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									                              CWWA Water Efficiency Network
                               Steering Committee Meeting
Location: Durham Region Headquarters
          605 Rossland Rd. E., Forth Floor, Rm 4E
          September 13, 2006
          10:00 - 3:00 P.M.

John Liotta                 City of Toronto         
Glen Pleasance              Region of Durham        
Cate Henderson              Peterborough Green Up   
Bill Gauley                 Veritec Consulting Inc. 
Johann Manente              Region of Peel          

Steve Gombos                Region of Waterloo      
Lena Gomes                  Region of Halton        
Martin Lavictoire           City of Guelph          
Ruth Hildebrand             Region of Waterloo      
Wayne Galliher              Region of Halton        

Duncan Ellison              CWWA                    
Dave Bracciano              AWWA WETC               
Oliver Brandes              Polis Project           
Susan Dakin                 City of Lethbridge      
Al Dietemann                Seattle Public Utilities
Lorne Haveruk               DH Water Management Inc.
John Koeller                Koeller & Company       
Liz Lefrancois              Environment Canada      
Tony Maas                   Polis Project           
Jim Robinson                University of Waterloo  
Cate Soroczan               CMHC                    
Nancy Stalker               City of Calgary         
Colwyn Sunderland           Capital Regional District
Dion Whyte                  Sunshine Coast Reg. Dist.
Sarah Wolfe                 University of Guelph    

1)     Review of previous minutes

2)     CWWA/CSA Water Efficiency Standards

          Duncan Ellison (CWWA) attended a CSA Strategic Steering Committee meeting in Whitehorse,
           Yukon at the end of August. Confirmed at the meeting was the proposal from CSA’s B 45 and B 125
           Committees to establish within the standard, requirements for water efficient devices.
          Duncan is to provide CSA with examples of water efficiency standards and guidelines used by other
           municipalities. Glen is to forward the information to the Water Efficiency Network.
          Bill commented that it is important that any efficiency standards established by the CSA not
           contradict efficiency standards established by the U.S. EPA’ WaterSense program as differences
           would lead to confusion in the marketplace and make it difficult for manufacturers to comply. Bill
           also stated that developing a water efficiency standard for a product is far more complicated and
         time consuming than it may seem. Bill would rather see CSA work in concert with the U.S. EPA
         rather than try to develop their own set of standards.

3)   CMHC’s Municipal Water Efficiency Plan

        The Water Efficiency Plan is in the latter stages of its’ development. This next phase will develop an
         implementation plan for the WEP under the direction of Sarah Wolfe in the Township of Centre
         Wellington (including the Town of Fergus).
        Glen Pleasance will continue to report on the project progress. Bill Gauley (Veritec Consulting Inc.)
         to provide professional expertise on the project.

4)   Research Projects.

        Urinal Study: Site inspections confirmed that it will be virtually impossible to have sufficient access to
         urinal drain pipes at the University of Waterloo and work completed to date at the University of
         Washington has identified that access to piping is critical to the success of the evaluation program.
         As a result a new site needs to be found where there are multiple urinals and there is sufficient
         access to piping.
        Sensor-operated Fixture Study: Initial site visits have been completed and a suitable plumber has
         been identified to install the monitoring equipment and the new sensor-operated fixtures. It is
         expected that the PRE monitoring will begin in late October or early November.
        Commercial HET Toilet Study: There are difficulties in studying commercial (i.e., flushometer or flush
         valve) HETs as 1) it is possible to mix and match bowls and valves, 2) there is not a separate and
         more difficult set of performance tests associated with commercial fixtures, and 3) almost all flush
         valves can be adjusted or made to flush with more than 6 litres.
        Showerheads: Certification requirements include flow rate requirements but lack performance
         requirements. Work must be done to define meaningful “cleanability” and “shower quality” elements.

5)   Water in the City

        Water in the City Conference is to be held in Victoria, B.C., September 17 - 20
        Glen is conducting a workshop on water efficiency with Tony Gregg (City of Austin)
        The Soft Path for Water will be presented and discussed. This concept encompasses moving
         beyond water efficiency and considering watershed limitations.

6)   Program Updates/What's New – All.

     a) Bill-Veritec Consulting Inc.

        ACE 07-AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition will be held in Toronto. John Koeller has
         submitted an abstract and will be presenting on the myths of Water Efficiency, i.e., many products
         are put forth as or are thought of as efficient but without any proof whatsoever. Bill has submitted an
         abstract on ICI auditing and the process involved.
        Updating the Veritec Consulting Inc. website is currently underway and should be completed within
         a few weeks.
        Veritec will be opening a branch office in the U.S. that will focus on water loss reduction programs.
         Veritec’s newest partner, Paul Fanner, will operate from the U.S. office.

     b) City of Toronto

     Banning 13 litre toilets
        City of Toronto Council on July 25, 2006 approved a Works Committee Report recommending “the
         Province of Ontario be requested to develop enabling legislation that restricts the sale and
         installation of any toilet in the Province to only ultra-low flush models (i.e., six litres or less)”.
     Revolving Loan for Water Efficiency Projects
        City of Toronto Council on July 25, 2006 approved a Works Committee Report recommending “a
         revolving loan program for water efficiency projects be established as an initial pilot to gauge
    interest, program uptake and to test program design and criteria, and be available to City’s
    agencies, boards, commissions and divisions, as well as the Toronto school boards and the Toronto
    Community Housing Corporation”.
   Up to $2 million dollars in loans will be available.
   Interest rates for the loans will be set at the time of issuance. The interest rate will be equivalent to
    the return the City would receive on its investments. The current interest rate for a five year loan
    would be approximately 5 percent per annum.
ICI Watersaver Program
   This four phase program is designed to help ICI facilities/buildings to save water:
    o   Phase 1 – Assessment consists of a high level review that will identify water-saving technologies
        and estimated savings.
    o   Phase 2 – Data Validation is to confirm/validate the potential water use reductions by installing
        temporary flow monitoring and/or detailed engineering analysis.
    o   Phase 3 – Implementation consists of installing new water-saving technologies.
    o   Phase 4 – Savings Verification: after the installation of new technologies and equipment is
        completed, the actual water savings will be verified in order to calculate the water customer’s
   City will pay that water customer a one time (incentive) payment of $0.30 per litre for the reduced
    water and wastewater usage on an average day.
   Engineering consultants have been retained to conduct water use assessments for Industrial,
    Commercial, and Institutional Customers and identify the water savings opportunities for these key
   City will pay the full cost of the assessment.
   Depending on the conclusions from the assessment report and at the water users' request, the work
    may proceed into the subsequent Data Validation and Implementation phases.
   The City will partly pay for the Data Validation (and monitoring) Phase.
   Implementation costs are the sole responsibility of the water customer.
   The City will also pay for the savings verification report.
Champion Toilet
   37 American Standard Champion series toilets have been inspected from April to September, 2006.
   3 toilets had water level in tank set at proper level.
   9 toilets had water level in tank set at the top of the over flow tube.
   18 toilets had water level in tank set between 1/16” to 1/2" below the top of the over flow tube.
   1 toilet had water level in tank set 1" below the top of the over flow tube
   6 toilets had water level in tank set above the top of the over flow tube.
   Proper water height should be approximately 1” from top of over flow tube.
Water Efficiency Program Targets for 2006
   Status of water efficiency programs as of September 8, 2006:
       71% of the 2006 target for the over all water efficiency program has been achieved.
       85% of the 2006 target for the single unit residential toilet replacement program has been
       0% of the 2006 target for the multi unit residential toilet replacement program – public sector has
        been achieved (Toronto Housing makes only one submission for a rebate for all toilets installed
        during the year in late fall of each year).
       93% of the 2006 target for the multi unit residential toilet replacement program – private sector
        has been achieved.
       188% of the 2006 target for the ICI toilet flush valve replacement program has been achieved.
       92% of the 2006 target for the ICI toilet replacement program has been achieved.
       101% of the 2006 target for the single unit residential washer program has been achieved.
       0% of the 2006 target for the ensuite (new construction) residential washer program has been
       115% of the 2006 target for the multi unit residential washer program has been achieved.
       35% of the 2006 target for the pre-rinse spray nozzle program has been achieved

c) Region of Peel

SF/MF Residential Toilet Replacement Program
 Approximately 5,700 rebates have been issued
 Total water savings to date: 600,000 Litres/day of water
 In store promos for Sept-Oct and again in the new year; offering additional rebates and looking at
   truckload sales

MF Residential Toilet Replacement Program-Peel Living (Public)
 Phased 2 began July 24; contractor is meeting schedule of work (approximately half way through).
   Project is running smoothly-no surprises
 Toilets to be installed are the Niagara Flapperless and Niagara Flapperless Muskoka ADA
 Post-monitoring to begin by the end of the month

Leak Detection Program in Caledon
 Final report was received and circulated

Public Education and Outreach
 School and Plant tours continue; now including WM-MRF and CRC tours
 Scheduled for three Fall Fairs and Community Events-promoting TRP

Outdoor Water Program
 Completed over 500 Lawn and Garden Consultations
 Data has been collected and compiled and the new staff will work on analysis and building the
   program for summer 07
 Seven Water Wise Garden workshops were held throughout the summer. Over 40 residents
   attended each venue.

ICI Program – New
 Pre-Rinse Spray Valve; to begin soon. Agreement has been signed and staff are working on details;
    ie start date and communication pieces.
 Indoor and Outdoor Audits (Pilot); to be piloted early next year (pending Council’s endorsement
 Toilet Replacement; staff are working out the details of an ICI TRP-should commence before year
    end. Rebates are the same are $60 gravity and $100 flush valve (WEP)
 School Retrofit project is complete. 5 gravity, 20 flush valve and 1 urinal sensor installed. Caroma
    donated 4 Caroma Royale and 1 Caroma Caravelle-ADA and contractor installed the Vortens
    Vienna H Flux with the Delta Tech II non tamper flush valve. Post monitoring to begin soon.

d) City of Peterborough
 Peterborough has put out an RFT for a Water Efficiency Plan
 The Peterborough Children’s Water Festival was successful in celebrating its 5 anniversary May

   24-26. Close to 1300 students attended with teachers and adult helpers, 300 high school students
   participated as presenters.
 Peterborough Green-Up has been involved in the implementation of phase 3 of the Well Aware
   program. Over 60 visits have been completed and additional venues include presentations and
   media attention where a wide range of audience is reached.
        Negotiations are taking place to reinstate the original Green-Up home visits with an ICI component
         to install toilet dams, tap aerators and low flow shower heads (where applicable)
        Peterborough is hosting the International Plowing Match this year where water
         efficiency/conservation education will be present.

     e) Region of Durham

     Water Efficient Durham Update – September 2006 -

     Tribute Project
      had to re-install central receiver for water sub-meters
      moved from resident’s home to nearby Light Standard, had to get Tribute, Bell and Veridian (electric
         utility) approvals and hire Bell & Electrical Contractor
      work completed last week
      monitoring to has begun
      early data shows 18% reductions in each of water, gas & electricity in Study vs. Control homes
      no Study home was higher than any Control home in any of the parameters
      organizing a Media Event with FCM to announce $190,000 in funding after Thanksgiving

     Household Guide
      began distributing Third edition in June
      sent out 7,000 of the printed 30,000 copies already

     Irrigation System
      specifying an ET Controller and Weather Station to begin the process of making the system efficient
      plan to establish it as a BMP system

     Children’s Water Festival
      scheduled for of 25 –29 of September at Camp Samac in Oshawa

      booked close to 5,000 children for 35 activity centres

     Durham Works Newsletter
      5 water efficiency articles (25% of content) submitted for the newsletter
      mailed out to all residents in early November

7)   Next Meeting Date and Location: Thursday November 16 at the Region of Peel, 11 Indell
     Lane, Brampton, ON, L6T 3Y3 (this is not head office).

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