Unit 1 I can speak English by ert554898


									Module 2 Me ,my parents and my friends

            Unit 1
     I can speak English
What can he / she
/they do?
Can he / she /they…?
Look at the pictures
play football

                play basketball
              play the piano

play tennis

                play table tennis
ride a horse

               ride a bike

Language Points:
1.情态动词 can +动词原形。肯定形式:can。否定形式:can’t
2.” ride” 是骑的意思。骑自行车:ride a bike 骑马:ride a horse.
    I often ride a bike to Xinan,= I often go to Xinan by bike.
器就要加the. play football.\play tennis \play basketball.
                play the piano.\play the guitar.
4.Welcome (sb )to….”欢迎(某人)来到……”
 欢迎你们来我们的城市.                 Welcome you to our city.
Listen and read
 Activity 3

Welcome Betty and Tony!
They are from Beijing
International School.
Betty                   Tony
•   America             •   England
•   13 years old        •   11 years old
•   play football       •   play football
•   play basketball     •   play basketball
•   play tennis         •   play tennis
•   play table tennis   •   play table tennis
•   speak English       •   speak English
•   speak Chinese       •   speak Chinese
•   ride a bike         •   ride a bike
•   swim                •   swim

         Can Betty …?         Can Tony … ?
Name        Can              Can’t
Betty      speak English     speak Chinese
           play basketball
Tony       speak English     swim
           ride a bike
Lingling   speak Chinese     ride a horse
           play football
Daming     speak Chinese     play the piano
           play table tennis
       Can Betty speak English? Yes, she can.
        Can Tony swim?   No, he can’t.
•   Look at the table in your textbook
•   write sentences about Betty and Tony
•   Use can or can’t
•   Example: She can play the piano.
              She can’t speak Chinese.

               Who can write the most sentences?
play   piano     /p/

bike Betty basketball
 table Tony tennis


old friend ride student

can can’t       /k/

English         /g/
/ p / play piano
/ b / bike Betty basketball
/t/   table Tony tennis
/ d / old friend ride student
/ k / can can’t
        /g/ English
Words and expressions
play basketball play the piano
play tennis play table tennis
ride a horse
welcome international
parent     parents
  Sentences
 ―Can you ride a bike?
 ―Yes, I can.
 ―Can she speak English?
 ―No, she can’t.
 ―Can he play basketball?
 ―Yes, he can.
 ―She can speak Chinese.
 ―He can’t speak English.
• Find out what your friends can do, then
  write them down in your exercise book.

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