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									                                                                                             March 2007
                                                                                        Volume 38, Issue 3

                            The Connection            The Official Publication of the
                                                      Capitol Area South District United Methodist Churches

                            From Your Superintendent

                                                 Dear Friends and Colleagues,
In This Issue
                                                 Lent is here. That means spring is just around the
Front Page                                       corner. Can you believe it? This also means that most
District Superintendent’s                        of us are quite busy with the usual activities of the
article                                          season: special worship services, Bible studies and
                                                 other faith-enriching experiences, joining with other
Page 2
Conference Adds                                  congregations to share our faith stories, fellowship
Church Start Consultant                          with one another - and most importantly - to prepare
                                                 ourselves during these forty days for the culminating
Page 3                                           celebration of Easter.
Jim’s Toolbox
                            As you embrace this holy season, here are a few questions you might find
Page 5
                            helpful in your time of prayer and self-examination. My own introspection
Lay Speaker Training
                            and meditation during this season is strongly connected to these questions.
Page 6
Mission Giving for 2006       • How much time each day do I give to prayer and Bible study?

Page 8                        • What in my life needs to be changed so I may live more fully for God?
Trip to Russia,
Spouses Retreat,              • How much time and energy do I give to sharing my faith with others?
UM Free Store,
New Web Site                  • Am I truly a good steward of all that God has blessed me with?

Page 9                        • How well do I support my church with prayer, my presence, my gifts,
Bishop Sprague                  and my service?
Keynoter at Annual
Meeting, Director of          • Am I loving and compassionate toward those in need, or do I
Metro Ministry,                 conveniently ignore them?
Director of Discipleship
Formation                     • Do I speak up for those who have no voice (the oppressed,
                                marginalized, the poor) or do I remain silent?
Page 10
S.O.W.E.R.                    • Am I gracious and patient with others, especially those who disagree
Work Camp                       with me or may be different?

Page 12                       • What more can I do to live in full devotion to Jesus Christ?
Capitol Area South
District March
Calendar                    We are all familiar with the practice of giving up something for Lent. This
                            is a way some Christians identify with Jesus’ suffering. Fasting from food

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2   The Connection

                     LENT     from page 1

                     or not participating in certain activities that you enjoy are examples of this
                     endeavor. For others this is a time to give generously to the church, mission
                     projects or charitable organizations. While others may share their gifts and
                     give of their time in sacrificial ways to help someone in need.

                     My prayer is that each of you is involved in Lent in meaningful and faith-
                     developing ways, as you seek God’s will for your life and the transformation
                     of the world for the risen Christ. May it be so.

                     Yours in Christ,

                     Conference Adds
                     New Church Start Consultant
                     To underscore the importance of church multiplication, the West Ohio
                     Conference of the United Methodist Church has created the position of New
                     Church Start Consultant. The Rev. Lori Lossie of Hilliard UMC has been
                     selected for the post.

                     “Any denomination that hopes to grow must start new congregations and
                     satellites at a brisk rate if they hope to keep pace with the culture,” said
                     Lossie, lead pastor of Warehouse 839 - a satellite campus of Hilliard UMC.

                     “I hope to help educate churches about new church starts, especially second
                     sites,” said Lossie. “I want to assist churches in the creation of a second site,
                     as well as to provide resources to them as they develop.”

                     Lossie will continue as lead pastor for Warehouse 839 while she works as a
                     part-time consultant for the conference.

                     “Launched in the spring of 2003, the Warehouse 839 service draws over
                     300 worshipers each week,” said George Howard, Conference Director of
                     Connectional Ministries. “We know Lori can help other churches create and
                     sustain such satellite ministries.”

                     Inquiries can be directed to Lossie at or by calling the
                     conference office at 800-437-0028.

                     The West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church lists about 1200
                     churches in a geographic area that includes Toledo, Dayton, Cincinnati,
                     Columbus, and southeastern Ohio to Marietta. Approximately 250,000
                     people in the West Ohio Conference are members of a United Methodist
                                                                 The Connection          

Have We Lost Our Passion
for Lost Souls? (Part 2)
           Jim’s Toolbox
           By Jim Waugh, Assistant to the Superintendent

         In January I asked the question, “Have we lost our passion for lost people?”
         (You can still read the article in the January newsletter or by following this
         link to the district web page: . I
         invited readers to respond to that question either through the discussion
         page on the web site or by e-mail to me. I also offered a poll on the web
         site where readers could vote whether or not they agreed with my article
         on this question. Seventeen folks took the time to vote, and all seventeen
         indicated that they agreed with my position in the article. I hope that more
         than seventeen folks read the article, but thanks to those who took the time
         to vote.
         I also appreciated those who took the time to log in on the discussion board
         and share their thoughts and those who e-mailed me with their responses to
         my article. Here are a few excerpts from those who contacted me:
         I was part of a class led by Mike Breaux a few years back, in which he
         challenged that room full of pastors and other committed ministers, “Do you
         seek the lost as earnestly as you seek the remote?” Ouch.
         I believe that most of us in leadership in the UMC want to seek the lost,
         but we have not been taught how. We want a way of outreach that will not
         embarrass our self or our Church; or, worse, push the person approached
         farther away from the Church and the Savior.
         The people are the church, and if they are not included in the “program”
         of reaching “the lost”, chaos prevails. Getting to know the people of the
         congregation is an important step because many of the lost might be
         standing right in front of you.
         Sadly, I agree with Jim’s assessment. Without the passion, the church is
         like any other 501(c)(3) not-for-profit “do gooder” institution. We end up
         “installing” officers, instead of “consecrating” them; we have “fund raisers”
         because members either don’t or won’t return unto God that which is
         required; ….
         Jim, read with great interest your article on the soul, a little talked about
         and understood concept in Methodist Circles generally. I was in two
         different U.M. Seminaries back in the 70’s and don’t ever remember the
         topic being brought up, except to denigrate it as a motive for evangelism.
         I really appreciated your article, and your candor… I had a conversation this
         morning with a late 50-ish woman who left the church at age 10 when she
         learned, after watching her aunt go to church even when very ill and asking,

                                                             continued on next page
     The Connection

Jim’s Toolbox      from page 3

“Why?”, heard the response, “I won’t get my membership pin if I miss.” At age 10, nearly 50 years
ago, this woman made the decision against church ..., not against God, but against forms of religion.
Spirituality and religious books and TV shows are off the charts; there’s a hunger, but less and less is
Christianity accepted as a solution in North America.
Thank you so much for taking my call today. .. It’s like those who come believe me when I say that
God really does love them and that God has them here for a reason, until someone else says to them,
“you have to get yourself together before you come here!” … I am thankful that Jesus didn’t wait for
the Women at the Well to get herself together before he offered her “Living Water” … Also knowing
that with God’s help, we can rekindle the fire that burns in our heart, that strangely warm feeling and
regain our passion for the lost, the least and the left behind.
Thanks again to all who responded to my article. Within a month of the time that I wrote that article,
I found a book that deals better with the issue that I raised in my article than any other that I have
found. The book is Unbinding the Gospel by Martha Grace Reese (
aspx?scope=title&query=unbinding%20the%20gospel&pid=9780827238046) . In this book Martha
Grace Reese addresses the issue of why mainline congregations do such a poor job at sharing the
gospel with those outside the church. She concentrated on six mainline denominations (including
the United Methodist Church). She excluded congregations in the south (where the church culture
still exists) and African American mainline churches (these congregations do a better job overall at
evangelism than their Caucasian counterparts according to Reese).
Her findings show that after final verification of lists, that out of a pool of over 30,000 congregations,
there were fewer than 150 primarily Caucasian congregations located outside the South in the six
mainline denominations that had baptized at least 15 adults over a three year period (an average of
5 adult baptisms a year), where the actual number of adult baptisms can be considered a significant
number, given the size of the congregation (annual baptisms at least 1% of average worship
attendance). Put simply, fewer than 150 congregations of 30,000 (only one half of one
percent) performed a significant number of adult baptisms. It was the pastors and leaders of
these congregations that Reese interviewed and studied for her book.
Reese addresses the “why” question of evangelism. It is probably the key ingredient that I find
missing from so much of the church growth literature. She points out that for many in the more
conservative parts of the church, the “why” question for evangelism is often answered because we
don’t want to see anyone spend eternity in hell. For those whose theology does not stress this eternal
separation from God, why do we want to see persons come to know Christ? Reese points out that a
number of reasons including:
    • “A relationship with Christ makes life makes sense — it’s true.”
    • “I love God so much I want people to know this joy.”
    • “Children need to learn about God. Parents need help raising kids.”
    • “God healed me with a miracle. I want other people to know it’s possible.”
Reese stresses that any efforts at evangelism needed to be under girded by prayer and by spiritual
disciplines before any efforts are undertaken. She strengthens this article by sharing “success stories”
of mainline pastors and church leaders whom she interviewed as part of her research for the book.
Next month I will share more insights from Reese’s book including the plan that she shares for how to
implement an effective evangelism plan in a local congregation. In the mean time, pick up your own
copy and see what she has to say for yourself.
You can contact me by calling the district office (toll free: 1-877-222-0526 or 614-222-0666) or via e-
                                                        The Connection          

Lay Speaker
Training Event Set
The Capitol Area South District will offer two lay speaker opportunities
during the weekend of April 27-28, 2007. The training sessions will be held
at the Pickerington Peace United Methodist Church.

The following sessions will be offered:

Basic Lay Speaker Training

This introductory class is the required class for all persons who want to enter
the ministry of lay speaking. Upon completion of the class, the participant
is eligible to become a Local Church Lay Speaker. Approval of the pastor of
the participant’s church and the charge conference or church council of the
local church is also required for one to become a Local Church Lay Speaker.

Advanced Lay Speaking Class

Those who are Local Church or District Lay Speakers may take the Advanced
Class that will be offered. The advanced class is entitled “Lay Speakers
Discover Spiritual Gifts”. Those who complete this class will be equipped to
lead a Spiritual Gifts Discovery Class in their local congregations.

Classes will meet on Friday, April 27 from 6:30 to 9:30 pm and on Saturday,
April 28, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Students are required to attend both
Friday and Saturday classes to receive certification for the course.

Cost for either class is $30.00 per person to cover the expense of materials
and refreshments. To register for the class, you can download a registration
form from the district web site:
layspeaking . Or contact Carol Wilson at the district office for a registration

The registration deadline is April 13. Upon receipt of registration, materials,
homework, assignments, and directions to the church will be sent to
participants. Homework assignments are expected to be completed prior to
the weekend of the class.

To continue in the ministry of lay speaking, all lay speakers are expected to
take a refresher/advanced class once every three years.
     The Connection

                Capitol area South DiStriCt
                 MiSSion GivinG For 2006
Alexandria              3%       00%     Fairfield Beach          47%          100%
Amlin                 93%       100%     Fairview-               100%          100%
Appleton             100%       100%         Pickerington
Asbury South         100%       100%     Fairview-
Atlanta              100%       100%         Stoutsville        100%           100%
Avondale               3%        00%     Faith-Canal
                                             Winchester         100%           100%
Baltimore United       66%       27%     Faith-Newark            32%           100%
Bennington Chapel     100%      100%     First-Lancaster        100%           100%
Brice                  00%       00%     First-London            30%            00%
Brushy Fork           100%      100%     First-Mt. Sterling    100%            100%
                                         First-Newark          100%            100%
Calvary-Circleville     00%     100%
Cedar Hill Calvary      36%     100%
Centenary             100%      100%
Chatham               100%      100%     Five Points         100%              100%
Christ-Baltimore        37%     100%     Fletcher Chapel     100%              100%
Christ-Columbus       100%      100%
Christ—Newark          25%      100%     Gates-Fourth         73%              100%
Christian Endeavor     17%       00%     Gethsemane          100%              100%
Clair                   34%      36%     Glenwood            100%              100%
Columbia Heights        83%      83%     Good Shepherd        94%               75%
Commercial Point      100%      100%     Grove City          100%              100%
Community             100%      100%     Groveport           100%              100%
Community of Faith     75%      N/C
Cox                    100%     100%     Harrisburg          100%              100%
Crossroads            100%      100%     Heath                 00%              00%
Croton                100%      100%     Hebron               100%             100%
                                         Hilliard            100%              100%
Derby                 100%      100%     Hilltonia           100%              100%
Dumontville           100%      100%     Hilltop             100%              100%
                                         Hope                   8%                8%
East Ringgold         100%      100%     Hopewell-Franklin   100%                95%
Eastview               61%      100%     Hoy Memorial        100%              100%
Emmanuel               88%      100%
Emmett Chapel           4%      100%
Etna                  100%      100%

                                                                 continued on page 7
                                                                           The Connection    

Mission Giving     from page 6

Jackson Chapel      100%            100%    Reynoldsburg          100%                 100%
Jacksontown         100%            100%    Salem-Carroll          25%                 100%
Johnstown           100%            100%    Salem-Kingston       100%                  100%
                                            Scioto Chapel        100%                  100%
Kirkersville        45%              5%     Scioto Ridge         100%                  100%
                                            Shalom               100%                   58%
Lafayette            100%          100%     Sixth Avenue          20%                   00%
Liberty             100%           100%     Smith Chapel         100%                  100%
Lithopolis          100%           100%     South Bloomfield     100%                  100%
Livingston          100%           100%     South Solon          100%                  100%
Lockbourne          100%           100%     St. Mark’s             57%                 100%
Long Run              17%           00%     St. Paul             100%                  100%
                                            St. Louisville       100%                  100%
Madison Mills       100%           100%     Summit Station       100%                   83%
Maple Street         20%             5%
Marne               100%           100%     Thurman Avenue          39%               100%
Miller Memorial     100%           100%     Thurston               100%               100%
Millersport         100%           100%     Toboso                 100%               100%
Mills Memorial       13%            28%     Trinity-Grove City     100%               100%
Mount Zion           16%           100%     Trinity Lilly Chapel    30%               100%
                                            Trinity-Pickerington     7%                00%
Neal Avenue         100%           100%
New Holland         100%           100%     Village Chapel         100%               100%
New Horizons        100%           100%
Newport             100%           100%     Wagram                   64%              100%
New Salem            32%           100%     Walnut Hill            100%               100%
New Zion            100%           100%     Washington Avenue       27%               100%
                                            Wesley Ch of Hope       00%                00%
Obetz               100%           100%     West Jefferson          77%               100%
Orient              100%           100%     West Park               33%               100%
                                            Westgate               100%               100%
Parkview             84%           100%     White Chapel           100%               100%
Pataskala            30%           100%     Williamsport           100%               100%
Peace                80%            70%     Wright Memorial         30%                78%
Perryton            100%           100%      Friends of Jesus
Pleasant Chapel     100%           100%
Pleasant View-                              Zion                    58%               100%
   Circleville      100%           100%
Pleasant View-
   Newark            24%            56%
Plumwood            100%           100%
Pontius              29%           100%
     The Connection

VIM Team Forming for                                  UM Free Store
Trip to Samara Russia –                               Expresses its ‘Thanks’
Volunteers Needed                                     The United Methodist Free Store,
                                                      located at 895 Parsons Avenue,
The West Ohio Conference endorsed VIM Team
                                                      would lke to express a thank
to Samara Russia for 2007 is urgently in need
                                                      you to all local congregtions
of volunteers in order to have enough to make a
                                                      who participated in their recent
viable team.
                                                      Christmas shop. In the spirit of
                                                      the season, a festive time was
The dates are July 5-16, 2007 with an optional
                                                      had by all.
sightseeing extension from July 16-21, 2007.
                                                      Approximately 700 children received Christmas
The work involves some construction work on
                                                      gifts of clothing and toys thanks to the generosity
the United Methodist Orphanage, and various
                                                      of the local United Methodist congregations, Toys
activities with the children such as presenting
                                                      for Tots, Schottenstein’s, and others.
a Bible School.
                                                      Volunteers made the whole event possible.
The cost is $2900 for the basic VIM projects,
                                                      Cookies were provided for the visiting children
additional for the extension. If you are interested
                                                      and their families. Volunteers also assited with
in joining this team, it is very important that you
                                                      shopping setting up and wrapping the many gifts.
make your commitment by March 15, 2007.
                                                      Thanks also to those who served lunch to the
For more information, please contact the team
leader, Carol Harper, 513-377-1407 or e-mail at
                                                      The United Methodist Free Store is a retail shop
                                                      offering new and used clothing and household
                                                      items free of charge to people who need them.
                                                      Hours of operation are Tuesday, Thursday, and
Capitol Area North/Capitol                            Saturday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm., and
                                                      Wednesday and Friday, 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. For
Area South Spouses Retreat                            more information, visit their website at http://
                                                      www.gbgm-umc/urbanministries/umfree.htm .
On Saturday, March 24 the clergy spouses of the
Capitol Area North and Capitol Area South District
will gather at the Cedar Ridge Lodge, 1775 Darby
Creek Dr., Galloway, OH. Cedar Ridge Lodge is         New Conference
located in the Batelle Darby Creek Metro Park.
                                                      Web Site Unveiled
Registration will begin at 9:00 am. The program
                                                      The West Ohio Conference website has
will begin at 9:30 and it will conclude by 3:00 pm.
                                                      constructed a new website with some of the
The featured presenter for the day will be Char
                                                      old useful tools such as indexes of pastors and
Ough leading a sudy on the theme “He Touched
                                                      churches as well as new features on current news
                                                      like 2007 camping.
Lunch will be catered by WG Grinders. Cost for
                                                      Check out Learn more
the day is $10.00 Reservations are due by March
                                                      about campus ministries, latest news, and future
15. For more information please contact Pat Trout
@ 614-337-1570 or Suzanne Stringer @ 614-882-
                                                                                  The Connection         
Bishop C. Joseph Sprague to be
Keynoter at Coalition Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting of the Columbus Coalition for the Homeless will feature United Methodist retired
Bishop C. Joseph Sprague as the keynote speaker. Bishop Sprague is well known in Central Ohio and
across the United Methodist Church for his courageous stands for justice and equality for all people
–especially those who are most vulnerable.

The meeting will include the presentation of several awards to people who have given special service
to homeless people in Central Ohio, the election of Officers and Board of Directors, and a review of the
work of the Coalition.

Bishop Sprague will focus his remarks on actions which citizens can take to move our city and society
toward more equitable treatment for everyone, including increased quality affordable housing options,
universal health care, universal equitable educational opportunities, living wages for everyone, and
an equal voice in the local, state and national elections. He will bring an inspiring and challenging
message of hope and responsibility to all who are in attendance.

The Annual Meeting will be held from 9 to 11am on Wednesday April 4 in Huntington Hall at the
Downtown YWCA (65 S. 4th St.).

All are welcome to attend this inspiring meeting, which will include a free continental breakfast.
Reservations can be made by calling 614-252-3257 or emailing

Director of Metro Ministry                            Director of
The West Ohio Conference of the United                Discipleship Formation
Methodist Church is seeking a Director of Metro
Ministry. This person will strategize with District   The West Ohio Conference of the United
Superintendents and leadership in the five            Methodist Church is seeking a Director of
districts of West Ohio with a Metropolitan Area       Discipleship Formation. This person will assist
for the purpose of developing and strengthening       the eight districts of West Ohio to develop and
networks of local churches for transformation and     strengthen local church discipleship systems for
growth.                                               transformation and growth.

Responsibilities include the development of           Responsibilities include the development of
networks of coaches, consultants and partnerships     resources to assist local churches in building or
between metropolitan churches. This person            enhancing their discipleship systems, collaboration
will strategize to reach next generation leaders      to provide training to equip lay and clergy leaders,
and racial ethnic population, and be the liaison      and assisting with the development of networks
with urban caucuses and networks. Desired             and strategies for church health and growth.
skills include a deep and passionate Christian        Desired skills include a deep and passionate
faith, creative and visionary leadership, excellent   Christian faith, grant management experience,
relational and communication skills, and a            demonstrated creative and visionary leadership,
knowledge and commitment to the ministry of the       training and presentation abilities, excellent
United Methodist Church. This person must have        relational and communication skills, and a
demonstrated multicultural leadership and team        knowledge and commitment to the ministry of the
and network development.                              United Methodist Church.

Remuneration includes salary, housing, health         Remuneration includes salary, housing, health
insurance, and pension. Applications will             insurance, and pension. Applications will
be accepted through March 23, 2007 while              be accepted through March 23, 2007 while
the position will begin July 1, 2007. For an          the position will begin July 1, 2007. For an
application packet or more information, contact       application packet or more information, contact
Connectional Ministries Director George Howard,       Connectional Ministries Director George Howard,
32 Wesley Blvd., Worthington, Ohio, 43085,            32 Wesley Blvd., Worthington, Ohio, 43085,
800.437.0028,                     800.437.0028,
10    The Connection

                         2007 - Revised Schedule
                         Work Camp Volunteers
                         S.O.W.E.R. is an acronym for Sharing Our Witness – Enriching Relationships.

  Volunteers work on     SOWER is a West Ohio Conference VIM project in conjunction with
SOWER Project Home at    Henderson Settlement, Frakes, Kentucky, which is a component of the
 Henderson Settlement.   Red Bird Missionary Conference. The SOWER project is an extension of
                         Henderson Settlement’s Work Camp Program to enhance the lives of the
                         people of Southeast Kentucky by improving their housing situation.

                         A home was started in the fall of 2006 for Alfred and Debbie Hurst and it
                         seemed inappropriate to start a new house while a family was waiting for
                         their home to be completed. As a result SOWER will be completing the
                         Hurst’s home using the schedule posted below. SOWER will be starting a
                         second house in the fall.

                         A bonus of revising the schedule is it allows more time for individuals to
                         volunteer for one of the work weeks and for church’s and organizations to
                         raise and donate funds toward the building materials cost. The registration
                         fee is $200/person with a $100 deposit due on registration. Please see
                         attached registration form.

                                             Dates for the Work Teams
                                         to Serve at Henderson Settlement

                         Hurst Home
                         Week     Date               Construction Goals
                         1        July 8 - 14        Siding/Insulation/wallboard/spackle
                         2        July 15 - 21       Spackling/paint/complete exterior
                         3        Aug    5 - 11      Flooring/paint/complete interior
                         4        Aug 12 - 18        Interior doors/trim/kitchen

                         New Construction
                         5        Sept 9 - 15        Framing/roof truss/roof deck
                         6        Sept 16 -22        Roofing/siding/interior walls

                         Ralph Brandon
                         SOWER VIM Team Leader
                                                                                The Connection       11

              S.O.W.E.R. 2007 Registration
You are invited to participate in S.O.W.E.R. 2007 by volunteering for one of the work weeks. The
work week dates and approximate construction phase are shown below. The registration cost for the
week, which covers board and room at Henderson Settlement, is $200 with $100 due as a deposit at
registration. The remainder of the registration fee will be due 3 weeks prior to the departure date.

Each of the 6 work weeks can accommodate no more than 12 volunteers with the work teams filled
on an individual “first come basis”. Please use the “second choice” option on the registration form to
facilitate filling all openings in all weeks.

                        S.O.W.E.R. 2007 Registration/Materials Donation
                            WOCUMC account # 10-41230-000-0510

Name _________________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________


Phone # _______________________________________________________________

Email _________________________________________________________________

Work Week Desired _____________________________________

Second Choice __________________________________________

    •   $100 Registration Deposit
    •   Materials Donation of _______________________

Please return to:

Ralph Brandon
231 McMillen Dr.
Newark, OH 43055

Please make check(s) payable to:
West Ohio Conference of the
United Methodist Church
- note on memo line that payment is for
SOWER 2007 Registration Deposit or
SOWER 2007 Materials Donation.
           Capitol Area South District
           West Ohio Conference
           The United Methodist Church
            2929 Kenny Rd. Suite 100
           Columbus, Ohio 43221-2415

           Dr. Henry Stringer, Ph.D.
             District Superintendent

               Rev. Jim Waugh
              Assistant to the D.S.

                 Carol Wilson
             Administrative Assistant

Phone:         614-222-0600



Capitol Area South District Calendar
    March 2007
5             7 pm            Mission Outreach & Evangelism Committee @ District Office
7                             Cabinet
14-16                         Cabinet
21-22                         Cabinet
22            7 pm            Leadership and Visioning Team @ District Office
    Looking Ahead
May 20        3 pm            District Conference-Annual Conference Briefing @ Brice UMC
June 11-14                    West Ohio Annual Conference at Lakeside
August 2      9:30 am         Church Conference Briefing @ West Jefferson UMC
August 9      9:30 am         Church Conference Briefing @ Baltimore Christ UMC

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