AM eeting of by ER5KhU5h


									                                               Minutes of the Meeting of
                                          SALCOMBE TOWN COUNCIL
                                     held in the Library of Cliff House, Salcombe
                                     at 6.30 pm on Wednesday 11th January 2012

COUNCIL MEMBERS PRESENT                                             * Denotes Attendance
Cllr R Moore Town Mayor (in the Chair)                                      *
Cllr R Clark                                                                *
Cllr L Dilling                                                             A
Cllr Mrs J Lidstone                                                         *
Cllr M Long                                                                 *
Cllr. I. Hatch                                                              *
Cllr L. King                                                                *
Cllr. R. Wheeler                                                            *
Cllr. A. Biggs                                                              *
Cllr Mrs C. Pickering                                                       *
Cllr J. Martins                                                             *

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr J Carter - District Councillor                                    A
Dist. Cllr P Coulson District Councillor                                     *
Gill Claydon (Clerk)                                                         *
Pc Mullin                                                                    *
PCSO Gibson                                                                  *

Members were invited to declare personal or prejudicial interests, including the nature and extent of such interests
that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting as follows:
      Cllr Biggs wished it known that by virtue of his profession and development contacts he would leave the
          meeting whilst planning matters relating to clients he was aware of at the time were discussed.
      Cllr Clark declared a personal and prejudicial interest in application 3233/11/F by virtue of his employment


Pc Mullen and PSCO Gibson were in attendance and Pc Mullen reported and wished everyone Happy New Year. On
the night of the 28th December 2011 three burglaries were carried out at South Sands but the police do have a suspect.
Also he noted that they have started having a number vehicle plate thefts again with seven sets being taken between
Batson and Shadycombe. Some are ripped off, some unscrewed and some easily taken due to double sided tape. A
plain clothes patrol has been out but it was a quiet night the previous night. Pc Mullen also noted that some signage
in respect of the road closures along Fore Street were ambiguous so they would be speak to the contractors. The
Mayor noted that the police need number plate thefts reported immediately so they can pinpoint areas of trouble and
it just seemed that it was again trophy hunters although this is strange out of the tourist season.

Cllr. King wished the police to give attention to speeding trucks going past Beadon Cross with building spoil from
The Vinery and Salcombe Court. The police will bring a speed gun down. Cllr King was concerned that the drivers
would never stop in time if anything pulled out due to their above limit speed. The Mayor offered those attending to
speak but there were no questions from members of the public for the police.

Police left the meeting.

The Mayor advised those present that this was not a community engagement meeting but a formal meeting of the
town council meeting. He advised he would allow people to speak during Open Forum but needed them to keep on
the topic of the outline planning application before this town council if this is what they had attended to comment on.
He explained that the allocation of this site started through the process in 2007 when District allocated sites around
the whole of the South Hams and Salcombe at that time were allocated 100 houses. The Princes Foundation came
along to hold a consultation and went round the whole of the South Hams and allocated areas of development. In
Salcombe originally they selected Croft Road by Batson. Town Council held extensive community engagement and
took votes from those attending and they came back with the top of town being the least objected to site. Town
Council wrote a strategy document and got such decision for The Croft overturned in favour of Batson Cross. At that
time the general community view was the amenity loss and visual impact of any development on Croft Road. This
decision went to an inspector and was approved and in January 2011 Batson Cross was adopted by District.
Therefore there is no discussion as to whether development will take place at Batson Cross as it is ratified that
building will take place. The Ember Road housing allocation was subtracted from the housing figures proposed so
now there are to be 50 houses provided at Batson Cross.
Neighbourhood/Town Plans do not yet have agreed details for their content/creation within legislation as the
consultation has just closed. They have however to be scrutinised by an independent examiner and conform to all
local and development policies, followed by a referendum wherein 50% of those voting must agree with its adopted.
It could cost in the region of £20 - £30000 which would be £10 per household. If the community come forward and a
want to pay for and create a plan town council will take such forward.

Peter Stratton who lives in Higher Batson and had written to District with a copy to Town Council noted that from his
point of view and he felt many other co residents there is a need for affordable housing. It was also acknowledged
that the affordable housing built so far has been wide of the mark for local people for affordability. He had
subsequently spoken to Mike Saltern a District Councillor and Mike Saltern openly admitted that affordable housing
had not worked in Salcombe and therefore in future District had made a decision to give preference to local people
and Mr Stratton had the belief that they needed consider doing something different for younger people. Most people
feel there are alternatives to what is being offered. Having followed through all the planning strategy and DPD for
site allocations Mr Stratton felt that everyone was going down the wrong road and thinking of building houses with
the tag of affordability attached when no one knows how much they will cost! The idea is that District have 50/50 of
affordable and market value but they have found they cannot keep to that ratio as developers want to reduce the
affordable element. Therefore he suggested that if there is a true need 'we' need to start thinking of providing such so
it is actually affordable. This site allocation is from 2016 and beyond and he felt the applicant for the outline
planning application at Batson Cross was technically wrong in bringing forward this application now and not
allowing Salcombe to consider what to do. The DPD says 2016 and beyond and such allocation up to 2016 is
covered by the Ember Road provision and essentially this application is forcing a pace. There are some technical
matters that are wrong with this application and National Trust have actually objected that due to new regulations in
2011 stating that where a development was said to be sensitive a full Environmental Impact Assessment must be
carried out. As a layman he felt such assessment was required. Also the house to be provided for the developer and
placed within the s106 was not admissible. The land banked by other owners along the estuary he asserted would
follow being developed if this application was allowed. His final comment to add was that Batson is a separate
hamlet and Salcombe a separate town and they should maintain a gap and not join the settlements as this would start
to destroy the distinctive nature of Salcombe if all were not careful. People/visitors come to Salcombe because it is a
beautiful unique place and if such development started ribbon development then we would be responsible for the
ruination of this area.

The Mayor acknowledged that he personally felt that Town Council were in agreement with regard to the terms of
partial equity housing and felt that houses provided in the future should be socially rented as they are more
'affordable'. On another issue he noted that Salcombe now does have a bespoke Local Lettings Policy in place to give
towns people priority as he realised the population is increasingly getting older and thus the area needed to help
youngsters. The Mayor went on to acknowledge the 2016 target and the speed at which this outline application has
been bought forward agreeing it was terrifying. Further he advised that town council cannot respond as anyone
would in business as they must be at all times democratic in their responses and decision making. The house
proposed in this outline application outside the development boundary probably should be taken as a separate issue in
planning terms. He as mayor did go for training with the Princes Foundation and one point on their list for
consideration is settlement creep and he personally agreed Salcombe and Batson were different which is one reason
why he changed his mind on the Croft Field initial suggestion.

He noted the wealth of information provided within the community responses to District and felt that people with
such good responses could contribute to a Neighbourhood Plan and such should be taken forward and written by the

Peter Sandover advised he was the consultant to Jon Elwell. For clarification he asserted that the Neighbourhood
Plan is enacted through the Localism Act and communities could put one together. A point he felt worth clarifying
was that a Neighbourhood Plan had to be in the context of the Statutory Plan so such guiding document in Salcombe
would be the adopted Local Plan document and Site Allocation DPD. There had been a comprehensive
Environmental Impact Assessment submitted with the outline application and it was done on the recommendation of
District and such advice for such was given to the applicant. The allocation of the Batson Cross site is within the
Statutory DPD Plan and Mr Sandover felt it was very important to the community that any comments reflect those
within the Local Plan and Housing Policy. Such Housing Policy he asserted however was only any good if Salcombe
had housing to allocate. The Mayor responded that out of the 168 social houses in Salcombe there had been six
available in the last year and these have been let under this new Salcombe specific Housing Policy.

A member of the public noted that this proposed outline application development was sought on the back of provision
of affordable social housing but had this social housing been quantified, do we need this? It was noted that the
current housing survey was undertaken in 2009. Guinness Trust initiated this and Mr Elwell noted he merely offered
a donation towards such costs thereafter. The survey was thorough and showed Salcombe needed in the region of 26
rental properties. Information available indicates on the Devon Choice website that there are in the region of 100
people who want to live in Salcombe. Those attending felt that an issue that needed to be addressed is 'are there
people here who think we need affordable housing' when there are issues of employment? Therefore it was
questioned 'Who are we targeting social affordable housing at?' Rough statistics show that Salcombe population
seems to be decreasing. The number of houses rated for council tax have gone down by eleven and this is probably
due to such being business tax based now, if say they are rented out. Cllr Clark advised that his daughter and
boyfriend were number twenty eight on the housing list so there are twenty seven in front of them who can prove a
Salcombe connection or need. Dist Cllr Coulson noted that out of those twenty eight people many who have such
qualification to live in Salcombe had been forced out to Malborough and surrounding areas and he had five active
cases that are approaching emergency level to rehouse.

It was suggested from the floor that with 50% occupancy in Salcombe in real terms what could be done with all the
holiday homes. Had Town Council made any approaches to request property owners to provide long term lets
instead of holiday accommodation. The Mayor noted that Town Council did report vacant houses but authoritities
cannot force people to change their provision/use. People/owners will rent to get 'high bucks' on holiday homes and
town council cannot impede personal preferences to that point. Salcombe however have got a Local Letting Policy
simply because of the fact of holiday homes and such lettings. Nationally Salcombe has some of the highest
percentage of holiday homes and this is why Salcombe has this policy and it is believed there are only one or two
other areas in the South Hams that have such. A resident felt that as Salcombe do not have the resident population
they do not have business footfall and will therefore end up with a 'Butlins Holiday Camp' scenario instead of a
proper resident community.

Government funding the mayor noted is drying up for affordable rental properties but there could be a case for private
finance in Salcombe. Some noted that the DPD bureaucratic process had left a lot of local people out of the frame
and whilst it involved public consultation that took place a lot of people were just bewildered and did not know the
end result. The process had been undertaken and 50 dwellings are designated by 2016, Ember Road has satisfied up
to 2016 and therefore beyond would have about 50 dwellings. This time scale that takes such new development past
2016 will allow people to have their input and if necessary others to talk to the right people and provide this town
with the funding it needs to produce a Neighbourhood Plan with the involvement of local people. Development it
was suggest was about bringing people in with sustainable income. It was stated Salcombe do not need to build thirty
houses for the open market. The Mayor advised that the pace of this outline development is not set by Town Council
but by the developer. It was also acknowledged that Town Council own part of the RA3 site and such affordable
houses could be built on this land. A resident stated that Malborough managed this why could not Salcombe?

Another resident wished to know, the Environmental Impact Assessment, who had carried this out and who was this
done through? Mr Elwell advised that the results are on the District website along with documentation for his outline
application. The Mayor acknowledged that the timeline of a year since the DPD was terrifying to him too but this
was because Town Council are now owners of some of the land within RA3. In other DPD areas Midas and Wimpey
have already put forward their applications. The first consideration of land for affordable housing was in 2007 to
bring forward such scheme. Also 2007 was when the South Hams Local Area Allocation consultation occurred but
the approval of a designated site was not until January 2011. Town Council could not it advised negotiate with any
land owner until such site allocation was approved by the Inspector. Their plans at the moment were to try to put
together a package for the community for with regard to Park & Ride as technically they look after such land for the
community. The Park & Ride it was acknowledged was vital for tourist season parking, businesses and community
and encompassed/provided the future cemetery extension. Things have to go through a legislative process for Town
Council and they were not blocking but just doing their best for the greater community.

John Chalmers from the South Hams Society suggested the Master Plan for this site could be part of a
Neighbourhood Plan as this site was part of the development boundary of Salcombe. He advised he was on a steering
group for two of the Kingsbridge DPD Allocation sites and such Master Plan was required for both sites. He
enquired how could a Master Plan group be set up now with a specific steering group drawn from residents of
Salcombe town use this group as a first step in forming the Neighbourhood Plan which might include such extension
to the Bonfire Hill cemetery and Park & Ride and asserted any future consideration should cover these areas. The
Mayor agreed a Master Plan should be done for this site. Town Council had looked at such draft provided by Mr
Elwell but the response given had been taken off the website by District . The Master Plan in Kingsbridge is funded
by applicant advised Mr Sandover. Mr Elwell had been funding a Master Plan for Salcombe, Mr Sandover advised,
over 2/3 years in order to develop a plan with the community. The Mayor however responded that until 2011 this site
allocation had not been provided or allocated and so Town Council could not take part in such discussions so early
on. Mr Elwell advised he took the decision not to submit his draft Master Plan with the outline application as he had
not been able to engaged Town Council in such process but he felt it was a statutory duty of the Town Council to
engage. Mr Elwell asserted he had drawn blanks so Peter Sandover produced a document and this was submitted to
District planning for consideration and although the response from Town Council was placed initially on their
website he felt it was not part of his outline application. He observed that his lawyer felt such red lining of his draft
document was unprofessional and that is why he requested it was taken down from the District site. Town Council
responded to this document under pressure to do so and their assimilation of such form for response was meant for
ease of reading an informed response.

Mr Elwell asserted that it was remiss of Town Council not admitting that at the commencement of this allocation that
they wanted to do something with their Park & Ride and yet they then met with District. The Mayor noted that Town
Council could not bring forward any land until it was approved by the community. At present Town Council did not
know how much community land could be included and had no idea whether they could relocate the Park & Ride on
planning grounds. A member of public noted there was a danger of putting the cart before the horse! The mayor
agree and advised that is why Jon Elwell felt he should go ahead with a Master Plan alone. Mr Elwell had applied to
build 20 rented houses with a rent set by affordable housing. Debbie Holloway is the affordable housing officer and
they had asked her how much such rent is, it is capped at housing benefit levels. Simon Elwell then spoke and
advised they as developers do not have control or dictate on such rent values but they have listened to what people
want and they have requested all rented. The Mayor noted that the main task for Town Council is to obtain a fair
value out of the Park & Ride/cemetery extension land through an important development and which includes this
town property and such town council representatives will not take this duty lightly.

A member of the public noted support for the town council in their efforts and requested an apology from Jon Elwell
for making out that Town Council were holding things up. He went on to state that Mr Elwell had tried to slide
through a Master Plan and it was rubbish as the member of the public had read such before it was removed from the
District site and agree with Town Council comments. Mr Elwell responded he could move this allocation on to
another developer and then the community would have trouble with dealing with pushy developer people. Mr Elwell
felt he was privileged to develop in an AONB and he was going to fight with all ensure such development was done
properly and was not a mess and did not ruin Salcombe.

It was stated that it might be useful to have an indication when this proposed development might be sorted out. The
person requesting such advised she ran a local business and had six young men who were looking for affordable
properties and were living with their parents currently so needed housing now. The Mayor stated 'personally' that
the problems was that within RA3 there is a community owned field for a Park & Ride and so Town Council had
taken some informal advice from District planners on possible relocation. This area is also the town cemetery
extension and with future expected burials and cremations the town council now have a rough guide area that has
been paced out for a worst case and best case scenario. When all information is tied together such will be taken to the
community as a whole possible solution for them to make a decision. It is hoped town council will do this by the
middle of March 2012 and then Town Council will consult on definitive examples and numbers not possibles. If the
town rejects such then the Park & Ride area/cemetery extension will not be put forward for development into the
RA3 area and Mr Elwell will be free to complete his own Master Plan. Hopefully all necessary information will be
prepared by mid March with a suggestion of how the town can alleviate need and put such extra allocation into the
housing pot. Another item is a Land Equalisation Agreement in which all land involved parties can throw their piece
of land into a pot and then whatever gets built on such is split up by land area so no one receives less or more than
another land owner for the percentage of their land. Mr Elwell has rejected entering into such an agreement.

Dist Cllr. Coulson commented that with regard to this application an assumption was that those present were trying to
consider the community, he felt they could not. Private developers are a important concern in this country and
authorities must strike a balance between public interest and the needs of private developers to create and enhance
opportunity. In this case Salcombe has a presumption that development will take place on RA3 as it is within the
District Development Framework.

District Councillors reports were received as follows.
Dist Cllr. Coulson – He had attended a planning meeting today and an agenda item of interest was the Sun Bay Hotel,
Hope Cove which was passed for development by two votes. There was one weakness he felt now in the process, he
understands pre application discussions between developer and officers but noted then the desire was to succeed in
achieving permission and this is shared by both the officers and developer. The Whitestrand public convenience
extension for showers was also passed. Members of the Harbour Board discussed communication with Salcombe
Town Council and the Chairman of that board, Dist Cllr Carter, had proposed/asked if Salcombe Town Council could
consider putting a standing agenda item on their agenda for the Harbour Board Chairman’s report. The Fishermans
Quay development had hit a glitch as the rate of inflation on building materials, particularly steel, was going up ex
potentially and with such a large part of the works involving steel pilings the costings of such works on Fishermans
Quay were being reconsidered in the light of current calculations. The EU grant has also been provided in Euros.
The Mayor requested that Dist. Cllr. Coulson advise Town Council when the outline application for Batson Cross is
to be considered at District Planning Committee.

The Minutes of the meeting dated 14th December 2012 were approved by council and then duly signed by the Mayor
as a true and correct record.

Councillors considered the following applications and sent such observations to the District as Planning
    3014/11/O Application to renew extant outline planning permission 41/1768/08/O (for demolition of
        existing buildings and construction of 3 dwellings) Trennels, Herbert Road, Salcombe TQ8 8HR – Applicant
        Mr and Mrs Roger Vaughan – Town Council objected to this application at their last meeting but it was
        acknowledged that when this application was considered in 2008 it arrived firstly as a full application and
        therefore it was objection as there was not sufficient information. However in 2008 this was incorrect
    registration of the application and if was in fact an outline application on which Town Council had then not
    objected. Thus this response was noted to also be with regard to an Outline and thus amended to No
   DEFERRED ITEM 3019/11/O Outline planning application for proposed mixed use development
    comprising 51 dwellings (20 affordable, 30 open market and 1 landowners dwelling) about 500m2 B1
    employment space, 50m2 toddlers play area with potential access for public amenity and adventure play area
    to adjoining woodland, pedestrian links and associated landscaping Development site at SX 733 393, Batson
    Cross, Main Road, Salcombe – Applicant Mr and Mrs J.M. & C.M.E. Elwell – Town Council do not
    disagree with development of housing but must also respond to social and economic needs. OBJECTION.

    It was noted that the inclusion of a proposed separate dwelling on land also owned by the applicant could not
    be considered as it is outside policy and lies outside the RA3 site and thus outside the development boundary
    of the Town. If such a proposal had come before the Town Council as a stand alone application it would be
    contrary to District, County and Government planning policies. Thus the inclusion of the individual house
    could not be presented as integral to the success of any development within RA3.

    It is felt that any proposal for inclusion of a woodland in the ownership of the applicant, adjacent to the
    boundary of RA3 but outside the site, could have no bearing on the Outline Application. There was no
    requirement for such space in the designation of the Planning Inspector for RA3 therefore its consideration
    as part of a Section 106 agreement for the development does not meet the policy requirements of S106 for
    this development.

    Any additional entrance on the A381 between the present access of Shadycombe and Motherhill Farm and
    Bonfire Hill highway town council consider would create a highway safety hazard. In addition the
    development of an entrance at this point for a mixed residential/business development as proposed would
    require considerable redevelopment of the current road system in this area. Such proposal could in planning
    terms change the character of the streetscene to the detriment of the visual 'approach to Salcombe' as well as
    increasing such vehicular hazards in the area.

    There is concern that the amount of rental housing that could be delivered by this development would be less
    than anticipated by the Town. Town Council would suggest that the housing for the site should be social
    housing and that this be rental. If such social housing provided were to be largely part-buy/part-rent this
    could not meet the identified housing needs of the Town. In bringing forward proposals at this time, in the
    present economic climate, it is of concern that social development necessary will not be fulfilled.

    The position that this site occupies is very visible from outlying areas some distance from the site and also
    close by so the density proposed for the site does raise some concerns. Although it is recognised that the
    point highlighted by the applicant that such density may keep the price of market houses down may be
    valid, town council are aware that this would not necessarily prevent such open market houses becoming
    second homes. Such development should not be justification for a density of development that could in
    future be harmful to the wider landscape and setting of the Town. Therefore the visual impact that such a
    development would have on Higher and Lower Batson, the approach to Salcombe and from the wider area is
    key to its consideration. If an employment area is to be included then the potential for a detrimental visual
    impact would be significantly increased.

    Town Council never considered nor put forward employment for this land as it is very visible and a sensitive
    area as an approach to Town. By including employment land the Inspector has reduced the area for housing,
    landscaping or mitigation methods on for the visual impact of any development. Although the Town Council
    has never supported employment land on this site, the inspector did indicate an area of 0.5 hectare be
    available, such proposed is considerably less and therefore town council question this aspect.

    Town Council do not believe that the visual impact of an employment building in the position proposed
    could be mitigated by landscaping and that such creation of an ‘iconic/landmark’ building would be more
    damaging to the area than one that was low key. The architecture and style of any such building could be
    key and the economic costs for such building that would sit well in the landscape and contribute to the
    landscape and approach to the town is questioned.

    Therefore acknowledging increasing employment opportunities in Salcombe town is key for the viability of
    the Town however town council question whether this site is the best use for such land given the need for
    Social Housing. Town Council are also concern as to whether the model of mixed use development on such
    a small site could work given that such a model is not in favour with most developers.

    Town Council wish to see considerably more research to validate the demand for industrial buildings on this
    site and the type and demand for use by such businesses

    The disposal of sewage in particular the inability of the present sewage system within Salcombe to cope with
    flow during high peak tourist season demand, as evidenced by sewage leakage into the estuary and the
    inability of the Malborough Sewage plant to handle treatment during peak periods, questions whether
    increasing this load by another 50 properties and potentially employment buildings is appropriate until South
    West Water have dealt with the problems that exist.

    Town Council also question whether the existing sewage pipework can handle such additional volume.
    There is no detail and flow peaks as to where this increased volume will be connected.

    Town Council expressed concern over the effect of such a proposed development on water run off to the
    lower areas below the site both from housing and rainwater. This concern is of paramount importance as it
    could have a long term impact to a considerable area of Salcombe.

    On a local level anecdotal evidence raises an issue of a spring believed to be on the site of the proposed
    development and at present no evidence is forthcoming on this but town council suggests this should be

    Due to the lack of a master plan or agreement such could render 20% or more of the RA3 site difficult to
    develop to the benefit the community. A draft Master Plan document is noted within the list of documents
    submitted by the Agents as part of this Outline Application and therefore the response document Town
    Council submitted with comments highlighted therein on this Draft Master Plan Document and previously
    submitted to District should stand and be read in conjunction with this submission

   3057/11/DC Proposed shower facilities Whitestrand Toilets, Salcombe – Amended plan for information
    only, noted.
   3110/11/F Householder application to reinstate The Cottage, incorporating the existing design, and
    incorporating the loft conversion and amendment to first floor extension The Cottage, Salcombe Court,
    Salcombe TQ8 8QJ – Applicant Mr Evans – No objection subject to such materials used being in keeping
    with existing used as previously wood, brick, cedar roofing etc. It was noted that the changes that were
    made to both properties were acceptable and in keeping. There was however a question raised over details
    within plans as there was a parking area but no clarity if that was a new parking area next to Underdecks or
    additional and this was raised with the planning officer. Salcombe Court parking it was noted is in the
    garage on the edge of Bennett Road. The crane deck has also specifically been built to place the crane on
    and is in the ownership of the insurance company and such will be addressed by the insurance company if
    there is a future interest in keeping such area. The owners would then return and discuss with town council
    with regard to putting in an application. Also on this point there had been correspondence between
    enforcement officers and clarification sought but presently District agree this crane site is permitted
   3111/11/F Householder application to reinstate The Penthouse, incorporating the existing design, with minor
    amendments the Penthouse, Salcombe Court. – No objection as above. The applicant had noted he was not
    interested in a box like structure and had purchased the Edwardian architecture and was hopefully going to
    emulate this with the proposal here.
   3155/11/F Householder application for erection of two-storey side extension and single storey rear extension
    7 Beadon Drive, Salcombe TQ8 8NU – Applicant Mr J. Pearson – No objection.
   3180/11/F Householder application for proposed new dormer windows 29 Kingsale Road, Salcombe TQ8
    8AS – Applicant Mr and Mrs Hore – No objection.
   3225/11/F Householder application for alteration and extension to dwelling Highwood, Moult Road,
    Salcombe TQ8 8LG – Applicant The Highwod Trust – Objection as the plans were felt to be incomplete and
    contradictory and thus town council could not review such or judge the proposals on planning terms as to
    structural changes without clarity. Points raised were the position and design of the parking area within the
    plans shows two potential options for the parking area with no elevations plans or materials shown and it
    was felt there needs to be only one option.. The parking area appears to incorporate highway land and on one
    plan shows three spaces and on another five spaces. A bridge is shown marked for access to the second
    floor level(attic), but there are no detailed plans giving elevation plans or materials
   3227/11/F Householder application for widening of existing access bridge and associated works Flat 3
    Shaws Corner, Devon Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JL – Applicant Mr and Mrs S. Packard – No objection. It is
    pleasing to see uPVC changed to timber frames.
   3233/11/F Resubmission of householder application 41/2216/11/F for alterations and extension to dwelling
    Puffins, Fortescue Road, Salcombe TQ8 8AP – Applicant Mr and Mrs Handslip – Objection. Town Council
    welcome changes to the rear dormer which removes their previous concerns. There are however still some
    concerns over raising the ridgeline as this increases it above the highest property adjacent and starts to
    increase and could lead to overbearing overlooking in other areas. During discussion it was suggested the
    ridgeline could be raised in that road but probably this increase was too much. This row of houses can be
    observed from Collaton and when looking across there is currently an undulation but if changes are made
    and such undulation levels out and becomes more visible this will create an overbearing feeling to the
    properties that sit below. Also the front proposed addition, which depending on which side of the road it is
         viewed from, is increasing 1.3m on two pitches that contain the bedroom and entrance hall. Increasing 1.3m
         meant that when town council viewed this proposal it felt it had the potential to be an overbearing structure
         and change this streetscene. Viewed from the east because other houses have gravel and are set back it is
         felt this proposal will be unfavourably visible but not when viewed from the west side. Town Council
         question whether this is an appropriate scale increase and request that District offer their professional advice.
         The very narrow boundaries between properties was noted and it raised a cumulative change of concern.

    Various emails forwarded to all councillors in relation to outline application for Batson Cross.
    Horsecombe Farm and structure approved that was under construction, have planning working party viewed
     and is it in accordance with plans? Dist. Cllr Coulson will ask Enforcement to do attend.

It was AGREED to form a working group with Cllr Martins (Chair), Cllr Biggs and Cllr Wheeler to bring forward
suggestions to full council for improvement for usage and ongoing maintenance of the Council Hall building. The
terms of reference for such are to:
      (a) consider the usage of this public building and whether this is best use with suitable return for the town
         and offer a range of suggestions and/or alternatives
      (b) overview the whole building and ascertain what works will be required to ensure the structural safety and
         maintenance both internally and externally
      (c) consider any improved access arrangements and health and safety and research whether such can be
         provided in a public building of this age
      (d) report at each stage all findings to town council in order that a management and maintenance plan can be
         drawn up and estimates sought for any works advised and approved by a further agenda item.

It was AGREED to form a working group with Cllr Martins (Chair), Cllr Mrs Lidstone, Cllr Clark and Cllr Moore to
monitor town cleanliness and thus improve the town streetscene. The terms of reference are:
      To continue to monitor the streetscene and provision of cleaning and waste collection.
      To work with District and other agencies to complete darft advisory literature for the forthcoming season
      To liaise with property owners and District to seek solutions to any litter problems.

It was AGREED that information will be collected and put forward to enable legal instruction to be sought and
research possible action available to protect various areas of land within Salcombe from encroachment by other
parties up to an initial legal fee of £1000.

It was noted that the door to this facility also requires maintenance and those observing think such presents a poor
aspect to a focal point in town. If it was to be utilised the large plastic bin would need to be cleaned, refilled and the
expensive pump and electricity renewed. This could be done simply but the water feed is not automatically replaced.
If this were made just ornamental the outlets could be left so that if at a later point someone wished to reinstate they
could. The original stream serving such was piped off.
It was AGREED to stop up the water provision and carry out such restoration works on the fountain façade as was
required creating a feature without the need for provision of an actual fountain. Quotes will be sought and brought
back to town council.

It was AGREED that the request by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to introduce a scheme at Bonfire
Hill which would involves planting a border to the front of the headstones and improving the turf around with
ongoing maintenance thereof be further researched due to the sensitivity of this request. One grave within this
commemoration area was provided by a family within the war graves and there were concerns how this would be
dealt with and such policy on plants for the remainder of the cemetery if such planting were allowed. Town Clerk to
request further information, plans and possibly a presentation.

This matter was DEFERRED pending further consideration of areas and volunteer nomination.

This matter was DEFERRED.

Nothing to add as most points covered elsewhere.

Cllr King – Noted he had sorted out problems adjacent to the Town Council allotments as Acorn Blue contractors
were parking on the corners of this area and in Ember Road so permission was given to use the Park & Ride to
unload trucks. Town Council have received a £500 payment from Acorn Blue to enable them to repair the cemetery
footpath fence and kissing gate following such use of the Park and Ride. Morrisons who are the contractors for the
gas utilities are going to create a second roadway in the park and ride as their contribution from using the Park and
Ride to place storage and use for parking and the roller would come in shortly to do such works and some turf
removed will be placed in the Bonfire Hill cemetery to use to top those burial plots that have not seeded well.

Clr. Ms Lidstone – Noted that having accessed such with a friend, Salcombe is not easily accessible for disabled
people and they have to use the highway. Cllr Biggs noted that if Town Council carry out a Neighbourhood Plan
such provision could be considered.

Cllr Clark – Noted that a volunteer fire fighter had thanked Town Council for the works to the path from Raleigh to
Onslow as he could now run down such to get to the fire station. A problem noted however was that on the lefthand
side going up was a tree overhanging and at the bottom right a bush that needs removing. Question was raised
whether permission was required to cut down but Cllr Long advised this was not a protected tree.

Cllr. Hatch – Noted that the North Sands wall on the beach that was reported as in danger now has a big hollow in it
and was getting worse.

Cllr. Biggs – Advised of the Grant Schapps consultation on Allocation of Social Housing to be responded by 30 th
March 2012 and suggested Town Council should consider and respond. Cllr Biggs is to head up a working group. In
his private business they had cleared out some business premises and found a whole cellar of old survey maps
relating to Salcombe, Kingsbridge and other local areas which had been handed over to Ken Prowse on behalf of the
Salcombe History Society.

Cllr Long – Had been responding to enquiries by County Footpath with regard to fallen trees etc. Paul McFadden of
County Footpaths had subsequently from such local information advised he was intending closing a bridleway at the
junction with Cliff Road due to a tree being down along with other items all around Salcombe.

     Email dated 9th January 2012 from Ian Gibson Harbourmaster advising that due to Town Council concerns
       with regard to Salcombe residents being aware of the consultation they are extending the deadline till 20th
       January 2012.
     Email dated 3rd January 2012 from resident expressing concern at the advertising signs and boarding up of
       the cash machine and letterbox on the old HSBC building. A request has been made that town council write
       to the agents to request they address the issue of the state of the building. The estate agent signs and
       blanking off of such facilities were noted but this is felt to be within the remit of the agent and not a matter
       that Town Council should seek to interfere but all hoped a new tenant or purchaser would be found shortly.
     Jim Morrison of Devon County Council has advised that he will look at his budget and consider the legal
       aspect with a view to passing highways verge cutting and buddle clearance to Town Council. The Town
       Clerk enquired whether she should delay putting the grass cutting contract out to tender for two weeks in
       order that town council can consider this cost provision at the next meeting and whether to add such to the
       contract. It was agreed that the contract should await such information.
     Email report from David Stevens dated 6th January 2012 giving an outline for celebrations. Following an
       enquiry town clerk has explained that only the portion of VAT relating to a grant provided can be claimed
       back by town council. No further costings for fireworks or other activities have been received so far. There
       is a reference to the town council providing the Beacon and a Commemorative Tree and town council
       representatives are to explore and report.
     Letter dated 4th January 2012 received from Charles Wreford-Brown of Luscombe Maye to be considered
       against emails and documents sent.
     A letter dated 28th November 2011 was sent by Town Council to Manuscripti severing the agreement for
       provision of electronic cemetery records but paying for the data collected. The letter stated that should town
       council not hear by 20th December 2011 it would be taken that this offer is accepted and a cheque would be
       sent. It was noted that a cheque will be sent in payment and this matter placed on the next agenda to
       consider transferring the provision of this service to another company who quoted originally and have
       agreed use of the captured data to provide a service.
     Paul McFadden Footpath Warden for Devon County had responded to all footpath issues raised during the
       last few weeks.
     Adrian Mundy Monumental Mason had advised that he had prepared a layout of the new cremation plots
       along the top of Bonfire Hill cemetery (before such extension) and will send this on in the next week or so.
       Also he was prepared to carry out sexton duties with no recompense in order to assist the town council in
       ensuring good management of the cemetery so long as it did not conflict with his work commitments.
     Discussion had taken place with County Highways with regard to the Road Closures for Wales & West –
       Gas Utilities, Contractor for South West Water Sewage and possible May Gurney for South West Water,
         Water. At present Highways and Town Council are trying to co-ordinate all works to ensure that Fore Street
         is only closed until half term. Other areas around town will continue to be worked on at different times but
         hopefully such will not affect the tourist season.
        Town Clerk advised she had Spoken with Alex Whish, Rob Harkness and Darren Moore with regard to the
         St. Dunstan’s Play Area. All is on track for installation by Easter but town council needed to take the plans
         out again into the community to explain what was proposed for cutting back and therefore what works
         would be undertaken on the Berry in the woods. Also new planting schemes considered. Such new plans
         should be on their way and if not received Alex Whish will provide a print out version. Town Council to
         consider Monday evenings over the next few weeks and book the school hall.
        It had been advised by NPS who are dealing with land transfer for District that a draft Transfer document in
         relation to Ember Road was on its way to Town Council. Thereafter Town Council will receive the Section
         106 monies and be able to progress this project.
        Shadycombe cemetery tree removal approval had been received and this work will be consulted on
         alongside the St. Dunstans/ Berry consultation.
        It was advised that Angela Clacy had resigned due to a change in work commitments. Thanks were offered
         by the Mayor to Angela Clacy and agreed by all present for achieving what she set out to do when she joined
         town council.


Cllr King – Attended the Salcombe Information Centre meeting and noted that the owner of Salcombe Dairy advised
that he had won a contract with Virgin and Singapore Airlines to serve ice cream on their planes and will use such
outlet to advertise Salcombe as well. He was also going after another big airline carrier. The Information Centre was
going to write to Town Council about pedestrianisation of Fore Street in Salcombe. He noted his frustration with
regard to an ongoing matter relating to chairs within the Library in Cliff House. Apparently the fire officer had stated
such were a fire hazard and the Cliff House Trust wished Town Council to replace such that they felt were owned by
Town Council. As Town Council lease the office and space in the library they do not accept ownership of the chairs
or responsibility thereof. Chairs will need to be provided by Cliff House for those using the space and as such it will
be down to Cliff House Trust.

Cllr Moore – Attend the Chamber of Commerce meeting. He noted Cty Cllr. Brazil had given £4000 to Kingsbridge
to alleviate the Fore Street road closure problems and Sir Simon Day had provided £2000 for Salcombe. Kingsbridge
had gone for a prize draw where those taking part could win £10 and then £100. A question was raised as to whether
those providing such had a Gaming Licence. The Chamber have the money and the general suggestion was that the
£2000 could be used by Salcombe Town on the Diamond Jubilee to raise awareness of the town and perhaps provide
an economic boost through such provision.

Town Mayors meeting/ District CEO and Leader – The Mayor advised he and the clerk had attended the meeting
wherein he had referred to the District spend of £65000 on Economic Development and £1million on Leisure. There
appears no coordinated South Hams District policy on business areas and he made suggestions as to how this was
dealt with in other countries such as Germany and the USA. District have a shortfall of £300,000 in their budget for
this year but he had received assurance that District would cut no service this coming budget year.

     On table.

Councillors APPROVED the following cheques for signature :
Devonshires – final payment for completion of footpath                                     £1000.00
SHDC – Refuse collection for Bonfire Hill Cemetery Dec and Jan                             £25.32
DALC – Training                                                                            £236.35
Les King – Travel and padlock for Park and Ride                                            £70.79
Stokenham Parish Council – Planning training x 3 cllrs.                                    £60.00
Luscombe Maye – Land agent advice                                                          £458.40

The next meeting will held on Wednesday 25th January 2012 in the Library at Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe at

Meeting Closed: 10.10p.m

………………………………………………….. 25th January 2012.
Town Mayor.

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