S8P2 b scavenger hunt by ER5KhU5h


									                Potential & Kinetic Energy Scavenger Hunt
               Created by: Beth Frisby & Christina Quattro
                      Haralson County School System
                               January 2012
  S8P2: Students will be familiar with the forms and transformations of
energy: (b) Explain the relationship between potential and kinetic energy

 1. Group students into groups of three (may group with general
    education peers for socialization and generalization).
 2. Have the students tour the school (classroom, lunchroom, bus lanes,
    office) and identify objects that are using either potential or kinetic
 3. If an object is using potential energy, have the students take a picture
    using an iPad.
 4. If an object is using kinetic energy, have the students take a video
    using an iPad.
 5. With assistance, have the students send their photos and videos to
    the teacher’s email address, who will then collect the images and
 6. As a class, make a digital photo album of the potential energy photos
    and a movie of the kinetic energy videos on the SmartBoard.

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