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									eiNetwork                                                       Millennium 2006 Offline Circulation

                           Millennium Offline Circulation

**If for any reason you do not have an Offline Circ icon on the desktop – the
application can be found using the following path:

My Computer Local Disk R Junctions Millennium160 offline
offlinecirc (it could also appear as offlinecirc.exe -- file type will be “Application”)
NOTE: You should only use Millennium Offline Circulation to check-out items. Do not check-in
returned items, renew items, or create patron records in Offline Circulation.

In the section you will learn how to:
    1. Set Millennium Offline Circulation Preferences
    2. Check-out items
    3. Upload transactions

Millennium Offline Circulation is used when your library has no Internet connection or the III
server is unavailable. Normally, circulation transactions occur directly on the III server. When you
use the Offline Circulation module, the transactions reside on your local PC. When you have
access the III server again, you can transfer all of the transactions from your local PC to the

To open choose the Millennium Offline Circulation icon on your desktop.

Setting Preferences
NOTE: Setting the correct statistical group should be done prior to any transactions in the Offline
Circulation module. Setting the statistics group correctly will give your library credit for
circulations that occur when you are offline.

1. Choose View from the Menu bar and Preferences…

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eiNetwork                                                      Millennium 2006 Offline Circulation

2. Type in Statistics Group number for your library (see Appendix J for your stat group number)
3. Check Barcode Validity should be unchecked to allow use of all barcodes in the system.
4. You may choose to print a due slip for each patron or item transaction by selecting the
   appropriate radial button:
                  o None
                  o One slip per patron
                  o One slip per item
5. You may edit the message to print on the due slips for Line 2. A default message has been
   set for all libraries on Line 1 for the telephone renewal number.
6. Choose Apply
7. Choose Quit

Selecting a Printer for Due Slips
    1. From the File menu, choose Select Printer

    2. Select the Receipt Printer options from your list of printers and the OK button.

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   eiNetwork                                                   Millennium 2006 Offline Circulation

   Checking Out Items

   1. Choose Check-Out mode by selecting the Check-out icon from the Navigation bar or select
      the mode from the Go menu or press F1.


   2. Scan a patron barcode in the Key or Scan Patron ID Barcode: box

   3. Enter due date using the format: mm-dd-yyyy

   4. Choose N for no when prompted if it is an hourly loan.

   5. Scan item barcode in the Key or Scan Item ID Barcode: box.

   NOTE: You may scan multiple items that are being checked out to the same patron.

   6. Select the New Due Date button to change the due date for an item being checked out to the
      same patron.

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eiNetwork                                                   Millennium 2006 Offline Circulation

7. If you want to check out items to another patron, choose the New Patron button and scan in
   the next patron’s barcode.

Uploading Transactions:
   NOTE: You may upload the transactions when the III servers are accessible and you are able
   to log into Millennium. You must upload transactions from each PC that you use Offline Circ

       1. From the File menu, choose Upload circulation and patron data.

       2. Choose Yes if you are able to login to Millennium Circulation.
           Millennium Circulation connects to the server and uploads the PC’s patron.dat
             and circ.dat files.

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eiNetwork                                                    Millennium 2006 Offline Circulation

       3. You will then get a confirmation message letting you know that all of the transactions
          were successfully uploaded to the server. Click on OK.

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eiNetwork                                                      Millennium 2006 Offline Circulation

       4. You must answer Yes to the next question of whether or not to erase the circulation
          transaction files. If you do not erase these old files from your PC, they will be
          uploaded again & processed the next time you use Millennium Offline Circulation.

       5. A last confirmation message will display to let you know that all of the old transactions
       have been cleared successfully from your PC.

   NOTE: Uploaded transactions will not appear in Millennium until the eiNetwork Support
   Center processes the uploaded Offline circulation transactions. This process is completed
   every morning as part of the morning operations procedures. If you wish for your
   transactions to be processed immediately after you upload, please call the Support Center
   and ask them to process your offline circulation transactions.

       6. Select File and Exit to close the Offline Circulation program.

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