FAMILY PROJECTS FUND                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Adelson              JERRY MODELL
                                           SAMUEL & JEAN FRANKEL                    Beatrice Cohan                            Mr. & Mrs. Leonard M. Nagel
 Funds staff recognition and an annual     RESIDENTIAL SERVICES                   Bar Mitzvah                               RAECHEL NAGEL
 family Shabbat dinner                     DEPARTMENT                             JOSH BENDER                                 Dr. & Mrs. Samuel Nagel
 In Honor Of                               Provides administrative support for      Dr. & Mrs. Henry Garfield               MARK ORECHKIN
 ETTA SCHILLER                             JARC’s group homes                     DAVID BRONER                                Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Shiener
   Bernice Burg                                                                     Dr. & Mrs. Robert Brent
 In Memory Of                              Birthday                                                                         GRAHAM ORLEY
                                                                                  JACOB FRIEDMAN
 LOIS ANSTANDIG                            JUDY FRANKEL                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. David Sillman
                                                                                    Seymour Garsoff
   Mr. & Mrs. Israel Taub                    Dr. & Mrs. Paul Feinberg                                                       LOUIS POPPER
                                                                                  AUSTIN GLASS
 DR. MARTIN GUYER                                                                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Kreske
   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Grand
                                           GELFOND FAMILY                           Carli Zeman
                                                                                                                            JERRY ROSENFELD
                                           ENDOWMENT FUND FOR                     GRANDSON OF BARBARA &
   Mr. & Mrs. Edward Barry Stulberg                                               JONATHAN HABER                              Al, Shari, Michael & Lauren Goldstein
 HARVEY LIPSITT                            ILL & AGING SERVICES                     Mr. & Mrs. Eric Lutz                    RICHARD SCHRAM
   Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Sofen               Provides special services for JARC     JACK KELMAN                                 Sandy Kane
 EDITH WYMAN                               seniors and hospitalized individuals     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pilcowitz             SAM TAUB
   Mr. & Mrs. Sherman Char                                                                                                    Elaine & Shel Adelson
                                           Anniversary                            AVIV LIS
   Dr. & Mrs. Jerald Gach                                                                                                     Beatrice Cohan
                                           HARRIET & ALLAN GELFOND                  Sarah Fink
 Speedy Recovery                                                                                                            SUSAN WALKER
                                             Judith K. Aaron                      SAM ORLEY
                                           Birthday                                 Stacy, Ronnie, Katie and Carly Klein      Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Silverstein
   Freda Grand
                                           RICHARD ASHER                            Eric Modell                             TERRY WEINGARDEN
 CEIL & PAUL FEILER FUND                     Deena Gelfond                        Bat Mitzvah                                 Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Uzansky
 FOR TECHNOLOGY                            MILDRED SUBRIN                         GRANDDAUGHTER OF MR. & MRS.                 Shirley Obron
                                             Deena Gelfond                        MARVIN CHABEN                             BERNARD WINER
 Helps pay for computer and technology
                                           In Honor Of                              Gertrude G. Ehrlichman                    Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Levett
 needs of JARC                             NADINE AARON                           LAUREN COLBURN                            LORI ZEKELMAN
 In Honor Of                                 Judith K. Aaron                        Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Greenberg               Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kaplow
 SANDRA FEILER                             RHODA & SOL BENADERET                  KATIE KLEIN                                 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lax
   Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Kreinik                Mr. & Mrs. Allan Gelfond               Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Greenberg             MAIDA ZUCKERMAN
 In Memory Of                              PATRICIA CORNET & MEL ANNIS            AMANDA MILLER                               Mr. & Mrs. David Klavons
 PAUL & CEIL FEILER                          Mr. & Mrs. Allan Gelfond & Family      Dr. & Mrs. Russell Horton               In Honor Of
   Dr. & Mrs. L. Scott Feiler              TERI & MARK GOODMAN                    BRITTANY SILVERMAN
                                                                                                                            MARTIN BARR
                                             Mr. & Mrs. Allan Gelfond               Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Friedman
 SALLY & JOSEPH D.                         MR. & MRS. LAURENCE KIRSCH &           Birth
                                                                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Edward Meer
 FELDMAN SHABBAT                           FAMILY                                 DAUGHTER OF JEFF & JUDY DUNN
                                                                                                                            ELENOR SOPHIE BEHRMANN
 DINNER FUND                                 Judith K. Aaron                                                                  Dr. & Mrs. Russell Horton
                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Irving H. Berman
                                           DAVID LEBENBOM                         JONAH ARNOLD STERLING                     JANICE & LARY BERKOWER
 Provides Shabbat dinners for JARC                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Larry Berkove
 homes                                       Mr. & Mrs. Allan Gelfond               Mr. & Mrs. Marc Whitefield
                                           DR. MARVIN MARGOLIS                    MILO TECHNER                              SAMUEL BERNSTEIN
 In Memory Of                                Mr. & Mrs. Allan Gelfond                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Todd Hawley
                                                                                    Julie Dale
 DR. MARTIN GUYER                          ROBERT SHER                                                                      JUDY BLUSTEIN
   Marcy & Michael Feldman                   Mr. & Mrs. Allan Gelfond                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Larry Berkove
                                                                                  BYRON ANCHILL
 FELDSTEIN/KATZMAN                         In Memory Of                             Helen Klar                              RICHARD BRODER
                                           DR. JANE ROSENZWEIG ABELSON            LAWRENCE BERKOVE                            Mr. & Mrs. William Mazer, III
 FUND                                        Sharon Blatt                                                                   WILLIAM ELSON
                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Meyer J. Segal
 Provides for the operation needs of the   TOBY BISTROW                           MELVIN BERNSTEIN                            Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Cherrin
 Feldstein/Katzman Home                      Robert & Beatrice Howard               Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Miller               MICAH FIALKA-FELDMAN
 Anniversary                               MOTHER OF BONITA BRAXTON               LEWIS DAVIS                                 Julie Kraus
 RON SPALTER                                 Deena Gelfond                          Owen Miller                             MARVIN FINKELSTEIN
   Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Ambrose              DAVID DASHOW                           SCOTT EISENBERG                             Constance Harris
 Birthday                                    Mr. & Mrs. David Jensen                David, Stacy, Samantha & Jacob Gordon   MARK GOLDBERG
 MERVYN STERNBERG                          DR. MARTIN GUYER                       SHEILA EISENBERG                            Mr. & Mrs. Adam Block
         Mr. & Mrs. Paul Katzman             Sharon Blatt

                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Zack

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12   Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers. 1st Quarter 2010

     MARCY & CRAIG GOLDIN                         Mr. & Mrs. Neal Sweet                 Nancy Krawitz                             Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Brodsky
       Mr. & Mrs. Andrew H. Moss                EDITH BARIL                             Mr. & Mrs. Larry Lenchner                 Mr. & Mrs. Bob Bascom
     DAVID GRAND                                  Dr. & Mrs. Russell Horton             Dr. & Mrs. Irving Levitt                  Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Epstein
       Honorable & Mrs. Bernard Friedman        STEVEN BEALE                            Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lo                      Dr. & Mrs. Harold Freedman
     NANCY & JAMES GROSFELD                       Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Epstein             Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Mintz                   Mr. & Mrs. James Grossman
       Jill Schubiner & Ryan Schubiner            Mr. & Mrs. Alan Kaczander             Ethel Marx & Ben Nathanson                Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kahn
     CHARLES GROWE                                Mr. & Mrs. Dale Lebow                 Herbert Rechter                           Frances Kaplan
       Sarah Cwagenberg                         FAIGEL BERKE                            Mr. & Mrs. David Wainer                   Renee & Shelly Rabb
     JAMIE HAYDEN                                 Seymour Garsoff                       Isabel Vander                             Mr. & Mrs. Schlaff
       Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Karp                TOBY BISTROW                            Ruth Wayne                                Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Shulak
     SHELLEY & LENNY HUTTON                       Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Schecter            Babette Wilder                            Mr. & Mrs. Ron Sobelson
       Norman Trepeck                           SCOTT CANTOR                          HARRY “FRITZ” FRIDSON                       Mr. & Mrs. Dan Weiner & Family
     DANNY KAPLAN                                 Dr. & Mrs. Morton Herman              Mr. & Mrs. Irving H. Berman             MICHAEL KATZ
       Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Isenberg                ARVID CARLSON                           Mr. & Mrs. Sherwin Schneyer               Mr. & Mrs. Steven Schreiber
     GEOFF KRETCHMER                              Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hardy               Dr. Harvey Stein & Rochelle Iczkovitz   ROSE KATZMAN
       Mr. & Mrs. Howard Berlin                 JEREMIAH CARRUTH                      FATHER & GRANDFATHER OF THE                 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Friedman
     MICHELLE LAPIN                               Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Graff               GALITZ FAMILY                             DOUGLAS KAY
       Julie Kraus                              ELIOT CHARLIP                           Stacy Gordon                              Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Brose
     MELVY & MILFORD LEWIS                        Dr. & Mrs. Gregg Brent              ARMAND GEBERT                               Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Halperin
       Mr. & Mrs. John Nathan                     Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pevos              Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan Fellows               Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Kleiman
     DR. JEFFREY LIPSKY                         JOAN CHODAK                           HELEN GLAZER                                Judith A. Labret
       Dr. Marc Wittenberg                        Sonny Barnett                         Alfreda Blank                             Shirley Siefman
     RICHARD LOEWENSTEIN                        RODNEY COHEN                          DIANNA GOLD                               JAY BURTON KEYS
       Mr. & Mrs. David J. Bennett                Elisa, Seth, Samantha, Sydney &       Beverly Krause                            Calvin Keys
       Mr. & Mrs. Norman Keane                    Spencer Cohen                       MORTON GOLD                               NORMAN KIRMAN
     JEFFREY MALACH                               Beverly Ersher                        Mr. & Mrs. Louis Berlin                   Jeff, Andy, Sarah & Jacob Burstein
       Mr. & Mrs. Gary Goldin                     Karen Feldstein                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Philka
                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Herman Kasoff
     MARCIA & MARC MANSON                         Susanne Feldstein                                                             ISRAEL & REVA KLAYMER
                                                                                      FAY GOLDSTEIN
       Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jaeger                  Dr. & Mrs. Samuel Gray                                                          Leora Klaymer Stewart
                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. David Zimmerman
       Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Rosenfeld             Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Heller                                                      FANNY LAPIN
                                                  Bruce & Lisa Israel                 NOREEN GOODMAN
     DR. JEFFREY MEYERS                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Holinstat                Jane & Ozzie Jacobson
       Dr. Marc Wittenberg                        Nancy Katzman & Randy Wertheimer
                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Al Stein                     GERTRUDE LASH
     DANIEL MORGOLOFF                             Mr. & Mrs. Steven Katzman
                                                                                        Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Wenokur            Mr. & Mrs. Roy Shelef
       Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Karp                  Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Klein
                                                                                      BARBARA GOODMAN                           EVELYN LEIDER
     NIKKI & DAVID                                Mr. & Mrs. Robert Orley
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert Teitel & Family     Dr. Gerald Gold & Orchard Lake            Sylvia Schey
       Layne Sakwa & Tony Averbuch                                                      Footcare Specialists, P.L.L.C.          FRED LEVEY
                                                  John, Karen and Adam Urban
     BARBARA & IRVING NUSBAUM                                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Larrie Globerson
                                                  Nancy Katzman & Randy Wertheimer    ZENA GORDON
       Mandell L. Berman                                                                                                          Dr. & Mrs. Mitchell Sabin
                                                SAM COHEN                               Donald Burnstein
     MERIDITH PENSLER                                                                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Marvin M. Tamaroff
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Weberman           Ricki Nederlander & Kathi Cohen
       Dr. & Mrs. Robert Pensler                                                                                                LEONA LEWIS
                                                SOL COHEN                             FRANCES GREEN
     RICH PERNAZZA                                                                                                                Richard M. Lustig
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Adelson            Dr. & Mrs. Epstein & Family
       Karen Rosenstein                                                                                                         HARVEY LIPSITT
                                                  Lois Begun                            Dr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Vosko
     MICHAEL, ANNE, GEOFFREY &                                                                                                    Marcy Borofsky
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Sol Dunn                 LEVI GREEN, SR.
     BRANDON ROTTMAN                                                                                                              Linda, Ronnie & Ben Fink
                                                  Elizabeth Freeman                     Linda Duby
       Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Weiner                                                                                                   Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Freedman
                                                IRENE COHN                            BELLE GREENBAUM
     ALLISON & JEFF RUBIN & FAMILY                                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Fred Galperin
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Herman Kasoff              Mr. & Mrs. David Madison
       Vivian Schecter                                                                                                            Nancy Gell & Andrew Montgomery
                                                ERNST J. CONRAD                         Mr. & Mrs. Martin Solomon
     MARC SAKWA                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Gersh
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Myron H. Bender          RICK GREENBERG
       Mr. & Mrs. Seymour Markowitz                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Seward Goldin
                                                CYRILLE COOPER                          Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Burstein
     JORDAN SCHORE                                                                                                                Allison Green
                                                  Sybil Glaser                        ESTELLE GREENE
       Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Schore                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Ted Heligman
                                                DAVID DASHOW                            Florence Goldman
     STEVEN SEIDMAN                                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Ray Henney
                                                  Ghazaleh Khatatan                   SISTER OF MARGARET LUDWIG
       Henny Spector                                                                                                              Michelle Hinebrook
                                                SAM DOCK                                Mildred Greenley
     CHAYA & JOSEPH SELESNY                                                                                                       Dr. & Mrs. Bert Jacobs
                                                  Dr. & Mrs. Sam Scheinfield          DELORES GROSS
       Dr. Gerald Kirzner & Leah Ann                                                                                              David, Beth, Samantha and Scott
                                                CAROLE HOPE SUCHER DURBIN               Mr. & Mrs. Fred Kalt
       Kleinfeldt                                                                                                                 Kirschner
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Martin Bader & Family      Mr. & Mrs. Gross
     JONI SHPRINTZ                                                                                                                Diane Learner
                                                IDA ELLENSON                          JERRY GRUBNICK
       Dr. Randall Cohen                                                                                                          Linda & Henry Lee
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kalt                Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kaufman
     JANIS & LARRY SHULMAN                                                                                                        Gloria Levine
                                                YVONNE ENDSLEY                        SUSAN GURIAN
       Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kochanek                                                                                                 Shirley & Irving Levitt
                                                  Will Goldman                          Rebecca Bolnick
     ROSE STOCKER                                                                                                                 John C. Louisell
                                                DORIS FARBER                          ESTELLE GUTTERMAN
       Mr. & Mrs. Irving Rosenstein                                                                                               Esther Morger
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Eric Prevost               Mr. & Mrs. Loren Goodman
     SUSAN SARAQUSE                                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Meltzer
                                                MOTHER OF MR. & MRS. GERALD           DR. MARTIN GUYER
       Dr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Fontanesi                                                                                             Nancy Gell & Andrew Montgomery
                                                FELDMAN                                 Christine Hench & Peter Dale
     DR. GARY TROCK                                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Philip Oppenheim
                                                  The Tugender/Tubben Family            Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nusbaum
       Robbie Kaczander                                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Rubin
                                                JUDY FINK                             SHIRLEY HARRIS
     ANN YOLLES                                                                                                                   Dr. & Mrs. Nison Sabin
                                                  Mark H. Fink                          Mr. & Mrs. Earl Friedman
       Mr. & Mrs. Norman D. Katz                                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. William Sandy
                                                JEFFREY FORTIER                       MARTHA AVRIN HENCKEN
     In Memory Of                                                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. William Selenger
                                                  Andrea Roisman                        Fredric Shulak
     JESSIE ABELS                                                                                                                 Judy & Norman Sommers
                                                BUDDY FRANKLIN                        STELLA HOLLENDER
       Helen Klar                                                                                                                 Betty Sorkowitz
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Burton Ansell              Mr. & Mrs. Neil Tubben
                                                  P. J. Babich                                                                    Beth Stein
       Christine Hench & Peter Dale                                                   MICHELLE HOROWITZ
                                                  Dr. Gary Chodoroff                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Weiner
       Mr. & Mrs. Doug Freidenstine                                                     Sylvia Stern
                                                  Valerie & George Chodoroff                                                      Linda Weiss
       Dr. & Mrs. Aaron Lupovitch                                                     MILTON HOWARD
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. James Conrad                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Steven Weiss
       Mr. & Mrs. Lee J. Marks                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Lieberman
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert Citrin                                                        Drs. Douglas & Margo Woll
       Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Malach                   Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Danto              Shirley Obron
                                                                                                                                DENISE LIVELY
       Rosalind Rogers                            Mrs. Joseph H. Davidson               Ann Smitt
                                                                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Silverstein
       Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Silverman               Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Davis              EDIE ILAN
                                                                                                                                MARGARET LUDWIG
       Dr. Alan & Dr. Suzanne Merkle              Dr. & Mrs. Alfred Frank               Sara Daitch
                                                                                                                                  Mildred Greenley
       Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Soifer                  Mr. & Mrs. Albert Goldstein & The   ARYANA ITKIS
                                                                                                                                FRED MARX
       Kathy L. Stern                             Management of United Automotive       Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Mendelsohn
                                                                                                                                  Phyllis Loewenstein
     RABBI MILTON ARM                             Mr. & Mrs. Fred Greenspan           JACK KAMISON
                                                                                                                                  Sheila Stone
       Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Silverstein              Dr. & Mrs. Lenny Hutton               Gayle Wohlman
                                                                                                                                DONNA L. MASSE
     ARTHUR BARAT                                 Mr. & Mrs. Cornell Janeway          ESTHER KAPLAN
                                                                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Herman Kasoff
       Mr. & Mrs. Henry Scharg                    Dorothy Kaufman                       Dr. & Mrs. Allan Birk

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                                                                                                           1st Quarter 2010   Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers.   13

 DOROTHY MASSERMAN                    ANN ROSS                              SAMUEL TANENHAUS                         DR. & MRS. JEFF BENJAMIN
   Sara Daitch                          Mr. & Mrs. Seward Goldin              Mr. & Mrs. Mort Golden                   Mr. & Mrs. Mort Golden
 FREDERICK “RICK” MELAMED             DONALD ROSS                           GERALD TUGMAN                            ZAC & AVITAL FRANK
   Alan Droz & Rochelle Gach-Droz       Sylvia Schey                          Mr. & Mrs. Louis Berlin                  Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Williams
 ELSE MERIN                           ALEX ROTH                             SYLVIA TURKIN                            GRANDDAUGHTER OF IRIS FYNKE
   Mr. & Mrs. Norman Beitner            Dr. & Mrs. Steven Feldman             Mr. & Mrs. Lester Lipton                 Beverly Krause
   Dr. & Mrs. Carl Lipnik               Mr. & Mrs. Leonard M. Nagel         DOREEN UZANSKY                           DANA & ELIZABETH GULICK
   Debbie & Bill Snider               HAROLD ROTHENBERG                       Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Gottlieb              Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Rosenberg
 MAX “MIKE” MILLER                      Owen Miller                         RUTH WAIN                                JASON & DARLENE
   Linda Lutz                           Marilynn Sabin                        Mr. & Mrs. Donald Golde                  Mr. & Mrs. Ron Goldstone
 JACK MOORE                           HARRY ROTHENBERG                      LEONARD WASSER                           DAUGHTER OF JAN & HENRY MOSES
   Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Gottlieb          Dr. & Mrs. Mitchell Sabin             Mr. & Mrs. David Sillman                 Dr. & Mrs. Russell Horton
 BEBE GOTTESMAN MOSS                  HATTIE ROTTER                         DEBORAH WEINBERG
                                                                                                                     CARL MURAV
   The Roby Family                      Marvin Berman                         Iris Czajkowski & Dean Fine
                                                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Goldstone
                                                                                                                     Speedy Recovery
   Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Gurian          Barry Litvin                          Rose Stocker
                                                                            SALLY WEINTRAUB                          JOHN BOHN
 WILLIAM NADLER                       FATHER OF WILLIAM RUSKIN                                                         Ann Iczkovitz
   Dr. & Mrs. Charles Taylor            Mr. & Mrs. Sherwin Schneyer           Rochelle Weintraub
                                                                            DEBORAH WEISSERMAN                       VERA GELL
 BETTY NEDERLANDER                    DENISE SACKS                                                                     Abby, Eric, Josh, Jessica & Halle
                                                                              Beverly Greenspan
   Seymour Garsoff                      Elaine Wagmann                                                                 Randolph
                                                                              Robin Kane Mostyn
   Ilene Goldman                      YOSEF SASSON                                                                   JONATHAN HABER
                                                                            SHIRLEY WILLENS
   Helene Klar                          Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Raimi                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Silverman
                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hirsch
 SEYMOUR NEUMAN                       ALLEN SCHOR                                                                    SEYMOUR MARKOWITZ
                                                                              Sheila Stone
   Mr. & Mrs. Irving H. Berman          Mr. & Mrs. Leonard M. Nagel         ANN WILSON                                 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Shiffman
 LOUIE NICK NEWMAN                    BETH ANN SCHROTT                        Mr. & Mrs. Alan T. Ackerman            MILTON MINDELL
   Helen Klar                           Helen Klar                            Barbara Bound                            Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Davis
 LOUIS NEWMAN                         ERIC SCHWARTZ                           Lois Katz                              MORRIS MOORE
   Beverly & Harvey Deson               Debbie Levin & Larry Snider         BERNICE WILSON                             Edward Goldberg
 MEYER ORDOWER                          Mr. & Mrs. Josh Cutler                Sybil Glaser                           MURIEL POSNER
   Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Starler            Ruth Raimi                            Rosalind Novak                           Anne Wedes
 CHARLES PAPPAS                       GILBERT SCHWARTZ                      MOTHER OF MR. & MRS. JERRY               HELENE ROBBINS
   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nusbaum            Mr. & Mrs. David Sillman            WISEBLOTT                                  Dr. & Mrs. Samuel Gun
 SAMUEL PEARLMAN                      MAURICE SHANAMAN                        Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Uzansky              MARTA ROSENTHAL
   Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Freedman         Debbie & Chuck Ajlouni              EDITH WOLF                                 Mr. & Mrs. Eric Lutz
   Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Lash               Dina Kawer                            Sandy Cochran                          JACK SCHWARTZ
   Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Rothenberg         Kim & Rene Love & Randy Wexelman      Glen Fisher & Dr. Myda Fisher            Mr. & Mrs. Fred Greenspan
   Edith Weiss                          Andrea Mallet                         GMAC Real Estate                       BOB STERN
 HELEN PERGAMENT                        Dr. & Mrs. Avery Murav                Mr. & Mrs. Fred Grossman                 Dr. & Mrs. Russell Horton
   Geraldine Kraus                      Debbie Perlman                        Mr. & Mrs. Lenny Hutton                DR. RONALD TAYLOR
   Dr. & Mrs. Richard Schlaff           Mr. & Mrs. Richard Partrich           Mr. & Mrs. Fred Kalt
                                                                                                                       Sherman Kane
 YALE PHILLIPS                          Laurene Salinger                      Nargiz Nesimova
                                                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Bean
   Rose Miller                          Susan Shanaman                        Mr. & Mrs. David Silver
                                                                                                                       Dr. & Mrs. Danny A. Kaplan
 ENRIQUE PHILLIPS                       Robert D. & Jamie Starkman            Sheila Stone
                                                                              Bessie Winokur                         ROBERTA WANDER
   Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Wolf            Mr. & Mrs. Javier Tamayo
                                                                            ROSE WRUBEL                                Rose Stocker
                                                                              Alfreda Blank                          GARY WEXLER
   Beverly Greenspan                    Mr. & Mrs. Michael Robbins
                                                                            EDITH WYMAN                                Mr. & Mrs. David Efros
                                                                              Clarice A. Adams                         Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Deson
   Dr. & Mrs. Russell Horton            Marlene W. Platt
                                                                              Sharon & Mickey Alterman & Family
   Helen Klar                         SARAH SIMON
                                                                              The Bodnick Family
                                                                                                                     GILBERT/KATZMAN FAMILY
 & SUZANNE RABOVSKY                   JACK SINGER                             Douglas Brzak                          HOME FUND
   David, Stacy, Samantha & Jacob       Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Gottlieb           Mr. & Mrs. David Carpenter             Provides for the operational needs of
   Gordon                             EVELYN SKUPSKY                          Mary Cripps                            the Gilbert/Katzman Home
 GLORIA RADNER                          Mr. & Mrs. Leonard M. Nagel           Carol Ellstein                         In Memory Of
   Dr. & Mrs. Stanley Boykansky       ROBERT SLAVIN                           Farmington District Counselors
                                                                                                                     DEBORAH WEISSERMAN
 BEATRICE RAITT                         Mr. & Mrs. Bert Leider                Karen Gaskill
                                                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Todd Matzkin-Bridger
   Dr. & Mrs. Howard S. Shapiro       ROSE & ROBERT SLAVIN                    Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Goldberg
 FRIEDA RASKIN                          Susan Pauls                           Mr. & Mrs. Avraham Gontovnik           SEYMOUR & GERTRUDE
                                                                              Rebecca Grossman
   Lorraine Blanck                      Rabbi Tzipi Radonsky
                                                                              Linda Hurd
                                                                                                                     GILMORE MEMORIAL
   Sara Manson                        ALLEN SMALTZ
                                                                              Hela Jutkiewicz                        FUND
   Florence Ostrow                      Dr. & Mrs. Fred Borson
                                                                              The Klimkowski Family, Keegan Family   Used for general purpose needs of JARC
 LARRY RASKIN                           Mr. & Mrs. David Madison
                                                                              & Lori Facktor                         In Memory Of
   Dr. Harvey Stein                     Anne Weinman
                                                                              Kathe Langberg                         DOUGLAS KAY
 BETTY RASOF                          DR. ROBERT SOBEL                        Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lankin
   Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Gottlieb          Julie Kraus                                                                    Jeffrey Gilmore
                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Harry Lazarus
 ANNETTE ROBINSON                     ARCHIE SOLOM                                                                   DR. SHERMAN KAY
                                                                              Jeri Magid
   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stern              Dr. & Mrs. Irwin Goodman                                                       Jeffrey Gilmore
                                                                              Lynn M. Martin
   Helen Klar                         VIOLA SOMMER
 LAWRENCE “LARRY” ROGERS                Dr. & Mrs. Robert Brent
                                                                              Jacqueline Parisi                      SEYMOUR GORDON
                                                                              Dr. & Mrs. Murray Rebner
   Mr. & Mrs. Howard Barnett          ETHEL STEINMAN                          Mr. & Mrs. Peter Rodgers
                                                                                                                     HEALTH & WELLNESS
   Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Forbes             Mr. & Mrs. Eliot Bank                 Karen Scherba                          FUND
   Nancy Katzman & Randy Wertheimer   ANN STONEMAN                            Mr. & Mrs. Walter Smith                Helps pay for medical equipment and
 LESLIE ROSE                            Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nusbaum             Kathy Tupa                             related training for staff and persons
   Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Gottlieb          Dr. & Mrs. Gregg Brent                Visions Unlimited                      served
 JEAN ROSEN                           SAM STRAUSS                             Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Warshawsky
   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Silverstein        Mr. & Mrs. Larry Tracht                                                      In Honor Of
                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Ed Wolf
 MORRY ROSENBAUM                      CAROLE HOPE SUCHER DURBIN                                                      GRANDSON OF BARBARA WACHLER
                                                                            JEANETTE YOUROFSKY
   Mr. & Mrs. David Zimmerman           Martin Bader                                                                    Marilyn Gordon
                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Karp
 RYAN ROSMAN                          SEYMOUR SUSSMAN                                                                In Memory Of
                                                                              Carole Sher
                                                                                                                     DELORES GROSS
   Dr. & Mrs. Robert Boorstein          Eve Becker                          RONALD YOUROFSKY
                                                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Gordon
   Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Kales             SARAH SWITZER                           Carole Sher
                                                                                                                     ALBERT LETVIN
   Helen Klar                           Alan Droz & Rochelle Gach-Droz      WALTER STEWART ZEIGER
                                                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Martin Liebman
   Mr. & Mrs. Norman Rosenberg        LYDIA SZOBEL                            Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Adelson
                                                                              Beatrice Cohan                         SAMUEL TANENHAUS
   Debbie & Steve, Justin & Lowell      Maxine Stoler & Cheryl, Ron,
                                                                            Marriage                                    Marilynn Gordon
   Schwalb                              Michael, Jennifer & Lisa Rasansky
                                                                            SON OF REVA BARAHAL                      Speedy Recovery
   Mr. & Mrs. David Sillman           PAMELA TALON
                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Donald Golde                WENDY SCHWARTZ
       Mr. & Mrs. David Zimmerman       Dr. & Mrs. Charles Feinman

                                                                                                                        Marilynn Gordon

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14   Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers. 1st Quarter 2010

     EVELYN & SALMAN GRAND                       BARBARA & IRVING NUSBAUM                   Dr. & Mrs. Marc Bocknek              Mr. & Mrs. Larry Lax & Family
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bindes                   Barry D. Briskin                     Roz Lax
     HOME                                        Speedy Recovery                            Mr. & Mrs. Seymour Brode             Mr. & Mrs. Henry Lee
     Provides for the operation needs of the     TILLIE CAMHI                                Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Bromberg      Mr. & Mrs. Roger Leemis
     Grand Home                                    Mr. & Mrs. Irving Baker                  Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Camden             Mr. & Mrs. Yale Levin
     Birth                                       DR. DONALD ROCHEN                          Mr. & Mrs. Byron Canvasser           Phyllis Loewenstein
     GREAT-GRANDSON OF DELORES &                   Mr. & Mrs. Irving Baker                  Mr. & Mrs. Manny Charach             Dr. Beth Lowe & Jonathan Lowe
     MAURICE BLOCH                               In Memory Of                               Mr. & Mrs. James Cherney             Michael Maddin & Margo Pernick and
       Mr. & Mrs. Leo Rosen                      LAWRENCE BERMAN                            Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne Clayton            the Board of Directors of the Jewish
     Birthday                                      Dr. & Mrs. Oscar Ross                    Judge & Mrs. Avern Cohn              Fund
     BENSON FORD, JR.                            NATHAN BLUMER                              Miriam B. Colburn                    Laurie Michelson
       Ellen, Eric & Max Prevost                   David Dashow                             Barbara Cooper                       Paula Milgrom & James Barnett
     In Honor Of                                   Mr. & Mrs. Alan Rothberger               Edwin H. Cox                         Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Mintz
     SHIRLEY SOFIA                               ELIOT CHARLIP                              Cranbrook Kingswood Boys’ Middle     Mr. & Mrs. Allan Nachman
       Mr. & Mrs. Eric Prevost                     Mr. & Mrs. Alan Rothberger               School                               David Nachman
     In Memory Of                                BEATRICE DASHOW                            Barbara Dobb                         Barbara, Jim & Margot, Billy & Lea
     RODNEY COHEN                                  Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Michael                Mr. & Mrs. Barry Doyle               Narens, Nanci & Rocky Levy
       Mr. & Mrs. Leo Rosen                      DAVID DASHOW                               Dr. & Mrs. Marc Dunn                 Mr. & Mrs. Ed Narens
     KATHRYN HATHAWAY                              Mr. & Mrs. Irving Baker                  Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Elson               Northern Trust Bank
       Mr. & Mrs. Leo Rosen                        Annette Bechek                           Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Erb          Mr. & Mrs. Irving Nusbaum
       Mr. & Mrs. Barry Shatzman                   Mr. & Mrs. Henry Bechek                  Dolores Farber                       Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nusbaum
     ESTHER KAPLAN                                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bechek & Family        Marcy & Michael Feldman              Mr. & Mrs. George Nyman
       Dr. & Mrs. Alan Cornfield                   Laurel Berger                            Marilyn Finkel & Stanley Brown       Mr. & Mrs. Bill Oberfelder
       Mr. & Mrs. Leo Rosen                        Randee Black                             Mr. & Mrs. Bob Fisher                Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Och
     Speedy Recovery                               Mr. & Mrs. Larry Bluth                   Bette Fitz                           Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Orley
     NANCY EPSTEIN                                 Michele Byer                             Dr. & Mrs. Al Frank                  Mr. & Mrs. Rob Orley
       Mr. & Mrs. Leo Rosen                        Marla Crane                              Mr. & Mrs. David Frank               Mr. & Mrs. Norman Pappas
     GORDON LEFF                                   Mr. & Mrs. Mike Daitch                   Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Frank              Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Patton
       Mr. & Mrs. Leo Rosen                        Mr. & Mrs. Seymour Deitch                Sam Frank                            Mrs. Joseph Pearlman
     LEO ROSEN                                     Julie Falbaum & Peter BeVier             Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Frankel           Mr. & Mrs. Bill Perlmutter
       Dr. & Mrs. Alan Cornfield                   Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Epstein                 Larry Friedlander                    Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Pollock
                                                   Sylvia Fox                               Earl Friedman
     JODI & LINDSAY GROSS                          Mr. & Mrs. Henry Frehsee                 Mr. & Mrs. Ed Friedman
                                                                                                                                 Fay-Ann Popkin
     FAMILY FUND                                                                                                                 Steve E. Ramsower
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Howard Frehsee                Harriet Friedman & Family            Mr. & Mrs. John Redfield
     Used for general purpose needs of JARC        Dr. & Mrs. Hank Garfield                 Beth Gans                            Mr. & Mrs. Markus Rohtbart
     In Memory Of                                  Mr. & Mrs. Loren Goodman                 Jacqueline Gard                      Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Rosen
     DELORES GROSS                                 Grias-Radwanski Family                   Mr. & Mrs. Larry Garon
                                                                                                                                 Dr. & Mrs. Lewis Rosenbaum
       Karen, Ken, Michael, Aaron & Ilana          Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Hawes                    Mr. & Mrs. Byron Gerson
                                                                                                                                 Lisa & Bob Ruggeri
       Goss                                        Dr. & Mrs. Toby Hazan & Family           Ralph Gerson & Erica A. Ward
                                                                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Craig Ruskin
       Dr. & Mrs. Samuel Gray                      Bernie Jonas                             Mr. & Mrs. Jim Ginn
                                                                                                                                 Barbara Sachse
       Dr. & Mrs. Gary Langnas                     Carol Kaczander                          Mr. & Mrs. Irving Goldman
                                                                                                                                 Andrea Schatz & Zachary Nathan
       Mr. & Mrs. David Steuer                     Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Kaminer                Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Goldman
                                                                                                                                 Suzanne Schatz
                                                   Esther Kurtz                             Mr. & Mrs. Harvey A. Gordon
     HERBERT L. HARRIS JUDAIC                                                                                                    Shirley K. Schlafer Foundation
                                                   Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Michael                Mr. & Mrs. Howard Graff
                                                                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Schubot
     FUND                                          Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Michalak               Mr. & Mrs. Hadar Granader
                                                                                                                                 Leonard J. Schultz
     Helps fund Judaic holiday celebrations        Mr. & Mrs. Mort Racklin                  Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Greenberg
                                                                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Alan S. Schwartz
     and programs                                  Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Radwinski                Mr. & Mrs. Fred Greenspan
                                                                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Mert Segal
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Peter Rodgers                 Mr. & Mrs. Jim Grosfeld
     Birthday                                                                                                                    Mark & Cathy Peterman Segel
                                                   Dr. & Mrs. Shay Rosenfeld                Liz Kanter Groskind
     TERRY WEINGARDEN                                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Marty Seltzer
                                                   Amy Rothberger                           Joan Groves
       Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth S. Meyers                                                                                              Drs. Beth & Uri Shabto
                                                   Peter Serini & Sue Walters               Mr. & Mrs. David Handleman
     In Memory Of                                                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Mark Shaevsky
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Rick Silverman                Ann Hartenstein & Robert Cox
     DR. MARTIN GUYER                                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Larry Sherman
                                                   Joan Stern                               Mr. & Mrs. Steve Harris
       Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rubin                                                                                                   Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Siegel
     SHIRLEY HARRIS                                Seymour Stone                            Doreen Hermelin & Mel Lester
                                                   Fred Swartz                              Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Hirsch              Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Silverman
       Rosalyn Blankstein                                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. David Sillman
       Dr. & Mrs. Robert Fisher                    Sue Walters                              Julie Rodecker Holly
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Jim Wilson                    James Hooberman                      Maurine Sillman
       Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Greenberg                                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert B. Silverman
                                                 FATHER OF DENNIS DEMBS                     Randee & Harris Horowitz
     MERLE & SHIRLEY HARRIS                        Mr. & Mrs. Mark Dembs                    Rick Hunger                          Mr. & Mrs. Rick Silverman
                                                                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Slotkin
     CHILDREN & FAMILY                           RITA FROMM                                 HVSH Board & Administration
                                                                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. David Sommerfeld
     DIVISION                                      Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bindes                   John E. & Senator Gilda Jacobs
                                                 MORTON GOLD                                Sybil Jones                          Sheila Stone
     Provides services to families of children     Mr. & Mrs. Irving Baker                  Mark Jordan & Kendall Patton         Kathleen Straus & Walter Shapero
     with any disability living at home          SHIRLEY HARRIS                             Carol Kaczander                      Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Sturman
     Bat Mitzvah                                   Mr. & Mrs. Fred Adams, Jr.               Sue Kaine                            Shelby Tauber
     PAIGE N. GUTTER                               Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Applebaum              Mr. & Mrs. Jay Kalisky               Mr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Thal
       Dr. & Mrs. Oscar Ross                       Herbert A. Aronsson                      Daniel L. Kanter                     Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Tyler
     Birth                                         Mr. & Mrs. Armen Asher                   Nedra Kapetansky                     Marjorie Victor
     DELANEY ROSE BRAGER                           Linda Wasserman-Aviv                     Mr. & Mrs. Seymour Karbal            Mr. & Mrs. Martin Weiss
       Gail Cohen                                  Tobi & Arthur Barr                       Norman & Ann Katz                    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Welling
     Birthday                                                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. William Wetsman
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Guy Barron                    Marilyn Katz
     DR. SYDNEY HARRIS                                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Marty Wiener
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Bell                  Marty & Helen Katz
       Dr. & Mrs. Oscar Ross                                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Henry Wineman II
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Benson                  Dorothy Kaufman
                                                   Mrs. Lois Benson                         Mr. & Mrs. Irving Keene              Melba Winer
       Mr. & Mrs. Bill Perlmutter
                                                   Laurel Berger                            Joyce Keller & Michael A. Walch      Dr. & Mrs. Seymour Ziegelman
       The Perlman Family                          Mandell Berman                           Patricia Kelter & Marc Cohen         Mr. & Mrs. Richard Zussman
     ZELAINE SHINDER                               Mr. & Mrs. Harold Berry                  Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Kleiman          ESTHER KAPLAN
       Mr. & Mrs. Martin Weiss                     Joanne Blankstein                        Mr. & Mrs. Tom Klein                 Elayne Sharon
     In Honor Of                                   Barbara & Rosalyn Blankstein             Kenneth Korotkin                   DOUGLAS KAY
     SHARON ALTERMAN                               Joanne, Larry, Brian & Jeff Blankstein   Kosmos Energy                        Dr. Gary Chodoroff
       Sheryl Kaminer                              Karen Blankstein                         Mr. & Mrs. Bill Krasnick           MILTON KLEIN
     MELANIE JONAS & TRAVIS WRIGHT                 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Bloom                 Nancy Krawitz                        Mr. & Mrs. Mark Finn
       Laurel Berger                               Linda Blumberg                           Barbara Kux                        LEONA LEWIS
     RICHARD LOEWENSTEIN                           Mr. & Mrs. Harold Blumenstein            Dr. & Mrs. James Labes               Sara Eason
       Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Cherrin

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                                                                                                                     1st Quarter 2010   Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers.   15

 KENNY MANN                               NANCY & JOSEPH                           Speedy Recovery                             MEGAN STEWART & DR. CARY BELEN
   Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bindes                                                          JOSH SWEITZER                                 Mr. & Mrs. Jared Rothberger
                                          JACOBSON FUND                              Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kalt                    TRACYE BELLO
   Mr. & Mrs. Martin Weiss                Used for general purpose needs of JARC                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Jared Rothberger
 ELSE MERIN                               In Memory Of                             KAUFMAN FAMILY SPORTS                       In Memory Of
   Mr. & Mrs. Yosef Feldman               HARRY “FRITZ” FRIDSON                    & RECREATION FUND                           FATHER OF CAROL BASS
 MEYER ORDOWER                              Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Jacobson             Provides therapeutic recreation               Kenneth Korotkin
   Mr. & Mrs. Irving Baker                CHARLES PAPPAS                           programming                                 ELIOT CHARLIP
 BELLE ROSS                                 Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Jacobson                                                           Kenneth Korotkin
   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Jonas                                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Jared Rothberger
                                          JARC CELEBRATING                         LILLIAN KAUFMAN
   Mr. & Mrs. Ossie Ross                                                                                                       MARILYN CHERNOFF
                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. David Efros
 HAROLD ROTHENBERG                        DIVERSITY FUND                             Mr. & Mrs. Alan Kaufman                     Kenneth Korotkin
   Elayne Sharon                          To promote and recognize diversity                                                   SHIRLEY CUTLER
 DENISE SACKS                                                                      SUE KAUFMAN
                                          awareness within JARC                      Lillian Efros Kaufman                       William Halprin & Susie Saraquse
   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Jonas
                                          Birthday                                                                             DAVID DASHOW
 MOTHER OF RONNI TISCHLER                                                          KELLER FAMILY JUDAIC
                                          KAREN ROSENSTEIN                                                                       Sheila Charlip
   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Jonas
 EDITH WYMAN                                Mr. & Mrs. Larry R. Shulman            FUND                                          Kenneth Korotkin
                                          In Honor Of                              Helps fund Judaic programming for             Lisa & Jared Rothberger
   Laurel Berger
                                          RICHARD PERNAZZA                         persons served                                Dr. Risha Ring & Amy Rothberger
   Mike, Nancy, Dan, Amy, Oren &
   Amarya Kaplan                            Mr. & Mrs. Irving Rosenstein                                                       HARRY “FRITZ” FRIDSON
                                                                                   Bat Mitzvah
 LARRY ZIFF                                                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Steven E. Jacob
                                          GAYLE & MARK KAHN                        SARAH MORAIS
   Sylvia Roth                                                                                                                   Kenneth Korotkin
                                                                                     Rabbi Jason & Elissa Miller
                                          FAMILY FUND                              Birth                                         Joyce Keller & Michael A. Walch
 RHEBA HERMAN                             Helps provide comprehensive support      JOSHUA COOPER                               ZENA GORDON
 MEMORIAL FUND                            for JARC’s School Inclusion Program        Rabbi Jason & Elissa Miller                 Kenneth Korotkin
 Used for general purpose needs of JARC                                            BRODY ETAI MADDIN                           LEVI GREEN, SR.
                                          In Honor Of
                                                                                     Rabbi Jason & Elissa Miller                 Joyce Keller & Michael A. Walch
 Birthday                                 MARK KAHN
                                                                                   Birthday                                    DR. MARTIN GUYER
 GERALDINE WARSHAWSKY                       Linda & Spencer Minns
                                                                                   BENJAMIN GURVITZ                              Joyce Keller & Michael A. Walch
   Mr. & Mrs. Norman S. Miller
 In Memory Of
                                          ILYSSA KAHN “NIGHT ON                      Rabbi Jason & Elissa Miller               HARVEY LIPSITT
                                          THE TOWN” FUND                           FRAN ZOSLOW                                   Joyce Keller & Michael A. Walch
 SHARON SNYDERMAN                                                                                                              FRED MARX
                                          Provides entertainment and recreation      Rabbi Jason & Elissa Miller
   Mr. & Mrs. Sy Warshawsky                                                                                                      Kenneth Korotkin
                                                                                   In Honor Of
 Speedy Recovery                          funds for persons served
                                                                                   MILLANA KEST                                  Mr. & Mrs. Jared Rothberger
 MARVIN SALOMON                           Anniversary                                                                          CHARLES PAPPAS
                                                                                     Rabbi Jason & Elissa Miller
   Bernice Miller                         JEROME HALPERIN                          RICK LOWENSTEIN                               Mr. & Mrs. Steven E. Jacob
                                            Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Kahn
 MARTIN HERSCH                            In Honor Of
                                                                                     Rabbi Jason & Elissa Miller               JEAN ROSEN
                                                                                   STELLA WEITZMAN                               Joyce Keller & Michael A. Walch
 MEMORIAL FUND                            JARED KROOPNICK                            Rabbi Jason & Elissa Miller                 Kenneth Korotkin
 Used for general purpose needs of JARC     Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Kleiman           In Memory Of                                GABRIEL SCHUCHMAN
 In Honor Of                              In Memory Of                             ELIOT CHARLIP                                 Mr. & Mrs. Jared Rothberger
 BETTY HERSCH, MARIANNE & JEROME          HILDA GOSS                                 Rabbi Jason & Elissa Miller               MAXINE SMITH
 PESICK, ED & JULIE HERSCH & LISA &         Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kroopnick           IDA GOTTESMAN                                 Kenneth Korotkin
 TERRY BRICKMAN                           DR. MARTIN GUYER                           Rabbi Jason & Elissa Miller               MONA STERN
                                            Mr. & Mrs. Eric Lumberg                LOUIS LAN
   Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Redstone                                                                                                    Kenneth Korotkin
                                          HARVEY LIPSITT                             Rabbi Jason & Elissa Miller               GRANDFATHER OF DIANE WEISBERG
 HOUSE BEAUTIFICATION                       Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kroopnick           DAVID ODESKY                                  Kenneth Korotkin
 FUND                                     DR. ALLEN SCHOR                            Rabbi Jason & Elissa Miller
                                            Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kroopnick                                                       SHIRLEY WILLENS
 Helps provide furniture and decorating                                            JEAN ROSEN                                    Kenneth Korotkin
                                          EVELYN SKUPSKY                             Rabbi Jason & Elissa Miller
 for JARC homes                             Ellen, Rick, Jared & Michael                                                       EDITH WYMAN
 Anniversary                                Kroopnick & Karen, Morris, Emilie &                                                  Joyce Keller & Michael A. Walch
                                                                                   STEPHANIE BLECHMAN & YONI
 MARION & MICHAEL FREEDMAN                  Andrea Rottman                                                                     BRYAN YOLLES
   Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Wolf              Marriage                                                                               Julie Dale
                                                                                     Rabbi Jason & Elissa Miller
 ELLEN & CHARLES TENNER                   MELISSA & GABRIEL                                                                    Marriage
                                                                                   RACHEL JACOBSON & JOEL
   Joanne, Danny, Sara, Ben & Anna          Morris Rottman & Dr. Karen M.                                                      LISA & JARED ROTHBERGER
   Aronovitz                                Rottman                                  Rabbi Jason & Elissa Miller                 Pauline Katz
 In Memory Of                                                                      PAULA SPACK & MICHAEL NELSON                  Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Graff
 RODNEY COHEN                             HAROLD & GERRIE KALT                                                                   John Lawrence
                                                                                     Rabbi Jason & Elissa Miller
   Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Aronovitz            ENDOWMENT FUND
 DAVID DASHOW                             Used for general purpose needs of JARC   JOYCE KELLER & MICHAEL                      THELMA POLLOCK KELLER
   Mr. & Mrs. Marvin M. Tamaroff                                                   A. WALCH STAFF                              RESOURCE CENTER FUND
                                          Bar Mitzvah
 DAVID & ESTHER JACOB                     JACOB M. KALT                            RECOGNITION FUND                            Helps pay for materials for JARC’s
                                            Steven R. Kalt & Robert D. Heeren                                                  resource library
 FUND                                                                              Helps to recognize staff longevity and
                                          SAMMY SILVERSTEIN                        honor staff at an annual luncheon           In Honor Of
 Used for general purpose needs of JARC     Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Starr                                                            EVVA & MICHAEL HEPNER
 Anniversary                                                                       Birth
                                          Birthday                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Weiss
 LORETTA & SEYMOUR ZIEGELMAN                                                       JACOB GEIRINGER
                                          TERRY OSTER                                                                          In Memory Of
 Connie Jacob                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Jared Rothberger
                                            Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kalt                                                             SAM DOCK
 Bar Mitzvah                                                                       ALEXIS MIGLIORE
                                          In Honor Of                                                                            Dr. & Mrs. Ted H. Schwartzenfeld
 NICK GILBERT                                                                        Kenneth Korotkin
                                          SCOTT KALT                                                                           MARJORIE JOSPEY
   Mr. & Mrs. David Jacob                                                          ARI JORDAN PROSSIN
                                            Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Starr                                                              Dr. & Mrs. Ted H. Schwartzenfeld
 RYAN ROSENTHAL                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Jared Rothberger
                                          JOSH SWEITZER                                                                        SHIRLEY WILLENS
   Mr. & Mrs. David Jacob                                                          JACOB THOMAS TURNER
                                            Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kalt                                                               Dr. & Mrs. Ted H. Schwartzenfeld
                                                                                     Joyce Keller & Michael A. Walch
 In Memory Of                             In Memory Of
 RODNEY COHEN                             IDA ELLENSON
                                                                                   In Honor Of                                 HARRY KOMISAR & LILLIAN
   Mr. & Mrs. David Jacob                   Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kalt                 JESSICA BELLO & ERIC UNATIN                 & HYMAN FELDMAN
                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Jared Rothberger
 MARJORIE JOSPEY                          ARYANA ITKIS
                                                                                   MILLI HERSHMAN
                                                                                                                               SPECIAL NEEDS FUND
   Mr. & Mrs. David Jacob                   Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kalt                                                             Used for special needs of persons
 MAX “MIKE” MILLER                        KENNETH MANN                               Anne Fleming
                                                                                   JOYCE KELLER & MICHAEL A. WALCH             served
   Mr. & Mrs. David Jacob                    Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kalt
                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Bawol                  Birthday
 Marriage                                 WILL PASTOR
                                                                                     Dr. & Mrs. Frank Kozin                    BARRY FELDMAN
 MARY JACOB & DOUGLAS                       Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Starr
                                                                                   JARED ROTHBERGER                              Mr. & Mrs. Michael Berke
 MCCULLOUGH                               SAMUEL PEARLMAN                                                                        Dr. & Mrs. Steven Dovitz
                                                                                     John Lawrence

        Mr. & Mrs. Michael Jacob            Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kalt                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Herschel P. Fink
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16   Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers. 1st Quarter 2010

       Dr. & Mrs. Henry Hirsch                  BENARD L. MAAS                              Dr. Alan Silverman & Dr. Suzanne       In Memory Of
       Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Markman                                                           Merkle                                 FRED MARX
       Adrienne Ruby
                                                FOUNDATION ADVOCACY                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Norman Pappas
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Silverman
       Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Taylor                 FUND                                      TOBY BISTROW                             DR. CHARLES PAPPAS
     In Memory Of                               Provides patient advocacy during            Mr. & Mrs. Martin M. Miller              Beth & Earle Erman
     ESTHER KAPLAN                              hospitalization and rehabilitation        ELIOT CHARLIP                              Marcy & Michael Feldman
       Dr. & Mrs. Gary Porter                   In Memory Of                                Mr. & Mrs. Martin M. Miller              Mr. & Mrs. Irving Nusbaum
     FRIEDA RASKIN                              HELEN MILLER                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Rothstein
                                                                                          SAM FRANK
       Sara Matz Manson                           Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Calchary
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Martin M. Miller            MEYER & SARAH
                                                                                          LAWRENCE “LARRY” ROGERS                  PEARLMAN FUND
       Dr. & Mrs. Gary Porter                   BENARD L. MAAS
     ALEX SCHONBERG                                                                         Stacey & Erik Bean
                                                FOUNDATION ALL                              Norton J. Cohen
                                                                                                                                   Supports the “Making Community
       Sally Lepofsky
                                                INCLUSION FUND                              Dr. & Mrs. David Edgar
                                                                                                                                   Connections” project, staff training and
                                                                                                                                   related transportation expenses
       Mr. & Mrs. Julius Markman                Provides classroom support for children     Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Fishman
     ELYA SHAIDNER                              in area day schools                         Ardis Feldman & Dan Kahn               Anniversary
       Dr. & Mrs. Henry Hirsch                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Frank                DONNA & ALLAN PEARLMAN
                                                In Honor Of
     ERNIE SWARTZ                               BETH ISAACS                                 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Golumbia            Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Cooper
       Dr. & Mrs. Henry Hirsch                    The Tinman Family                         Lois Gregg                               Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Klein
     DEBORAH WEISSERMAN                         PHIL SMITH                                  Mr. & Mrs. Jerold H. Hoskow              Mr. & Mrs. Jay Prinstein
       Rochelle Iczkovitz                         Ilene Tinman                              Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hyman                  Dr. & Mrs. Jerrold Weinberg
     ESTHER & HARRY KORELITZ                    In Memory Of                                Mr. & Mrs. Paul Jacobs                   Dr. Lauren S. Weingarden
                                                BUDDY FRANKLIN                              Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kalt                 Birthday
     LANDSCAPE                                                                                                                     DONNA PEARLMAN
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. David E. Engelbert             Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lewis
     BEAUTIFICATION FUND                        HELEN MILLER                                The Lofquist Family                      Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Acker
     Helps to pay for landscaping and lawn        Mr. & Mrs. Sam Calchary                   Dr. & Mrs. Richard Merkle                Mr. & Mrs. Michael Alterman
     maintenance at JARC homes                  ROSIE                                       Sharon Meyer                             Phyllis Canvasser
     In Honor Of                                  Ilene Tinman                              Mr. & Mrs. Martin M. Miller              Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cohen
     FRED BROWN                                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Myron L. Milgrom              Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Cooper
       Mr. & Mrs. Jay A. Korelitz               BARBARA MANKO                               Mr. & Mrs. Aaron D. Rosenstein           Linda Friedlaender
     WINNIE WECHSLER                            MEMORIAL FUND                               Mr. & Mrs. John Sprecher                 Eileen Isenberg
       Mr. & Mrs. Korelitz                      Used for general purpose needs of JARC                                               Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kettler
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. David Stryk
     In Memory Of
                                                Anniversary                                 Mr. & Mrs. Joel D. Tauber                Carrie Kushner
                                                NANCY & MITCHELL KANTOR                     Joan Tomlinson                           Mr. & Mrs. Martin Laker
       Ronnie Korelitz
       Mr. & Mrs. Jay A. Korelitz                 Gerald Manko                              Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Wallace              Mr. & Mrs. Arvin Pearlman
     AL SCHWARTZ                                JANIS & LARRY SHULMAN                       Marian Weinstein                         Lenore Pickman
       Mr. & Mrs. Jay A Korelitz                  Gerald Manko                              Dr. Howard Yerman & Dr. Ada              Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rubin
                                                Birthday                                    Kusnetz                                  Mr. & Mrs. Alan S. Schwartz
     TERRY WAYNE KORMAN                         EARLE ERMAN                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Schwartz
     CULTURE & RECREATION                         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Weisberg              MONDRY FAMILY CULTURE                      Beverly Weingarden
     FUND                                       DOROTHY HERMAN                            & TRAVEL FUND                              Dr. Lauren S. Weingarden
                                                  Gerald Manko                            Helps pay for vacation expenses for
     Helps fund cultural and recreational                                                                                            Monnie Weingarden
                                                LARRY SHULMAN
     activities for persons served                                                        persons served and accompanying staff      Sandi Wolfe
                                                  Gerald Manko
     Speedy Recovery                            WALTER STARK                              In Honor Of                              In Honor Of
     ALLAN BLUM                                   Gerald Manko                            NINA & MIRIAM CROSS                      CARMEN HICKOK
       Mr. & Mrs. Larry Lifshitz                In Memory Of                                Jack & Belle Rosenthal                   Andrea Roisman
     VIVIENNE COHEN                             MICHAEL GARTNER                           SHEILA MONDRY                            TRACY PHILLIPS
       Mr. & Mrs. Allan Blum                      Janis, Larry, Brian, Julie & Michael      Mr. & Mrs. John F. Kososki               Andrea Roisman
     MELVYN KOROBKIN                              Shulman                                                                          In Memory Of
       Mr. & Mrs. Allan Blum                    CHARLES PAPPAS
                                                                                          DR. LESLIE & RICHARD                     SYDNEY COHEN
     ELLEN & JIM LABES                            Mr. & Mrs. Earle Erman                  MOSS CULTURAL                              Mr. & Mrs. Arvin Pearlman
     VACATION FUND                                Mr. & Mrs. Larry R. Shulman             ENRICHMENT MEMORIAL                      ZENA GORDON
     Helps pay for vacation expenses of
                                                ELYA SHNAIDER                             FUND                                       Andrea Roisman
                                                  Janis, Larry, Brian, Julie & Michael    Helps fund recreational and cultural     CHARLES PAPPAS
     persons served and accompanying staff
                                                  Shulman                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Allan Pearlman
     Birthday                                                                             activities for persons served
     SEYMOUR ROSEN                              MEDOW HOME                                In Memory Of                             SAMUEL PEARLMAN
       Dr. & Mrs. James Labes                   ENHANCEMENT FUND                          ELIZABETH WORDEN                           Mr. & Mrs. Allan Pearlman
     ANITA SUDAKIN                                                                          Mildred Moss                             Mr. & Mrs. Jay Prinstein
                                                Provides for the maintenance of the
       Dr. & Mrs. James Labes                                                                                                        Libby Weingarden
                                                Medow Home                                NORTHWEST CHILD
     In Memory Of                                                                                                                  LYNNE SCOTT PICKMAN
     FRIEDA RASKIN                              Anniversary                               RESCUE WOMEN                               Mr. & Mrs. Allan Pearlman
       Sara Manson                              SHERRI & JAMES KETAI                                                               RALPH & ETHEL ROSENBLATT
                                                                                          Helps pay for transportation costs for
                                                  Dr. & Mrs. Randall Shaw                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Schwartz
     LABES VACATION HOME                                                                  persons served
                                                In Honor Of                                                                        HAROLD ROTHENBERG
     MAINTENANCE FUND                           GLORIA & ARTY GROSSMAN                    In Honor Of
                                                                                          THE HARD WORKING VOLUNTEERS OF             Ellen Goldenberg
     Provides for maintenance of the Ellen        Rhoda Medow                                                                      CLAIRE SUSSMAN
                                                                                          NORTHWEST CHILD RESCUE WOMEN
     Labes Vacation Home in Gladwin, MI         MAURENE RIES                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Allan Pearlman
                                                                                            Northwest Child Rescue Women
     In Memory Of                                 Ann Wilson
     MITCHELL “MICKEY” KETAI                    In Memory Of                              NUSBAUM HOME FUND                        ALBERT & DORIS PITT
       Sara Matz Manson                         DR. MARTIN GUYER                          Provides for the operational needs of    FUND
     ELAINE LEVITT                                Rhoda Medow                             the Nusbaum Family Home                  Provides for the operational needs of
       Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Raskin              ANN WILSON                                                                         the Pitt Home
                                                                                          In Honor Of
     BEATRICE RAITT                               Mr. & Mrs. Al Urpsis
                                                                                          IRVING NUSBAUM                           Birthday
       Mr. & Mrs. James H. Sherman
                                                ERWIN MILLER MEMORIAL                      Sheilah Goldberg                        DAVID SCHANE
     NORMAN & MINNIE                            FUND                                      PAPPAS FAMILY DONOR
                                                                                                                                     Sylvia Schane
                                                                                                                                   In Honor Of
     LEVINE SHABBAT &                           Used for general purpose needs of JARC    RECOGNITION FUND                         SHIRLEY ALPINER
     HOLIDAY FUND                               Anniversary                               Supports special donor recognition         Pearl Dubin
     Helps pay for Judaic items and supplies    MARTIN MILLER                             programs                                 In Memory Of
     for Shabbat and holiday observances          Dr. & Mrs. Richard Menczer                                                       SOL COHEN
                                                                                          Birth                                      Sophie Eisenberg
     In Memory Of                               In Memory Of                              MAXWELL GRAYSON SINGER
                                                BRUCE ABRAHAMS                                                                     MEYER “MIKE” POMERANTZ
     EDITH WYMAN                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Norman Pappas                 Mr. & Mrs. Martin Meyer
       Mr. & Mrs. Michael Alterman                Rosalind Rogers

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                                                                                                                       1st Quarter 2010   Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers.   17

 JACK & BELLE ROSENTHAL                     DEBBY RUBIN MEMORIAL                     MILDRED PICK                                In Memory Of
   Tina Rosenthal                                                                      Sophie Mikon, Arnie & Deena Mikon,        SYDNEY COHEN
 Speedy Recovery
                                            FUND                                       David & Winky Mikon, Carol & Rick           Mr. & Mrs. David Shink
 PEGGY PITT                                 Used for general purpose needs of          Kaczander                                 MARJORIE JOSPEY
   Joyce Keller & Michael A. Walch          JARC                                     MRS. QUINN                                    Patricia Shink Nyznyk & Randy
                                            In Memory Of                               Mr. & Mrs. Alan Kaczander
 LYNN PODOLSKY                                                                                                                     Nyznyk
                                            JEANNE MORRISON                          ELIZABETH (BETTY) ROSENHAUS
 CULINARY ARTS FUND                           Mr. & Mrs. Scott Rubin                   Marc & Marcie Schechter                   JANIS & LARRY SHULMAN
                                                                                     GILBERT SCHWARTZ
 Provides cooking and nutrition classes     ENRIQUE PHILLIPS
                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Marc Schechter                 STAFF AWARD FUND
 for persons served                           Dr. & Mrs. Martin Tessler
                                                                                     HERMAN SCHWARTZ                             Provides stipends for annual staff
                                            GLORIA RADNER
 Birthday                                                                              Frances Kaczander                         awards
                                              Mr. & Mrs. Scott Rubin
 JOSHUA LEVINSON                                                                     JASON SEALE
   Dr. & Mrs. Arnold Podolsky               MYRON ROY SACHS ILP                        Mr. & Mrs. Marc Schechter
                                                                                                                                 LARRY SHULMAN
 RUTH TOBIAS                                                                         EDWARD SILBERSTEIN
                                            TRANSPORTATION FUND                        Frances Kaczander                           Brian, Julie & Michael Shulman
   Dr. & Mrs. Arnold Podolsky
                                            Helps pay for transportation expenses    SANFORD “SANDY” WARD                        In Honor Of
                                            for individuals living independently       Mr. & Mrs. Marc Schechter                 RICHARD LOEWENSTEIN
                                            Anniversary                              EDITH WOLF                                    Mr. & Mrs. Larry R. Shulman
   Dr. & Mrs. Arnold Podolsky
                                            DON & MARILYN SACHS                        Mr. & Mrs. Marc Schechter                 In Memory Of
 In Memory Of
                                              Bernice & Jack Gill                    Marriage                                    DAVID DASHOW
 CLAIRE COLMAN                                                                       JACOB KAHN & SAMANTHA SOLOMON
   Dr. & Mrs. Arnold Podolsky               Bar Mitzvah                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Larry R. Shulman
                                            ELI GORDON                                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kaczander              DR. MARTIN GUYER
 SAMUEL PEARLMAN                                                                     Speedy Recovery
                                              Gerald Manko                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Larry R. Shulman
   Dr. & Mrs. Arnold Podolsky                                                        ALLAN BLUM
                                            In Honor Of                                                                          ESTHER KAPLAN
 LYNN PODOLSKY                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Mort H. Lewis
                                            ROCHELLE LUPOVITCH                                                                     Janis Shulman
   Dr. & Mrs. Arnold Podolsky                                                        STANLEY KENT
                                              Mr. & Mrs. Dan Ockner
   Ruth Tobias                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kaczander              MOLLY LINOVITZ
                                            DON SACHS
 EDITH WYMAN                                                                                                                       Janis Shulman
   Mr. & Mrs. Brent Triest
                                              Mr. & Mrs. Jackie Gill                 ABE & DORIS SCHMIER                         MARVIN LEE PERRY
                                            In Memory Of
                                                                                     STAFF SCHOLARSHIP FUND                        Mr. & Mrs. Larry R. Shulman & Family
 TONY RICHMAN JOIN                          BRUCE ABRAHAMS
                                                                                     Provides funds for annual staff             JASON SEALE
                                              Dr. & Mrs. Aaron Lupovitch
 SCHOLARSHIP FUND                           MYRON ROY SACHS                          educations scholarship awards                 Janis & Larry and Brian, Julie &
 Pays for stipends for Project JOIN           Marilyn & Don Sachs                    In Memory Of                                  Michael Shulman
 student interns
                                            SCHAFER FAMILY FUND                      MAX “MIKE” MILLER
                                                                                                                                 DR. LAWRENCE D. SILLS
 Birthday                                                                              Corrine Lemberg
 DR. DANNY KAPLAN                           Used for general purpose needs of JARC
                                                                                     ALLEN SMALTZ                                CHILDREN’S FUND
   Mr. & Mrs. Marc Wittenberg               In Memory Of                               Margo Collins                             Provides support for the Harris Division
 In Memory Of                               MOTHER OF MR. & MRS. DAVID               CLAIRE SUSSMAN
                                            GROSCH                                                                               In Honor Of
 STEVEN BEALE                                                                          Corrine Lemberg
                                              Linda Deutsch                                                                      JIMMY ARONOVITZ
   Mr. & Mrs. Dale Lebow                                                             Marriage
                                            CHARLES PAPPAS                                                                         David, Stacy, Sam & Jacob Gordon
 LOU DUMAN                                                                           MARGO & DAVID GROSSMAN
                                              Linda Deutsch
   Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Richman
                                            GLORIA RADNER
                                                                                       Margo Collins                             JULIE SINGER-FREEMAN
   Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Richman                 Linda Deutsch                          FRANK & GERT SELMAN                         INDEPENDENT LIVING
   Dr. Jay Richman                          EDITH WOLF                               SPORTS FUND                                 PROGRAM CLUB
 ZENA GORDON                                  Linda Deutsch                          Provides funds to purchase tickets to       Supports activities for independent
   Sue, Jay, Josh & Chad Kalisky            HILDA SCHECHTER HOME                     sporting events for persons served          living programs
   Mr. & Mrs. Dale Lebow
                                            MAINTENANCE FUND                         In Memory Of                                Bat Mitzvah
                                            Provides for the operational needs of    MARION MOUG                                 GRANDDAUGHTER OF ROGER &
   Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Richman
                                            the Schechter Home                         Robert Haas & Michelle Selman Haas        BOBBI GOTTFRIED
                                                                                       Ray & Diane Zukowski                        Dr. & Mrs. Herbert Bircoll
   Mr. & Mrs. Sherman Hirschman             Anniversary
 Speedy Recovery                            ROBERT ROTENBERG                         JACK & MIRIAM                               DAVID SCHANE
 SIDNEY FORBES                                Mr. & Mrs. Marc Schechter              SHENKMAN FUND
   Hillary, Randy, Lindsey & Melanie Shaw   Birth                                                                                  Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Freeman
                                                                                     Used for general purpose needs of JARC      DORIS SINGER
                                            SON OF MR. & MRS. MARTIN MADDIN
 ROSALIE & BRUCE ROSEN                        Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kaczander           Birthday                                      Mr. & Mrs. Steven Freeman
 ‘RRR’ PROGRAM                              CARLY DANA ROSENBERG                     JUDITH AARON                                GERALDINE WARSHAWSKY
 Provides “Recreation, Relaxation and         Sophie Mikon, Arnie & Deena Mikon,       Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Kirsch                  Dr. & Mrs. Herbert Bircoll
 Relationships” programming for JARC          Carol & Rick Kaczander and Winky &                                                 Speedy Recovery
                                              David Mikon
                                                                                     LAMA & SAMUEL SHETZER
 seniors                                                                                                                         ELISA AIUTO
                                            Birthday                                 INDEPENDENT LIVING                            Dr. & Mrs. Herbert Bircoll
 In Honor Of
                                            ROBERT KACZANDER                         SERVICES DIVISION                           In Memory Of
                                              Dr. & Mrs. James Labes                 Provides administrative support for         RUTH ROSS
   Mr. & Mrs. Craig Rosenberg
                                            LINDA SCHECHTER                          JARC’s independent living programs            Allene Koby
   Dr. & Mrs. David Tukel
                                              Mr. & Mrs. Jack Schechter
 In Memory Of                                                                        In Memory Of                                JULIE SINGER-FREEMAN
                                            In Honor Of
 ZENA GORDON                                                                         JOSEPH CARL GRIFFIN                           Allene Koby
                                            COREY & REGINA
   Dr. & Mrs. David Tukel                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Vernon G. Baker, II            LYDIA SZOBEL
 ESTELLE GUTTERMAN                            Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kaczander
                                            NORMA & MICHAEL DORMAN                     Brian Conville                              Ellen Kominars
   Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Rosen                                                                                                        EDITH WYMAN
 ESTHER KAPLAN                                Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kaczander &           Monica Donals
   Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Rosen                     Deena Mikon                              Kathy Mallison                              Mr. & Mrs. John B. Burnett
 SHIRLEY WILLENS                            FERD HAMPSON                               K. Ching Man & M. Eileen McCormick          Corinne Gorchoff
   Mr. & Mrs. Marty Wiener                    Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kaczander             Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Miller                   Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Graff
                                            DR. GARY TROCK                             Peter D. Scott & Ronna Kabatznick
 SYLVIA & HYMAN                               Robbie Kaczander                                                                   MILDRED & HAROLD
                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. William Todd
 ROSENBERG MEMORIAL                         In Memory Of                               Mr. & Mrs. Fredric Troff
                                                                                                                                 SINGER CLOTHING FUND
 FUND                                       STEVEN BEALE                                                                         Helps provide for the clothing needs of
                                                                                       Mary L. Wassink
                                              Mr. & Mrs. Alan Kaczander                                                          persons served
 Used for general purpose needs of JARC     HARRY “FRITZ” FRIDSON                    RONALD SHINK                                Anniversary
 In Memory Of                                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kaczander
 ANNETTE SANDUBRAE                            Clare Chait
                                                                                     MEMORIAL FUND                               HAROLD JOSEPHSON
   Dr. & Mrs. Morris Brown                    Mr. & Mrs. Marc Schechter              Used for general purpose needs of JARC        Mr. & Mrs. Newton L. Freedman
 NORMA SEIDMAN                              KWOCK ENG (FRANK) GEE                    In Honor Of                                 Birth
   Erica Attanasio                            Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kaczander           MR. & MRS. LARRY ALLAN                      JONAH ARNOLD STERLING
 WILLIAM STEINBERGER                        ABRAHAM MARCUS                             Patricia Shink Nyznyk & Randy               Mr. & Mrs. S. Lawrence Stein
   Svetlana Abidor                            Mr. & Mrs. Alan Kaczander                Nyznyk

New!     JARC EasyPay! Spread pledge payments for annual gifts over equal installments…call Laura @ 248.538.6610 x308 for details
18   Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers. 1st Quarter 2010

     Birthday                                   SANDRA SKLAR                             PAUL B. SOLWAY MEDICAL                      NANCY WAGNER
     ETHEL DANTO                                  Betty Sklar
        Mr. & Mrs. Charles Danto                MAIDA & WALTER SKLAR
                                                                                         NEEDS FUND                                  ENTERTAINMENT FUND
     MARVIN KRAMER                                Betty Sklar                            Provides for medical needs and extra        Helps pay for entertainment expenses
        Mr. & Mrs. Sol Stein                    JEFF, ELAINE, ALEX, CAROLINE & BRIAN     staffing due to illness of persons served   of persons served
     HELEN & HAROLD LANGBERG                    SOBLE                                    Birthday                                    Birth
        Mr. & Mrs. Isadore Silverman              Betty Sklar                            EUGENE MERIN                                ISABELLA BODZIN
     FAYE SCHWARTZ                              MINDY SOBLE                                 Dr. & Mrs. Milton F. Simmons               Sheri Wagner Greenbaum &
        Mr. & Mrs. Newton L. Freedman             Betty Sklar                            MILTON SIMMONS                                Steve Greenbaum
     MARION STEIN                               RICK, IRENE, DAVID & JENNY AND              Dr. & Mrs. Neal Little                   In Memory Of
        Mr. & Mrs. Isadore Silverman            SHERYL SOBLE & TEK WIEGART                  Melvin Mogill                            CHARLES PAPPAS
     S. LAWRENCE STEIN                            Betty Sklar                               Etta Solway                                Sheri Wagner Greenbaum &
        Mr. & Mrs. Isadore Silverman            SHELDA SOBLE                                Gail Solway & Chris Mile                   Steve Greenbaum
     In Honor Of                                  Betty Sklar                               Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Solway
                                                                                         In Memory Of                                IRVING WINE VEHICLE
     HINDI FEINN & ADAM                         SANDY & KENNETH WEDES & FAMILY
        Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Schultz                Betty Sklar                            BUDDY FRANKLIN                              FUND
     MARCIA MILGROM-DODGE                       JANNA & JON VAN ZYLE                        Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Solway                 Helps cover costs of JARC vehicle
                                                                                         HARRY “FRITZ” FRIDSON                       repairs and maintenance
        Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Schultz                Betty Sklar
                                                                                            Etta Solway
     In Memory Of                               In Memory Of                                                                         Bat Mitzvah
                                                                                         SHIRLEY HARRIS
     SOL COHEN                                  ELIOT CHARLIP                                                                        RIVKA YAEL BERGMAN
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Solway
        Mr. & Mrs. Newton L. Freedman             Mr. & Mrs. Richard Soble                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Hadley Wine
                                                                                         JACK MOORE
     DAVID DASHOW                                                                                                                    Birthday
        Linda & Spencer Minns                   BILL SLOMAN & DAVE                          Bonnie Kowal
                                                                                                                                     BARRY FELDMAN
                                                WITTENBERG PROJECT                       CHARLES PAPPAS
     FLORENCE GORAN                                                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Hadley Wine
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Solway
        Mr. & Mrs. David Singer                 GREEN FUND                               ALEX ROTH
                                                                                                                                     STACEY KAPLAN
     ZENA GORDON                                                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Erwin Waldman
                                                Supports projects enabling JARC homes       Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Solway
        Mr. & Mrs. Charles Danto                                                                                                     In Memory Of
                                                to be more energy efficient and          NATHAN SIEMAN
        Dr. & Mrs. Mark Langberg                                                                                                     IRVING APPELBLATT
                                                ecologically responsible                    Ethel S. Sieman
        Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Schultz                                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Hadley Wine
                                                In Memory Of                             MAXINE SMITH
        Mr. & Mrs. Isadore Silverman                                                                                                 JOHN BLASE
                                                LILA RAYMAN BURNS                           Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Solway
        Mr. & Mrs. S. Lawrence Stein                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Hadley Wine
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Wittenberg         FRANKLIN SOLWAY
     RYAN ROSMAN                                                                                                                     MARJORIE JOSPEY
                                                FRED MARX                                   Ethel S. Sieman
                                                                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Hadley Wine
        Mr. & Mrs. S. Lawrence Stein                                                     PAUL B. SOLWAY
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Wittenberg                                                     BEATRICE RAITT
     RENEE SPARAGE                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Manny Charach
                                                LESLIE WINKLER                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Hadley Wine
        Mr. & Mrs. Isadore Silverman                                                        Ethel S. Sieman
                                                  Hugh & Elly Rose-Cooper                                                              HARRIET SHOGAN
     ROBERT WOOLF                                                                        SARAH & SAMUEL SOLWAY
                                                  Ellen Slutsky                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Hadley Wine
        Mr. & Mrs. Charles Danto                                                            Ethel S. Sieman
                                                  Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Taylor                                                           RUTH WEINSTEIN
     Speedy Recovery                                                                     ALAN ZACHARIA
                                                ESTELLE WITTENBERG                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Hadley Wine
     GLORIA STACEY                                                                          Marsha Kowal
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Slutzky
        Mr. & Mrs. S. Lawrence Stein
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Marcel Thirman              ELAYNE R. SWIMMER                           RALPH & BEVERLY
     ALLEN J. SIPHER MEMORIAL                     Dorothy Zimmerman                      MEMORIAL FUND                               WORONOFF PASSOVER
     FUND                                       Speedy Recovery                          Used for general purpose needs of JARC
                                                RONALD TAYLOR                                                                        Helps to purchase Passover foods and
     Used for general purpose needs of JARC                                              In Memory Of
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Wittenberg                                                     supplies
     Birthday                                                                            EDITH GOODMAN
     ROBERT SIPHER                              ANNA & PHILIP                              Michael & Amy Peterman Carson             In Honor Of
                                                                                         MOLLIE WHITEMAN                             BEVERLY & RALPH WORONOFF
       Lynn Sipher & Scott Mann                 SLOMOVITZ SCHOLARSHIP                      Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Sherizen                  Mr. & Mrs. Steven Woronoff
     In Memory Of                               FUND
                                                Helps provide funding for special        ANNA & JOSEPH TANZMAN                       YARROWS/SITNER FAMILY
       Ann Sipher
                                                classes for persons served               MEMORIAL FUND                               ENDOWMENT FUND
     JOHN SKLAR MEMORIAL                        In Memory Of                             Used for general purpose needs of JARC      Used for general purpose needs of JARC
     FUND                                       RUTH SOLOMONT                            Birthday                                    In Memory Of
     Used for general purpose needs of JARC        Mr. & Mrs. Carmi Slomovitz            JAMES HACK                                  VIOLET FELDSTEIN
                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Paul Russman                     Dr. & Mrs. Jerome Sitner
     Anniversary                                SMITT FAMILY FUND                                                                    PHYLLIS FELLOWS
     MAIDA & WALTER SKLAR                       Used for general purpose needs of JARC   RONALD & MARY THAYER                          Dr. & Mrs. Jerome Sitner
       Betty Sklar
                                                In Memory Of                             STAFF TRAINING FUND                         DR. MARTIN GUYER
                                                BUDDY FRANKLIN                           Helps pay for staff training expenses         Dr. & Mrs. Jerome Sitner
                                                  June Lieberman                                                                     IRWIN “BURT” MEISEL
       Betty Sklar                                                                       In Honor Of
                                                MILTON HOWARD                                                                          Dr. & Mrs. Jerome Sitner
     BRIAN JORDAN SOBLE                                                                  MARY THAYER
                                                  June Lieberman                                                                     BERNARD MINDELL
       Betty Sklar                                                                         Timothy Thayer                              Dr. & Mrs. Jerome Sitner
                                                DOUGLAS KAY
       Betty Sklar
                                                  June Lieberman                         NORMAN G. WACHLER                           ROSE MUSCAT
                                                GILBERT SCHWARTZ                                                                       Dr. & Mrs. Jerome Sitner
     In Honor Of                                  Mr. & Mrs. Martin Clancy
                                                                                         SPECIAL NEEDS FUND                          DOREEN UZANSKY
     HERMAN CANNER                                                                       Helps to pay for special needs of             Dr. & Mrs. Jerome Sitner
       Betty Sklar                              RICHARD & ANN SMITT                      persons served
     ANNETTE GELMAN                             SPECIAL PROJECTS FUND                    In Honor Of                                 LILLIAN & HYMAN
       Betty Sklar                              Helps pay for the special needs of       ALEXANDER CHEYFITZ                          ZALENKO ENDOWMENT
     GAIL & KENNETH POSNER                      persons served                             Anne Fleming                              FUND
       Betty Sklar                                                                       In Memory Of
                                                Birthday                                                                             Used for general purpose needs of JARC
     MURIEL & SEYMOUR POSNER                                                             LILLIAN FENTON
                                                RICHARD WOLK                                                                         In Honor Of
       Betty Sklar                                                                         Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Rothenberg
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Brose               BETTY FINK                                  GILDA JACOBS
                                                In Honor Of                                Maurine Sillman                             Cheryl Guyer
       Irene Soble
                                                SUE & JOSEPH ORLEY                       DOUGLAS KAY                                 In Memory Of
                                                  Ann Smitt                                Miriam B. Colburn                         SYDNEY COHEN
       Betty Sklar
                                                In Memory Of                               Shelby M. Tauber                            John E. & Senator Gilda Jacobs
                                                SHIRLEY HARRIS                             Barbara Wachler                           ARYANA ITKIS
       Betty Sklar
                                                  Ann Smitt                              MAX “MIKE” MILLER                             Gilda Jacobs
     BETTY SKLAR                                                                                                                     SAMUEL PEARLMAN
                                                MILTON HOWARD                              Dr. Ronald & Helene Rothenberg
       Mr. & Mrs. Seymour Posner                                                                                                       John E. & Senator Gilda Jacobs
                                                  Ann Smitt                                Barbara Wachler
                                                DOUGLAS KAY                              RUTH PERLMAN
       Betty Sklar
                                                  Ann Smitt                                Maurine Sillman

                                                                                          Make Tax-Deductible Tributes Online!                          www.jarc.org
                                                                                                                                 1st Quarter 2010   Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers.   19

       Thank you to those donors who
       contributed a vehicle, tickets or
       other non-monetary gifts from
       October 1, 2009 through January
       15, 2010:
                                                                                                               JARC Goes GREEN
       Deena Canvasser
       Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Delidow                                                                         JARC has made a committed effort to operate in as energy
       Mr. and Mrs. James D. Grey                                                                          efficient and ecologically responsible, or "green", manner
       Mr. and Mrs. David Haron
       Shirlee Wyman Harris
                                                                    as possible. Recycling is encouraged and grants for energy-saving appliances, heating and cooling
       Julie and Robert Hertzberg                                   are constantly being sought out. Here are many of the "green" initiatives already being
       Arthur Itkis                                                 incorporated in JARC's everyday practices:
       Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lafond
       Nationwide Wholesale Video, Inc.
       Matt Prentice Restaurant Group
       Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Shecter                                 — Recycle toner cartridges                            — Use electronic communication whenever
       William B. Siegel                                                                                                    possible
       Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tischler                                 — Recycle paper, plastic, cans, batteries,
       Lois Weintraub                                                 cardboard and computers in the office               — Use environmentally-friendly cleaning
       Mr. and Mrs. Jack Weisman
                                                                    — Recycle allowable materials in each home              supplies

                                                                    — Use scrap paper whenever possible                   — Built a barrier-free "green" home – first
                                                                                                                            in the nation
                                                                    — Make two-sided copies

                                                                                                                          — Use reusable grocery bags in every home
                                                                    — Use energy-efficient light bulbs in the
                        DR. MARTIN                                                                                        — Installed geothermal heating and cooling
                          E. GUYER            New                     homes and office
                                                                                                                            in two homes
                       SCHOLARSHIP                                  — Manuals and forms are posted
                         PROGRAM              Tribute                                                                     — Installed solar-assisted hot water in two
                                              Fund                                                                          homes
                                                                    — Reduced staff newsletter to monthly
                                                                      instead of bi-weekly
                                contribute online

                                       Giving to JARC… TRIBUTE FORM
                              JARC tributes are tax-deductible contributions to help people with disabilities. Tributes recognize milestones or honor someone special.
                                                        JARC acknowledges all tributes on a beautiful certificate within one business day.

       PERSON TO NOTIFY (NAME)                                                                    IN MEMORY OF:

       ADDRESS                                                                                    NAME OF HONOREE:

       CITY                                                       STATE   ZIP                     OCCASION:

       DONOR’S NAME (For Billing Purposes)                                                             CHECK Made Payable to JARC            Mastercard         VISA           AMEX

                                                                                                  CARD NUMBER                                                           EXP. DATE

       CITY                                                       STATE   ZIP
                                                                                                  NAME ON CARD
  (                       )
       DAYTIME PHONE                                      EMAIL
       All undesignated contributions will go to the General Fund.                                     BRICK         40TH ANNIVERSARY      DOUBLE CHAI         CHAI           TRIBUTE
                                                                                                       ($50 Each)    ($40)                 ($36+)              ($18+)         ($10+)

       NAME OF FUND                                                                               TOTAL $

                                                                                                  FAX this form to (248) 538-6615 or MAIL to:
                                                                                                  JARC • 30301 NORTHWESTERN HIGHWAY • SUITE 100
                                                                                                  FARMINGTON HILLS, MI 48334-3233
                                                                                                  For additional information CALL JARC at (248) 538-6611
                                                                                                  TRIBUTES CAN ALSO BE MADE AT www.jarc.org                               MICS 4206
                                                                        30301 Northwestern Highway | Suite 100         NON-PROFIT ORG
                                                                        Farmington Hills, MI 48334                      U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                        248.538.6611 v/tty | Fax: 248.538.6615               PAID
                                                                                                                        ROYAL OAK, MI
                                                                                                                        PERMIT NO. 489
                            Enriching Lives. Erasing Barriers.                 www.jarc.org

                                                                                                 Ticket Includes:
                                                                                                                     Picnic Dinner
                                                                                                                 (Dietary Laws Observed)

                                                                                                 Fun Activities for Children
                                                                                                   Music and Dancing with
                                                                                                                 Wildlife Exhibits
                                                                                                     Tauber Family Railroad
                  Save the Date!                                                                                     Docent Tours
                                                                                                                     Face Painting

   May 27, 2010                                                                                                  FREE PARKING!

                     6-9 PM — A private JARC evening at the Detroit Zoo!
                                                                                                               2010 SpringElation Chairs
                                                                                                    Jennifer Kaplan and Ron Applebaum
                                                                                                                Lauren and Adam Cohen
                                                                                                        Sharon and Howard Eisenshtadt
                                                                                                            Stacey and Marc Wittenberg

For more information and sponsorship opportunities,
contact Carol Kaczander 248-538-6610 x343 or
SpringElation is the major source of funding for JARC's Merle and
Shirley Harris Children and Family Division, which serves more than
450 families with children with any disability, including those with
developmental delays, on the autism spectrum and with learning

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