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									   “Career Day” Presentation Outline
for High School/Middle School Audiences
  General Information to the Presenter: This material offers suggestions in presenting career information using the
  Something to Smile About-Careers in the Dental Profession resources located at
  All of the materials can be used alone or in combination with the other materials depending on the time available
  and the preferences of the presenter. Possible time frames to complete each activity are listed below and are highly
  variable depending on the size of the audience, the amount of discussion, and other variables. The presenter may
  do all or a portion of the activities. In addition to a classroom presentation, resource recommendations for staffing a
  booth (kiosk) activity* are also included.

   Goals of a “Career Day” Activity
       •    Introduce participants to the dynamic world of careers in the dental profession
       •    Share your personal experience as a dental health professional
       •    Provide information on the next steps for interested students

   1. Introduction
       •    Share goals of career day mentioning why dental careers are Something to Smile About–
            highlighting the traits identified on the (F. A.Q.) Fact sheets.
       •    Ask each participant to introduce himself/herself and
             • mention one thing they’re looking for in a career
             • mention one thing they know about dentistry
            (Approximate time to complete: 5-10 minutes).

   2. View DVD presentations
       •    Introduce and then show the DVD presentation. The DVD’s are approximately 10 minutes long
            and highlight dentistry, dental assisting and dental hygiene or dental laboratory technology.
       •    Equipment needed: DVD player and LCD projector
            (Approximate time to complete: 10 minutes).

   3. Entertain questions at the conclusion of the DVD presentation:
      Questions to ask the audience
       •    What did they learned about the career area?
       •    What appealed to them about the career area and why?
       •    What else they might like to know the career?
            (Approximate time to complete: 5-10 minutes).
4. Share your personal experience
     •   Highlight your own experiences as a dental health professional.
     •   Ask a member of your dental team staff (including dental laboratory technicians) and/or
         dental students to share with the students what attracted them to the career, what they like
         about it and other information.
     •   Share examples of successful members of the dental team that you have known—the
         personal characteristics, traits.
     •   Discuss career advantages such as flexibility, variety of personal satisfaction and excellent
         working conditions, job demand and short-term training–personalizing these traits as you
         share this information.
         (Approximate time to complete: 5-10 minutes).

5. Wrap – Up
     •   Summarize why careers in the dental profession are Something to Smile About...
     •   Distribute handouts Top Ten Reasons... and F.A.Q. Fact Sheets.
     •   Ask participants to share what they learned from the activity.

6. Next Steps (for interested students)
     •   Suggest students to consider “shadowing” at a dental office that is part of the ADA mentoring
         program involving dental societies and dental schools. Reasons for students to consider
         •    Can help a student understand dentistry (from the other side of the chair)
         •    Provide guidance pursuing dentistry as a career
         •    Gain first-hand knowledge of career options
         Information on the ADA mentoring/shadowing program for students (K-12) is located on at
     •   Invite students to join the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) and/or other
         clubs/organizations for interested high school students–information is available at
     •   Hand out career brochures in one or all of the dental career areas-dentistry, dental assisting,
         dental hygiene and/or dental laboratory technology (optional activity).
     •   If there is an ADA accredited dental school or dental hygiene, or dental assisting program in
         the area, suggest they make an appointment for an informational interview or possibly as
         a patient and talk with the student dentist/hygienist/dental assistant about the program.
         Students interested in dental laboratory technology may also consider making an appointment
         for an informational interview with local dental laboratories.
     •   Refer high school students to after school, weekend, summer or other career programs at
         local dental schools or ADA accredited dental education programs if available.
         (Approximate time to complete: 5-10 minutes).

7. Hands on demos and activities (optional)
     •   Activities for a variety of ages are available on the ADA website at

* Note: Recommended career resources for career booth (kiosk) exhibits:
     •    Continuously looped version of the career DVDs (dentistry, dental assisting, dental hygiene and/or dental
          laboratory technology)
     •    Dentistry or dental team banner stand exhibit

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