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									Examining Past Performance
Certain industries or job categories entail going over video or audio of past performance
and evaluating how you can fix your mistakes and create better performance for the
future. This type of job really grows emotional intelligence in employees very quickly,
and keeps it in very high gear for the remainder of their career in their particular field of
choice. Things like centers for disease control, virology departments, safety protocols,
military procedures, and anything else which may be recorded to ensure quality service
                                                       are all potential candidates for
                                                       video or audio monitoring.
                                                     Examining past performance, in the
                                                     beginning, is very grating to the
                                                     nerves and leaves you feeling raw
                                                     and sensitive inside. However, the
                                                     more you are exposed to this type
                                                     of programming and training, the
                                                     more you get used to it. The more
                                                     you feel as if this is the correct way
                                                     of doing things, the more you
                                                     toughen yourself against it. The
                                                     more you can, without emotion but
                                                     with full mental clarity, examine
                                                     your past performance, the more
                                                     you can leverage your mistakes to
thrust you forward. This is important to know, because many people view mistakes as…
well…being mistaken.
Mistakes cannot be blown out of proportion, like making a mountain out of a molehill,
and they should never be ignored, which is what low-energy, substance-abusing
employees are likely to do. There needs to be an attitude of accepting behavior or
decisions which need to be changed, without the impending self judgment or judgment
from others. An employer, being influential, can really make a mark on their employees
in this manner, both for good or evil, and it is important to bear this responsibility wisely.
Mediscreen provides onsite drug and alcohol screening services throughout Australia,
and we consider our mobile, onsite drug screening services to be some of the highest
quality drug and alcohol testing around, without all of the price associated with regular
laboratory testing. Drug tests in Perth are easily obtained, since we are based there.
Workplace drug testing laws may even require you to initiate employee screening, and
you may as well enjoy a better outcome, both in price and in quality if you are required to
test your employees. Call Mediscreen today to schedule an appointment: (+61) 1300 79
70 40.

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