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									               “RIDE AND HAVE FUN”
      CHAPTER #3210
                                              Steve Healy – Director
            April 2011                              585-233-6549

        Volume 22 Issue 4                Amy Johnson – Assistant Director

                                             Russ Young – Treasurer

                                                Marianne Sweet
  GENEVA HARLEY DAVIDSON                Marlene Fingar – Activities Officer
   SALES AND SERVICE INC.                        sglide@eznet.net
         1103 Routes 5 & 20                       315-536-2654
          Geneva NY 14456
                                           Maxine Kniffin - LOH Officer
           Sunday closed                     huggermax@yahoo.com
    Monday - Wednesday 9AM – 6PM                   315-530-7908
        Thursday 9AM – 8 PM
          Friday 9AM – 5PM                         Steve Fingar
         Saturday 9AM – 4PM           Road Captain Coordinator/Safety Officer
Tel 315-789-7976   Fax 315-789-3720
   E-Mail: info@genevaharley.com         Kathy Lord – Membership Officer

      National HOG website                        Amber Sweet
          www.hog.com                        Photographer/Historian
       National H-D website                  sweetamber58@yahoo.com
     www.harley-davidson.com                       585-233-0360
       Geneva H-D website
April 2011                                     Ontario County HOG Newsletter                                      pg. 2
                                                Ontario County HOG  
                                              Chapter Meeting Minutes 
                                                   April 3, 2011 

We had 42 members at the meeting that was held at the
Elks’ Club. In spite of the cool weather we had 6 bikes               We also had Doris Wolf & Chris Lashbrook from the Red
in the parking lot. Dawson, Amy, Jeff Miller, Dan                     Cross Finger Lakes Chapter. They gave an excellent
McTigue and William & Terri Hamilton all rode.                        demonstration on the 5 Bs; dog Bites, Bee stings, Burns,
                                                                      Bruises and Breaks. Some of the most important things
We have new-old members Tom & Cindy Ryan.                             to remember in case of any injury are; if someone is
Welcome new members: Tim Peters from Williamson,                      bleeding apply pressure with bandages or cloths – apply
Richard & Donna Turner from Geneva (2010 Heritage),                   new cloths/bandages over the original ones – DO NOT
Kirk & Tammy Morris from Victor (2011 CVO Ultra) and                  remove any bandages, cool the burn – pour a bottle of
Adam & Sarah Tripp from Naples (2006 1200 Sportster).                 water over it, DO NOT pop blisters if they form, unless it
                                                                      is absolutely necessary DO NOT move an accident
Nobody has any new bikes, but there were a couple of                  victim, DO NOT remove their helmet. Some of our
new 4 wheeled vehicles in the parking lot. Russ & Moe                 group practiced what to do if someone is choking – if
have a new Mazda Miata convertible. Marianne got a                    they are talking, breathing or coughing DO NOT take
new Jeep Wrangler.                                                    action, stand by to see if the person needs help. We also
                                                                      talked about heat related emergencies. Keep hydrated
We’ve had a few nice days for riding but they are few                 and get to a cool place. If someone is showing signs of
and far between. Remember to watch out for the cars –                 heat stroke (pale color, no longer able to sweat,
they aren’t watching out for us yet. There is still also lots         vomiting) call 911. We learned about making an
of loose stuff in the intersections, be careful.                      emergency preparedness bag. (see separate pages in
                                                                      newsletter). More information
The charity for the first quarter was picked – Victor                 www.redcrossfingerlakes.org

Charlie Quinter talked about the trip to Bloomsburg PA                NYS HOG Rally
and Bill’s Old Bike Barn on Sept 17/18. The trip is
about 170 miles. He is planning on having different                   Marlene showed off the “Pirate Shirt”. The web site is up
groups leave from Canandaigua, Geneva and the                         and running www.nystatehogrally.com. Paper copy of
Corning area and meeting up at the Visitor Center on                  the registration form is available to download, fill out and
Rte 15 at a specified time. There was a signup sheet at               mail in. There is still a problem so credit card use isn’t
the meeting.                                                          available yet.

                                                                      Russ gave the treasure’s report. .

Guest Speakers                                                        Saturday lunch cooks at GHD – April 9 Dawson &
                                                                      Sharon, April 16 Rich Turner, April 23 Hal & Leisa, April
                                                                      30 Trish & Charlie. A copy of this list we be posted in
Ron Hines from Learn2Ride was a guest speaker at the                  the coffee room at GHD.
meeting. Many of our members have taken a class from
Ron. He offers beginner and advanced riding classes.                  The winners for this month are….
There might be some new classes available next year.                  charity 50/50         Marianne Sweet
When you get on your bike for the first time at the start of          chapter 50/50        Amy Johnson
the season –after checking out your bike real good –                  nametag gift certificate Amy Johnson
head over to the nearest parking lot and practice your                chapter gift certificate   Russ Young
skills. You and your bike have both been sitting still all
winter; it’s time to get used to each other again. The
most important group riding tip is communication; make
sure everyone is using the same hand signals and                         NEXT CHAPTER MEETING WILL BE
everyone knows what they mean. For all the classes and
times they are available www.Learn2Ride.net. Ron will
                                                                          SUNDAY MAY 1ST AT GHD 11 AM.
also be at the NYS HG rally in July. We are trying to get                         NY state inspections available
a group of us together for a Group Rider Class.                                   cook out and ride after the mtg
April 2011                                   Ontario County HOG Newsletter                                      pg. 3

From the Director….Steve Healy

I hope at this point in time everyone has had a chance to
get out and ride, if not there will a lot of good weather
ahead .Please be careful and have fun! I would like to
send out a big thank-you to Leisa Sweet for her effort in
getting the Red Cross to attend a meeting and present a
brief First Aid class. They did a great job and added a
touch of humor. We also need to thank Steve Fingar for
having Ron Hinz attend our April meeting to give a brief
motorcycle safety talk. There are a bunch of new
members this year, please make a point to introduce
yourself and make them feel welcomed. Marianne, Amy,
Steve, Marlene, Alan, and I recently attended Harley
Officers Training (HOT), on April 8 and 9th in Buffalo.
During the training they offered the knowledge to aid me
in running a better chapter. Some really great ideas were
brought up by other chapters from all over the states and
Canada. It will take some time to go through all of the
great information we were given and apply them to our
chapter, but I am anxious to get the ball rolling. As
Director I would like to take this opportunity to thank all
of our members for making Ontario County HOG such a
great chapter. After hearing about the horror stories
some chapters experience, we are spoiled by the
dealership and the awesome members we have. Just a
reminder, that the May meeting will be held at GHD on
the 1st at 11:00 am. Per Alan there will be staff available
to perform NYS inspections, and Tim will be speaking
about common bike issues and be available for any
question members may have. Thanks, Steve
April 2011                                     Ontario County HOG Newsletter                                      pg. 4

                                                                                 HOT, HOT, HOT in Buffalo
                                                                                               by Marianne

                                                                      In the past our officers have gone to POT (Primary
                                                                      Officer Training), now we just get HOT (HOG Officer
                                                                      Steve & Marlene picked up Amy & me at my house
                                                                      about 6pm Thursday April 7th. We made our way to
                                                                      Buffalo and the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Thankfully Amy
                                                                      had gotten directions so we made it there without too
                                                                      many wrong turns. We got settled in our rooms and
               By Amber & Marianne Sweet                              went downstairs to wait for Alan & Steve Healy.
                                                                      Eventually the five of us got on the metro and headed to
Saturday night March 26th was our final Euchre Party for              the Anchor Bar for some wings. Unfortunately we found
the season at Steve & Marlene’s house. As always                      out that everything closes at 10pm on Thursday nights –
there were plenty of munchies and the margarita                       so it was back to the hotel and the bar for some food.
machine was busy mixing away.                                         We got up early Friday morning for registration and
We had enough players for two tables so we had a lot of               breakfast, and then it was onto the open ceremonies
musical chairs going on. The players for the night were:              where all the instructors and regional managers were
Steve & Marlene, Al & Lisa, Ron & Patty and Marianne &                introduced. After a quick break it was time for our first
Amber. Al & Lisa hadn’t played euchre in quite awhile,                class. We each had two classes in the morning and two
but once we got playing they did okay. Shirley stopped                in the afternoon. They covered topics that included;
in to visit and modeled the “pirate shirt” for the NY state           active alliances, better bonds, cohesive chapters,
rally.                                                                decisive decisions, extraordinary events, flexible &
The top winner for the night was Marianne – making an                 focused. Something new this year was the power packs
awesome recovery from being in last place at the last                 which were informal sessions right after lunch where we
euchre night. Second place went to Ron. Marianne was                  could do anything from learning how to shoot a video
very happy to turn the “Lowrider Prize” over to Lisa who              about the chapter to just sitting around telling stories.
gets to hold onto it till we start playing again in the fall.         Friday night was open bar followed by a big buffet
Thank you Steve & Marlene for having us to your house.                dinner. Steve & Marlene dressed up in their pirate gear
                                                                      for the night and handed out cards for the rally. After
                                                                      dinner it was time for the band Deja Vu. This band plays
…………………………………………….                                                    everything from AC/DC to ZZ Top and everything in
                                                                      between. They play at all the HOT events. Everyone
                                                                      had an awesome time.
                                                                      The next morning was a bit rough for some of us. We
                                                                      made it through our classes and are bringing lots of
                                                                      ideas back to our chapter.
                                                                       We learned a couple of very good lessons from our
                                                                      favorite instructor Ron McKinley from South Dakota; if
                                                                      you are riding a police bike you can ride up four flights of
                                                                      stairs in the federal building, but don’t do it when the
                                                                      judge is in the building. and If you are riding in a group
                                                                      you are absolutely not allowed to spit unless you are the
                                                                      last bike in the group.
                                                                       We made some new friends and caught up with some
                       WANTED                                         old friends. There were at least 800 people from as far
                                                                      away as Fort Worth/Austin Texas, Nashville TN and
                                                                      Vancouver BC Canada.
             Please send your pictures to
             msweet5@rochester.rr.com.                                We learned and we laughed. It was a great time.

Chapter rides, your own rides, pictures of your
April 2011   Ontario County HOG Newsletter                                      
pg. 5
April 2011                              Ontario County HOG Newsletter                                      pg. 6

                                                               Sat. 17th - HOGs & Roses charity run –
                         April                                 Rochester HD – 10AM
Thurs 21st – Road Captain meeting
        6:30PM GHD                                                                        JULY
                                                               Thurs. 21st – meet at GHD – 6PM – ride
CHAPTER MTG - Sunday 1st – GHD 11AM                            Sat. & Sun – 23 – 24th – Overnight-
cookout and ride after meeting.                                Ellicottville meet at GHD 8AM
NY State inspections available
                                                               Thurs. 28th – meet at GHD – 6PM – ride
Sat. 7th – Chrome Diva Breakout ride

Sat. May 14th - Geneva HD – Open House -
                                                               Thurs. 4th – meet at GHD – 6PM – ride
all day
                                                               Sun. 7th – CHAPTER MTG
Sat. & Sun. May 21 & 22 – overnight – Zippo
                                                               9:30AM – Ca. Elks – ride following
– Bradford, PA – leave Geneva HD at 8AM
Sat 21 – Sampson State Park 10-10:30
                                                               Thurs. 11th – meet at GHD – 6PM – ride
register - ride for cemetery
                                                               Thurs. 18th – meet at GHD – 6PM – ride
Mon. May 30th – Canandaigua – Memorial
                                                               Sat. 20th – Dice Run – all day at GHD
Day Parade – American Legion 9AM
                                                               Thurs. 25th – meet at GHD – 6PM – ride
Thurs. 2          – meet at GHD 6PM - ride                     Sat. 25th – Sun. Sept. 4th – Club trip to
                                                               Gaitlinburg, TN area
CHAPTER MTG Sun. 5th– 9:30 am
CA. Elks -ride following                                                            September
                                                               Sun. 4 – CHAPTER MTG
Thru. 9th – meet at GHD – 6PM - ride
                                                               9:30 am – CA. Elks – ride following
Sat. 11th 30th Anniv. At Cycle Stop – all day
                                                               Sat. & Sun. 17th-18th – overnight to
                                                               Bloomsburg, PA
Thurs. 16th – meet at GHD – 6PM – ride

Thurs 23rd – meet at GHD – 6PM – ride                                                  October
                                                               Sun. 2nd – CHAPTER MTG
Thurs 30th – July CHAPTER MEETING                              CA. Elks – 11:00AM
(due to the July 4th holiday we are having
our meeting early - GHD – 6PM                                                        November
there will be a cookout after the mtg                                    th
                                                               Sun. 6 – CHAPTER MTG
                                                               CA. Elks – 11AM
Thurs – Sat. 7-9th – NYS HOG rally                                                   December
                                                               Sun. 4 – CHAPTER MTG
Thurs. 14th – meet at GHD – 6PM – ride
                                                               CA. Elks – 11AM
April 2011   Ontario County HOG Newsletter                                      pg. 7

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