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					                                                           Twos Activity Plan for Terrific Tools: Some People Use Special Tools
           SPECIAL ACTIVITIES         MONDAY                        TUESDAY                      WEDNESDAY                     THURSDAY                       FRIDAY

       Storytime: Be creative –       Title and Author:             Title and Author:            Title and Author:             Title and Author:              Title and Author:
       use energetic voice, props,
       music, etc.

       Morning Meeting
       Language/Emergent              Doctor’s Tools                The Doctor Says              Friendly Dentists             Keyboard Capers                Tools in an Office
       Literacy: Books Alive; All     Help children understand      Play a game to review the    Find out about dentists and   Explore a computer             Explore tools commonly
                                      that doctors and nurses       names of body parts (pg.     their tools (pg. 48).         keyboard (pg. 49).             used in offices (pg. 49).
       About the World; Signs
                                      use tools to help them do     48).
       and Symbols
                                      their jobs (pg. 48).
       (Small Group)
       Science and Math: I            X-Ray Vision                  Pit-a-Pat Heartbeats         Colorful Toothbrushes         Calculating Kids               On and Off
       Wonder…;Think Math;            Look at x-rays and make x-    Use a tool to listen to      Sort toothbrushes in          Press number keys on           Practice operating
       Mixin’ and Fixin               ray pictures (pg. 50).        hearts beating (pg. 50).     different ways (pg. 50).      calculators, cash              switches that turn things
       (Small Group)                                                                                                           registers, or both (pg. 51).   on and off (pg. 51).
       Creative Expression:           Puppet Play                   Medical Collages             Wood Sculptures               Graph Paper Art                Office Tools
       Artful Explorations; All the   Play with community           Make collages out of         Glue scraps of wood            Create on graph paper         Use common office
       World’s a Stage                helper props and help         medical tools (pg. 53).      together to make              (pg. 52).                      supplies to create art
       (Small Group)                  them find the tools they                                   sculptures (pg. 53).                                         (Discovery-to-Go, pg. 53).
                                      need (pg. 52).
       Physical Health and            Sanding Wood                  Rhythm Rascals               Find the Smiles               Builders Use Tools             Sticky Notes
       Development: It’s              Sand wood just like real      Explore ways to tap tools    Play a game to promote        Move like builders using       Practice fine motor skills
                                      builders                      to music (pg. 54).           tooth care (pg. 54).          tools                          by putting on and pulling
       Good For Me; Movin’ and
                                       (pg. 55).                                                                               (pg. 55).                      off sticky notes (pg. 54).
       (Indoors or Outdoors)
                                      Skill: Fine Motor Skills      Skill: Fine Motor Skills     Skill: Fine Motor Skills      Skill: Fine Motor Skills       Skill: Fine Motor Skills
       Social/Emotional: You          Building Together             In a Store                   Examine Our Teeth             Pretend Store                  People Who Fix Things
       and Me; You, Me, and the       Pretend to be different       Choose different things to   What beautiful teeth you      Pretend to buy and sell        Act out ways workers fix
       Community; Taking Care         kinds of workers with tools   sell in a store (pg. 56).    have (pg. 56).                things in a store (pg. 56).    things (pg. 57).
       of Me                          (pg. 56).
       (Small Group)

Week of:                                                  Teachers:                                                                                                  Revised June 2012
                                         Region One Weekly Classroom Enhancement Plan - Twos
                         Planning Daily Individualized Challenges for young children and promoting a secure environment to explore and learn!

                                                      Topic      Terrific Tools     Sub-topic Some People Use Special Tools

  Toys and Manipulatives (Children will practice                  Dramatic Play (Children will explore these new props this     Science/Discovery (This discovery project will be
  playing and caring for these new materials.) examples of        week.) props for pretending to be doctors, nurses, and        offered to children.)
  office tools (pg. 49), assorted sizes, and colors of            dentists, unbreakable mirrors, lab coat or stethoscope,
  toothbrushes, dental x-rays, equipment with on/off switches     keyboard from computer, calculators and toy cash registers,   X-Ray Vision:
  (pg. 51),                                                       props related to community workers and the tools that they    Look at x-rays and make x-ray pictures.
                                                                  use (pg. 52)

  Art (Children can be           3D Project (Children will        Library (These new theme-related books will be added to       Sensory (Children will         Water (Children will
  creative with these            explore volume and shape         our library this week.)                                       explore new toys in sand.)     explore new toys in water.)
  materials.) chalk, graph       with this experience.)
  paper, crayons, small pieces
  of scrap lumber (sanded),      Children create sculptures
  materials for medical          from wood scraps.
  collages (pg. 53), assorted
  office supplies (pg. 53)

  Blocks (Children will explore these new block accessories       Music and Movement (Children will dance and sing              Outdoor Play (Children will play and exercise
  this week.) Add tools to the block area and encourage           with these new experiences.)                                  vigorously each day.)
  children to use these tools to construct.
                                                                  Children use tools and move like builders to music.           Bend, jump, run,

  Skill-based                    Display (Look for these          Family/Community Involvement (Parents can                     Super Center (This center enriches our room even
  Transitions                    changes to our walls/bulletin    help – here are some ideas.)                                  more with something EXTRA special.)

Week of:                                                  Teachers:                                                                                              Revised June 2012

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