Algoma District School Board by R6JVVtFE


									                             Algoma District School Board
                         School Council Coordinating Committee
                             Monday February 9, 2009 @ 6:30 pm
                  Education Centre – D.T. Walkom Room, Sault Ste Marie, ON

Present:      Bob Taylor; Peter Evans; Kime Collver; George Pinder; Rose Linklater; Rebecca
              Goslow; Brent Rankin

Regrets:      Sheila Nyman; Robert Ambeault; Jayne Pateman; Maria Hawdon; Terri

Guests:       Alf Roberts (CASS); Janice Warick (Aweres); Janice Dolcette (Grandview); Margot
Santry (Grandview); Roni Highman (Grandview)

  1. Welcome:       Bob Taylor, Chair, welcomed all, introductions around table and via

  2. Agenda:          Reviewed and approved.

  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting: Minutes of December 8th were reviewed with some
     revisions made.

  4. Chair’s Report
     -Bob Taylor thanked council members for work done to date and will continue to attend
     more school council meetings before April 2009
     -Chairs Teleconference is planned for February 18, 2009
     -Spring Workshop is being planned for April 15 and 16, Dr. Eva Olsson has been chosen
     as our guest speaker
     -SCCC Nominations forms for the committee have been e-mailed, members should self
     nominate themselves for the coming year
     -ADSB website should continue to be updated and improved upon so that it becomes
     the only source that school councils and parents need to access for all the information
     they require

  5. Report from Senior Administration
     -Kime Collver handed out two newsletters to the committee to read, these were handed out to
     the schools: 1) Special Education Department Update for January 2009 and 2) BAUWITIK (Rapid
     Waters) News for Winter 2008-2009
     -There were two public meetings held in regards to the new elementary school (January 14,
     2009) and the new high school (January 15, 2009), both were well attended by the community
     -The building designs are now on the ADSB website:
     -The board is working on the budget for the coming year 2009-2010
     -Kime also noted Holly Wickett, principal from Korah has retired as of January 30, 2009, and Bob
     Cole will be in the position until the end of the year.
     -Brent would also like any suggestions to improve the website to let them know, especially in the
     area of communications with parents.
     -The ADSB School Calendar for 2009-2010 will be discussed at the board meeting for approval on
     February 10, 2009.

6.    Old Business
     -Bill 212, the ADSB is working with the partners to determine what they can offer students who
     need assistance.

8     Committee Lead Reports
     -Chair Bob Taylor reported on his visit to one elementary school and will be visiting 4 more
     council meetings.
     -Vice Chair George Pinder will also be visiting more schools in the new year.
     -Kime Collver reported we have $5,865.64 in our PIC Account (a breakdown was also provided to
     the committee on what was received and spent in the past year)
     -Minutes from the previous meeting will be on the website, once revised.
     -Brent Rankin has completed the Connections Newsletter for Winter 2009. it has already been
     distributes to Chairs and Principals, and will be handed out at the next Board meeting.
     -Rebecca Goslow, the Eastern and Northern Liaison representative, has sent emails to her school
     councils to attend the meeting, there were no major concerns from those who responded to here
     email. She will forward information on to them.

9.    New Business
     -The deadline for election submissions to the SCC Committee is March 9, 2009; nominations can
     also be made, please submit self nominations also by that date.
     -The agenda for the Chairs Teleconference February 18, 2009 will be forwarded, please remind
     your council chairs to attend. There will be 3 elementary chairs and 3 high school chairs from
     across the district presenting at the teleconference.
      -Dr. Eva Ollson will be our guest speaker at the spring workshop being held at White Pines on
      April 15th and 16th, 2009.
      -There will be two evening workshops, one in Sault Ste Marie, and the second in Blind River.
      There will also be two student workshops in the afternoon in each of the communities.
      -The council then discussed the details of the workshop and Bob assigned tasks to various

10. Wrap Up
    -Next Regular Meeting of SCCC is Monday, April 6, 2009.

12. Adjournment – 8:30 pm

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