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                                               The Weekly

   April 14, 2005                              The Rotary Club of Rancho Bernardo                            Established 1964

                        District Attorney to Speak

           istrict    Attorney     Bonnie                                                 ing of law enforcement with the courts,

   D       Dumanis will speak about the
           efficiencies and improvements
   she has instituted in the DA’s office
                                                                                          prosecutors, defense attorneys and
                                                                                          treatment providers to fight substance
   since her election in January 2003.
                                                                                          In 1998, she was elected to the
   The San Diego County District                                                          Superior Court with 72 percent of the
   Attorney has the responsibility and                                                    vote in a county-wide race.
   authority to investigate and prosecute
   all criminal acts committed within San       District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis          On the Superior Court, she played a
   Diego County in violation of state laws                                                primary role in shaping the Domestic
   and county ordinances in the trial                                                     Violence Court, stressing accountabili-
   courts.                                     Diego DA’s office quickly earning a        ty and treatment for batterers with the
                                               reputation as a hard-hitting prosecutor.   goal of reducing repeat offenses.
   The district attorney also represents       She tried more than 50 cases before        These successful innovations have
   the people in the California appellate      juries and headed up the San Diego         received statewide recognition.
   courts when appealing adverse trial         Metropolitan Homicide Task Force.
   court rulings. The DA also handles all                                                 She was elected by her colleagues on
   appeals of the county’s misdemeanor         She was elected to the Municipal Court     the bench to serve on the Superior
   convictions.                                in 1994, after she had worked four         Court Executive Committee. The
                                               years as a Juvenile Referee on the         Chief Justice of the California
   Ms. Dumanis ran for office on a record      Superior Court bench, handling serious     Supreme Court appointed her as the
   of being an innovative law enforce-         violent juvenile offenders. After two      Presiding Judge over the Appellate
   ment professional. She is an experi-        years as a Municipal Court judge, Ms.      Division of the San Diego Superior
   enced felony prosecutor, criminal trial     Dumanis was elected by her peers to        Court.
   judge, and seasoned law enforcement         the position of Assistant Presiding
   manager who ran on a platform that          Judge.
   she would restore integrity to the office
   of the District Attorney.                   By that point, she had developed the                  APRIL THEME
                                               San Diego Central Division Drug
   Ms. Dumanis began her career as a           Court, which was recognized as a                  Rotary Magazine
   Deputy District Attorney for the San        national model because of the partner-

The RB Rotary Club meets Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. at the Stoneridge Country Club at 17166 Country Club Lane in Poway.
          Address correspondence to the club at Box 28005, San Dingo, CA 92198. Telephone 858.485.5820.

                                                                                           In Tom Richard’s absence, Marty Judge
           MEETING HIGHLIGHTS                                                              gave the Spirit of the Fourth report.
                                                                                           Marty gave an excellent account of the
                                                                                           history of this 36-year-old community
                         By Sandie Dewane, Scribe Extraordinaire                           event. Rotary has played an important
                                                                                           role in the planning and implementa-
           ast week’s friendly greeters         announced that the Interact Carwash is

                                                                                           tion over the years. Our own Jack
           were Dan Malloy and Tim              taking place Saturday, April 9th, from     Mitchell served as Grand Marshall one
           Whyte. Karen Stelman led us in       9:00 am – 3:00 pm at the Mobile            year. Marty mentioned that the budget
    the pledge and Larry Valente gave the       Station at the corner of Rancho            has increased significantly, mostly due
    invocation. Jack Mitchell led us in         Bernardo Road and Bernardo Center          to funding for crowd control. Rotary is
    singing “Let There Be Peace on Earth”.      Drive.                                     in charge of entertainment and vendors
    Brett Raymond was the guest of the                                                     at Webb Park and “old fashioned”
    “disappearing” Tom Johan; Lindsey                                   Dan Malloy         games will be available, along with a
    Behr, guest of Charley Crew; and spe-                               announced          dunk tank. When asked, Marty replied
    cial guest, Debbie Morales of Holiday                               the results of     that he was NOT volunteering for that
    Flowers.                                                            the Bill Dosta     position! A Rancho Bernardo version
                                                                        Memorial           of “American Idol” will be featured, an
    Bill Cogan was the Roundup Sponsor                                  G o l f            idea of Diane Law. Thanks to all of our
    and in his absence, President Jim Wise                              Tournament:        club members acknowledged by Marty
    informed us about Bill’s business. Jim                              Low gross-         for volunteering for this year’s event.
    was hoping that Bill would be with us                               Ed Knight;         A new location for the fireworks dis-
    today to share more of his collection                               Low        net-    play is needed since RB High School’s
    stories with us!                               Sandie Dewane        Larry Valente;     field is under construction.
    President Jim thanked Kathleen Smith                                Te a m - P a u l   Frank Goldsmith introduced our very
    for doing today’s raffle and Sandie         Donick, Bill Cogan, Larry Valente;         special guest today – Debbie Morales,
    Dewane as scribe. He announced that         Closest to Pin-Ed Knight. Paul Donick      owner of Holiday Flowers (Frank, are
    any Roundup news need to get to Marty       reminded us about the RB Foundation        you paying attention?) in RB. Debbie
    Judge by noon on Friday to give Marty       Cruise scheduled for October. Time is      has been a generous sponsor for our
    enough time to work on it. Jim men-         running out to make reservations.                             Continued on Pg. 3
    tioned that he received a letter from
    Shirley Odell and read an excerpt from
    it in which Shirley expressed that she      Debbie Morales, who operates Holiday Flowers of San Diego, is thanked by
    misses our club’s weekly meetings and       President Jim and the entire club for generously donating flower arrange-
    hopes to return soon. We miss you too,      ments to our club throughout the year so they may be auctioned off for the
    Shirley!                                    benefit of the community of Rancho Bernardo. -- Photo by Russ Cook

    Gary Neiger asked for nominations
    from the floor for Foundation Trustees.
    No nominations were forthcoming and
    a motion was made and seconded to
    accept the slate of trustees as previous-
    ly presented. The motion passed and
    the newly elected trustees are: Kerry
    Kirby, Bill Bonner and Jim Wise.

    Jim Hyldahl reminded us about the
    District Council meeting next Tuesday
    evening at the UTC Marriott. One of
    the highlights of the meeting will be the
    4-Way Speech Contest. Jason Salazar

                Web site of the club is Web site of Rotary International is
                 To submit information for this newsletter email Marty Judge at
                                           are necessary. Contact Bill Sullivan
  CALENDAR                                 for a reservation and for more in           Meeting Highlights/
                                           formation.                                  Continued from Pg. 2

                                           Rotary Board:     Meets the 3rd              club’s monthly floral auction. Jack
April 28: Club meeting             with    Wednesday of each month at the San         Mitchell displayed the blooming
Vocational Lunch venue TBA.                Diego National Bank in the upstairs        hydrangea plant and then called for
                                           conference room at 4 p.m.                  bids. Frank Goldsmith and Larry
May 19: Club Meeting with Kurt                                                        Valente had a spirited bidding compe-
Chesko speaking of The Global              Rotary Foundation Board: Meets             tition, with Larry giving the highest
Clearance of Land Mines and                the 4th Wednesday of every third           bid of $150!
Humanitarian Land Mine Clearance.          month at 4 p.m. at Rancho
                                           Financial in the conference room           Larry then jumped into his Fine Master
June 11: Demotion Party Bernardo           from at 4.                                 role by fining the following people:
Heights Country Club. Contact Ed                                                      Jim Hyldahl for catching a large rain-
Knight for details.                        Newsletter Deadline: Friday 5 p.m.         bow trout; Charley Crew for being the
                                                                                      newest local radio personality; Brett
        Recurring Events                                                              Raymond (Tom Johan’s guest) for
Rotary Club Meetings: Weekly on             Club Golf Scores                          “flapping his lips” and Tom Johan for
                                                                                      “missing in action” when his guest was          D
Thursdays from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.
Buffet opens at 11:30 a.m. for early        Ed Knight recorded both the low gross     introduced, Ed Knight for his golf              Th
birds.                                      score, a 79 and was closest to the pin    game and Frank Goldsmith for his                co
                                            in the April Bill Dosta Memorial          memory lapse about Holiday Flowers!             sch
Rotary Golf: Meets 1st Wednesday            Tournament. He received a Captain’s                                                       wo
of each month at the Oaks North Golf        Special Award for being the first per-    Werner Pyka introduced today’s guest            M
Course at 10: 15 a.m. Reservations are      son since December to hit the green.      speaker. Retired Air Force Officer and
a must! Call Dan Malloy for information.                                              Command Pilot Bill Walker of                    Al
                                            Larry Valente scored low net with a 54    Northrup Grumman gave a fascinating             sca
Rotary Poker: Meets the 1st                 and the team of Cogan, Donick &           presentation on the Global Hawk pro-
Thursday of each month at Stoneridge        Valente won the team competition.         gram. Troy Daum had today’s winning             Pl
Country Club at 7 p.m. Reservations                                — Dan Malloy       number, but did not pick the joker.             LF

                                                                                     for estate and gift tax returns and chari-
                                                                                     table deductions. Other engagements
    S   P O N S O R                 O F       T   H E        W     E E K             were for sales or mergers of companies,
                                                                                     for owner split-ups, patent infringe-
                                                                                     ment, professional malpractice, and
Larry Valente is a licensed CPA. He        tion support                              ESOP compliance.
has a BSIE from Newark College of          and valua-
Engineering and an MBA from                tion con-                                 The work entails extensive research and
Harvard.                                   sulting                                   awareness of financial markets, report
                                           services.                                 writing and quantitative analysis of new
In 1997, he sold his CPA practice to                                                 economy and old economy companies.
form Vector Valuations, Inc. so he         He      per-
could focus his practice on business       forms valu-
valuation services.                        ations for                                Larry may be contacted by telephone at
                                           clients for                               858-485-0482 and by email at lva-
He provides business valuation, litiga-    IRS filings        Larry Valente

            Web site of the club is Web site of Rotary International is
             To submit information for this newsletter email Marty Judge at

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