The following Panel Members were present:
Sl. No.       Name of the Panel Member                           Department
1.        Shri N. Muktheswar Rao, IAS              Collector & Dist. Magistrate, Nalgonda
          Collector & Dist. Magistrate, Nalgonda

2.        Smt. Neetu Prasad, IAS                    Representative of the Collector & Dist.
          Joint Collector & Addl.          District Magistrate, Nalgonda
          Magistrate, Nalgonda

3.        Shri M. V. N Prasad,                     Representative of the State Pollution
          Environmental Engineer,                  Control Board
          AP. Pollution Control Board,
          Regional Office, Nalgonda

The following Departmental Officials took part in the hearing:
Sl. No.                                  Name & Designation
1.        Shri Veera Pandian, IAS
          Asst. Collector (U/T), Nalgonda
2.        Shri A. Muthyam Reddy, Revenue Divisional Officer, Bhongir
3.        Shri G. Srinivas, General Manager, Dist. Industries Centre, Nalgonda
4.        Shri B. Bikshapathi, Asst. Environmental Engineer, APPCB, RO- Nalgonda

The following representatives of the Project were present:
Sl. No.                                  Name & Designation
1.        Shri P. Mohan Reddy, Superintending Engineer, FFC-II, Karimnagar Dist.
2.        Shri N. Sudhakar Reddy, Executive Engineer, Division – II, Karimnagar Dist.
3.        Shri Suresh Kumar, Executive Engineer, Division – I, Karimnagar Dist.

The panel members and the public representatives went through the maps exhibited by
the project authorities. The maps consisted of the project alignment, especially depicting
Nalgonda district.

At the outset, the Environmental Engineer, APPCB, Regional Office, Nalgonda while
welcoming the public and the Chairman explained briefly the salient features of the
Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India’s Notification No. S.O. 1533
dated 14th September 2006. He informed that the press notification was published in
Eenadu and The Hindu on 19-03-2011 pertaining to the present public hearing. The
notification invited public suggestions, concerns, comments and objections, if any, on
the proposed lift irrigation project Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Prnahita- Chevella Sujala Sravanthi
in Nalgonda District. They provided the project reports at various public access places.
He stated that the lift irrigation project has been included in the Schedule of the
Notification for which the public hearing was made mandatory to obtain Environmental
Clearance from the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. People
could also make written representations. He then requested the Joint Collector, who
was deputed by the District Collector, Nalgonda to preside over the public hearing

The Joint Collector, Nalgonda stated that the project is designed to irrigate some
2.30 lakh acres in Nalgonda district. It included 171 villages in 11 mandals. There would
be land acquisition of 6, 662 acres for canals, tunnels and distributaries. She briefed
about the environmental public hearing mechanism and its prominence. She stated that
interested persons would be given opportunity to express their views on the project.
She requested the project authorities to explain in detail, the salient features of the lift
irrigation scheme and its summery EIA report. She informed that the details could make
the people aware of the activity coming up. She assured the people that the programme
was being conducted transparently and the proceedings were video-graphed.

Shri P. Mohan Reddy, Superintending Engineer stated the public hearing was
necessitated on account of obtaining the requisite environmental clearance under the
provisions of EIA Notification. He added that Irrigation and CAD Department has
entrusted the work to prepare Environmental Impact assessment report to WAPCOS
Limited. The baseline study report was prepared. Ministry of Environment and Forests
has approved the site and the revised terms of reference (TOR). The project is intended
to irrigate a command area of 16, 40, 000 acres of drought prone areas in Adilabad,
Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Medak, Warangal, Rangareddy, and Nalgonda districts in
Telangana region. It is proposed to lift water and store in balancing reservoirs linked up
through canal network system.

The technical details of the project as listed below:

   1. The project envisages diversion of 160 TMC of water by construction a barrage
      across River Pranahita, a major trubutory to river Godavari.

   2. It further utilizes 20 TMC of water at Sripada – Yellampally Project.

   3. It will provide 10 TMC as drinking water to twin cities of Hyderabad &

   4. It will also provide 16 TMC as industrial water. The approximate cost would be
      40, 300 crore at SSR 2007-2008.

   5. For Nalgonda, the command area will be 2, 29, 832 acres, covering 171 villages
      of 11 mandals under package 15 & 16.

   6. At link 5, Tipparam tank of Medak district to Chityal in Nalgonda district. It is a
      gravity canal system.

   7. Some 2165 acre will be acquired for canals & tunnels and 4497 acre for
      distributaries, totaling 6,662 acre.

   8. There will be no forest land. The villages will go partly under submergence.
      Some 1045 families will get affected.
   9. It is proposed to cover Baswapur reservoir of 0.80 TMC capacity. The catchment
      area will be 20.125 sq. km and the submergence of land is 499 acre.

   10. The link channel and canal network is likely to pass through various villages. It
       will be so aligned that it passes through minimum agricultural land and attempt
       will be made to ensure that minimum number of houses are acquired.

He listed out the affected villages. He added that the ground water levels would
substantially improve in the district and the fluoride concentrations in the drinking water
would be reduced. The water saved on the account of storage created here would
ultimately benefit the drought prone areas. There would be negligible environmental
impacts in Nalgonda district since no major construction was there. The main objective
of the catchment area was focused at prevention of further land degradation, reducing
soil erosion and maintains ecological balance.

Shri Bhattu Ramachandram, R/o Bhongir complimented the environmental public
hearing mechanism as it involves the stakeholders. He requested the officials to explain
all the features involved in the project in the larger interests of people. He was striving
to realize the project for the last 30 years. There should have been wider publicity so
that people could understand. He sought to know the details of press notifications about
the programme. The authorities did not survey in detail on submergence. He favored
conduction of another meeting by providing adequate literature on the project.

Shri K. Narsimha Reddy, Ex-MLA, Bhongir stated that the authorities failed to give
adequate information about the project. There should have been more copies of the
project report in vernacular language. He also disputed with the project report for
immature study. He pleaded for the rectification of the deficiencies in enumeration.
Owing to apathetic attitude of the authorities concerned in protecting the lakes, land
grabbers were occupying them. He wanted to protect tanks of Bibinagar, Kondamadugu,
Shameerpet and Gandhamalla. There was no mention of Baswapur tank in the report.
He criticized that the environment details were inadequate and arbitrary. He expressed
apprehensions on the survey of lands in the villages. He suggested integrated approach
to the irrigation projects. He further suggested that the irrigation department should
prioritize the filling of tanks depending on the needs of the people. He sought to know
full details on gravity canal, tunnels and power supply. He however requested to
organize a round table conference so that better suggestions would emerge. He
appealed to the public representatives to take initiative to fill up tanks and to address
drinking water problem.

Shri Ilaiah, R/o (v) Baswapur, Bhongir (M) complained against the survey teams.
They were confusing them with mixed statements on alignments. He wanted to know
the fate of Baswapur due to the project. He requested to address his concerns.
Shri K. Jayaprakash, Jana Vignan Vedika, Bhongir stated that there should have
been wider publicity about the programme. He requested for water storage in Bhongir
tank. He expressed concern over chopping off trees in the name of development.
Moderate technology should be utilized for afforestation. Since the project could be
delayed for funds, canal digging works should be taken up after its completion. He while
welcoming the project sought expeditious implementation of compensation package. He
further requested for filling of Shammerpet Lake. The authorities should take steps to
tide over the drinking water scarcity and to modernize the river Musi. He demanded the
government adhere to the rules and award works to genuine contactors with specific
time frame.

Shri Sudhagani Venkatesh, Praja Front, Bhongir stated that the authorities did not
provide adequate information about the project. He brought out the difficulties to the
experienced by the people affected due to submersion of lands. He expressed
apprehensions over implementation of compensation package as was being done in the
case of other irrigation projects. He requested to create awareness on the nuances of
the project. He demanded re- conduction of the hearing after 3 months. He however
supported the project, provided better compensation.

Shri Macha Venkataiah, R/o Baswapur stated that they were not against the
project. They should have been provided the project details. He requested the joint
collector to render justice as he is holding land in survey number 46. He appealed to
take necessary action to address the problems of their village.

Shri Abbagani Venkatesh, MPTC member, Kunoor complained against the officials
for not providing them necessary details of the project. He stated that it would be
desirable to involve village committees while carrying out the survey of lands. He
requested to deliver adequate compensation to the affected people. He wholeheartedly
supported the project as it could give impetus to the agricultural prospects. He further
requested for judicious use of funds. He urged to the public representatives to look into
the disputes of NIMS University and to sort out the problems.

Shri Kolluri Rajaiah, R/o Alair while welcoming their dream project pleaded for a
better deal to the affected people under R & R package. He wanted the contractors to
live up to the expectations of people. He requested the district administration to oversee
the implementation of the project.

Shri Udutha Sathyanarayana, Sarpanch, Baswaspur supported the project and
sought expeditious implementation of the compensation package. He favoured
conduction of door- to- door survey. The project authorities should clear all their doubts
and then proceed further.
Shri Tummala Narsaiah, President-MPP, Valigonda requested that the benefits of
the project should be extended to the affected villages so as to render socio- economic
justice. He appealed to take all steps to attenuate acute water scarcity.

Shri Mamidala Narsimhulu, R/o Kolanpaka, Alair requested to deliver proper
compensation without any delay as was the practice in the case of irrigation projects.
The water scarcity for crops and for drinking purpose was a serious problem which the
district faces. He pleaded for water storage in the Gandhamalla tank for the exclusive
benefit of farmers.

Shri Kancherla Goverdhan Reddy, R/o Bodugula, Bhongir thanked the authorities
for conducting the public hearing as it elicited concerns of the people. The project
authorities should take every care in implementing the compensation package. He
requested to expedite the project works.

Shri Gutha Sukhender Reddy, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Nalgonda hailed
the project as a long- cherished dream of the Telangan region. He gave a detailed
account of the alignment of Godavari River. The link channels are Pranahita River –
Sripada Yellampally barrage; Sripada Yellampally – Mid Manair reservoir; Mid Manair –
Uppaer Manaim reservoir; Tipparam reservoir – Chityal in Nalgonda district. The project
would contain 22 lifts for which some 3600 MW power was required. He hoped that the
project would yield rich dividends to the farmer apart from providing drinking water. He
assured the people that the public representatives would pursue filling of water tanks
issue with the government and would get necessary approval. For AMRP project, some
90 per cent of compensation was already paid. For Pulichintala, major portion was being
distributed. He promised to look into the implementation of R & R packages. He
requested to remove apprehensions as they committed to solve their problems. He was
instrumental in getting the R & R package for the losers of national high way project. He
added that the environmental clearance was one of the 18 permissions required. Only 6,
600 acre of land was going to the project. For which, he would see that justice would
prevail. There was an urgent need to upscale the efforts for ground water recharge
augmentation and take it up as a mission. They were putting maximum efforts to get
national status for the project. The central government had already given in principle
clearance. He further offered to the people to approach him to address their concerns.

Shri Bikshamaiah Goud, Hon’ble Member of Legistrative Assembly, Alair stated
that the concerns of farmers were taken into consideration. He requested the project
authorities to circulate the project features among the people. He added that the canals
would   improve       ground   water   table   and   reduce   fluoride   concentrations.   He
wholeheartedly welcomed the project as it could benefit the drought prone areas in
Telangana region. The project would also help economic development of the people. He
requested to cooperate with the survey teams. They would vociferously fight for getting
national status as the file was under consideration. He wanted for water storage in
Bibinagar tank and Gandhamalla tank. He favoured feeder channel system since it
demands minimum land and provides maximum benefits.

Shri Ch. Seetharamulu, Hon’ble Member of Legislative Council complained
against the authorities for not providing him adequate information. The authorities
should take necessary steps to avoid adverse impacts. He requested for the provision of
proper information about the project. He criticized the timing of foundation stone for the
project in 2009. He added that national project status could only materialize the project.
Otherwise the State government could not bear the brunt of the massive project.

To clarify, the M. P. interrupted and stated that the central government gave in principle
clearance on the national project status. The status would achieve 90 per cent funds
from the centre, failing which it would get delayed. However they were working hard
and apprised the Prime Minister of the necessity. They were hopeful of getting
necessary nod.

The M. L. C continued and stated that the agitations would only make the project a
reality. Even for Pulichintala project, there were several doubts in R & R package.

The M. P. contradicted him and admitted that some 14, 000 acre was going under
submergence of Pulichintala. They were actively involved in implementation of R & R
package. Some new houses have ready been built.

The M. L. C requested to ensure all appropriate measures to render justice for the
affected people. He wanted to store water in the Gandhamalla tank. The government
should set a dead line to extend benefits to farmers who have waited for the project for

Shri Mandula Venkataiah, R/o Bhongir stated that there should have been advance
information about the project. He expressed apprehensions on the land acquisition
process. The authorities should act in accordance with people’s interests. He appealed to
fill up Gandhamalla, Shamerpet tanks. He sought expeditious implementation of the
compensation package.

Shri Ubbu Venkataiah, R/o Tangedapally (V), Choutuppal (M) while welcoming
the project sought for thorough survey of the lands. He demanded social justice to all
weaker sections in awarding compensation. The project should be executed
immediately. He requested the public representatives to strive for getting the national
project status.

Shri K. Narayana Reddy, Hon’ble Chairman, Zilla Parishad – Nalgonda
supported the views expressed by the M. P. He exhorted the people not to fall in false
propaganda. They would work collectively to render justice. He favoured linkage of
channels as it would improve ground water table. He wholeheartedly welcomed the
project. The Nalgonda district would get exclusive benefits under package 15 & 16. He
christened the irrigation projects as temples for farmers. He requested to conduct a
comprehension survey. He then assured that he would personally oversee the
implementation of the project.

Shri E. Balakrishna, INTUC Member, Bhongir welcomed the project since it would
bring in economic development. The apprehensions needed to be removed. He
requested to implement the project expeditiously. He demanded that the affected
people get adequate compensation.

The Environmental Engineer, APPCB requested the Superintending Engineer of the
project to give rejoinders on the concerns expressed.

The Superintending Engineer assured that there were no demerits due to the
project. He explained the process of survey of affected areas and awarding
compensation. The irrigation department would give one-week advance notice to the
affected people and would involve them in the survey process. He requested to
constitute a village-level committee in Baswapur. They would be apprised of the
development of the project. He promised to take into account all the concerns. They
would put special stress in providing drinking water to maximum people. He further
assured that necessary instructions would be given to the survey teams to involve the
people before finalizing the compensation package.

The Joint Collector, Nalgonda stated that the proceedings accurately reflecting the
programme were recorded. The press notifications on the programme with one-month
advance notice were issued Eenadu, Sakshi and The Hindu. They had already placed the
project reports at the offices notified for public convenience. They came to know that no
person was against the project but sought a fair deal of compensation package. The
process of discussions on compensation for the areas notified as affected would take
place. The engineering department would explain the village committees about the
technical issues of the project. They would oversee the survey process and resettlement.
She assured that the compensation would be paid to the submerged lands as market
value and requested to cooperate with the survey teams. People should remove their
apprehensions since every rule would be followed.

The M. P. stated that the Chief Minister was apprised about the R & R package. The file
has been circulated that he was personally pursuing. He expected the government order
would come out within few days.

The Collector, Nalgonda briefed about the merits of national status. The draft
environmental impact assessment has already been provided to the stakeholders. There
were no environmental impacts due to the project. He summarized briefly the
proceedings that the people were concerned for better compensation package. On
completion, the project would provide water to the entire planned catchments area, and
meet the drinking water needs. There would be some ancillary benefits. He asserted
that the district administration would make concerted efforts with all its stakeholders to
facilitate the emergence of the project as a model one. He complimented the M. P. for
pursuing the said G. O. which would benefit more people. He promised to look into the
matter and requested the people to send their representations to the local revenue
authorities. The proceedings of the meeting would be forwarded to higher ups for the
further course of action. He then concluded the public hearing.

The written representations received are enclosed as Annexure.

 Sl.    Name & Designation of the panel                           Signature
No.                    member
1.     Shri N. Muktheswar Rao, IAS
       Collector & Dist. Magistrate, Nalgonda

2.     Smt. Neetu Prasad, IAS
       Joint Collector & Addl.          District
       Magistrate, Nalgonda

3.     Shri M. V. N Prasad,
       Environmental Engineer,
       AP. Pollution Control Board,
       Regional Office, Nalgonda

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