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									      Welcome to the
“4-H Lunch ‘n Learn” Series!
             Today’s topic:
   “Utilizing a 4-H Expansion and
         Review Committee”
  Tuesday, September 14, 12-1 p.m.
Expansion & Review (E&R)

  “Expanding 4-H Youth Development
       for the Next Generation”
• Describe the purpose and roles of an
  Expansion & Review (E&R) Committee
• Explain the membership of an E&R
• Review possible E&R Committee agenda
• Identify an Extension Educator’s role with
  the E&R Committee
• Discover resources designed to implement
  an effective E&R Committee
        E&R Committee Quiz
1. T or F: One role of the Expansion & Review
   Committee is to assist in procedures to secure
   volunteer adult and youth leadership.
2. T or F: Beyond just working to increase overall 4-H
   member involvement in the program, the County 4-H
   Expansion & Review Committee should help
   implement a balanced 4-H program expansion,
   focusing attention on criteria such as age, gender,
   rural/urban, disability, minorities, and varied youth
   needs and interests.
3. T or F: It is not necessary to form a County 4-H
   Expansion & Review Committee if your county or
   program has a minority population of less than 3%.
        E&R Committee Quiz
4. T or F: As long as your total 4-H enrollment does not
   decrease by more than 10%, it is not necessary for
   your County 4-H Expansion & Review Committee to
   develop an action plan or any long-range goals for the
   4-H program.
5. T or F: Youth representatives can be included on the
   4-H Expansion & Review Committee; however, they do
   not have a voice in any decisions that are made.
6. T or F: The duties of an Expansion & Review
   Committee should be handled by an existing Youth
   Development Committee so that you don’t have to
   contact additional people.
        E&R Committee Quiz
7. T or F: County 4-H Expansion & Review Committee
   members who know both the county and the 4-H
   program can make important recommendations,
   provide dynamic leadership, and give effective
   assistance to insure all interests of youth are
   considered in program determination.
8. T or F: The County Expansion & Review Committee is
   only required to meet on an “as needed” basis.
9. T or F: The County 4-H Expansion & Review
   Committee must have an equal number of youth and
   adult representatives.
10. T or F: All plans for expanding the 4-H youth program
   should be controlled by the county Extension staff.
     E&R Panel Discussion
•Linda Aldridge, Huntington County CED,
4-H Youth Development
•Janet Allen, Southwest District Director
•Kendall Martin, Dubois County CED, 4-H
Youth Development
Dubois County E&R Success Story
 • Goal: reach growing Hispanic population
 • E&R Role: HR Director invited to share
   outreach ideas
 • Results:
   – 4-H recruitment materials were translated into
     Spanish, including 4-H Open House invitations
     posted in Hispanic churches, stores, & restaurants
   – Trust and respect have been gained among
     Hispanic community; memberships and contacts
     are growing
   – “Fiesta Night” planned for 2011 4-H Fair
E&R Role within Extension
E&R Committee Purpose & Roles
 • Determines needs and directions of
   current 4-H program (in line with state
   and national policies)
 • Ensures the 4-H program is relevant,
   current, and has an impact on local
 • Assists with identifying potential
   volunteers or volunteer roles
E&R Committee Purpose & Roles
  • Advocates for underserved and
    underrepresented populations
  • Ensures Extension programs practice
    nondiscrimination and equal
  • Promotes 4-H involvement
  • Raises awareness of available
    Extension services and programs
    among all potential audiences
E&R Committee Purpose & Roles
 • Develops program marketing plans
 • Designs program features
 • Critically reviews progress toward
   program goals
 • Meets Federal requirements and
   keeps Extension above reproach and
   accountable to local citizens
E&R Committee Membership
• Representative of county
• At least 1/3 youth members
• No set number of members required;
  typically 10-20 members
E&R Committee Membership
• Responsive to and supportive of the
  essential elements of Positive Youth
• Selected/appointed in consultation
  with Extension Board
• Functions as a separate entity from
  other committees or associations (this
  is not the annual fair evaluation
E&R Committee Meetings

• A minimum of 2 meetings are required
• Held year-round
• Schedule depends upon local needs
• Minutes should be taken and kept on
  file in County Extension Office
E&R Committee Agenda Items
• Icebreaker & Introductions
• Orientation to E & R Committee
  – Common vision and purpose
  – Expectations
  – Review components of Positive Youth
  – Review of applicable federal and state laws
     • Equal Opportunity
     • Nondiscrimination
     • Affirmative Action
  – Establish goals
E&R Committee Agenda Items

• Share County 4-H program highlights
  – Example:
     • 1,191 4-H Members total
     • 787 club-based 4-H members
     • 404 school enrichment members
        – 25 classrooms reached K-12
        – 11 out of 12 schools reached
     • 268 volunteers
     • 3 new clubs in 2009-2010
E&R Committee Agenda Items

• Gather data for Community
  market analysis
  – Geographic boundaries
  – Census data
  – Demographics
  – Community youth-serving
    organizations/services and existing
  – Projected residential growth and
E&R Committee Agenda Items

• Gather data for 4-H Market
  – Charts of 4-H participation (gender, age,
    race, tenure, special needs, rural-urban
    balance) – from ES-237 data
  – Note: this can also be used as an
    information tool to share 4-H data
    internally (4-H Council, Leaders), and
    externally (community presentations,
    funding sources)
E&R Committee Agenda Items

• Review and discuss observations of…
  – 4-H enrollment trends for past 5 years
  – 4-H enrollment demographic trends
  – 4-H Youth Development program
  – 4-H Youth Development program
E&R Committee Agenda Items
• EXAMPLE: 4-H Enrollment Over the
E&R Committee Agenda Items
EXAMPLE: 4-H Club Youth Enrollment
         by Residence

         22%         24%

                           Towns Under
    9%                     Towns 10,000-50,000


E&R Committee Agenda Items

• Brainstorm ideas for sub-committees
  – Club-based 4-H program
  – School enrichment/after school
  – Community-based program
• 4-H Participation Surveys
  – 1st year parents
  – Those completing 4-H tenure
  – Those not re-enrolling
E&R Committee Agenda Items

• Set priorities for 4-H Youth Programs
  – List programs currently offered
  – Cost per program per participant
  – Youth/adults reached
  – Staff management days
  – Planning meetings required
  – Resources available
E&R Committee Agenda Items

• Appraise each program against a set of
  evaluation questions such as…
  – To what extent does this program fulfill the 4-H
  – Does it address the needs of youth in our
  – How well does it develop youth life skills?
  – Are volunteers able and available to implement
    this program?
  – Are youth significantly involved in this program?
  – Does the program meet the critical elements of
    positive youth development?
E&R Committee Agenda Items

• Establish goals for 4-H expansion
• Recognition of committee members’
• Evaluation of committee process and
  implementation plan
Educator Roles with E&R Comm.

 • Job Description for 4-H Youth
   Development Extension Educator
   – Program Accountability (15%)
      • Establish and maintain a viable, working
        county 4-H expansion and review committee
 • Specific Educator responsibilities are
   included on the following slides.
Educator Roles with E&R Comm.

 • Work with CED and Extension Board
   to establish committee and recruit
 • Schedule meetings with committee
 • Work with committee to establish
   agenda that addresses key issues
 • Provide demographic data of 4-H
   program participants
 • Highlight current 4-H programs offered
Educator Roles with E&R Comm.
• Suggest options for future 4-H program
• Advise committee on relevant state
  and national 4-H policies
• Ensure positive youth development
  opportunities exist for all youth
• Report results to CED, District Director
• Prepare E&R Committee information to
  share during CES county reviews
    Resources Available

• Recruitment/confirmation letters for
  committee members
• Position Descriptions
  – 4-H Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator
  – New Club or Group Organizer
  – Club/Group Recruitment Coordinator
• E&R Committee Orientation
  PowerPoint presentation
    Resources Available

• Sample Meeting Agendas
• 4-H Expansion Worksheet
• 4-H Expansion & Review Action Plan
• Illinois Letters and Surveys to 4-H
• Illinois Expansion & Review Fact
     E&R Quiz Answer Key
1.   True       6. False
2.   True       7. True
3.   False      8. False
4.   False      9. False
5.   False      10.False
Information adapted from:

  University of Illinois Extension; “4-H
 Expansion & Review Committee Fact
             Sheet Series”
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