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									IFS to Launch the Adaptive Trading Platform

ATP to deliver fully on the technology promise of IP for Trading Room Voice.

Singapore, Singapore, September 12, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Infinet Financial Systems (IFS), a leader in the
development and application of IP for Trading Room voice, today announced the full market availability
of the Adaptive Trading Platform or ATP, its fully-IP based voice solution for the Trading Room.

“I am very glad to say that we have hit our launch date exactly as we said we would,” said Stephen
Phillips, CEO of IFS. "Furthermore, there is even more capability in the solution than I thought possible,
when we set out on the development."

"When we implemented the 'global deployment' of the ATP for earlier in the year,” continued Phillips. “I
remember detailing everything that we had to customers and thinking, I wonder if can do more. Well, the
team came together and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the extra capabilities are now here.

“I am confident that the ATP delivers not only more than has been possible to date but, frankly, more
than the market has come to expect with existing IP solutions. The ATP has always been a fully IP
solution first, that manages and delivers voice, not a voice solution that has been modified to work using
IP. The basic premise of the ATP, fully distributed, with better reliability / redundancy and fully adaptive,
a system that effectively 'learns', gives a global, regional or local Trading floor so much more choice over
how to deliver to the Trader functionality that they want, how and indeed where they want it.”

The ATP itself is built with four key concepts around which it functions;

Fully Distributed
Mixer Nodes
Multi-layer security

that have been built into an extremely 'thin' physical implementation 'model' that requires little central
equipment, itself a major departure from other solutions, that means it not only costs less to implement ,
but is able to be deployed, moved, changed and re-deployed more easily than has been the case to date.

“I looked in detail at the voice demands of the Trading Room,” said Huw Williams, CTO of IFS. "And I
understood clearly that IP delivered a lot, but that unless it was delivered in a new way, many issues
would quickly come to the fore - scalability for one. That's why IFS made the solution fully distributed,
not simply de-centralized as others seemed to be doing.

"In this way the system is never going to hit a capacity limit and it grows linearly - so the customer has no
need to plan in growth points before they need them."

Continued Williams “This distribution of the system meant we embedded local 'intelligence' into each of

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our Turrets (or line gateways) in the form of our patented 'Mixers' so that each separate point was able not
only able to use its local system resource, as part of its own capacity, but also other system resource as
needed, depending on the specific Trading Floor requirements, at that exact moment. To make this even
more potent, the 'Mixers' and signaling in the ATP are also fully distributed, indeed the 'Mixers'
additionally check not only capacity, but also call quality on other nodes on the system and move
connections to provide the best quality at all times - it really is Adaptive” The Trader or their customer
never know of course, but the system manager will quickly see the difference.”

“The way the system works really offers customers a new deal technologically,” continued Phillips. “But
it also it helps them run their business more effectively. Less planning, faster implementation, only pay
for exactly what you use - all new to the Trading Room voice environment. IFS have always included
Voice Recording as part of its solution, but with the ATP, it also now offers speakers, global intercom
and automatic Business Continuity Planning.

“Perhaps one of the best compliments I keep hearing when I present this to customers is 'Why didn't
anyone else think of this first?'”

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