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CHRM 2550 Student Guidebook                                           Winter 2011
                                                                       Page |1
                         Metropolitan Community College
                                         Class Syllabus

TITLE:                       Table Service
PREFIX/SECTION:              CHRM 2550
CREDIT HOURS:                4.0 credits
CLASS BEGINS/ENDS:           Monday March 12th – Monday May 16th
                             Thursday March 8th – Tuesday May 17th
MEETING DAY/TIMES:           Lecture- M/T 4:00-5:00pm              Room-210
                             Lab-MTWTH 4:00 – 10:35pm Bistro Dining Room
NO CLASS DAYS:               N/A

WITHDRAWAL DATE:              May 7th or May 8th


INSTRUCTORS NAMES:           Maria Kokkalas. Jodi Groeteke
LAB ASSISTANT:               ________________________
                                                                    Other Contact Information:
                                                                    Maria Kokkalas c-850.4888
                                                                    Jodi Groeteke c-402.770.6925
                                                                    Øystein Solberg- 315-7116
                                                                    Brian O’Malley- 515-2902
                                                                    Joellen Zuk- 457-2556
                                                                    Vieva McClure -457-2575

ACADEMIC AREA:               Culinary, Jim Trebbien – Dean
DEAN’S TELEPHONE:            402-457-2510
The students reinforces and expands knowledge of the dining room to include: styles of service,
customer service principles, order of service, wine and food affinities, and merchandising the
menu in a guest-centered environment. Upon successful completion of this course students may
be awarded the National Restaurant Association ServSafe Alcohol Certificate.
   1. Demonstrate the general rules of table setting and service.
   2. Advance their knowledge of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, their service, and
      relationship to food.
   3. Familiarize themselves with a la carte restaurant operations.
   4. Develop the professional demeanor and rapport necessary for success in the Front of the
CHRM 2550 Student Guidebook                                                         Winter 2011
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Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

Demonstrate the general rules of table setting and service.
1.    Become familiar with the distinct differences between and the histories of the traditional
      styles of table service, including French, Russian, English, and American.
2.    Be exposed to and perform a standard order of service for an a la carte restaurant.
3.    Discuss service methods such as banquets, buffets and catering and a la carte.
4.    Demonstrate an understanding of guest service and customer relations through: handling
      requests for special dietary concerns, resolving difficult situations, and accommodations for
      the disabled.

Advance their knowledge of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, their service, and
relationship to food.
1.     Explain laws and procedures related to responsible, traditional, and contemporary alcohol
2.     Describe and Adhere to established policies and procedures concerning alcohol sales and
3.     Develop an appreciation of wine, beer and spirits.
4.     Produce and serve a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
5.     Evaluate the relationship of wine to food.

Familiarize themselves with a la carte restaurant operations.
1.    Understand guest-centered menu development, customer relations, restaurant marketing,
      service techniques and dining room floor management.
2.    Describe the functions of dining service personnel.
3.    Discuss training procedures for dining room staff.
4.    Discuss procedures for processing guest checks using current technology.
1.    Explain inter-relationships and work flow between dining room and kitchen operations.
2.    Evaluate the current trends and standards of service in the restaurant industry.

Develop the professional demeanor and rapport necessary for success in the Front of the
1.     Improve decision-making ability, human relations skills, productivity and timing as needed
       to serve guests in the most professional way.
2.     Demonstrate the ability to adhere to uniform and hygiene standards.

CHRM 2550 Student Guidebook                                                           Winter 2011
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TEXT: Handouts provided by the instructor.
UNIFORM: Black dress pants or skirt, white dress shirt that can support a tie, tasteful neck tie,
black polishable shoes-no tennis shoes, proper foundation garments, appropriate and subtle
make-up and jewelry (wedding ring and 1 stud earring per earlobe).
TOOLS: Three (3) retractable pens without logos, waiter’s style wine key. Three ring binder for
handouts and notes.

Tips received in the Bistro are to be collected and used for student activities.

    1. demonstration
    2. presentation
    3. observation and critique
    4. participation in execution

Written and practical examinations that evaluation knowledge and ability will be administered to
be certain that the successful student has retained the information in such a way that they can
recall and apply the lessons under the pressure associated with the dining room of a fine dining

SELECTED TESTING/ASSESSMENT METHODS: Quizzes test mastery of the reading assignment.
The final examination includes all quiz questions and is comprehensive. Lab grades are based
on attendance, participation and completion of workbook exercises. The Final Practical
measures how well you can apply what you have learned.

MAKE-UP PROCEDURES: Students are responsible for notifying the instructor and their
classmates well in advance of any planned absence.
*LATE ASSIGNMENTS: not accepted.
* ALL assignments must be completed in order to receive a passing grade for the class.

MAINTENANCE OF STUDENT RECORDS: Graded work will be returned at the next class meeting
after it is turned in. Any paperwork leftover will be maintained for one year after the last day of
Final Grades can be accessed via “Web Advisor”

Required Expectations
Attendance Policy: Attend every class and lab session. Students with more than one tardy or
absence will be asked to drop the course. The Instructor reserves the right to drop a student at
any time for lack of attendance(IW). Any student who misses a class has assumed the
responsibility to gather the information covered in class and the assignment for the following

CHRM 2550 Student Guidebook                                                           Winter 2011
                                                                                       Page |4
class. Find two people in the class that you can phone or e-mail for this information:

          Classmate    ________________                      ________________

          Phone        ________________                      ________________

          E-mail       ________________                      ________________

Expected Classroom Behavior
Arrive prepared and on-time, with homework completed and previous lessons mastered
Participate in whole class, individual and small group/ partner activities
Refrain from using portable electronic devices
Respect all classmates
Adhere to “the rules” as described in class

Reading and studying all materials
Engaging during pre shift meetings and end of night debriefs
Using lab time effectively
Contributing to discussions

Notice:    This syllabus is written as an expectation of class topics, learning activities, and
expected learning outcomes. However, the instructor reserves the right to make changes in
this schedule that may result in enhanced or more effective learning for students.         These
modifications will not substantially change the intent or objectives of this course and will be
done within the policies and guidelines of Metropolitan Community College.

Metro's Learning, Math, and Writing Centers can help you achieve educational success. The staff
in these centers provide drop-in assistance with basic math, reading, writing and computer
skills. We offer a friendly, supportive learning environment.      Self-paced computer-assisted
instructional support in reading, vocabulary, typing, English as a Second Language, and online
course orientation is also available.

Detailed information about these services are in the Student Handbook, College Catalog, and
online. Links to these resources are located at

College policies, such as student rights and responsibilities, academic standards, plagiarism,
and etc. are outlined in the College Catalog and Student Handbook. This information can be
accessed via the online catalog at

STUDENT WITHDRAWAL: If you cannot attend and complete this course, you should officially
withdraw by calling Central Registration, 457-5231. Failure to officially withdraw will result in

CHRM 2550 Student Guidebook                                                         Winter 2011
                                                                                     Page |5
either an instructor withdraw (IW) or failing (F) grade. The last date to withdraw is identified on
the second page of this syllabus handout.

STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT: The College has a standard code of conduct that involves
consequences for specific academic and non-academic behavior that may result in a failing
grade, probation, or suspension from the college. More complete information about the code
of   conduct         is    located        in     the      Student        Services   portion     of     the   online      catalog

Metropolitan Community College will provide reasonable accommodations for persons with
documented qualifying disabilities. It is the student’s responsibility to request accommodations
from Disability Support Services (DSS) located in each Student Services Office. After students
have arranged for accommodations with DSS, the student and instructor should privately
discuss these accommodations. For further information, please contact DSS or visit

                                               Assignments and Final Course Grade*
     Attendance                                                             0                                0 points*
     Points deducted for: 5 minutes late or less, unprepared for class. Improper
     notice for lateness or absence-10 additional points.
     Participation and professionalism                                              0                        0 points*
     Points deducted for: inability to work on a team, improper uniform, poor
     communication skills, lack of commitment to task completion
     Lecture Homework                                                               6 ea x 10 points         60 points
     Wine Pairing, Styles of Service Research Paper, Allergy and 86 Procedure,
     Marketing Project, Guest Category Assignment, Complaint Resolution Case
     Lab Quizzes                                                                    4 ea x 10 points         40 points
     Menu, Wine List, Floor Map and Order of Service
     Alcohol Service Certification*                                                                   50 points
     Midterm Practical Examination                                                                    100 points
     Customer Evaluation and Development Exercise                           4 ea x 25 points          100 points
     Written Final Exam                                                                               100 points
     Final Service Practical Examination*                                                             200 points
     Restaurant Evaluation Project* (With all sections)                                               50 points
                                                                            Total Points Possible 700 points
A > 90%                       B = 80% - 89%            C = 70% - 79%            D = 60% - 69%               F < 59%
*Overall letter grade for the course will not exceed the letter grade earned on these assessments. For Example, if you
earn 160/200 points on the final for attendance points, you will receive a grade no higher than “B” for the course.
NOTICE: This syllabus sets forth a tentative schedule of class topics, learning activities, and
expected learning outcomes. However, the instructor reserves the right to modify this schedule
to enhance learning for students. Any modifications will not substantially change the intent or
objectives of this course and will conform to the policies and guidelines of Metropolitan
Community College.

CHRM 2550 Student Guidebook                                                                                     Winter 2011
                                                                                                                 Page |6
Schedule of Assignments
Dates          Topic/Learning Objective                                 Homework Due
               Syllabus, Menu, Expectations, POS Training
               Alcohol Training, Wine service, tasting, menu pairing,
               Steps of Service
               *Bistro Opens*
               The Wine List
                                                                        Wine Pairing
               History & Styles of Service
               Mid Term
                                                                        Styles of Service
                                                                        Research Paper
                                                                        Allergy and 86 Procedure
               Customer Service, Team Work, marketing & “the rules”
               Guest Categories
                                                                        Guest Category
               Complaint Resolution
                                                                        Marketing Project
               Marketing Project Reviews
                                                                        Complaint Resolution
               Written Finals
                                                                        Case Study
               Practical Exams
TBD            Bistro Dinner & Evaluations
                                                                        Restaurant Evaluation
               Submitted to Chef Solberg at noon that Thursday

CHRM 2550 Student Guidebook                                                      Winter 2011
                                                                                  Page |7
Wine Pairing Script
Each student will write a script using the EXACT VERBIAGE they would use to describe the wine
recommendation they would make for one menu item as assigned.
Points: 10
Due: ____________

Styles of Service Research Paper
Each student will be assigned and complete a 1 page paper focused on the following:
   1. key components that define the style of service, especially in comparison to other
       popular styles
   2. photo or graphic representation
   3. contemporary (local) operations that predominantly use the style of service
   4. advantages and disadvantages of the style
   5. places/times where Sage adheres to the style
Please provide a copy of your paper for every student in the course.
Points: 10
Due: ___________

Allergy and 86 Procedure
Each student will complete a 500 word essay that answers the following questions:
   1. What is the procedure for identifying and communicating a food allergy at Sage Student
   2. Why is it important to adhere to this procedure?
Points: 10
Due: ___________

Marketing Project
As a class team, develop a single piece of new promotional material for Sage. It can be anything
that you want as long as it gets the message out, is free, and CLEAN.
Points: 10
Due: ___________

Guest Category Poster
As a class team, students will develop a poster that is designed to help service staff understand
how to augment the established order of service in order to more effectively meet the needs of
ONE special guest category. The poster should include:
   1. Definition of the Special Category (Using Words)
   2. How to recognize guests in the category (Without words)
   3. Changes/Additions to the order of service (Using Words)
   4. A written quiz to use for assessment of those students that have reviewed the poster
Points: 10
Due: ____________

CHRM 2550 Student Guidebook                                                          Winter 2011
                                                                                      Page |8
Complaint Resolution Case Study
Case to be distributed in class.
Each student will provide a written response to a real-life case study wherein they will:
   1. evaluate the history of the case
   2. define the problems present in the case
   3. make recommendations for resolution of the problems
Points: 10
Due: ___________

Restaurant Evaluation Project
In assigned teams, across the Sage Curriculum, students will assess the quality of the dining
experience provided at the end of the quarter. The assessment will address issues of service,
food and beverage products, and ambiance. Each team should submit their Case/Evaluation to
the student managers for summation and redistribution to the restaurant attended.
Points: 50
Due: ____________

Metropolitan Community College is committed to continuous improvement of teaching and
learning. You may be asked to help us to accomplish this objective. For example, you may be
asked to respond to surveys or questionnaires. In other cases, tests or assignments you are
required to do for this course may be shared with faculty and used for assessment purposes.

By enrolling in classes offered by Metropolitan Community College, the student gives the
College license to mark on, modify, and retain the work as may be required by the process of
instruction, as described in the course syllabus. The institution shall not have the right to use
the work in any other manner without the written consent of the student(s).

CHRM 2550 Student Guidebook                                                            Winter 2011
                                                                                        Page |9
                    SPRING 2012 SAGE STUDENT BISTRO MENU

               Appetizers                           Entrée

                 Gnocchi                          Lamb Loin
             parmesan foam                   corn, apple & tarragon
                  chives                            avocado
              eggplant purée                    sun dried tomato
            roasted red peppers                  savoy cabbage
                  arugula                             $ 17

                                            Airline Chicken Breast
                                            shallot & pear marmalade
              Bistro Salad
           la quercia prosciutto                    quail egg
              roasted grapes                         brioche
            shallot vinaigrette                  sauce Marengo
              fried artichokes                  butternut squash
               garlic shards                          kale
              ricotta mousse                          $ 15
                                               Poached Trout
            Seared Scallops                     salt cod quenelle
          red miso braised bacon
                                              salt baked fingerlings
                 bok choy
            soy/caramel sauce
                                                 tomato sauce
                                                      $ 18
         Asparagus Three Ways
             chicken skin crisp
              creamed leeks              Sherry Glazed Beef Striploin
                                                   celery root
                                             mushrooms & spinach
             pickled red onion
                                                   sauce foyot
                                               grilled green onion
                                                      $ 16
CHRM 2550 Student Guidebook                                            Winter 2011
                                                                       P a g e | 10
S   T U D E N T   W   O R K   U   S E

C   O N S E N T   F   O R M

I _________________________________ hereby consent to the use of my work in
the Fine Dining stack for promotional and other use by the Institute for the Culinary
Arts at Metropolitan Community College. I understand that this may include my
biography, graphic representations of my submitted work, and shall not contain
stories or descriptions about or related to my performance in this course.

Signed _______________________________________________

Date _________________________________________________

Student Biography
Please write a short biography of yourself. Focus on why you love the culinary arts.
No more than 50 words please:
(Turn this in to the instructor upon completion)

CHRM 2550 Student Guidebook                                                             Winter 2011
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CHRM 2550 Student Guidebook   Winter 2011
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