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					                         KS3 Consequence System
                Making the Right Choice (Negative Behaviour)

C1a                   Negative Behaviour                          Consequences
         Disruption of teaching/learning
         Lateness without a reason                            1. 1st verbal warning
         Inappropriate behaviour in, around or outside of     2. 2nd verbal warning
          school                                               3. Break/lunchtime
         Failure to bring in correct equipment                   detention and note in
         Chewing gum                                             Learning Journal
         Incorrect uniform                                    4. Orange Card (Letter
                                                                  and phone call
         Casual Swearing
         Defiance
         Arguing with staff

C1b                   Negative Behaviour                          Consequences
         Persistent C1 behaviour                              1. FT phone home
                                                               2. Behaviour report
                                                                  with Year Leader

C2                     Negative Behaviour                         Consequences
         Inappropriate use of a mobile phone
         Failure to attend a break/lunchtime detention        One hour after school
         Bullying                                             detention (Letter and
         Acting inappropriately towards another pupil         phone call home)

C3                     Negative Behaviour                         Consequences
         Persistent C2 Behaviour
         Abusive language to, or about a member of staff       Internal Exclusion
         Failure to attend an after school detention           (Year Leader)
         Fighting
         Racist/sexist/homophobic behaviour
         Persistent bullying – Verbal/Physical

C4                    Negative Behaviour                          Consequences
         Persistent C3 Behaviour
         Severe bullying/racist/sexist/homophobic              Fixed Term Exclusion
          behaviour                                             (Head teacher)
         Swearing at/persistent abuse of a member of staff
         Disruption/defiance in internal exclusion
         Stealing

C5                    Negative Behaviour                          Consequences
         Multiple Fixed Term Exclusions
         Possession of a dangerous object                      Permanent Exclusion
         Serious Assault on a member of staff or student       (Head teacher)

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