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									                                                                                Family Caregiver
                                                                                Support Program
Caregiving can be rewarding,     Are you Helping an Adult
but it can also take its toll.   Who Needs Care?
                                 The Family Caregiver Support Program offers
Stress is the number one         helpful resources and information.
challenge facing the more
                                 Talk to Knowledgeable
than 600,000 family
                                 and Caring People
caregivers caring for loved
                                 The Family Caregiver Support Program is a
ones in Washington state.        service offered through the Area Agency
                                 on Aging. Find your area’s Family Caregiver
Help is available through        Support Program by:
your local Family Caregiver      •	Looking	in	the	yellow	pages	for	the	Area	
Support Program. You are           Agency on Aging under “Senior Services.”
not alone!                       •	Visiting and
                                   clicking	on	“Local	Services.”
                                 •	Calling	1-800-422-3263.

                                 Find Information on the Internet
                                 Helpful information and resources are
                                 available at:
                                       Helping Family Caregivers
                                 Find articles, booklets, tips, shortcuts and   in Washington State
                                 information about services that can address
                                 your needs, questions, and challenges.

                                                 DSHS 22-1331 (9/09)
                                       Many people caring for a loved one, friend,        Taking a TCARE® Personal
                                       or neighbor don’t think of themselves as
                                                                                          Caregiver Survey
                                       caregivers. If you’re helping an adult with
                                       tasks, such as preparing meals, personal           The survey is designed as a screening tool
                                       care,	errands,	phone	check-ins	or	doctor	          to quickly provide you and the caregiver
                                       appointments, you are a caregiver.                 specialist with a better understanding of your
                                                                                          current situation and the sources and level of
                                       The Family Caregiver Support Program* helps        your stress.
                                       support	unpaid	caregivers	of	adults	18	and	
                                       older. Staff can help you:                         You can take the survey over the phone with
                                                                                          a caregiver specialist recording your answers
                                       •	Find	local	resources/services.
                                                                                          or download it off the Internet and fill it in at
                                       •	Find	caregiver	support	groups	and	               home.
                                                                                          Using the results of your survey, a caregiver
Helping Family Caregivers              •	Get	training	on	specific	caregiving	topics	or	
                                                                                          specialist	can	then	offer	you	tailored	one-on-
                                         caregiver	supplies/equipment.
in Washington State                    •	Get	respite	care	if	you	need	a	break.
                                                                                          one consultation and support.

Caregiving can have its challenges.    •	Talk	through	specific	issues	you	are	            Taking the Next Step
                                         having and offer practical information and       Help, support and resources are available for
Many caregivers aren’t aware help        caregiving suggestions.                          you in your caregiving journey. Contact your
is available, how to find it and why   * Certain eligibility requirements may apply and   Family Caregiver Support Program for more
it’s so important to have it.            services vary from community to community.       information.

Getting information, support, and      Tailoring Support and
services today is the best way to      Services to You
make sure you are there for your       In	the	summer	of	2009,	Washington	State’s	
                                       Family Caregiver Support Program introduced
loved ones in the future.
                                       a new screening and assessment process to
                                       better tailor support and services to a family
                                       caregiver’s unique needs.
                                       The Tailored Caregiver Assessment and
                                       Referral (TCARE®) process was developed
                                       by nationally respected caregiving expert
                                       Rhonda Montgomery, Ph.D., and her
                                       colleagues at the University of Wisconsin.
                                                                                                           I felt more hope
                                                                                                           working with my
                                                                                                           caregiver specialist.

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