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					Unearthing the right talent, for the right job, at the right time is critical to achieving organizational success and is one
of leadership’s most significant contributions. In partnership with human resources, hiring managers have a
strategically focused role in the staffing process. Managers are responsible for hiring decisions; as a result, it’s
imperative they be actively involved in every stage of attracting, recruiting and selecting talent for the Alberta Public
Service (APS). HR professionals partner and provide expert advice and assistance through processes designed to
hire top talent for roles now and in the future. (Staffing Principles)

The Strategic Staffing Plan is a conversation tool to support both HR professionals and hiring managers, and is
intended to facilitate strategic discussions and a project management approach to the staffing process. The tool
is flexible in that it can be used to support ongoing conversations between HR and hiring managers
throughout the year, and/or at the onset of a specific staffing request. Links to resources and reference
materials available online are identified throughout the conversation tool.

The tool covers a number of topics, organized by project management step. Depending on the specific situation, and
the timing of the conversation(s), you determine which topic areas and questions are most relevant and what
information you need to gather in preparation for the strategic conversation(s).

Taking the time to discuss the topics in this tool will assist to:
   create a strategy to attract the best talent and consider all labour pools
   gain a better understanding of the work requirements and the behavioral and technical competencies needed,
    now and in the future
   clarify roles, accountabilities and timelines
   develop the screening criteria, job advertisement and interview questions
   strengthen the HR and Line Manager business partnership

Strategic Workforce             The              The             Staffing             Media &     Project
      Planning                  Work            Person           Strategy             Job Ad       Plan

Hiring managers and HR professionals work together to initiate, develop, execute and evaluate a staffing project
plan. Timelines/dates are set in the initial strategic discussion(s) and adjusted as necessary throughout the staffing

Staffing Need/Work Being Recruited To:

Position                          Division /
Number                              Branch


                                                                      HR Contact


Strategic Staffing Plan Conversation Tool (2011)                                                                      Page 1
A deliberate and focused planning approach helps support timely hiring decisions and high quality hires.
Start your project plan by discussing the following topics: strategic workforce planning, the work and the
 Vacant positions and newly defined work are opportunities to connect staffing to business and workforce
 Examine the emerging and long-term needs of the position and the organization.
 Recruit individuals that not only have the competencies needed for today, but also have the potential to be
    strong contributors to the APS in the long term.
    Have you considered how the staffing need/request fits with other priorities and initiatives in the Ministry’s
     Business and Workforce Plans as well as the APS Workforce Plan?
    Have you analyzed information to anticipate, plan for and fill talent gaps?
     − forecast staffing requirements against business objectives (short and long term) and assess the available
        supply of people to meet those staffing requirements
    Have you considered key workforce challenges such as attraction and retention of younger and mature workers?
    Have you looked at how your organization is designed? Does your structure support the business needs, or has
     it changed?
    Have you considered other HR programs and services that could help address business and talent needs? (e.g.
     mentoring; leadership development)
Succession Management Portal for Supervisors
    How does the work contribute to the achievement of strategic and operational goals?
    Clearly define the work (Job Description). Discuss: key results for successful performance; supervision or
     direction received; working relationships; challenges; environment/working conditions; special considerations; is
     the role designed to engage the employee by providing challenging and interesting work?
    Confirm the appropriate classification level. Job Evaluation Plans (PREP and MJEP) Benchmark Job Listings
    What are the critical competencies and behavior levels needed to successfully perform the work, and how will
     they be assessed in the selection process? Consider both the current role and future potential.
     (APS Competency Model; Levels of Excellence)
    What are the qualifications needed to successfully perform the work (how would the competencies normally be
             − education (minimum recruitment standards and equivalencies)
             − experience (minimum recruitment standards and equivalencies)
             − other?
    What do your best performers do to be successful and that sets them apart?
    What are the current capabilities of the working group? What additional competencies are required to fill a skills
     gap within your team?
    Use the above competencies/qualifications as the basis for other stages of the staffing process (e.g. the
     screening criteria each applicant will be assessed against; Topics 4 and 5 below; interview questions and other
     methods to assess candidates).

Strategic Staffing Plan Conversation Tool (2011)                                                                      Page 2
                           Key Activities/Tasks                         Timelines/Dates                           Lead
                                                                   (GoA Staffing Timeline Targets)

               schedule time to meet and discuss strategic before, or within 5-6 work days from
               staffing plan                               receipt of staffing request form

               finalize job description

               develop draft screening criteria

               ensure budget and approval to staff in place
               (staffing request form)

Building on the information from Topics 1 – 3 above, continue developing and executing your project plan:
 Develop a targeted strategy to attract the talent you need.
 Execute the remaining key activities/tasks in the staffing process.
          What staffing strategies have been tried in the past - what worked and what didn’t work?
          What would be the best method to fill the role? Consider:
           − position type (permanent or temporary)
           − competition scope (departmental, limited, open)
           − exemption from competition
           − opportunities to support career development of existing APS employees
          Other considerations:
           − position abolished and surplus employee list
           − eligibility lists/previously certifiable candidates (internal and external to the ministry)
           − internships (Attracting & Developing Students and Recent Graduates)
           − secondments (Executive & Senior Manager Mobility Program; Alberta Interchange)
           − underfill at a lower classification level with a developmental plan
           − opportunities to collaborate with other ministries
Hiring Manager’s Guide to Staffing
          What would be the most powerful ways to connect with the target candidates?
          How can we reach top talent that’s not actively seeking work?
          What would motivate these candidates to apply?
           − What could we tell them about the work and the work environment that would appeal to them?
          What do current high performing employees in this area say? What attracted them and what keeps them?
          A good advertisement will attract the “right” applicants and enable candidates to apply effectively.

Strategic Staffing Plan Conversation Tool (2011)                                                                         Page 3
                          Key Activities/Tasks                              Timelines/Dates                   Lead
                                                                        (GoA Staffing Timeline Targets)

           finalize screening criteria

           finalize job ad and position/candidate profile

           advertise position(s)                                GoA Jobs website: 1-2 work days
                                                                Other media: 5 work days
                                                                from finalizing the Strategic Staffing Plan
           develop the interview plan:
           - interview questions
           - other assessment methods as required
           competition closes                                   10 work days from advertising date

           screen competition                                   8 – 10 work days from closing date

           further assess candidates:                           7 – 10 work days from finalizing screening
           - arrange for and interview candidates
           - other assessment methods as required
           - follow-up interview, if required
           conduct pre-employment checks as required:           5 – 8 work days from completing interviews
           - references
           - academic
           - security screening
           - other

           make hiring decision
           - certification; ranking; salary, start date, etc.
           offer employment:                                    2 work days from completion of pre-
           - verbal and written                                 employment checks
           regret unsuccessful candidates                       3 – 5 work days from accepted verbal offer

           orientation (New Employee Orientation site)

Take a few moments at the end of the staffing process to discuss continuous improvement opportunities
next time the work is recruited to. Gather data to assess quality of hire and satisfaction with the staffing

                          Key Activities/Tasks                              Timelines/Dates                   Lead
                                                                        (GoA Staffing Timeline Targets)

           staffing process - continuous improvement

           opportunities (follow-up with hiring manager)
           quality of hire (follow-up with hiring manager)      3 – 6 months from hire date

           follow-up with new hire(s)                           3 – 6 months from hire date

Strategic Staffing Plan Conversation Tool (2011)                                                                 Page 4

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