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industrial properties delhi ncr by properties01


									Industrial Properties in Delhi NCR
An industrial property is the property which is used for industrial purposes.
Industry is the facility where the manufacturing of a product is done. An
industrial property can accommodate many types of industrial entities such
as factories, offices, warehouses, godown, industrial parks, research and
development parks.

Normally the industrial properties are developed in a separate location
other than the residential location as per government norms. The
government of almost all the states in India has separate industrial area in
which plots of different sizes are alloted to the industries according to the
business intended to be done on the property. We are offers Industrial
Property in Delhi NCR and Sonepat industries area like Rai, Kundli, Baddi,
and other industries area.

An industrial property can be from few square yards to many acres. Besides
the government there are many industrial properties being developed by
the many private builders known as SEZs or industrial parks. These private
facilities are comparatively better planned and much well maintained with
more facilities for the business establishments set up in them. So if you
require establishments for company that produces only services but no
physical products like software and BPOs then the private industrial parks
are the best for you, but if you produce physical entities than government
industrial areas are the best for you.

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