Computer Skills Checklist by 3U8ccel


									Using the Computer Skills Checklist
Basic Computer Operation and Windows Operating System
Computer Parts:
      Computer Components (Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, DVD or CD ReWriter , USB Keys and Drives
      Basic Peripherals (Printer, Scanner)

Windows Basics:
      Familiar with Notepad, WordPad, Paint
      Multimedia Windows Media Player or Other Music ________ /Video_____________
      Games
      System Tools (Defragment, Disk Cleanup)
      Start Up and Shut Down Computer

Mouse Skills: File-Handling Commands:
      Click, Double-Click, Drag, Right-Click
      Open, Close, Save, Save As
      Right-Click in Selecting Options (Quick Menu)
      Move, Copy Files and Folders Using: Cut, Copy, Paste, Drag and Drop
      Use Controls (Scroll Bars, Drop-Down Lists, Radio Buttons, Buttons, Text Boxes)

Familiarity with Desktop:
      Delete, Rename
      Task Bar/Quick Launch
      Create Shortcuts for Email/Photo Editing/Internet/Chat
      Start Button/Menu
      Searching for programs or Files

Windows Explorer:
      Computer
      Familiarity with Explorer Window and Toolbars and Explorer Bar
      Recycle Bin
      Tree Structure -Expand, Collapse, Files and Folders
      Network and Homegroup
      Create Folder, Subfolder and Shortcut
      Arrange Icons Options
      Select View Preference (Large Icons, Small Icons, List, and Details)

Antivirus Software:
      Software Used__________________________
      Importance of and up to date

The Internet: Browser Used_______________________
      Internet Basics (How It Works) Open, Close Application
      Internet Terminology (World Wide Web, Web Browser, URL, Search Engine, Bookmark, Favorites)
      Using Web Pages Hyperlinks, Buttons, Controls and Forms
      How can you save what you have found or print it?
      Copy and Paste Text / Pages to Evernote/ One Note or Text editor
      What can you do on the internet?
      What personal information can safely be shared on-line?
      What is Facebook?
      How to get where you want to go on the internet
         How can you protect your computer when using the internet?
              o Anti-Virus and online security
         Using Online Banking or PayPal?
         Creating Strong Passwords

Search Types:
         Keyword/Advanced
         Browsing

Downloading Files:
         Sound Files
         Image Files (Save Picture As)
         Other Files (Text Files, Executable Files)
         Video Media
         Acrobat Reader
         Other Files, Plug-Ins

         How do you use E-mail?
              o Which is best —online or in computer?
              o Responding to dodgy e-mails!!
         Create and Edit Messages
         Emoticons/E-Mail/Chat Abbreviations e.g., :-) lol, brb, ttyl
         Save and Continue Drafts
         Send/Receive/Move Messages (Inbox, Reply, Cc/Bcc, Forward, Attachments)
         Add attachments to email
         Configure/Organize E-Mail (Folders, Filters, Settings, Password)
         Recognize/Avoid Spamming
         Delete/Undelete/Permanently Delete Messages

         Skype – what is it?
              o How to use it?
              o Using Webcam?
         Chat Programs setup     MSN____________       Google Chat_______________
         Video Chat Setup Skype__________      Google Hangout _________________

Photo Editing:
         Program Used: Picasa       ____ Windows Live ____ Other_________________
         Editing photos and pictures
         Managing the Picture library
         Sending and Sharing Photos
         Locating and Storing Photos
         Creating a mosaic and stitching photos
         Creating a movie slideshow

Video Editing:
         Program Used: Windows Live Movie Maker ____ Other_________________
         Editing Videos
         Managing the Video library
         Sending and Sharing Videos
         Creating a movie
Cloud Services:
The ability to store and share files with others and to access your files no matter where you
Service Used_______________________

Microsoft Word Skills:
Word Version ______________________
Editing :
    Open, Close, Save, Save As, New
         Keyboard Format and Layout
         Paste As Hyperlink
         Paste Special
         Drag and Drop
         Ribbon, Title Bar, Menu Bar, Toolbars, Status Bar, Ruler
         Select Text, Picture, Object
         Normal, Online Layout, Page Layout and Outline Views
         Highlight Text
         Font, Font Style (Bold, Italic, Underline), Font Size, Underline, Color, Effects, Drop Cap
Page Setup:
         Margins, Orientation, Paper Size
         Header and Footer,
         Vertical Alignment
         Borders and Shading
         Borders (Page, Paragraph)
         Shading
         Insert Bullets and Numbering
         Print Preview: One Page, Multiple Pages
         Select Printer
         Page Range, Copies, Options
         Document Templates

Microsoft Excel Skills
Excel Version _______________________

Formula and Functions:                                                    Title Bar, Menu Bar, Toolbars, Status Bar,
         Open, Close, Save, Save As, New                                  Formula Bar
         AutoSum                                                         Page Setup
         Insert Labels and Values                                        Sort
         Insert Function                                                 Print, Print Area, Print Preview
         Delete                                                          Copy, Fill Formula
         Create and Insert Formula
         Move, Copy

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