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									                                             Washtucna School District #109
                                           Regular Board of Directors Meeting
                                                        April 26, 2011

The regular meeting of the Washtucna School Board was called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Board Chair,
Steve Crouse. Other board members present were Sharon Dainty, Melinda McKeen and Blake Neace.
Administrators present included Superintendent Robert Allen, Principal Glenn Martin, and Business
Manager Donna Stoess
Sharon Dainty moved to accept the agenda. Passed 4-0.
During spring break, maintenance staff replaced pea gravel by the sidewalks with concrete block to
eliminate gravel creeping on the sidewalks. Corbin Harder and Amber Dainty will be competing at the
State Level in Leadership Contests: Job Interview.
 Minutes                 Regular Board Meeting March 22, 2011

                                                Voucher #            Warrant #           $ Amount
 Payroll                                           N/A                417-439           $124,058.85
 GF Bills                                        254-284              440-470            $22,560.95
 ASB Bills Batch 1                                65-66                65-66               $316.50
 ASB Bills Batch 2                                67-80                67-80              $7,265.74
 Mike Dorman                                 JH Assistant Baseball Coach                 $1,913.54

 ACCEPTANCE OF RETIREMENTS (Not returning in the fall)
 Jack Guske
 Cindy Johnstone
 Sue White
 Deferral of Board Policy on Bullying to May meeting
 Recommendation to Rehire Certificated staff for 2011-12 (with the exception of Jack Guske who is retiring)
 Recommendation to continue Speech Therapist and Psychologist Services in cooperation with Lacrosse SD
 Recommendation to contract with K@K Insurance for "Optional" Student Accident Insurance
 WIAA Resolution 2010-05 School Board Delegating Authority to WIAA and Sunday Waiver Agreement

Melinda McKeen moved to approve the Consent Agenda. Passed 4-0.
March Budget Status, GF Summary Balance, and ASB Fund Balance reports were issued. Reconciliation
of the senior class account was discussed. A preliminary GF fund balance for the end of April was
An FFA College Meeting was in Lacrosse on April 19. Grades 7-9 will be attending "College Bound" at
EWU on April 29 with expenses paid by the College Access Grant. Seniors have been invited to Bangor
Submarine Base May 9 for a photo opportunity and to tour the US Navy tug "Washtucna", however the
Navy has not yet confirmed the event. 8th Grade Promotion Trip to Seattle will be Friday May 20 with a
marine science and aviation theme, fuel costs to be paid by the College Access Grant.

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HSPE Science assessment was April 12. Senior presentations will be April 20. Senior Awards and
Scholarships are in process. All seniors and 8th graders are on track for graduation and promotion. The
student survey was discussed. Janet Camp sent the board a printed summary of Reading Month
indicating that 51,456 pages were read. Math end of course exams are in May for Algebra and Geometry.
Health and fitness classes will be split this fall to meet state mandated requirements.
A wet, windy spring caused cancellation of many scheduled tennis matches. Junior High baseball is
underway also battling wet field conditions.
Tom Hays has been appointed as the district's safety officer along with his present role of critical incident
management. He will conduct safety training for staff on the back-to-school in-service day this fall.
Mr. Allen gave a legislative update. He tentatively recommended hiring a business teacher depending on
the outcome of funding cuts from the state.
Energy project drawings were finalized with Ameresco-Quantum last week. The state loan for the project
has been approved. We are looking at the cost of removing the oil tank as it will be in the way of the
underground electrical wires. The lighting project should be finished today. The next meeting with
Ameresco-Quantum is May 11.
Board Evaluation by the staff was shared.
Blake Neace moved to approve Mrs. Draper's request for an overnight trip to State FFA. Passed 4-0.
The board went into executive session at 8:00 p.m. for 30 minutes to discuss certificated and classified
Regular session resumed at 8:30 p.m. Sharon Dainty moved to approve the Certificated Contract
Agreement for September 1, 2011 to August 31, 2014. Passed 4-0.
The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

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