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									                                         EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK RECEIPT

Employee Name (print) ________________________________________________________________

Campus/Department _________________________________________________________________

I hereby acknowledge receipt of a copy of the Northwest ISD Employee Handbook. I agree to read the handbook
and abide by the standards, policies, and procedures defined or referenced in this document including the
Acceptable Use Guidelines (AUG) as defined.

As an employee, I have the option of receiving the handbook in electronic format or hard copy. I can access this
information through the district intranet. My choice for receipt of this document is indicated below:

                 I choose to receive the employee handbook in electronic format and accept responsibility for
                  accessing according to the instructions provided.
                 I choose to receive a hard copy of the employee handbook and will notify the Department of
                  Human Resources with that request.

I understand that I can access the complete text of all School Board policies “on line” through the district intranet and
internet at    This includes the policies the district is required (by the Texas Education Code) to
furnish to each administrator and teacher employed by term contract which include but may not be limited to DAA
(Equal employment opportunity); DC (Employment practices); DCB (Term contract employment), DEA (Salaries,
wages and stipends); DEC (Leaves and absences); DFAC (Return to probationary status); DFB, DFBA, DFBB
(Termination of term contracts); DFD (Hearings before hearing examiner); DFE (Resignations); DFF (Reduction in
force); DGBA (Employee complaints); DH (Employee standards of conduct); DHE (Searches and Drug/alcohol
testing); DI (Employee Welfare); DK (Assignments and schedules); DN series (Performance appraisal).                     I
understand that these policies may include both (LEGAL), (LOCAL) and/or (EXHIBIT) portions and that I am
responsible for accessing any and all portions of the policies.

The information in this handbook is subject to change. I understand that changes in district policies may supersede,
modify, or render obsolete the information summarized in this booklet. As the district provides updated policy
information, I accept responsibility for reading and abiding by the changes.

I understand that no modifications to contractual relationships or alterations of at-will employment relationships are
intended by this handbook.

I understand that I have an obligation to inform my supervisor, department head and the Department of Human
Resources of any changes in personal information, such as phone number, address, etc. I also accept responsibility
for contacting my supervisor, the Department of Human Resources or other applicable department/person if I have
questions or concerns or need further explanation.

________________________________                           _________________________
Signature                                                  Date

Please sign and date this receipt and return it to your supervisor.


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