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									Albert A. List College of Jewish Studies

Spring/Summer 2009

                                Between Us -
                                by Dr. Shuly Rubin Schwartz, Dean
                                This time of year, we read of the     how to govern themselves. And
Inside this issue:              continuing wanderings of the          once they entered the land and
                                Children of Israel in the desert.     settled it, they had to begin the
                                They are dreaming of settling in      complicated process of trying to
Feature: Community         2    the land of Israel, but that          live their values in a real soci-
Involvement: Louis              dream feels far off in the distant    ety.
Cholden-Brown                   future. And yet the Torah is filled                                        schools, myriad requirements,
                                with messages for the people          These are captivating images         and unanticipated setbacks;
Meet our Professors:       3    about what they ought to do                                                and by the education, Jewish
                                                                      for this graduation season. Our
Rabbi                           when they settle in Canaan—                                                values, friends and mentors
                                                                      May 2009 graduates stand at
Mayer Rabinowitz                how they ought to act towards                                              that they have gained. We are
                                                                      this transitional moment, with
Spring Break Around        4    other people, how they ought to       so many exciting goals and           confident that they will not only
the World                       relate to the land. For example,      dreams for both careers and          achieve their dreams but sur-
                                in Parashat B‘Har, God tells the      personal lives. And it may be        pass them. They are poised to
                                people:                               some time —though surely less        take on leadership roles in the
A Fond Farewell to our     6                                          than the 40 years that it took       future, and their desire to take
                                    ‫כי תבאו אל הארץ אשר אני נתן לכם‬   the Israelites—before our gradu-     on these roles is all the more
                                                                      ates actually realize these          admirable given what we as
                                                .'‫ושבתה הארץ שבת לה‬
                                                                      dreams.                              Jews and as Americans face in
Alumni Profile: Adam       8
                                                                                                           this era of diminished re-
Jacobs, Executive Direc-        ―When you enter the land that I                                            sources and growing chal-
tor of Kids Creative            assign to you, the land shall         I hope they take the time to
                                observe a Sabbath of the              appreciate each step along the
Thanks to our donors!      10                                         way. We are so proud of all that
                                Lord.‖ (Lev. 25:3)
                                                                      our students have achieved           The journey may be long, with
                                                                      during their time here—both          unexpected twists and turns
                                The Israelites are still wandering                                         along the way. But whether
Alumni News                11                                         individually and as members of
                                in the desert; no one is in the                                            earning a medical degree,
                                                                      the community. List College
                                land and no one owns any land,                                             opening a small business, con-
                                                                      students took the lead at JTS in
                                and yet the Torah describes in                                             ducting scientific research,
                                                                      many ways, serving as co-chairs
                                some detail the system of leav-                                            developing replicable models of
                                                                      of the Va’ad Gemilut Hasadim
                                ing the land fallow in the sev-                                            sustainable living, or teaching
  Mazal tov to List                                                   (Center for Community Out-
                                enth year and the cycle of seven                                           young children, the Class of
                                                                      reach), initiating JTS ―Eco-reps,‖
  College Associate             sabbaticals that leads to the                                              2009 will find ways not only to
                                                                      and piloting our Fellowship in
                                Jubilee year. We learn from                                                make a living but also to trans-
   Dean Rebecca                                                       Jewish Social Entrepreneurship.
                                these laws how we ought to                                                 form Jewish life and society
                                                                      They enriched the larger Morn-
   Grabiner on her              relate to other human beings                                               through their career and life
                                                                      ingside Heights community
                                and to the land and planet that                                            choices. And List College,
     marriage to                                                      through leadership at Columbia
                                we live in: that no person should                                          through its alumni community,
                                                                      and Barnard, and they en-
    Carly Smith!                be condemned to permanent                                                  will continue to provide the
                                                                      hanced the Jewish experiences
                                servitude; that we must respect                                            support to sustain its graduates
                                                                      of countless children and teens
                                the land and not exploit it.          through work in synagogues and       both as individuals and as a
                                                                      youth programs throughout the        cohort of future leaders.
 Mazal tov to Dean              Elsewhere in the Torah, we learn      metropolitan area.
   Shuly Rubin                  about many of the challenges                                               Please join me in celebrating
                                that the Israelites faced as they                                          and saluting our graduates for
  Schwartz on the                                                     At this moment of graduation,
                                sought first to achieve and then                                           all that they have achieved and
                                                                      we at List College have great
  marriage of her               to sustain their dreams—sagging                                            for all that they will become. We
                                                                      confidence in our graduates.
                                morale, opposition from local                                              look forward to learning about
  daughter Tali to                                                    They enter the post-college
                                inhabitants, the lure of other                                             and benefiting from all that
                                                                      world fortified by their consider-
    Oren Porat.                 cultures, and internal dissen-                                             they will yet achieve in the
                                                                      able intellects and talents; by
                                sion among the people about                                                years ahead.■
                                                                      their experience navigating two
The List College Newsletter
Page 2

                                Community Involvement
                                Louis Cholden-Brown, JP ’12
                                In April 2009, our very own         chose to serve on the Youth,         Serving on the board is opening
                                Louis Cholden-Brown was             Education, and Libraries Com-        my eyes to parts of my commu-
                                named a member of Manhat-           mittee as well as the Budget         nity I never recognized, even as
                                tan’s Community Board 7. Louis      and Strategy Committee.              a native of the Upper West Side.
                                writes about his decision to join                                        It is difficult to admit that after
                                the board as well as its function   Community Boards were origi-         living for 16 years in this same
                                in the greater community.           nally created to assist with land-   neighborhood, I am only now
                                                                    use planning. Now we also fill       being exposed to so many fac-
                                Last month, I was appointed by      an advisory role concerning land     ets of my community. Probably
                                Manhattan Borough President         marking, liquor licenses, and        the biggest surprise is learning
                                Scott Stringer to fill a vacancy    local business approval. Addi-       just how diverse the Upper West
Louis Cholden-Brown             on Community Board 7, repre-        tionally, we represent the com-      Side truly is. All in all, serving on
Hometown: New York, NY          senting the Upper West Side, for    munity‘s voice on statewide          the community board is a great
Columbia Major: Urban Studies   a term of one year. I was drawn     issues and policy matters. From      opportunity to not only go to
JTS Major: Jewish Thought       to this form of service after two   reforming mayoral control to         school in New York but to make
                                empowering internships. During      advocating for the creation of       New York a better place for
                                my sophomore and junior years       additional schools to alleviate      students and long-term resi-
                                in high school, I spent 18          overcrowding, I hope to effect       dents alike.
                                months as an intern in the of-      change in our educational sys-
                                fice of City Council member         tem through service on the
                                Gale Brewer, assisting not only     Youth, Education, and Libraries      The map below outlines the
                                with administrative tasks and       Committee.                           area represented by Community
                                constituent services, but also                                           Board 7. CB7’s boundaries run
                                orchestrating community sur-        I was fortunate to begin my          from the Hudson River in the
   “Serving on the              veys about accessibility and        term as the school year was          west to Central Park West in the
                                greenery. My senior year, I in-     winding down. While the posi-        east, and from 59th Street in
                                terned at the Citizens Budget       tion does not necessarily de-        the south to Cathedral Parkway
  board is opening              Commission, a nonpartisan           mand a heavy schedule, the           (110th Street) in the north. For
                                budgetary watchdog group for        hours can be long. Particularly      more information about CB7,
                                city and state finances.            in this preliminary term, my
 my eyes to parts of                                                commitment
                                                                                                         visit its Web site.

                                Through both experiences, I         is not merely
  my community I                came to appreciate the role of
                                the community in effecting local
                                                                    to attend the
                                change. I also gained insights      monthly
  never recognized,             into both the financing and im-     meetings but
                                plementation of governmental        also to show
                                programs. As I started organiz-     up for ses-
 even as a native of            ing against Mayoral Control, I      sions with
                                began attending Community           the Office of
                                Board 7 meetings in support of      the Borough
  the Upper West                revisions to the present law.       President
                                Concerned by the lack of a          and for visits
                                youth voice in these proceed-       to the other
         Side.”                 ings, I endeavored to join the      committees
                                board.                              so as to bet-
                                                                    ter under-
                                As a community board member,        stand all the
                                I attend three monthly meet-        functions of
                                ings. One is a full board meeting   the board
                                where all 50 members convene        and the nu-
                                to hear from elected officials      ances of the
                                and the public and to adopt         resolutions
                                resolutions. The two others are     we consider.
                                smaller committee meetings. I
                                                                                      Spring/Summer 2009
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Professor Profile                                                                                         Rabbi Rabinowitz has filled
                                                                                                          many positions in his years
Rabbi Mayer Rabinowitz, Associate Professor of Talmud                                                     at JTS and has received a
                                   and showing them that they      the opportunity to study Tal-          number of honors for his
                                   are really capable of under-    mud at the Hebrew Univer-              honors for his scholarship.
                                   standing it.                               sity. I enjoyed             He is also widely published.
                                                         “I realized that I those courses
                                   What do you like                           and started to
                                                                              think about pur-               JTS Librarian, 1987-
                                   about teaching           could find a      suing an ad-                    2002
                                   List College stu-
                                                                              vanced degree in
                                                           home at JTS Talmud.                               Chairman, Joint Bet
                                    I especially enjoy                                                        Din of the Conservative
                                    teaching List Col-         and could            What brought you          Movement
                                    lege students                                   to JTS?
                                    because they           receive the best                                  Former director, Saul
                                    come here to                                    After I graduated
                                    study their heri-                               from college, my          Lieberman Institute of
                                    tage – to under-           training in          parents made              Talmudic Research
                                    stand what being                                aliyah to Israel,
 Rabbi Rabinowitz sat down
 with us to talk about his per-
                                    Jewish means.             Talmud as             and I spent a year       Member for 25 years
                                    They want to be                                 there taking Tal-
 sonal journey to JTS and the                                                                                 of the Committee on
                                    exposed to a wide                               mud classes at
 reasons he enjoys teaching         array of Jewish
                                                                  well.”            the Hebrew Uni-           Jewish Law and Stan-
 List College students.             studies and see                                 versity. I realized       dards of the Rabbinical
                                    how that applies                                that the best             Assembly
 What do you like about teach- to their lives. They aren‘t            place to study Talmud was at
 ing Talmud?                        studying it in a professional     JTS, but at that time JTS did-
                                    school for grades but rather      n‘t have a graduate school, so
                                                                                                             Former dean, The
                                                                                                              Graduate School
 I enjoy opening the Talmud to for their own growth and               I had to enter the Rabbinical
 students by showing them           development. Therefore they School. A special Talmud pro-
 that it isn‘t eso-                              are willing to       gram was begun during my               Former dean of stu-
 teric, and that if                              question and         studies in the Rabbinical
                      “I enjoy teaching challenge.                    School, leading to a PhD in
                                                                                                              dents, Seminary Col-
 they study it, it                                                                                            lege/Teachers Institute
 can be a very                                                        Talmud, and I was ordained
 good experience.        this material What is your                   and earned my PhD here at               (the institution that
 This experience                                 background?          JTS.                                    became List College)
 opens the door to       and showing
 understanding                                   I grew up in Is-     What is it like teaching at JTS        Author of articles pub-
 the Judaism that                                                     after having been a student
 we practice to-        students that rael and the                                                            lished in Judaism, The
                                                 United States. My here?                                      Ordination of Women
 day. Some List                                  father was or-
 College students           they are             dained at JTS.       I began teaching here at JTS
                                                                                                              as Rabbis: Studies and
 leave the re-                                   Naturally Jew-       while I was completing my               Responsa, Conserva-
 quired Rabbinics
 courses until
                          capable of             ish studies were     PhD, and I enjoyed it im-               tive Judaism, Recon-
                                                 an important part mensely. When I was offered                structionist Magazine,
 their last year                                 of my education.     a position on the faculty, I
 because they feel understanding Here I attended                      accepted it, and I‘ve been
                                                                                                              and Sinai.
 that Talmud                                     yeshivot, and in     here ever since then. Having
 study is beyond                it.”             Israel I attended    grown up in a Conservative             Click here and look for
 their capability. I                             the national reli-   home and having been in                 the teshuvot Rabbi
 try to show them                                gious schools.       Camp Ramah, and having
 that they can                                                                                                Rabinowitz has written
                                    When I graduated from high        studied at other institutions, I
 learn Rabbinics, because it is     school, I decided to continue realized that I could find a                for the Rabbinical
 like any other legal system—it     my Jewish studies on a col-       home at JTS and could re-               Assembly.
 is abstract thinking, and that     lege level so I went to Ye-       ceive the best training in Tal-
 is what college students do. I     shiva College. I spent my         mud as well.■
 enjoy teaching this material       junior year in Israel and had
 The List College Newsletter
 Page 4

 Spring Break Means LC Students in Action
                                                                                                  Making a
                                                                                                  Difference in
                                                                                                  Guatemala by
                                                                                                  Adina Rosen (DD ’11)
                                                                                                 A nine-year old girl named Yolanda
                                                                                                 offers me a toothy smile and pulls
                                                                                                 on my hair with dirty fingers as she
                                                                     Adina Rosen                 expresses her dream to travel the
                                   List College
                                                                     Hometown: W. Hartford, CT   world. At the same time, she la-
                                                                     Barnard Major: Anthropology ments that she is unable leave her
                                                                     JTS Major: Bible            small hometown in Guatemala be-
                                                                                                 cause of the danger and violence
                                                                                                 that shakes the country.

                                                                        “Simply visiting          I interacted with several children
                                                                                                  like Yolanda over spring break,
                                                                                                  when I had the opportunity to travel
                                                                       their country and          to Guatemala with Hillel and the
                                                                                                  American Jewish World Service
                                                                                                  (AJWS). Three group leaders brought
                                                                        seeing the living         a group of 12 Columbia/Barnard
                                                                                                  students (including six from List
                                                                                                  College) to live in a small village
                                                                     conditions firsthand         called Pachay and volunteer for a
                                                                                                  week. We filled in old latrines,
                                                                                                  moved rocks and wood out of the
                                                                         was extremely            playground, and made cement to
                                                                                                  help build the foundation of a class-
                                                                                                  room. We were also able to play
                                                                           powerful.”             with the kids, speak to community
                                                                                                  members, and hear a lot of interest-
                                                                                                  ing stories about Guatemalan
                                                                                                             SEE NEXT PAGE

  Pizmon Takes on the Midwest by Brandon DeShields (JP ’12)
                       Brandon DeShields writes about    naïve freshman with no clear under-     the places we visited, and moments
                       his Spring Break experience as a  standing of what exactly MOI was, I     we shared have all influenced me for
                       member of Pizmon, the co-ed       was a little disappointed to hear       the better.
                       Jewish a cappella group of        that we would be spending our
                       Columbia, Barnard, and JTS.       break in the rural United States—I
                                                                                                 We began our journey in the bustling
                                                         had heard that the group had trav-
                                                                                                 metropolis of Chicago, where we
                       Every spring break, Pizmon em-    eled to Israel, Argentina, and other
                                                                                                 spent several days performing at
                       barks on our Music Outreach       exotic destinations in previous
                                                                                                 Jewish day schools, synagogues,
                       Initiative (MOI) where we spread years. Several weeks after the fact, I   retirement homes, and other local
                       Jewish culture and values through am now a little older and a little      venues. We encountered a strong
                       Jewish-themed music. This past    wiser, for I know that the work we
                                                                                                 and lively Jewish community in Chi-
                       spring break, we were blessed     accomplished in those struggling
                                                                                                 cago that was just as eager to host
Brandon DeShields      with the opportunity to travel to communities will have a long-lasting
                                                                                                 us as we were to perform for them.
Hometown: Egg Harbor   the often-overlooked Jewish com- effect on its Jewish residents. Addi-              SEE NEXT PAGE
Township, NJ
                       munities of the Midwest. As a     tionally, the people we encountered,
Majors: Undecided
                                                                                          Spring/Summer 2009
                                                                                                                                 Page 5

Making a Difference in Guatemala, continued from page 4
culture. It was one of the most     poverty of so many Guatema-             experiences from my travels. Do
meaningful experiences of my        lans. I was most struck by the          I send $100 over to Pachay
life.                               fact that running water is only         each month? Do I only buy prod-
                                    available in Pachay twice a             ucts imported from Guatemala?
I was particularly drawn to this    week for 30 minutes at a                Months later, I still hear the
program because of my experi-       time. The latrines are dirty,           words of a man from Pachay
ence with Guatemalans in the        infant mortality rate hovers            over and over in my head: ―Just
past. Since 8th grade, I have       around 30 percent, and 40               remember, we are all God‘s
worked with Maya Works, a non-      percent of fathers leave their          children. It makes no difference
profit organization that supports   families to seek better pay in          what is the color of our skin. We
Guatemalan women and their          the United States. There are no         are all equal.‖ When I walk
children. The money I made          doctors or clinics, and educa-          down the street and pass con-
selling their handmade kippot       tional opportunities are ex-            struction workers, I no longer
                                                                                                                Adina with Yolanda
directly benefited these            tremely limited—but despite all         avert my eyes from them in the
women‘s families. This trip was     of this, Pachay still finds itself in   hopes of avoiding whistles or
an excellent opportunity for me     the top 15 percent of rich com-         comments. I smile at them now,
to see firsthand some of the        munities in the world. If these         and I think about those Guate-
conditions of Guatemalan life.      people are considered wealthy,          malan girls with the big brown       “The bright smiles
Although I never met these          just think about the other 85           eyes who wrapped their arms
women, simply visiting their        percent!                                around my waist and grabbed
country and seeing the living                                               onto my legs. And I think about      on their faces that
conditions firsthand was ex-        Yet I saw hope in many eyes,            how Guatemalan men, not
tremely powerful. When I ar-        and I still continue to see it          unlike these construction work-
rived, I felt an instant sense of   weeks later. The bright smiles          ers, have come to America to           never seemed to
                                    on their faces that never               work and keep those very girls
                                    seemed to disappear will for-           alive. This gives me hope, and
Working to sell handmade kip-       ever be engraved in my mind. I          though I may never return to            disappear will
                                    come back to the bustling               Pachay, the memory of
pot, however, didn‘t prepare me                                             Yolanda‘s smile will always be
                                    streets of New York City and
to see firsthand the extreme
                                    wonder what I can do with the           close to my heart.■                  forever be engraved

Pizmon Takes on the Midwest, continued from page 4                                                                  in my mind.”

Whether we were singing for         Jewish day school with fewer            and learned new traditions and
students of Chicagoland Jewish      students enrolled than the num-         practices.
High School or for hundreds of      ber of members in Pizmon.
attendees at the United                                                     What I thought would be a diffi-
Synagogue for Conservative          Before immersing ourselves in           cult and stressful spring break
Judaism (USCJ) Benefit Concert,     the rich community of St. Louis,        ended up being one of the
the gratitude and interest of our   we again had a chance to visit a        greatest learning experiences of
audience made each perform-         struggling community in Carbon-         my life. Seeing so many differ-      In the 2008-2009 aca-
ance truly enjoyable.               dale, Illinois. Performances at         ent people and places provided       demic year, there were
                                    Southern Illinois University and        me with a new outlook on
                                                                                                                 five List College stu-
Next, we headed to southern         the local synagogue continued           American Jewry, one that ac-
Illinois, where we got a taste of   to deepen our understanding of          counts for the struggles and         dents out of a total of
rural life in small towns such as   isolated Jewish life in rural           triumphs of the small commu-         13 members of Pizmon.
Peoria. The transition from the     southern Illinois. St. Louis            nities as a testament to the
fast-paced life in Chicago and      proved to be a great change in          strength of Judaism. Addition-       More information about
its suburbs to the rustic atmos-    scenery, where we experienced           ally, my fellow Pizmon mem-          Pizmon, including mem-
phere of southern Illinois was      the comforts of famous Mid-             bers and I gained a new ap-
drastic and powerful. In the        western hospitality and the             preciation for the work we put       ber bios, can be found
communities of Peoria and Rock      warmth and love of the Jewish           into rehearsing each song            on the Pizmon Web site.
Island, we encountered a variety    community there. Concerts in            after seeing the faces and
of different personalities at a     synagogues, preschools, retire-         hearing the praise of our gra-
number of new venues, includ-       ment homes, and at Washing-             cious, hospitable supporters.
ing a public high school choral     ton University were both fun            We hope that our efforts will
class, the University of Illinois   and educational as we met               have a lasting impact in those
Jewish a cappella group, and a      new people, visited new places,         communities.■
The List College Newsletter
Page 6

A Fond Farewell to Our Seniors
                         Four Years at List College by Ari Brenman (JP ’09)
                           The day I moved in to    find new meaning in
                           Mathilde Schechter       the coming weeks and
                           Residence Hall           months. We were bom-
                           (MSRH) was an excit-     barded by words and
                           ing one. I even wore     sentences, by para-
                           a shirt that said "I'm   graphs and pages of
                           Really Excited To Be     reading and writing.
                           Here." Of course, my     We were subjected to
Ari Brenman
LCSC President
                           wardrobe that day        the cruelest wake-up
Hometown: E. Windsor, NJ garnered laughs and        times, and (speaking
Columbia Major: English immediate affection         for myself) have since
JTS Major: Jewish Thought from my Orientation       discovered that a ma-
                           Staff, who through-      jor in English is as
                           out that hot August      about as useful as a
week taught this wide-eyed and bushy-tailed         hangover. Yet we mi-
yeshiva bocher the ins and outs of college.         grated slowly towards
Their wisdom was lost on me until my own            maturity, symbolized
experiences accumulated. As such, the odys-         by physical migration
                                                                                                    late the knowledge I have gained since
sey of oddity continued. Ira Stup and I were        to the Goldsmith Residence Hall. Luckily, I
                                                                                                    entering MSRH's double doors. However,
an instant hit among the locals, or were as         had the opportunity to live in this upper-
                                                                                                    the difference in knowledge seems in-
big a hit as freshmen roommates could be.           class residence hall sophomore year. Such
At least 50 people deigned to point out that        was my growth that Goldsmith residents          consequential next to the difference in
'Ari' is 'Ira' spelled backwards, and vice versa.   did not (for the most part) discover yours      mentality. I‘m sometimes told that my
I suppose this is not as bad as the rumor           truly practicing guitar in the elevator, as     belligerence has certainly grown—
that Res Life would be implementing a policy        was my MSRH wont. What can I say?               perhaps as a tool to deflect the internal
of rooming first-years of the same first name       Small boxy compartments provide the             tension rising from a process of self-
                                                                                                    definition and transition. This is why the
together…                                           best acoustics.
                                                                                                    prospect of finally graduating has proven
                                                                                                    such a relief. I imagine beginning life in
The Class of 2009 saw Avenue Q together             Thanks to this article, I have been able to     the real world much as I did life at List
our second week of school. Little did we real-      look back on these and other quirky facts       College: excited to be here and ready to
ize that the musical number entitled "It            and tidbits that defined my earlier years at    start a more independent life. Gradua-
Sucks to Be Me" would, from time to time,           List College. Often enough, I try to encapsu-   tion essentially provides us with a clean
                                                                                                    slate. We can leave behind everything
                                                                                                    we disliked in the past four years and
                                                                                                    take with us everything we loved.

                                                                                                    This process of intellectual self-discovery
                                                                                                    applies to all aspects of our lives. Our
                                                                                                    friendships have either become down-
                                                                                                    played or significantly more important.
                                                                                                    Like our interests, our social networks
                                                                                                    are now polarized and revolve around a
                                                                                                    select few rather than an entire class of
                                                                                                    people. That's okay. We have all taken
                                                                                                    different roads, pathways that have befit-
                                                                                                    ted our needs and the future ahead. Our
                                                                                                    individual experiences have set the Class
                                                                                                    of 2009 in contradistinction, and the
                                                                                                    interdependence I relied upon during the
                                                                                                    first couple of years of college has given
                                                                                                    way to fiercely unique personalities who
                                                                                                    exceed the clichés of graduation
                                                                                                    speeches and articles such as this one.
Follow this link for more JTS Commencement content, including photos and videos.                    That said, congratulations Class of
                                                                                            Spring/Summer 2009
                                                                                                                                          Page 7

                              Lending a Helping Ear by Sarit Horwitz (JP ’09)
                              What experi-         years, I‘ve enjoyed every moment living a           heard. Furthermore, I gained an amazing
                              ences defined        block and a half away from the rest of my           close community of diverse individuals
                              your time at List    class at Mathilde Schechter Residence Hall.         who all care simply about providing a
                              College?             I know that there are students there who            listening ear.
                                                   rely on me and use me as a resource, and,
                             The two experi-       as an added bonus, I have found that under-         You took a year off before college. Did your
                             ences that were       classmen have provided me with great                time in Israel help prepare you for college?
                             most influential      friendship and learning opportunities.              How did it add to your JTS experience?
Sarit Horwitz                to my college
Hometown: Kansas City        experience were       I became involved with Nightline for a simi-        Being in List College forces one to bal-
Columbia Major: Psychology working a Resi-         lar reason: the drive to help others through        ance a schedule independently and com-
JTS Major: Midrash           dent Adviser for      those not-so-easy times in college. A ca-           bat the various challenges that come
                             first- and second-    reer in professional counseling has always          with a rigorous program. My year in Is-
                             year students,        been on my radar, and working as a hotline          rael enabled me to enter List College
and being involved in Nightline, Columbia‘s        counselor seemed like a good introduction           with a year of personal growth and deci-
Peer Counseling Hotline.                           to the field. After passing my certification        sion-making already behind me and with
                                                   exam and becoming a counselor, I held               a greater sense of what independence
I chose to apply for the RA position be-           various leadership positions within the             meant to me. This preparation made the
cause I thought I could help first-year stu-       organization, culminating in my year as             growth process here in New York easier.
dents make the tough transition to college         Director. This position allowed me to counsel
life. I was excited about building relation-       my own staff members who were not only              Any plans for next year?
ships with all List students as a friend,          taking intense calls at night, but also dealing
counselor, and adviser. Being an RA has            with their own busy lives. I also learned how       I‘m interviewing at several places. For now, I
given me invaluable experience in planning         to effectively manage an organization and           can say that I plan on going into the field of
programs, mediating conflicts, and serving         balance responsibilities. Nightline has pro-        psychology and/or professional counseling.
as a resource to those who need a little           vided me with an invaluable skill: the ability to   I‘ll probably be in grad school in the near
extra help along the way. For the past two         really listen to others and make them feel          future.■

                              Getting Involved in Hillel by Rachel Hilker (DD ’09)
                              How has List         a cappella group already existed, there is some-
                              College helped                                                           others enjoy both of these organizations
                                                   thing about a group of women singing together
                              you pursue your      that is just stunning, and there was a demon-       as much as I have!
                              wider goals in       strated need for such a group at Columbia. I
                              the community?                                                           What tools has List College given you to
                                                   agreed to the request and became one of the
                                                                                                       face the world?
                              Many students        four founders of S‘madar, the Jewish women‘s a
                              come to List         cappella group of Columbia and Barnard. We          Time management! It has been a lot of
                              College              now have 15 singers and four alumni, and we         work, but I have definitely reaped the
                              because they         perform throughout the tri-state area. We will      benefits. I understand that a good Jew-
Rachel Hilker
                              want a Jewish        also be releasing our second CD in the fall. I      ish education is not just about studying
Hometown: Chicago                                  have learned so much from being in S‘madar—
Barnard Major: Music          education to                                                             Jewish topics, but also about learning
                              supplement           about business management, development,             how to reconcile my Jewish life and
JTS Major: Talmud                                  and interpersonal relationships—but most of all,    practices in a non-Jewish world. Next
                                                   I have made 18 wonderful friends. It has been       year, I will be working for a consulting
their secular education. I had the opposite        an experience that I will cherish forever.          firm where first-year analysts are ex-
reasoning. I decided when I was very                                                                   pected to work long hours. I needed to
young that I wanted to be a Cantor. I did          Talk a little bit about your involvement with       explain to them that I would need to
not have much of a background before               Koach, the Conservative Jewish student              leave early on Fridays and take off for
college—I had attended Jewish day school           group at Columbia/Barnard Hillel.                   the Jewish holidays. The conversation
for only one year. My education at List has                                                            would have been very different—in fact,
helped me further realize my desire to con-        I also spent a lot of time on the board of
                                                                                                       I‘m not sure I would have had the cour-
tinue in a Jewish profession. I look forward       Koach. I served as Saturday Service Coordina-
                                                                                                       age to initiate it—were it not for the fact
to attending Cantorial School in the fall of       tor and as Co-Chair. Working as a Koach Co-
                                                                                                       that I have learned how to present my
2010.                                              Chair greatly shaped my college experience. I
                                                                                                       Judaism to others. Understanding my
                                                   joined the minyan because I wanted to be part
                                                                                                       place as a young Jewish woman in the
Is it true that you founded an a cappella group?   of a dynamic group of active Conservative
                                                                                                       world has been one of the greatest
                                                   Jews. I ran for the board positions because I
Music is my passion. I was approached my           realized how important it is to spread the word     benefits of the JTS/Barnard program.■
freshman year to help found an a cappella          about this great organization and to help get
group for women. Even though a co-ed Jewish                                                            —>YouTube: S’madar performs at JTS.
                                                   others involved. I hope that I have helped
The List College Newsletter
Page 8

                            Alumni Profile
                            List College Lessons in the Real World
                            by Adam Jacobs (JP ’01)
                            Adam Jacobs, a Joint Program         bigger.                             first summer camp was in 2000
                            alumnus who joined students                                              in a studio apartment in mid-
                            and administrators at the an-        What are some of your favorite      town Manhattan. We had 12
                            nual List College Links to Lead-     college memories? What were         kids, and over the course of two
                            ership retreat in late March,                                            weeks we wrote and produced
                                                                 you involved in at school?
                            responded to questions about                                             an original musical with them,
                            his college experience and his                                           including recording the mu-
                            non-profit work.                     There are many amazing experi-      sic. The camp was so popular
Adam Jacobs
                                                                 ences from simply being in New      and grew so much that we
Executive Director and                                           York, the absolute greatest city    moved to a theater in Murray
                            How has your List College edu-       in the world. The multicultural-
Co-founder, Kids Creative
                            cation helped guide you since                                            Hill the next year and eventually
                                                                 ism, the excitement, the ac-        to a public school on the Upper
                            graduation?                          cess—all of it was phenome-         West Side. We also began to
                                                                 nal. Sometimes it could be          offer after-school programs.
                            This may sound like a cliché,        overwhelming, but I really
                            but the most important thing I       learned to value the fact that we
                            learned at List College was a        had two campuses inside the         Initially, we formed a for-profit
                            strong work ethic—literally how      city, giving a feel of community    company, but at some point
                            to work hard. While I value the                                          realized that we weren‘t making
                                                                 in the larger chaotic climate.
                            academic knowledge I gained at                                           a profit at all. In fact, the most
                            JTS and Columbia, the need to                                            money we made was from a City
                                                                 I also valued the ability to be     Council grant. At that point, we
                            complete two degrees in a short      involved in a whole variety of
                            amount of time really prepared                                           decided to build Create-A-Play
                                                                 activities at school—from the
 “I really learned to       me for hard work after               multi-denominational Jewish life
                                                                                                     from one program into a non-
                                                                                                     profit with a bigger reach. In
                            school. List College challenged      to volunteering in neighborhood
                            me in ways I had never been                                              2004, we re-incorporated as a
                                                                 schools to playing for the Co-
 value the fact that        challenged before. I learned to      lumbia University Men‘s Volley-
                                                                                                     non-profit, Kids Creative. We
                            multi-task, persevere in a pres-                                         have had many advisors along
                                                                 ball Team to singing in Piz-        the way, and the best advice we
                            sure-filled atmosphere, and
     we had two             remain flexible and positive
                                                                 mon. My experience in Pizmon
                                                                 was particularly transformative.
                                                                                                     got (though it took us a long
                                                                                                     time to follow it) was to focus
                            when the road got tough.             Through Pizmon, I had the op-       our efforts. By focusing on sum-
campuses inside the                                              portunity to work with children     mer camp and after-school pro-
                            When I graduated from the Joint      in educational settings all over    grams, we have found a great
                            Program in 2001, I was con-          the globe by communicating          niche that fills a need in many
city, giving a feel of      vinced that I would go into inter-   with music as a common lan-         communities.
                            national politics, working with      guage. In my time at List, I also
                            the UN or some other multina-        interned with AIPAC and taught
 community in the           tional body. I considered law        Hebrew school.
                                                                                                     Along the way, I recognized that
                                                                                                     our curriculum was not only
                            school and ended up working in
                            fundraising at a non-profit con-                                         teaching kids skills in the arts,
                                                                 How did you get the idea for
    larger chaotic          sulting firm called Perry Davis      your non-profit? What brought
                                                                                                     but also teaching them about
                            because of a connection I made                                           conflict resolution and commu-
                                                                 you to elementary schools in        nity building. Therefore, I ap-
                            at school with Eytan Hammer-
         climate”           man (JP ‘99). Throughout that
                                                                 underprivileged neighbor-
                                                                 hoods? Do you have a summer
                                                                                                     plied and was accepted to the
                            time, though, I had also been                                            Peace Education MA program at
                                                                 camp background? Did your           Columbia Teachers Col-
                            working with my brother
                                                                 List experience help push you?      lege. The people I met and
                            Stephen on a summer arts
                            camp and a media project for                                             experiences I had at TC contin-
                            kids. I didn‘t think that it would   As I mentioned above, I was         ued to transform me as a per-
                            turn into a career, but by being     working with my brother             son and an educator and
                            open to a variety of experiences,    Stephen on expanding a pro-         helped us build the organization
                            we ended up realizing that we        gram that he had founded            in a way that uses the arts to
                            had started a program that we        where he worked with kids to
                            could build up into something        create original musicals. Our               SEE NEXT PAGE
                                                                                        Spring/Summer 2009
                                                                                                                               Page 9

List College Lessons in the Real World, from previous page
teach life skills.                  sic, art, and theater.               works for me may not work for
We decided to work more in          What advice would you offer to
underserved neighborhoods as        LC students about surviving          Anything else you'd like to add?
we began to realize that there      college?
was a lack of arts programming                                           I think the reason that we have
in many schools and a strong        Take advantage of as many            been successful is because of
need for conflict resolution pro-   opportunities as you can while       our main philosophy, ―all ideas
gramming. That was when we          in school. My theory is that the     are good.‖ We use this with the
started a camp, offering mostly     more experiences you have, the       kids and with each other. This
full scholarships to students       more you can draw on in the          allows us to consider new op-
from PS 191, a school behind        future, no matter what you do in     portunities, try new programs
Lincoln Center primarily serving    your life. You will have time to     and move forward with the pro-
the Amsterdam Houses project        focus after school, and you will     grams that work best for us.■
across the street.                  be surprised at the things that
                                    will influence you after college,
At some point, though, we de-       both professionally and person-
cided that to truly build commu-    ally. Also, you should try to rec-
nity, we needed to bring our        ognize that there needs to be a
paying and scholarship pro-         balance between being serious
grams together. That was when       in school and having fun, so                                                “We have kids
we created a larger camp at PS      make sure you leave time to          Below: Adam on the job
191 and at Fordham University       play and enjoy the experi-
at Lincoln Center.                  ence. You may not like every                                              from all over the
                                    minute, but try to remember
                                    that you are working towards a
That camp is still continuing to
                                    greater goal.
                                                                                                                City...the only
build and develop into some-
thing greater, and I‘m really
excited to see it grow. We have     Listen to as much advice as you                                          common goal they
kids from all over the City and     can, soak it all in, and use what
from completely different socio-    you feel you can when it is perti-
economic, religious and cultural    nent. In other words, listen, but                                          have is to create
backgrounds. The only common        take advice with a grain of salt,
goal they have is to create mu-     including my advice. What
                                                                                                               music, art, and


                                                                                                            To find out more about
                                                                                                            Kids Creative, visit its
                                                                                                            Web site.
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Dream Job by Tani Cohen (JP ’10)
Hometown: Amherst, MA. Columbia Major: Modern Euro History. JTS Major: Talmud

Last summer, I lived in the city and worked     All-Star Game.
part-time as a kosher hot dog vendor in the
final year of baseball at the original Yankee   This summer, I am interning at
Stadium. I‘m a huge Yankees fan, and I          the brand new Yankee Stadium,
loved arriving early to set up my stand be-     which stands across the street
fore the stadium filled up. It was quite        from the old one. I secured a
special to have the opportunity to walk         position with Legends Hospitality
around Monument Park alone, watch bat-          Management, the company in
ting practice, and see every home run.          charge of merchandise sales, vending,           a memorable one. As an intern, I will
Working at Yankee Stadium helped me             luxury suites, and all the clubs and bars       learn the business of hospitality while
appreciate the House that Ruth Built in its     throughout the stadium. While attending         also doing my favorite thing in the world:
final days and allowed me to interact with      almost every home game, I‘ll be able to         watching the Yankees play ball every
thousands of fans on a daily basis—             engage in a different way with fans to          day.■
including at the 2008 Home Run Derby and        help make their visit to Yankee Stadium
                                                                                    Spring/Summer 2009
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Alumni News:                         1990-2000
Joshua Berman (JP ‘95) recently started an Executive MBA program at Pepperdine in Malibu, CA and is also launching a new web-
site…Joshua Botnick (JP ‘98) and his wife Daniella and daughter Malka, announced the birth of their son and baby brother, Shai on
December 8, 2008…Axel Gerber (JP ‘91) and Jane Larrington were married October 31, 2008. They live in San Diego county where
Axel is completing the prerequisites for the accelerated BSN program at the University of Oklahoma School of Nursing in San
Diego…Deena (Goldstein) Friedman (JP ‘90) and her husband, Michael, announced the birth of twins, Daniel Joshua and Sophia
Lily on January 2, 2009…Debbie (Wolf) Goldsmith (JP ‗98, Davidson, ‗99) along with her husband, Josh and two daughters, Yael
and Kerem, announced the birth of their son and baby brother, Shai Rafael in January 2009. Debbie lives in Israel and is the Assis-
tant Director of Young Judea Year Course…Michelle Katz-Frei (DD ‘97) and Adam Frei (Cantorial School ‘99), along with big sister
Isabel, welcomed their second child, Jacob Ethan Frei, on October 28, 2008…Sarah Weiss-Poland (JP ‘99, Davidson ‗03) and Alan
Poland were married in June 2008. Sarah is currently the Education Director of the Tribeca Hebrew School.

Keith Apple (JP ‘01) and his wife, Lisa, announced the birth of their daughter, Dahlia Ronit Apple on March 19, 2009. They live in
Washington, D.C., where Keith is a lawyer at Lerman Senter, PLLC…Dan Dorsch (JP ‘05, RS ‘10) and Amy Greenfeld (Davidson '07)
were married in Winnipeg, Canada on May 17, 2009. Jeremy Gerber (JP ‘03 RS ‘09) and Rebecca Eckstein Gerber (DD ‘03) are
relocating to Pennsylvania this summer. Jeremy will be the rabbi of Congregation Ohev Shalom in Wallingford, PA, and Rebecca will
pursue an MA in Urban Planning from Rutgers University in the fall…David Goldman (JP ‘05) was promoted to staff writer for in March 2009…Eytan Kenter (JP ‘03, Davidson, RS ‘09) recently became engaged to Staci Zemlak. They plan to
marry in October 2009 in Owings Mills, MD. Eytan also graduated from the Davidson & RS Schools this May…Orly Klein (DD ‘05)
graduated from Mt. Sinai Medical School in May 2009 and will continue there for her residency in Pediatrics…Bryan Lipsky (JP ‘05)
received the Shapiro Family Fellowship, which supports emerging Jewish communal leaders…Suzie Schwartz (JP ‗05) earned an MA
from the University of Chicago Divinity School in June 2009 and will enroll at Hebrew College in fall 2009 to pursue ordination…
Anna Stevenson (DD '04) is engaged to shochet and farmer Naftali Hanau. They plan to marry this summer. Together they are
growing the vegetables and raising the chickens for their wedding. Afterwards, they plan to settle on a farm in Rochester, NY.

Mara Berde (JP ‘07, Davidson ‘09) graduated from the Davidson School in May and was accepted to the Jewish Service Corps
and offered a placement in Rwanda, working in the Agahozo Shalom Youth Village, where she will both serve the local community
and coordinate Jewish educational programming for other volunteers…Dayna (Fidler) Wald (JP ‘06) moved to Florida last summer
and is currently teaching Judaics at the Hochberg Preparatory School, a Solomon Schechter school. Next year she will be the
Assistant Principal of Judaics…Yoni Lerner (JP ‘06) graduated from the University of Miami Law School in May 2009 and is pre-
paring to take the bar exam in Florida…Aliyah Phillips (JP ‘07) is moving to Washington, DC in the fall to pursue a JD from Ameri-
can University Law School…Joshua Schwartz (JP ‘08) will begin a PhD program at NYU‘s Hebrew and Judaic Studies depart-
ment. Josh received both the Henry M. Maccracken Fellowship and the Wexner Jewish Studies Fellowship… Sarah Sher (JP ‘08)
will be starting the MA in Historical Preservation program at Columbia University in fall 2009…

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