July 2012 Prayers for Portland Rescue Mission by wuyunyi


									July 2012
Prayers for Portland Rescue Mission
“And if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your
light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.”
                                                                                 —Isaiah 58:10 (NIV)

                                                                                           Prayer Focus for July
July 1–7

             Pray for the staff of Portland Rescue Mission, that they may serve with
             passion and Christ’s strength. Pray they can take vacation, rest this
             summer, and be refreshed and ready for fall.
                                                                                           With the warmer weather and
                                                                                           longer daylight hours, many new
             Ask God to generously pour out wisdom and encouragement on
                                                                                           people visit our Burnside Shelter.
             friends who are transitioning from staff positions with Portland
             Rescue Mission and on to new things. Pray they are continually                Pray for staff in dealing wisely,
             blessed by their ministry experiences.                                        compassionately and consistently
                                                                                           with each guest who comes
             Pray for the right men and women to fill open staff positions. We ask
             God to give us insight as we determine who best fits available roles.         in, especially with those who
                                                                                           challenge the boundaries that
July 8–14

             Praise God for the new garden beds that volunteers donated and                help create a safe, healing place.
             prepared this spring. Pray for a blessed harvest to be enjoyed                Pray for our homeless guests to be
             throughout the summer and fall.                                               open to lasting life change.
             Continue to pray for the men and women in our recovery program,
             that their hearts may be as good soil, receptive to God’s Word and
             His hand. Pray that He will grow in them hearts of gratitude and joy
             despite their past circumstances.
July 15–21

             We thank God for our faithful volunteers and interns who joyfully
             give of themselves for lives to be transformed through the love and
             power of Christ. Pray for strength from the Holy Spirit when they
             are tired, and that they will sense God’s hand and presence in their
July 22–28

             One of our staff members leaves this week for a mission trip to Kenya.
             She helped develop the training tools for a home and orphanage
             called the Karibu Center. This is her first time visiting the center. Pray
             for her and her team as they extend love to the women, children and staff there.
July 29–31

             Praise God for giving wisdom to staff as they seek Him and His provision through our Car Sales and Donations.
             Although donations are lower than they have been in the past, the types of cars donated lately are of higher
             value. Pray that car donations remain stable this summer and sales increase. Pray also for our buyers, that the
             Mission’s vehicles will be a blessing to them.

                     We’d like to pray for you! Send prayer requests to Prayer@PDXMission.org, call 503-MISSION (647-7466)
                                             or mail it to us at P.O. Box 3713, Portland, OR 97208-3713.
                              Visit www.PortlandRescueMission.org for more current events and prayer opportunities.
July 2012
Board of Directors and Staff
Board of Directors                                 Children’s Center
Todd Sheaffer, Chair
Steve Stratos, Vice Chair
                                                   Nancy Singleterry, Children’s Center Manager
                                                   Kelly Huck, Children’s Center Sub-Director / Teacher
                                                                                                              Answered Prayers
Kathy Anfuso, Secretary                            Tiffany Braman, Children’s Center Sub-Director / Teacher
Janine Schulwitz                                   Kelsey Fong, Children’s Center Teacher
Greg McWade                                        Abigail Liezen, Children’s Center Teacher
Merrit Quarum, M.D.                                Katelyn Polivchak, Children’s Center Teacher
                                                   Terese Ueland, Children’s Center Teacher
Executive Staff                                    Paige Wheeler, Children’s Center Teacher
Eric Bauer, Executive Director
Bill Meadowcroft, Chief Operating Officer
Bill Miller, Director of Development Ministry
                                                   Partnership Ministry
                                                   Jan Marshall, Senior Ministry Specialist
George Vaughan, Director of Partnership Ministry
                                                   Dallas Lange, Community Partnership Chaplain
Erin Holcomb, Executive Assistant
                                                   Holly Hummel, Group Involvement Specialist
                                                   Justin McMahan, Community Partnership Coordinator
Outreach Ministry                                  Dan Williams, Volunteer Involvement Specialist
Dave Whiting, Burnside Operations Manager          Ruth Bauer, Ministry Communications Specialist
Timothy Desper, Guest Services Manager
June Cassell, Administrative Assistant
Christopher Hall, Warehouse Inventory Associate
                                                   Development Ministry
                                                   Kent Factora, Video / Audio Producer
Mike Savara, Outreach Specialist
                                                   Brian Merrell, Community Relations
Samuel Nagel, Evening Outreach Specialist
                                                   Nathan Smith, Creative Manager
Sean Dinno, Night Ministry Team
                                                   Open, Graphic Design Specialist
Ukiah Hawkins, Night Ministry Team
Daniel Hovanis, Night Ministry Team                                                                            Praise God for soldiers returning
Joe Larson, Night Ministry Team                    Operations                                                     home safely. Pray for comfort
Justin Spahn, Weekend Outreach Team                Rick Franklin, Database Specialist                                 for the families of soldiers
Justin Modrell, Weekend Outreach Team              Tom Lister, Vocational Ministry Manager
                                                   Dave Ketah, Maintenance Manager
                                                                                                                                 who have died.
                                                   Michael Marcello, Gifts Processing Specialist
Men’s Ministry                                     Kathy McClung, Accounting Specialist
J. R. Baker, Senior Chaplain
                                                   Andy Pella, IT Specialist                                  The husband of one of our staff
Dominic Abaria, Administrative Associate /
    Resident Advocate
                                                   Sally Pella, Office Manager                                returned home from Afghanistan.
                                                   JonMarie Purvis, Accounting Manager                        We thank God that he is safe and
Jim Bradley, Next Step Counselor
                                                   Reid Stady, Staff Ministry Specialist
Kevin Bradley, Learning Center Manager
                                                   Dave Whiting, Burnside Operations Manager                  reunited with his wife and young
John Dominguez, Discovery Specialist
Bob Rapp, Recovery Chaplain
                                                   Open, Gifts Processing Associate                           sons.
                                                   Open, Staff Ministry Manager
Charles Romanic, Recovery Team Manager
Ted Wachsmuth, Food Services Coordinator                                                                      With the help of our Outreach
Open, Recovery Chaplain                            Car Sales and Donations                                    Team, a guest with short-term
                                                   Dick Osborne, Manager
                                                   Jon Anderson, Service Lead
                                                                                                              memory loss now has permanent
Women’s Ministry                                   Gary Abraham, Records / Sales                              housing.
Christine Ourada, Shepherd’s Door Manager
                                                   Jim Cooper, Sales
Kay Askey, Life Skills Manager
Kathleen Bradley, Recovery Team Manager
                                                   Ruth Cooper, Administrative Lead                           A couple of our graduates from
                                                   Luis Hernandez, Detail Technician
Bobbie Braker, Recovery Counselor
                                                   Taylor Holcomb, Mechanic
                                                                                                              Shepherd’s Door recently found
Carolyn Thompson, Recovery Specialist
                                                   Troy Williams, Sales                                       housing. This can often take awhile
Hannah Hayes, Administrative Associate
Bethany Hewitt, Lead Resident Advocate                                                                        and is a huge answer to prayer.
Chris Jensen, Home Life Specialist
Christine Kan, Resident Advocate                                                                              A participant in our one-year
Rebecca Long, Kitchen Manager
                                                                                                              GRAD job training program just
Regina Somboonsiri, Recovery Resource Manager
Crystal Strickler, Discovery Specialist                                                                       completed her first semester in
Marty Sturdivant, Chaplain                                                                                    college.
Linda Trier, Part-Time Nurse
Darlene Crawford, Night Ministry Team
Wendy Gerkman, Night Ministry Team
Megan Gornick, Night Ministry Team
Katherine Kalpakis, Night Ministry Team
Erin Fowler, Night Ministry Team
Open, Life Skills Specialist
Open, Intake Chaplain

           Father, grant the Portland Rescue Mission board and staff
              wisdom and compassion as they work with hurting,
            homeless men, women and children of our community.

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