Job Description Examinations Assistant by 6XCw21NY


									                                                      Job Description

Job Title:                 Examinations Assistant

Responsible To:            Assistant Manager: Examinations

Job Purpose:               To assist in the administration of examinations.

Principal Responsibilities

1.   To input data relating to examination entries, registrations and results.
     Create and Update LLWR templates to ensure accurate information is
     returned to the Welsh Assembly to assist with the receipt and processing of
     all student examination entries;

2.   Enter data onto Exam boards secure web portals accurately and schedule
     on-line assessments;

3.   Enter attainments into the MIS system accurately and ensure that this
     information is in the correct format for returning to the LLWR;

4.   Assist with learner and awarding body enquiries regarding examination
     entry, fees, results etc.;

5.   To assist with the receipt and distribution of examinations correspondence
     to all relevant staff;

6.   To assist with the receipt and processing of all learner examination results
     and certificates;

7.   To assist with the preparation of examination papers and other materials for
     timetabled examinations;

8.   To assist with the security of examination papers prior to examinations;

9.   To assist with the security and transmission of examination scripts to
     examiner or examination board;

College Responsibilities

10. To actively promote the Diversity agenda within the College;

11. To promote and ensure safe working practices in line with Health and
    Safety requirements;

12. To play an active role in Quality;

13. To contribute to and represent the overall visions and values of the College;

14. To adhere to all College policies and procedures;

15. To undertake professional development as required; and

16. To undertake other appropriate duties as required by the line manager.

It should be noted that this job description merely provides a resume of the main duties and
responsibilities of the post and will be subject to periodic review in conjunction with your Line
Manager and the Human Resource Manager which may lead to revisions in light of the
operational requirements of the College.


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