July 2012

                                          EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
District: Barren County

The students of Barren County Schools will be educated to achieve success as productive citizens in a changing society. Educators,
students, families and the community will work in partnership to provide quality instruction in a safe, positive, challenging, and
supportive environment to meet the need of each individual child.


The Barren County planning process has always been and continues to be, school driven. The core of the district planning team
consisted of the Central Office Directors, Principals, and School Specialists. This is not as much a district planning team as it is an
extension and compilation of the school planning teams. The planning process continues throughout the year as opposed to it being a
one-time event.

Given that the long-term plan is now officially considered one of continuous improvement we have elected to design our plan after the
Standards and Indicators for District Improvement. This approach and layout to the plan is much more user friendly and better
communicates to the public what our school district is attempting to accomplish. It should also be noted that we have not included
timelines and persons responsible, as in years past. It was the thought of the district planning team that all priorities are worthy of
beginning as soon as possible and the entire district leadership team is responsible for implementation. This responsibility ultimately
falls to the central office directors and superintendent. There is no activity in the plan that should not begin immediately and continue
on throughout the year. A number of measures are used that indicate the schools are meeting their individual goals. These include the
Kentucky Core Content Tests, ITBS, ACT, PLAN, EXPLORE, MAP, and various other school results from contests, competitions,
July 2012

and activities. Beyond this we will work within each activity to measure and rate the effectiveness that it had in meeting these goals.
Specific school based activities are detailed in each schools individual plans.

Needs assessment teams were organized at the school level by the SBDM Committee structure as were the planning teams. In all cases
full representation of the school community was sought. In compliance with the grant requirements the following groups were
represented: teachers, parents, administrators, students, community members, employers, and pupil support personnel.

The SBDM Councils have been the driving force behind the entire planning process at all schools thus ensuring parent participation.
The councils continue to be the basis of involvement for all Barren County Schools.

Members/Representative Groups Who Served on Planning and Needs Assessment Teams:

Austin Tracy Elementary:

       Angela Sneed           Parent
       Bobbi Bragg            Parent
       Lacey Mahaney          Teacher
       Penny Wells            Teacher
       Joshua Long            Teacher

Barren County High:

       Jim Sparks             Parent
       Beverly Smith          Parent
       Scott Gillon           Teacher
       Shane London           Teacher
       Trina Rickard          Teacher
July 2012

Barren County Middle:

       Letitia Hughes       Parent
       Tina Wilson          Parent
       Lori Houchens        Teacher
       Olivia Dooley        Teacher
       Susan Hammer         Teacher

Eastern Elementary:

       Krista Steenbergen   Parent
       Shelia Childress     Parent
       Amanda Larkin        Teacher
       Chele Gillon         Teacher
       Catherine Bishop     Teacher

Hiseville Elementary:

       Kim Railey           Parent
       Jonathan Simpson        Parent
       Tammy Hampton        Teacher
       Candy Gray           Teacher
       Joey Bunch           Teacher

Park City Elementary:

       Theresa Barfield     Parent
       Valerie Lewis        Parent
       Mary Jo Corbin       Teacher
July 2012

       Ben Jackson Teacher
       Stella Downs Teacher

Red Cross Elementary:

       Matt Mutter         Parent
       Rhonda Doyle        Parent
       Jill Kinslow        Teacher
       Jennifer Dennison   Teacher
       Chrisn King         Teacher

Temple Hill Elementary:

       Stacy Sutherland    Parent
       Timothy Garrett     Parent
       Christina Simmons   Teacher
       Ruby Edwards        Teacher
       Bretta Schalk       Teacher

North Jackson Elem:

       Todd Billingsley    Parent
       Anne Steenbergen    Parent
       Anne Johnson        Teacher
       Amy Gassaway        Teacher
       Christa Middleton   Teacher

District Resource Staff:

       Shari Alexander
       Dinah Wallace
July 2012


       Scott Harper          Austin Tracy Elementary
       Steve Riley           Barren County High
       Lori Downs            Barren County Middle
       Will Compton          Eastern Elementary
       Jeff Richey           Hiseville Elementary
       Anthony Janes         Park City Elementary
       Jeff Moore            Red Cross Elementary
       Jon Hall              Temple Hill Elementary
       Anthony Frazier       North Jackson Elementary


       Bo Matthews           Superintendent
       William Walter        Assistant Superintendent
       Mark Wallace          Director of Special Services
       Cortni Crews          Director of Student Services
       Benny Lile            Director of Instructional Services
       John Stith            Director of Finance Officer


The Comprehensive District Improvement Plan was open for review prior to the July board meeting at which it was approved. This
included posting on the district web site for the purpose of input and inquiry from all stakeholders. Each school is asked to post
school plans on their respective web sites.
               July 2012

               Local Program Contacts
               Comprehensive Improvement Plan for SY 2010-2011

FEDERAL GRANT PROGRAMS 2006-2007                          LOCAL CONTACT EMAIL

NCLB, Title I: Part A (Improving Basic Programs)          Benny.lile@barren.kyschools.us   270-651-3787

NCLB, Title 1: Part B (Even Start Continuation)                                            270-651-3787

NCLB, Title I: Part C (Education of Migratory Children)                                    270-651-3787

NCLB, Title I: Part D (Neglected and Delinquent)                                           270-651-3787

NCLB, Title II: Part A (High Quality Teachers and
Principals)                                               Benny.lile@barren.kyschools.us   270-651-3787

NCLB, Title II: Part D (Education Technology)             Benny.lile@barren.kyschools.us   270-651-3787

NCLB, Title IV: Part A (Safe and Drug Free Schools &
Communities)                                              Cortni.crews@barren.kyschools.us 270-651-3787
               July 2012

NCLB, Title V: Part A (Innovative Programs)                Benny.lile@barren.kyschools.us   270-651-3787

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Basic                                    270-651-3787

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)         Mark.wallace@
Preschool                                                                                   270-651-3787

McKinney -Vento Homeless Education Act (NCLB Title X
Part B)                                                    Cortni.crews@barren.kyschools.us 270-651-3787

Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act-
Basic                                                      Marilyn.baily@barren.kyschools.us 270-651-6315

Extended School Services                                   Benny.lile@barren.kyschools.us   270-651-3787

Gifted and Talented Education                              Benny.lile@barren.kyschools.us   270-651-3787

State Preschool Program                                    Benny.lile@barren.kyschools.us   270-651-3787

Kentucky Education Technology System                       Benny.lile@barren.kyschools.us   270-651-3787

Textbooks                                                  Benny.lile@barren.kyschools.us   270-651-3787

Professional Development                                   Benny.lile@barren.kyschools.us   270-651-3787
July 2012

                                        ASSURANCE CERTIFICATION
                                           School Year 2012-2013
I certify that to the best of my knowledge, the information contained in this application is correct and complete and that the
agency named in this application has authorized me, as its representative, to obligate this agency to conduct any ensuing
program or activity in accordance with all applicable Federal and State laws, regulations and specific program assurances
contained in the Kentucky Comprehensive Improvement Planning Guidebook. It is understood that this application, once
July 2012

posted to our local district server for public access constitutes an offer, and if accepted by the Kentucky Department of
Education or negotiated to acceptance, will form a binding agreement.

Superintendent Bo Matthews              Board Chairperson Robbie Toms

Note: A complete copy of the “Assurances” is available for download from the Kentucky Department of Education’s
Comprehensive improvement Planning Web Page at http://www.kde.state.ky.us/olsi/conp/default.asp.

For instructions regarding electronic submission, contact the Kentucky Department of Education or visit the Department’s
comprehensive improvement planning website at: www.kde.state.ky.us/olsi/conp/default.asp

This plan was approved by the Barren County Board of Education July 12, 2012.
July 2012
July 2012

 Indicator        Priority needs – Causes/Factors                                    Activities & Process                     Support
 1.1.b            Continued refinement of vertical alignment in specific             Curriculum Power Sessions,               PD
 The district     relation to the Common Core Standards.                             Vertical alignment teams                 District
 initiates and                                                                       District curriculum                      curriculum
 facilitates                                                                         ECE staff and regular classroom          documents
 discussion                                                                          teachers are involved in this process.
 among schools
 standards to
 ensure they are
 across all
 Also 1.1.a,1.1.c
 and 1.1.d

 1.1.e              Emphasize relevance and connection to post secondary             Successful Practices Network, AP         AP grant
 The school         studies and to careers. Specific efforts will be made with the   grant, Career Cruising ILP strategies    I3
 curriculum         special education student to reinforce the relevancy of all
 provides           activities.                                                      GRREC Grant – i3- career planning
 specific links
 to continuing
 education, life,
 and career
July 2012

 1.1.f             Constant feedback is needed from the classroom concerning      Individual school team meetings,       PD, local
 A systemic        the status of the Barren Co. curriculum. A scheduled review    administrator meetings, Site visits,   funds
 process for       of I&I checks will be implemented. Specific I&I checks will    curriculum power sessions, Impact
 monitoring,       be implemented with the special education departments at       check reports. Principals input.
 evaluating, and   the middle and high schools.                                   Learning Walks.
 reviewing the
 curriculum        Leadership Timelines & Checklists developed for 2012-2013

 2.1.c             Continual dialogue between staff and student is required for   District provided standards charts,    District
 Students can      students to internalize standards and expectations. The        school visits                          funds
 articulate the    special education student will be held to the same standard
 academic          and expectation.
 expectations in
 each class and
 know what is
 required to be
 2.1.e             Efforts with formative assessments will continue. Common       School visits, district resource       PD, dist
 Multiple          assessments will continue to be refined.                       teachers, job embedded PD, MAP         funds
 assessments                                                                      testing
 are designed to   Utilizing the CIITS project we develop a process to create                                            CIITS
 provide           common assessments/learning checks                                                                    SOW
 feed back on
July 2012

 2.1.f            Student work will continue to be displayed that reflects         Essential questions, school visits,   Job
 Performance      academic standards.                                              CRT reviews                           embedded
 standards are                                                                                                           PD via
 clearly          Further develop showcases for student work – science fair,                                             CRT’s
 communicated,    academic competitions, spelling bee, Art Fair, music/drama                                             G/T
 evident in       productions
 and observable
 in student
 2.1.g            Appropriate activities will be constantly monitored by           Administrative Code training, pre-    DAC
 State            leadership. Leadership will ensure that students are given       school-12 instructional strategies
 assessment and   opportunities daily that promote thinking skills at the higher   implementation.
 accountability   levels of Bloom’s taxonomy in order to be successful on
 is coordinated   state assessments.
 by school and

 3.1.a            The frequent use of varied and appropriate instructional is a    Performance evaluations, classroom    Job
 There is         continual issue. Newly developed Response to Intervention        visits, CRT, Leadership meetings      embedded
 evidence that    (RTI) strategies will be used throughout the year.                                                     PD, Ind.
 effective and                                                                                                           Growth
 varied           The PLC process will be further developed and implemented                                              plans
 instructional    in schools and with cross-district groups.
 strategies are
 used in all
July 2012

 Teachers          The more teachers know and understand about their subject       Content specific PD, Growth plans     PD
 demonstrate       matter the more they will challenge all students to go above    developed w/ principals, teacher
 content           and beyond expectations. All teachers shall work to become      evaluation.
 knowledge         more knowledgeable in the writing program. Specific
 necessary to      assistance from a CRT will be available.
 challenge and
 motivate          Re-design Professional Development implementation into a
 students to       connected, multi-event process. Coordinated services will
 high levels of    impact areas of need as identified by school & district
 learning.         leadership.

 3.1.e             There is a continual need to foster integration of technology   Technology Resource Teachers          TRT grant.
 There is          into all aspects of the curriculum                              (TRT) to assist with technology       Title II
 evidence that                                                                     integration.                          Federal Ed
 teachers          The TRT and CRT programs will be redesigned and aligned         On going “Power Classes”              Tech
 incorporate the   to coordinate services and support integration. Focus will be   throughout the year. Technology       KETS
 use of            in innovations and support of 21st Century Learning skills.     Academy.
 technology in

 3.1.f             School staff must have a reasonable expectation of having       School improvement plans, Principal   PD
 Instructional     adequate materials and supplies in order to complete the        meetings, SBDM liaison contacts,      Local
July 2012

 resources are      instructional process. All resources will be reviewed to         school and district technology          budget
 sufficient to      determine adequacy and appropriateness.                          meetings.                               Title II
 effectively                                                                         ESS daytime waiver implementation.      KETS
 deliver the        CIITS and Edmodo will be utilized to share and discuss           The flex fund option may be used to     ESS,
 curriculum.        resources.                                                       supplement textbook costs for the       FLEX
 Also 8.2.a,                                                                         year.                                   FUNDS
 4.1.a              Students must be in a safe and orderly environment in order      Student assistance coordinators,        Title IV
 Leadership         to reach the highest level of the Commonwealth’s learning        COPS program, building projects,
 supports a safe,   goals.                                                           school wide discipline projects.
 orderly, and
 equitable          KYCID and PBIS will be supported and expanded (Middle
 learning           School & High School & College Street & District Team)
 4.1.b              All school staff must have the belief that all children will     School visits, administrative           PD
 All children       learn at high levels. If they do not we must lead them to this   meetings
 will learn at      level.                                                                                                   District
 high levels and                                                                     Participation in Title III Consortium   migrant
 staff will be      Test gap data, continued recognized need for assistance with     Grant.                                  Coordinator
 motivated to       migrant students.                                                MAP testing
 produce                                                                             SPN
 continuous         Expectations for the special education student will be
 improvement        studied. Specific strategies will be identified for this area.
 in student
 4.1.f              Staffing and scheduling must constantly be reviewed to           Staffing formula, school and district   Title I
 Staff is           ensure that all students are having equitable learning           planning, Title 1 flexibility, on going Title II
 assigned to        opportunities. Continued refinement of the collaborative         exploration of scheduling options.
 maximize           process.
 for all students
July 2012

 to have access
 to the staff’s
 Also 8.1.c
 4.1.i              It is essential that the entire community understand what is   Board briefs, The Insider, each           KETS
 Multiple           taking place at our schools.                                   school will have a monthly                Title II
 communication                                                                     newsletter, maintained web sites, e-
 strategies are     Edmodo will be utilized to share and discuss on-going          mail, Parent PDL’s, parent meetings.
 used to            support for PD and Instruction                                 District wide and school specific
 disseminate                                                                       focus groups.
 information to
 4.1.j              Student achievement is central to all we do.                   Varied student work displayed,
 Student                                                                           regular school assemblies, board
 achievement is                                                                    recognition, council recognition, staff
 highly valued                                                                     celebrations, Incentive committee
 and publicly
 4.1.k              Equity and diversity shall be constantly evaluated as it       ESS, ESS waivers Acceleration, G/T        ESS
 Support for        applies to all students.                                       Migrant program                           G/T
 physical,                                                                         GSSP meetings                             Migrant
 cultural, socio-
 economic, and
 needs of all
 5.1.a              Continual increase of community involvement.                   Continue the volunteer program,           FRYSC
 Families and                                                                      FRYSC, after school program, PTA,
 community                                                                         Back to school nights, SBDM.
July 2012

 work together
 w/ the district
 to promote
 programs and
 services to all
 Also 5.1.b and
 5.1.e              Reporting should be consistent and meaningful. We will       Report cards, progress reports, GSSP,
 Accurate           continue to study and refine our primary reporting tool.     School Report Cards and District
 record system                                                                   Report Card.
 that provides
 timely and
 information to
 academic and
 6.1.a              Professional growth should be on going with direction from   Growth plans,                            PD
 Long term          school and district leaders but pursued by individuals as
 professional       well.
 Also 6.1.b,        Re-design Professional Development implementation into a
 6.1.c, and 6.1.d   connected, multi-event process. Coordinated services will
                    impact areas of need as identified by school & district
 6.2.a              The evaluation process shall be for the improvement of       Evaluation instrument is directly tied
 Clearly defined    teaching and learning, not because we have to.               to Standards and Indicators for
 evaluation         Initiate awareness & discussion of the new PGES process      school improvement.
 process            developed and being piloted by KDE.
July 2012

 Also 6.2.d and
 6.2.b              Commitments must be made to sufficiently fund professional Long term planning process, ensuring PD
 Appropriate        growth opportunities.                                      PD includes follow up, principal     Title II
 fiscal resources                                                              participation in the development of
 for                                                                           growth and PD plans
 growth and
 development of
 certified staff
 based on
 7.1.a              The district leadership must constantly be molding and      Strategic plan, long term planning,
 Sustained and      shaping a vision for the future.                            building plans
 shared vision
 7.1.b              All decisions must center on student achievement and must   Long term planning, principal-
 Decisions are      be accomplished through a collaborative process.            directors meetings
 focused on
 and are data
 driven and
 Also 7.1.d
 7.1.i              The district needs greater communication and working        Board action, SBDM training,
 Development        relationships with the individual councils.                 SBDM liaisons, Council of Councils
 of council
July 2012

 policy based on
 7. 1.j              Board meeting agenda will continue to                           Spring Board/SBDM
 There is            reflect a heightened focus on                                   meetings concerning long-term
 evidence that       instruction and student                                         planning. Monthly reports to the
 the board of        achievement.                                                    board from individual schools
 education has                                                                       regarding student achievement.
 an intentional
 focus on
 Also 8.2.c
 7.1.k               District leadership should be counted upon to provide needed SBDM liaisons, site visits, admin.
 There is            assistance at all times and in all areas to assist individual meetings, faculty meetings.
 evidence that       schools in the goal of reaching proficiency.
 and district
 exhibit skills in
 the areas of
 and efficiency.
 8.2.d               All programs shall be available to assist with all student      Admin. Meetings, long term planning
 State and           needs throughout the district. District and school leadership   meetings, SBDM, open budgets,
 Federal             will make these decisions together through the long term        Budget and program committees,
July 2012

 program           planning process. At risk special needs students will be          ESS, GEAR UP
 Resources are     specifically targeted in order to take advantage of all
 allocated and     extended learning services.
 integrated to
 address student
 identified by
 the district.
 Standard 9        This plan shall be the guiding document for Barren County         Site visits, Principal-Director
 The district      Schools. Each school shall have its own individual long           meetings, Admin. meetings, SBDM
 develops,         term plan that operates under this plan. All stakeholders shall
 implements,       agree to the timely implementation of this plan.
 and evaluates a   District/school leadership agrees to regular monitoring of the
 comprehensive     plan and to make adjustments as needed.
 plan that
 a clear
 direction and
 action plan
 focused on
 teaching and
July 2012

**Due to a lack of budget certainty, all dollar figures should be considered estimates**

Action Component __ Standard 1: Curriculum

District Name Barren County                  Component Manager Benny Lile

                                             Date July 2012

                                                                         Measurable Goal (Addresses the Priority Need)
Priority Need

                                                                         90% of elementary staff will participate in curriculum
Inter-district communication concerning performance standards            Power Sessions.
July 2012

and curriculum

                                                                   Both BCMS and BCHS will continue as part of the
                                                                   Successful Practices Network and participate in
Staff and students will continue to focus on rigor and relevance   trainings and offering from the International Center for
particularly at the middle and high school levels.                 Leadership in Education. 100% of new staff will be
                                                                   familiar with, and implant the R&R framework.

                                                                   School leadership teams will review curriculum
                                                                   documents and the new Common Core Standards on a
Curriculum and standards review and monitoring processes.          regular basis. CRT’s will meet at least monthly with
                                                                   teacher teams during planning to review and monitor
                                                                   curriculum implementation.

        Goal          Benchmark                    Measure                     Date             Target          Actual
July 2012

Goal #                 Strategy/Activity      Responsible Start    End    Cost   Funding I    How did
Strategy #   NCLB/                            Person      Date     Date          Source IP    strategy
             KRS                                                                         NI   impact
             158.649                                                                          progress
                       Curriculum Power       CRT’s       June 7   June   $500   PD
                       Sessions                                    8

                          Curriculum Review   CRT’s
                          and Monitoring                  August   June   $100   Local
                                                          7        30
July 2012

Action Component: Standard 2: Classroom Evaluation and Assessment

District Name Barren County           Component Manager Benny Lile

                                      Date July 2012

                                                              Measurable Goal (Addresses the Priority Need)
Priority Need

Continued refinement, development and implementation of       Elem teachers will have the opportunity to participate in
formative assessments.                                        formative assessment training during summer
                                                              academies. Middle and high school will incorporate
                                                              continued activities throughout the school year.
July 2012

        Goal   Benchmark   Measure   Date   Target   Actual
July 2012

Goal #               Responsible Start   End    Cost   Funding I    How did
Strategy #   NCLB/   Person      Date    Date          Source IP    strategy
             KRS                                               NI   impact
             158.649                                                progress
                     Benny Lile   Sept   June   $600   PD
July 2012

Action Component: Standard 3: Instruction

District Name Barren County               Component Manager Benny Lile

                                          Date July 2012

                                                                  Measurable Goal (Addresses the Priority Need)
Priority Need

3.a Learning Walks will be resumed throughout the district.       Each school will submit a schedule and process to the
                                                                  district office outlining the process for Learning Walks.
                                                                  Progress reports will be submitted each semester and
                                                                  shall be addressed in the ASAP reports to the board.

3.b. Varied and effective instructional strategies as supported   Classroom evaluations and learning walks shall show
by research, shall be implemented in each classroom.              evidence of a minimum of 80% of classroom meeting
                                                                  this standard.

3.c. Teachers will incorporate technology into instruction.       Informal walk throughs will indicate appropriate
                                                                  technology usage at the 40% level district wide.
                                                                  Increased V-team on site, as needed, training will be
July 2012

3. d. From at least 6th grade on students will have access to      Every school will work with appropriate curriculum
appropriate advanced course work.                                  resource teachers in order to have classes available at
                                                                   an advanced level.

      Goal            Benchmark                    Measure                     Date            Target          Actual

Goal #                Responsible Start            End      Cost    Funding I         How did
Strategy #    NCLB/   Person      Date             Date             Source IP         strategy
              KRS                                                           NI        impact
              158.649                                                                 progress
July 2012

3.a.                   Bo Matthews    July     June     0

3. b.                  Benny Lile     July     June     0

3.c                    Benny Lile     July     June     $500    KETS

3.d.                   Dinah          July     June     $2500 G/T

Action Component: Standard 4: School Culture

District Name Barren County            Component Manager Benny Lile

                                       Date July 2012

                                                               Measurable Goal (Addresses the Priority Need)
Priority Need
July 2012

4.a The district will provide for a consistent and ongoing      Each school will review TELL survey data in conjunction
measure of student, staff, and community perceptions of school. with WE survey data. This information will be used for
                                                                needs assessment and planning purposes.


      Goal           Benchmark                   Measure                     Date          Target          Actual

Goal #                Responsible Start          End      Cost       Funding I      How did
Strategy #    NCLB/   Person      Date           Date                Source IP      strategy
              KRS                                                            NI     impact
              158.649                                                               progress
July 2012

4.a.        Benny Lile   July   June   $500   local
July 2012

Action Component: Standard 5 - Student, Family and Community Support

District Name Barren County              Component Manager Benny Lile

                                         Date July 2012

                                                                    Measurable Goal (Addresses the Priority Need)
Priority Need

5.a. Increased effective use of communication tools, specifically    All school web sites will be kept current with updated
web sites.                                                          calendars, newsletters, and event listings.


      Goal            Benchmark                    Measure                      Date            Target          Actual
July 2012

Goal #               Responsible Start   End    Cost   Funding I    How did
Strategy #   NCLB/   Person      Date    Date          Source IP    strategy
             KRS                                               NI   impact
             158.649                                                progress
July 2012

5.a.                   Benny Lile     July      June     0

Action Component: Standard 6: Professional Growth, Development, and Evaluation

District Name Barren County            Component Manager: Benny Lile
July 2012

                                        Date July 2012

                                                                  Measurable Goal (Addresses the Priority Need)
Priority Need

6. a. Increased planning and documentation of PD activities.      School and district leadership will follow up, monitor,
                                                                  and report the perceived effectiveness of recent PD

      Goal           Benchmark                    Measure                    Date              Target           Actual

Goal #                  Responsible Start         End      Cost    Funding I          How did
Strategy #      NCLB/   Person      Date          Date             Source IP          strategy
                KRS                                                        NI         impact
                158.649                                                               progress
July 2012

6.a         Benny Lile   July   June   0
July 2012

Action Component: Standard 7 –Focus on support for teaching and learning

District Name Barren County             Component Manager: Benny Lile

                                        Date July 2012

                                                                 Measurable Goal (Addresses the Priority Need)
Priority Need

7. a. Increased communication between district liaisons and      Principals will provide liaisons with SDDM agenda at
SBDM councils.                                                   least 48 hours in advance of regular meetings.
                                                                 Communication between liaison and council
                                                                 membership shall be documented in advance of all
                                                                 meetings. Liaison shall attend a minimum of one regular
                                                                 meeting per semester and other meetings as needed.

      Goal           Benchmark                    Measure                   Date            Target          Actual
July 2012

Goal #               Responsible Start   End    Cost   Funding I    How did
Strategy #   NCLB/   Person      Date    Date          Source IP    strategy
             KRS                                               NI   impact
             158.649                                                progress
July 2012

7. a.                  Benny Lile   July    June    0

Action Component: Standard 8 – Maximum use of time and resources.

District Name Barren County         Component Manager: Benny Lile
July 2012

                                        Date July 2012

                                                              Measurable Goal (Addresses the Priority Need)
Priority Need

8.a. Increased efficiency in time and scheduling.             Each school will participate in a time and scheduling self
                                                              study (format provided by the district.) District personnel
                                                              will assist with a more detailed study throughout the
                                                              year. Results will be incorporated in the schools ASAP
                                                              report to the board. Any noted deficiencies will result in
                                                              an immediate review by a district/school team.

      Goal           Benchmark                      Measure               Date             Target          Actual
July 2012

Goal #               Responsible Start   End    Cost   Funding I    How did
Strategy #   NCLB/   Person      Date    Date          Source IP    strategy
             KRS                                               NI   impact
             158.649                                                progress
8.a.                 Benny       July    June   0
July 2012

Action Component: Standard 9 – Develops, implements and evaluates a comprehensive
improvement plan.

District Name Barren County             Component Manager: Benny Lile

                                        Date July 2012

                                                              Measurable Goal (Addresses the Priority Need)
Priority Need

9.a. Increased monitoring and documentation of the District   Comprehensive Plan I and I checks will be presented to
Comprehensive Plan.                                           the board at least one time per semester.

      Goal           Benchmark                   Measure                 Date            Target         Actual
July 2012

Goal #               Responsible Start   End    Cost   Funding I    How did
Strategy #   NCLB/   Person      Date    Date          Source IP    strategy
             KRS                                               NI   impact
             158.649                                                progress
9.a.                 Benny Lile   July   June   0

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