Desk Assistant Job Description by 7Uxf47


									                  UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - LA CROSSE
                  OFFICE OF RESIDENCE LIFE
Desk Staff:
        The Desk Staff position is a multifaceted position that requires people and administrative skills. This
position is seen as a leadership position within the hall. Desk staff employees are responsible for all materials
checked out while they are on duty. They must be sure only equipment in good condition is checked out and
any equipment being returned in poor condition is reported to the Desk Coordinator immediately. The desk
staff employee is responsible for telling the Hall Director that equipment was damaged if the Desk Coordinator
is not available. At this time, a charge sheet should be filled out to include the ID number and signature of the
individual responsible for damage to the equipment.
        Other responsibilities of the desk staff employee include the sale for stamps, pizzas, and other items as
approved through the Desk Coordinator. Forms or databases will be provided to keep track of all sales
interactions. These forms will be audited for each work shift and the signature of the desk staff employee will
be used for legal responsibility for the funds and, in some cases, deficits in the products or money.
        The desk staff employee is responsible for checkout and return of keys to rooms within the hall such as
sauna, conference room, computer lab, and game room.
        While on duty, the desk staff employee will also be responsible for the notification of residents with
packages at the front desk (by filling out the package log system). (S)he will also collect money for postage-
due mail. Money must be collected before the individual may have his/her mail. Also, when the mail carries
comes to give the outgoing mail and the mail bag from the previous day.
        Again, a responsibility that can not be stressed enough is that the desk staff employee is responsible for
all financial transactions while on duty. If there is a problem, see the Desk Coordinator immediately. To help
alleviate financial responsibility problems, all money and products should be accounted for with the individual
working the following shift. Desk staff employees need to maintain a neat and clean appearance.
        The desk area is to be neat and clean at all times. If a desk employee is unable to work a shift for some
reason, it is his/her responsibility to find a replacement for that shift. The individual must be a front desk
employee. Other components of the desk position include responsibility for opening and closing, being an
information and security point within the hall, attending hall council, and speaking to Vanguard tour groups
about the position. All other duties and responsibilities not noted here will be specified by the Desk
Coordinator and/or Hall Director.

Mail Clerks:
        Mail clerks are responsible for distribution of US and campus mail, notification of packages and
postage-due mail, forwarding of mail to people who no longer reside in the hall, and keeping the mail room neat
and clean at all times. US Mail is delivered each day (except Sunday) to the front desk.
        Any insured, registered, or certified mail must be signed for in the Main Hall mailroom. Students will
be notified and must bring the notice to claim their mail. They have five days before the mail is returned to
        Postage due mail should be placed in the mailboxes and postage-due mail left at the front desk for the
desk workers to collect money for and distribute.
        Desk staff will contact the mail clerk when the mail has arrived. Mail is to be distributed into boxes
within a reasonable time frame of the delivery to the front desk, and it is desired that this time be somewhat
consistent from day to day. The procedure for distributing mail to study/surplus spaces is determined by the
Desk Coordinator of each hall. The mail clerk is responsible for taking mail for students who no longer live in
the hall to the appropriate mailboxes in Wilder and to the Graff Main Hall mailroom.

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