Cruising the Whitsundays: Doing it the bareboat sailing charter way by charteryachts743


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									                  Cruising the Whitsundays: Doing it the bareboat sailing charter way

If you haven’t been yet to the magnificent islands of Whitsundays, then you might want to give yourself
this chance to spend a holiday there on a sailing adventure. Offering visitors unique charm, the 74
islands of Whitsunday lies within the protected waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Only 8 of the 74
alluring islands are inhabited and offer sophisticated and classy accommodations. The resorts offer
different accommodations that suits all types of lifestyle, therefore, there is always something for you.

The beauty of the Great Barrier Reef is simply too hard t resist, that's why more and more people come
and visit the place. Bareboat charters allow you to choose your own adventure and explore the islands
and the coral reefs. There is no other adventure in the world as unique as exploring the Whitsundays by
bareboat. Exploring the islands of the Whitsundays is safe because the waters are protected by the
Great Barrier Reef. With this, choosing your type of adventure becomes more fun and exciting..

Bareboat charters are private yachts that you may rent and captain yourself. These types of boats do not
have a skipper, thus, you have to skipper this all by yourself. What else can be more fun than having to
explore the Whitsundays with your group as your crew?

You can rent a bareboat sailing charter from Charter Yacht Australia's fleet. Charter Yachts Australia is
situated at Abel Point Marina, Airlie Beach, Whitsundays, Queensland where they provide their fleet of
properly maintained modern bareboat or charter yachts and catamarans that were built for the
exploration of the islands.

Bareboat charters promise ultimate fun, so when going on an adventure with a group bareboat charters
is the best choice for you. It is one of the best choices of going out for an adventure exploring the
Queensland Coast. Together with your group, you can all sail and explore the Great Barrier Reef and
discover the natural treasures that await you there. To enjoy all the beauty of this tropical paradise, you
need time to do it slowly. Meaning, the personalized adventure brought by the bareboat charters is the
best way to do it.

With the chance of being able to charter your own boat, you will surely have the best bareboat
experience ever. It will lead you and your group to experience a different kind of freedom of being alone
in the waters. Creating an itinerary to suit your adventure, you will have the freedom to choose among
the seventy four islands of the Whitsunday Island Group and explore them at your own will. Hopping
into each of the 74 islands will allow you to taste the different flavors of the tropical Queensland.

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