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A career guide for theatre majors by egyptcorner


A career guide for theatre majors

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									                                                    A Career Guide for Theatre Majors
Theatre is a collective endeavor requiring                            local arts center, etc.), enthusiasm along with
individual achievement. A single production                           a positive attitude, and perseverance.
may, for example, bring together the skills of
playwrights, performers, designers, and                               A student concentrating in theatre arts should
experts in scene construction and lighting.                           emerge from the experience more
Theatre may be the most comprehensive of all                          knowledgeable, confident, sensitive, and
the arts, and the most challenging and                                aware of the benefits of cooperating and
exciting.                                                             sharing with others. Study in the theatre arts
                                                                      offers exposure to creative dramatic
While it is true that having a college degree                         expression, primarily in front of live audiences.
will not guarantee you a position in the world                        It involves study of all types of artistic
of theatre (or any other field for that matter), it                   performance in theaters, in educational
is important to realize that this is the best way                     institutions, on TV, in movies, and outdoors.
to prepare yourself and to increase your                              All major aspects of performance preparation
chances in the job market. Acknowledging                              are studied. Major areas of specialization
that there is intense competition, given the                          include: acting, directing, theatre history and
incredible number of talented people vying for                        criticism, playwriting, design, theatre
each job, you must somehow set yourself                               technology, theatre studies (education), and
above the others.                                                     creative drama.

A great combination is a college degree with                          While many theatre majors proceed to careers
at least one theatre-related internship,                              in the theatre and associated fields, their study
additional formal training or study, experience                       may also lead them to success in such fields
working in the field (such as working crew on a                       as teaching, arts management, public
production, volunteering, teaching drama at a                         relations, and drama therapy, to name a few.

The study of theatre equips a student with a                          collaboratively, work independently, work
broad range of communication and                                      under pressure, meet deadlines, and to
organizational skills applicable to many                              maintain composure when faced with the
careers, including those in the performing arts.                      unexpected. Well-developed communication
The theatre major's presentation skills, ability                      skills enable graduates to contribute and to
to perform in public, and control of the voice                        succeed in many professions. For example,
and body provide a solid basis for working                            the ability to put feelings and impressions
effectively with others.                                              about the world into words is needed by such
                                                                      diverse professionals as a theatre critic and a
Theatre also develops the ability to                                  drama therapist. A sample of representative
concentrate intensely, to listen introspectively,                     skills and abilities follows:
observe keenly, solve problems creatively,
think critically, develop a project

Analysis                        Artistic/Technical                Communication                      Organization
Problem solving                 Explaining concepts               Public speaking                    Self-discipline
Analyzing and interpreting      Ability to concentrate and        Communicating ideas and            Working under pressure
the emotions and motives        practice intensely for long       emotions creatively                and meeting deadlines
of others                       periods of time
Understanding ideas             Sound, lighting,                  Speaking articulately and          Interacting with
within historical/social        costuming, makeup, and            listening introspectively          colleagues in a team
context                         design techniques                                                    setting
Comparing and                   Good health, stamina,             Voice control/modulation           Ability to maintain
contrasting                     and body coordination                                                composure when faced
ideas/information                                                                                    with the unexpected

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                                                    A Career Guide for Theatre Majors
                                                                                          Career Opportunities
The career options that exist for theatre                             dramaturg are analysis of the text/story,
majors are quite extensive. Here is a                                 research into prior productions and historical
sampling of a few of the many job options that                        context, preparing notes for the director,
exist for theatre majors:                                             advising the director and cast, and writing the
                                                                      audience guide to the play. A distinction
Professional Actor/Actress                                            made between a dramaturg and literary
Most successful actors and actresses have                             manager is that a dramaturg has duties
paid their dues by performing in a variety of                         related to a specific show. A literary manager
situations including local, community and                             (resident dramaturg) has ongoing duties with
school productions, summer stock, touring                             the theatre company including review and
companies, etc. Actors and actresses should                           selection of scripts.
be articulate, with clear, pleasant speaking
voices. They should be poised and have the                            Theatre Educator
ability to perform in front of people. Individuals                    Theatre teachers instruct or coach students in
working in any field of entertainment need a                          the techniques of acting, directing, playwriting,
thick skin. They should be able to deal with                          script analysis, and the history of theatre. They
rejection that everyone runs into at one time or                      help students acquire confidence, assurance,
another in their career.                                              speaking skills, and timing. They encourage
                                                                      students in their work, direct rehearsals, and
Playwright                                                            guide them in their roles. At the same time,
This person is responsible for writing the script                     they instruct students in backstage work
for a theatrical production. Playwrights should                       including set design, production organization,
have excellent writing skills and a good                              set building, stage lighting and sound,
command of the English language.                                      properties, costuming, and makeup. You must
                                                                      have a teaching certificate in order to teach in
Director                                                              public schools. To teach in higher education, it
A Director brings plays to life. S/he                                 is necessary to have a master's degree, at
coordinates all aspects of the production to                          least. But, you need not limit yourself to
give the play a unified look and feel. Directors                      teaching in formal schools. Many theatre
need to be creative people who have the                               educators find work in professional theatres,
ability to guide actors and actresses in their                        often working in outreach programs. It is
speech and physical movements.                                        important that you have a passion for teaching
                                                                      young people. So, it is a good idea to only go
Stage Manager                                                         into this field if you really love teaching,
This individual takes over the responsibilities                       instead of using it as just something to do until
of the director when his/her job is completed.                        your “big break” comes.
There are many duties involved, including:
scheduling and planning rehearsals, making                            Drama Therapist
sure that actors and actresses are there on                           Drama Therapists usually work closely with a
time; updating the script as changes are                              consultation team of medical professionals to
made; blocking the show; and calling cues                             treat and rehabilitate people with physical,
during the run of the show. A stage manager                           mental, and emotional disabilities. Using the
must know at least a little about everything in                       creative processes inherent in drama,
the theatre: acting, directing, set design,                           therapists conduct individual or group
lighting and costuming. The more                                      sessions to determine the underlying causes
knowledgeable the stage manager, the more                             of some problems and to help patients achieve
successful s/he will be in the job.                                   therapeutic goals. This type of therapy has
                                                                      proven to be effective in treating a variety of
Dramaturg/Literary Manager                                            conditions. A master's degree and
A dramaturg serves as a researcher, advisor,                          certification are usually required. Graduate
writer, and editor for a production. Some of                          programs in drama therapy prepare students
the more common tasks performed by a                                  to use drama as a therapeutic tool in working

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                                                    A Career Guide for Theatre Majors
with all clients—children, adolescents, and                           companies to museums, many opportunities
adults. Admission to these graduate programs                          exist in this field. For example, a museum is
usually requires the equivalent of a double                           likely to have staff members in education that
major in theatre and psychology, or a major in                        work with school groups to introduce children
one with considerable coursework in the other.                        to the exhibits. A gallery needs employees
This career requires paid work experience in                          with good organizational and computer skills
addition to a clinical internship. Drama                              to coordinate exhibits and work with artists to
therapists must have artistic ability, an                             track various art submissions. An opera
understanding and appreciation for theatre, a                         company, concert hall, or theatre needs box-
good sense of humor, patience, tact, stamina,                         office and front of the house workers to
and the ability to build rapport with others.                         manage ticket sales, write press releases,
                                                                      market the productions in the community, and
Arts Management                                                       create visibility. Some theatre companies need
Arts organizations, like most for-profit                              general managers to schedule tours, monitor
companies, have a number of administrative,                           union agreements, and run the business side
business, or management functions. These                              of performances.
roles require people with creativity and an
understanding and passion for the arts as well                        Over the last decade, arts management has
as skills in a range of areas from finance and                        become a growing field with increasing
marketing to education.                                               specialization and training. A number of new
                                                                      graduate training and certification programs
Arts management and arts administration are                           have emerged. These programs may be
interchangeable terms. Some people draw a                             useful, depending on your interests and goals.
distinction between them using administration                         Some arts managers, for example, suggest
to mean the more bureaucratic, operational                            eventually pursuing a business degree with a
side, and management to mean the more                                 specialization in nonprofit management.
creative, strategic side of the field. However,                       Almost without exception, however, arts
that distinction is not widely made. In fact,                         managers advise getting work-related
some of the oldest and most respected                                 experience first and considering graduate
programs train arts administrators. The                               study later on. If you decide to investigate
specific positions available at an arts                               graduate study, begin by asking professionals
organization will depend on what the                                  what programs they think are valuable and
organization does and how large its budget                            respected in the field; do not just ask one or
and staff are. Since arts managers are needed                         two people and assume their opinions are
in virtually every arts organization from theatre                     representative.

                                                                                                                 Job Titles
The skills and abilities developed through a major in Theatre serve as the building blocks for a wide
range of occupations and career paths. It is important to realize that the activities represented by
these job titles might be found in business, government, educational institutions, non-profit agencies,
or arts-related businesses. These job titles are examples of some of the ways in which theatre
majors have applied their skills and abilities. In general, an advanced degree is required for those
occupations marked with an asterisk (*) on the list that follows:

Prod. Support Services                        Box Office Manager                              Lighting Designer
*Arts Administration                          Development Associate                           Electrician
Education                                     Theatre teacher                                 *Business Manager
Actor                                         Scenic Designer                                 Audience Relations
Company Manager                               Carpenter                                       Specialist
Development Director                          Scenic Artist                                   *Drama therapist
Artist-in-residence                           Press Agent                                     Voice-over Artist
Director                                      *Arts council director                          Personal Manager
Producer                                      *Theatre librarian                              *Community arts center

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                                                    A Career Guide for Theatre Majors
director                                      Booking Agent                                   Stage Manager
Coordinator Hair/Makeup                       *Managing Director                              *Literary Agent
Artist's Agent                                *College Professor                              Public Relations Director
Marketing Director                            Special Effects Technician                      Dramaturg
Outreach Coordinator                          Publicist                                       Property Designer
Costume Designer                              Grants specialist                               Casting Director
Draper                                        Acting Coach

                                                              Some Employers of Theatre Majors
Community organizations                                               Arts Councils
Educational/cultural institutions                                     Libraries
Fundraising firms                                                     Performing arts organizations
Television/radio/film                                                 Amusement and theme parks
Production companies                                                  Cruise lines
Colleges, universities, schools                                       Film companies
Theatres                                                              Entertainment law firms
Touring companies

                                             First Jobs Held by Recent UT BA Graduates
Actor/Actress                                                         Web design coordinator
Singer/ Dancer in Musical Theatre                                     Marketing Segment Specialist
Theatre Teacher                                                       Non-profit/public administrator/development
Executive Assistant                                                   Carpenter
Director/Teacher                                                      Marketing Segment Specialist
Salesperson                                                           Administrator
Production Assistant

                                                                             A Few Words About Agents
Most theatre professionals (especially actors,                        out of the performer’s salary, which the agent
directors) should have an agent. Agents find                          has negotiated on behalf of the performer. It is
jobs for performers. In return, they receive a                        the agent’s business to seek out talented
commission for each job they find, usually paid                       artists and help them develop their careers.

From the 2008-2009 edition of the                                     performing arts companies and $10.69 in the
Occupational Outlook Handbook: The most                               motion picture and video industry. Annual
successful actors, producers, and directors                           earnings data for actors were not available
may have extraordinarily high earnings but for                        because of the wide variation in the number of
others, because earnings may be erratic,                              hours worked by actors and the short-term
many supplement their income by holding jobs                          nature of many jobs, which may last for 1 day
in other fields.                                                      or 1 week; it is extremely rare for actors to
                                                                      have guaranteed employment that exceeded 3
Median hourly earnings of actors were $11.61                          to 6 months.
in May 2006. The middle 50 percent earned
between $8.47 and $22.51. The lowest 10                               Median annual earnings of salaried producers
percent earned less than $7.31, and the                               and directors were $56,310 in 2006. The
highest 10 percent earned more than $51.02.                           middle 50 percent earned between $37,980
Median hourly earnings were $16.82 in                                 and $88,700. Median annual earnings were

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                                                    A Career Guide for Theatre Majors
$70,750 in the motion picture and video                               actors may be paid less than the full
industry and $47,530 in radio and television                          production rate for touring shows in exchange
broadcasting.                                                         for higher per diems and profit participation.

Minimum salaries, hours of work, and other                            Some well-known actors—stars—earn well
conditions of employment are often covered in                         above the minimum; their salaries are many
collective bargaining agreements between the                          times the figures cited, creating the false
producers and the unions representing                                 impression that all actors are highly paid. For
workers. The Actors’ Equity Association (AEA)                         example, of the nearly 100,000 SAG
represents stage actors; the Screen Actors                            members, only about 50 might be considered
Guild (SAG) covers actors in motion pictures,                         stars. The average income that SAG members
including television, commercials, and film;                          earn from acting, less than $5,000 a year, is
and the American Federation of Television                             low because employment is sporadic.
and Radio Artists (AFTRA) represents                                  Therefore, most actors must supplement their
television and radio studio performers. Some                          incomes by holding jobs in other occupations.
actors who regularly work in several media
find it advantageous to join multiple unions,                         Many actors who work more than a qualifying
while SAG and AFTRA may share jurisdiction                            number of days, or weeks per year or earn
for work in additional areas, such as the                             over a set minimum pay, are covered by a
production of training or educational films not                       union health, welfare, and pension fund, which
slated for broadcast, television commercial                           includes hospitalization insurance to which
work, and interactive media. While these                              employers contribute. Under some
unions generally determine minimum salaries,                          employment conditions, Equity and AFTRA
any actor or director may negotiate for a salary                      members receive paid vacations and sick
higher than the minimum.                                              leave.

Under terms of a joint SAG and AFTRA                                  Many stage directors belong to the Society of
contract covering all unionized workers,                              Stage Directors and Choreographers (SSDC),
motion picture and television actors with                             and film and television directors belong to the
speaking parts earned a minimum daily rate of                         Directors Guild of America. Earnings of stage
$759 or $2,634 for a 5-day week as of July 1,                         directors vary greatly. The SSDC usually
2007. Actors also receive contributions to their                      negotiates salary contracts which include
health and pension plans and additional                               royalties (additional income based on the
compensation for reruns and foreign telecasts                         number of performances) with smaller
of the productions in which they appear.                              theaters. Directing a production at a dinner
                                                                      theater generally will pay less than directing
According to AEA, the minimum weekly salary                           one at a summer theater, but has more
for actors in Broadway productions as of June                         potential for generating income from royalties.
2007 was $1,509. Actors in Off-Broadway                               Regional theaters may hire directors for longer
theaters received minimums ranging from                               periods, increasing compensation accordingly.
$516 to $976 a week as of October 29, 2007,                           The highest-paid directors work on Broadway
depending on the seating capacity of the                              and commonly earn over $50,000 per show.
theater. Regional theaters that operate under                         However, they also receive payment in the
an Equity agreement pay actors $544 to $840                           form of royalties—a negotiated percentage of
per week. For touring productions, actors                             gross box office receipts—that can exceed
receive an additional $113 per day for living                         their contract fee for long-running box office
expenses ($119 per day in higher cost cities).                        successes.
New terms were negotiated under an
“experimental touring program” provision for                          Stage producers seldom get a set fee; instead,
lower budget musicals that tour to smaller                            they get a percentage of a show’s earnings or
cities or that perform for fewer performances                         ticket sales.
at each stop. In an effort to increase the                            From: Occupational Outlook Handbook at
number of paid workweeks while on tour,                     

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                                                   A Career Guide for Theatre Majors
                                                            Common Graduate School Options
The three most common graduate degrees                               directing, drama and theatre for youth,
offered for theatre are the Master of Fine Arts                      playwriting, theatre technology, theatrical
(M.F.A.), the Master of Arts (M.A.), and the                         design, and theatre management. Completion
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). For more                               of the M.F.A. degree typically requires a
information about graduate school, pick up a                         thesis. In the case of acting-directing and
copy of "Applying to Graduate School" in Fine                        design candidates, the thesis is usually based
Arts Career Services.                                                on a performance or production project
                                                                     accomplished during their program. In the
Master of Arts (M.A.): This is often referred to                     case of playwriting candidates, the thesis is
as a research degree and provides students                           based on a script which is produced during
with a strong background in theatre history,                         their program. A M.F.A usually takes 2 to 3
dramatic literature, and theory and criticism.                       years to complete.
Students also explore creative areas of special
interest including dramaturgy, playwriting,                          Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.): The primary
design, and directing. Completion of the M.A.                        credential for college level teaching is The
degree typically requires a thesis. The Master                       Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), although one
of Arts in Theatre is intended as advanced                           can teach with a master's degree in some
education for students with substantial                              areas of theatre. The Ph.D. typically involves
background in theatre who wish to expand                             both course work and a major research
their knowledge and skills in theatre and                            project. It usually takes four to six years of full-
drama for the purposes of preparation for                            time study. The traditional career for recipients
doctoral studies, preparation for MFA training,                      of the doctorate degree is college teaching
enhancement of secondary school teaching                             and research. The Ph.D., however, can lead to
skills and credentials, or enrichment for other                      a wide variety of career options such as
personal goals. A master's degree usually                            working as a consultant for an arts agency or
takes 2-3 years to complete.                                         for a non-profit organization, or working as an
                                                                     official in a national or state arts policy
Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.): The M.F.A. is                          organization (e.g., National Endowment of the
the terminal degree in many areas of theatre.                        Arts, state arts councils.)
The most common areas of study are: acting,

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                                                  A Career Guide for Theatre Majors
                                                          FACS Resources for Theatre Majors

Summer Theatre Directory 2003
Performing Arts Careers
Breaking into Television
The Backstage Handbook for Performing Artists
How to Get the Part Without Falling Apart
Career Opportunities in the Film Industry
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Self-Management for Actors: Getting Down to (Show) Business
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The Actor’s Picture/Resume Book
WOW! Resumes for Creative Careers

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                                                    A Career Guide for Theatre Majors
                                                           Online Resources for Theatre Majors
Career Information, Job Listings, Grants                              Association of Performing Arts Presenters
AccessUT                                                              Excellent site for those interested in arts                                 administration positions in the performing arts.
UT's online job and internship database which                         Includes a job bank.
posts professional opportunities for all majors.
                                                                      Austin Actors Net
Fine Arts Works                                                                                    Audition and crew call notices
Fine Arts Career Services' database of art-                           Austin Film Resource
related opportunities. Fine Arts students can               
post a resume and view job postings and                               Ads for crew, actors, and general employment.
upcoming career events.
                                                                      Backstage Jobs
Alliance of Artist Communities                                                                   Free job listing service for all behind-the-
A consortium of artists' communities which                            scenes jobs in the live entertainment industry.
offer residencies in all disciplines.
                                                                      Current Jobs in Performing Arts
Art Job                                                                                                     A national employment bulletin for jobs in the
Comprehensive, up-to-date national listings of                        performing arts. Students must subscribe to
jobs, internships, fellowships and other                              use services.
employment opportunities in the arts. Fine Arts
Career Services subscribes. Contact us for the                        Dan Eggleston's List
username and password.                                      
ArtSearch                                                             Austin casting information and lots of it!
The publication from the Theatre                                      Entertainment Careers
Communication Group for full-time, part-time,               
seasonal, year-round and internship                                   Jobs, internships, and career information in
opportunities in the performing arts. Fine Arts                       the entertainment industry.
Career Services subscribes. Contact us for the
username and password, which changes each                             Entertainment Employment Journal
March with re-subscription.                                 
                                                                      An online, interactive database of jobs and
Artslynx                                                              internships focusing exclusively on careers in                                              the creative, professional, production and
With a neat and well-organized series of                              technical areas of the entertainment industry.
connecting icons, Artslynx has master folders
dealing with "Dance," "Visual Arts," "Writing,"                       ESTA Entertainment Services and
"Film," "Arts Administration," "Music," "Arts of                      Technology Association
Social Responsibility," "Education," and "Arts              
Advocacy." All are rich in resources.                                 Excellent job board with a variety of jobs
                                                                      across the country from creative to sales.
Arts Net                                                              Serves everyone from individuals to                                               companies who provide a variety of products.
Artsnet is a clearinghouse of arts management                         Excellent directory of members.
resources available on the Internet.

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                                                    A Career Guide for Theatre Majors
Hollywood Actors Network                                              Showbiz Jobs                
dex.html                                                              Search engine for all types of jobs in the
Jobs for actors, singers, and dancers posted                          entertainment industry.
for a variety of locales. Again, not a practical
way to land an audition, but useful in                                Texas Film Commission Hotline
examining what the performing arts scene                    
looks like.                                                           Check casting notices for independent and
                                                                      feature films in Texas. The Texas Film
Lincoln Center Directors Lab                                          Commission also sponsors excellent                               internships.
The LCT Directors Lab is a developmental
program for nurturing stage directors from                            Texas Nonprofit Theatres
around the country and around the world.                    
                                                                      A terrific compendium of information related to
NYFA Interactive                                                      the Texas theatre community, the best thing                                                  about this site is its JOB LISTINGS!!!
Free national information resource for artists in
all disciplines and for everyone who supports                         Working Actor's Guide
them in any way.                                            
                                                                      This website is the online version of the 14th
National Performance Network                                          edition of The Working Actor's Guide to Los                                                Angeles, a resource for performers and other
NPN brings to national attention some of the                          entertainment industry professionals. Listings
most exciting and stimulating new work in                             cover everything from casting and talent
dance, theater, music, and multidisciplinary art                      agencies, training programs, and necessary
being created across the United States                                services for actors and other professionals, to
through both direct and indirect support to                           services, essentials, and entertainment related
touring artists                                                       to living in Los Angeles.

New Dramatists                                                        Professional Associations & Organizations
New Dramatists is a unique resource for the                           Actors' Equity Association
American Theatre. The company is dedicated                  
to the playwright and serves as an artistic                           The Actors' Equity Association is the labor
home, theatre research and development                                union representing over 40,000 American
center, and writers colony for the national                           actors and stage managers working in the
theatre just a few steps from Broadway. The                           professional theatre. Equity's website contains
company finds and nurtures new talent                                 information about the union and its various
through a competitive, membership selection                           departments, programs, and contracts,
process and a seven-year playwright                                   industry-related news, and casting notices.
development program.
                                                                      Actor's Fund
Playbill Online                                                                                  This amazing resource offers a wealth of
This site claims to be "THE Source on the                             information for actors, dancers, musicians,
Web for Broadway Theater Information." And it                         producers, directors, carpenters, stage hands,
lives up to its name, providing a wealth of                           singers and others in the spotlight and behind
information for both theatre goers and                                the scenes. They also have a terrific resource
professionals. Check out their "Casting and                           center for health insurance as well as human
Jobs" section which is divided into the                               services for people with HIV+/AIDS and the
following categories: performer, technical,                           elderly. Highly recommended.
design, administrative, academic, and the
mysterious "other".

        Fine Arts Career Services • The University of Texas at Austin • DFA 1.103 •   9
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                                                    A Career Guide for Theatre Majors
Austin Scriptworks
Supports Central Texas playwrights by                                 Literary Manager and Dramaturgs of
providing opportunities at all stages in the                          America
writing process, from inception through                     
production with a variety of programming.                             Professional organization with a variety of
                                                                      helpful resources and links.
American Alliance for Theatre Education                                                  The Playwrights Center
The mission of AATE is to promote standards                 
of excellence in theatre and theatre education,                       An incubator of new work for the stage, and
connecting artists, educators, researchers,                           the nation's most powerful resource for
and scholars with each other, and by providing                        playwrights.
opportunities for our membership to learn,
exchange, expand and diversify their work, the                        Texas Educational Theatre Association
audience and their perspectives.                            
                                                                      TETA is a non-profit organization whose
Association for Theatre in Higher                                     primary objective is to promote the
Education (ATHE)                                                      development and continuation of high quality                                                          theatre programs in Texas schools, colleges,
The Association for Theatre in Higher                                 and universities. Conferences and workshops
Education is an organization of individuals and                       are held every year. TETA is a great
institutions that provides vision and leadership                      organization, especially for those involved in
for the profession and promotes excellence in                         educational theatre.
theatre education. ATHE actively supports
scholarship through teaching, research and                            Screen Actors Guild
practice and serves as a collective voice for its           
mission through its publications, conferences,                        The primary role of Screen Actors Guild
advocacy, projects, and through collaborative                         concerns the members' wages and working
efforts with other organizations.                                     conditions on their jobs, most Guild resources
                                                                      are spent on enforcing the contracts under
Austin Circle of Theatres                                             which the members work. However, their web                                            site has a terrific links page.
As a nonprofit arts service organization, ACOT
focuses on sponsoring projects and programs                           Theatre Communications Group
that both strengthen Austin's performing arts               
community and bring new audiences to the                              The national organization for the American
arts. Find links to some of the Austin-area                           theatre with over 440 member theatres offers
theatres, find out about regional auditions and                       a wide array of services. See ArtSearch listing
other ACOT-sponsored programs.                                        above for job listings password information.

The Dramatists Guild of America                                       University/Resident Theatre Association                                 
The Dramatists Guild of America is the only                           The University/Resident Theatre Association
professional association for playwrites,                              is the country's oldest and largest consortium
composers, and lyricists. Membership is open                          of professional theatre training graduate
to all dramatic writers, regardless of their                          programs and associated professional theatre
production history. The Dramatists Guild of                           companies.
America is the only professional association
for playwrights.

        Fine Arts Career Services • The University of Texas at Austin • DFA 1.103 •   10
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                                                    A Career Guide for Theatre Majors

United States Institute for Theatre                                   Government Agencies
Technology (USITT)                                                 The Texas Commission on the Arts
The Association of Design, Production, and                  
Technology Professionals in the Performing                            With links to all kinds of visual and performing
Arts and Entertainment industry.                                      arts sites on the Internet, this page is fast
                                                                      becoming one of our favorite places. You can
Other Colleges & Universities                                         reach their employment links by going to their
                                                                      "Recommended Hot Spots."
ELAC Theatre Library Links                              Texas Film Commission
Great list of links on just about everything                          Texas as a place to produce film and TV.
related to theatre.                                                   Includes a Job Hotline and very useful
New School Library Theatre Resources
Extensive list of topics related to theatre.

    The information in this guide was compiled from resources available online and in DFA 1.103.
                                        Updated May 2008.

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