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                                                                           MOST POPULAR ANDROID TABLETS FOR KIDS
                                                             2012          AND THEIR EDUCATION

                                                                      The iPad and iPod Touch have been big hits with young children and
                                                                      schools. But there’s a b r a n d n e w w a v e o f   Top Android  Tablets
                                                                      designed by vendors taking advantage of Android’s open-ness to
                                                                      create devices tailored specially for young children and teachers.

                                                                      The StudyBook will start for much less than $200, a cost point aimed
                                                                      not at besting the iPad but at competing with the One Laptop Per
                                                                      Child project for the hearts and minds of, not parents, however
                   Search...                                          schools, specially those in the Third World.

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          Most Popular Android Tablets For
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          Superior Tablet PC Accessories                              Intel StudyBook: the Classmate PC goes touchscreen
          JUST $164.99–10.1” IPS 1280*800
                                                                      The Intel StudyBook is usually a 7-inch tablet that utilizes a energy-
          10-Point Bluetooth 1GB DDR3 RAM
                                                                      sipping single-core Intel Atom Z650 chipset and runs either Windows
          16GB Tablet PC
                                                                      or Android (Honeycomb 0) on greatest.

               CATEGORIES                                             The above photo is from my ZDNet compatriot Christopher Dawson’s
                                                                      weblog, who declared the StudyBook “what an education tablet need
          Good Android Tablets                                        t o b e .” As Monty Python would say, Pretty powerful meat from
          Top Android Tablets                                         Longueur.

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