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					                          Graduate-Level Course in
                                   Earth and Space Science
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                                                                                         No GRE requirement

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Prepare to teach high school-level Earth and Space Science
This dynamic, 5-week, online course covers geology, astronomy, oceanography, and meteorology, preparing you
to guide students through the elements of Earth and Space Science.
   • The convenient delivery method provides you with access to the course on your computer anytime, from anywhere –
     allowing you to fit it into your schedule at a convenient time.
   • Demonstration lessons and application assignments are included to supplement the comprehensive video and
     audio/slide presentations.
   • A lab textbook will supplement the online coursework additional support and material.
   • Four quarter-hour graduate credits will be awarded upon course completion.

                                      The five course modules include:

                                                         Earth in                                           Earth Systems/
        Origins               Solid Earth                                           Fluid Earth
                                                      Space and Time                                        Earth Resources

    Universe, Solar          Interior of the
                                                                                   Hydrosphere                Weather and
  System, and Origin          Earth, Plate             Geologic History
                                                                                 and Atmospheric              Climate, Earth
     of the Earth’s          Tectonics, and              and Fossils
                                                                                Energy Distribution             Resources
        Systems                Geosphere

                          Scholarships Available! The John F. Bookout, Jr. 2012 Scholarship Program, established
                          by the American Association of Petroleum Geologist’s Foundation, is providing 50% tuition for teachers
                          participating in the graduate-level GE501 Earth and Space Science course in June and July 2012.
Graduate-Level Course in Earth and Space Science

Who should take this course?                                                           Two offerings for
   • Any teacher interested in learning overall content and strategy                    Summer 2012:
     for teaching Earth and Space Science.
                                                                                  Term start:            Apply by:
   • High school science teachers in Texas, as course content aligns
     with the skill standards required by law in Texas, known as                     6/4/12               5/28/12
     “Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).”
                                                                                    7/16/12                7/9/12
Leading academics
                       This course was developed in                           Tuition and fees
                       collaboration with the Ellison                         With the AAPGF scholarship, tuition is
                       Miles Geotechnology Institute at                       $290 for 4 quarter hours of graduate
                       Brookhaven College in Dallas, TX.                      credit. (Without the scholarship, tuition
                       Distinguished professor Rebecca Dodge, Ph.D.,          is $580.)
                       of the Midwestern State University Department of        • Lab book, Applications and
                       Geosciences, teaches this course. She is a certified      Investigations in Earth Science, $65
                       petroleum geologist and a licensed professional
                                                                               • Application fee: $50
REBECCA DODGE, PH.D.   geoscientist.
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Degree programs
   • Master of Education in Educational Leadership
   • Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction
   • Master of Education in Educational Technology

Subject-area concentrations
   • Concentration in Digital Learning and Teaching
   • Concentration in Implementing K-6 Common Core
     Mathematics Standards
   • Concentration in Louisa Moats Literacy Instruction
   • Concentration in Teaching Science (The Sally Ride Science
     Teaching Program)                                                           Learn more and apply!
   • Specialization in Bilingual Education
   • Specialization in English as a Second Language

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