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					Resources for hands-on fun activities!
       Lots of ideas from crafts, programming, etc
       Projects, tools and techniques for backyard scientists
       Offers activity, explanations, how to take it further, and videos of step by step
       Fairly new site designed to be a clearinghouse of fun hands-on activities (Sponsored by Discount School Supply – neat catalog of
       stuff!) (great links to free stuff) (NASA Stuff) (TONS of teacher curriculum and resources!)     (resources supported by government agencies (Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab – just plain fun!!) (mostly computer based science and math labs online) (lots of questions and answers and
       good links for different topics) (Bill Beatty website - great physical science
       resources - amateur scientist info., be careful – some stuff linked to is "do not try this at
       home" stuff.) also related: – science hobbyist (sponsored by the American Chemical Society – don't miss the
       link to WonderNet)

WGBH – Teacher's Domain
Multimedia resources for the classroom and professional development.

The National Science Digital Library
      Online library of resources for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
      education and research.
      Download the NSDL Toolbar at
      NSDL Middle School portal: NewsHour with Jim Lehrer's Science Unit
Reporting on science in the news

Career Resources Network
Information and answers for young people thinking about careers

Content Clips
K-12 teaching resources, with a focus on elementary science

The Ethnomathematics Digital Library
Math resources and connections

NASA Education Standards “Quilts”
Really great site that lists activities by connections and standards!

The ChemCollective
Collection of virtual labs, scenario-based teaching activities and concept tests

The Biology Corner
Resources including a Lesson Plan section which contains classroom activities, labs and
       worksheets     A site for VLC, a freeware video player that will play anything A site to save YOUTUBE videos      A site for middle school teachers by a middle school science teacher and printable paper rulers
Materials and Supplies:
             Source for 10mm LED’s good for light painting. I highly recommend getting the
       Super strong Nd magnets for cheap!

Batteries for LED’s can be found cheap in bulk on ebay. Just search for CR2032 batteries.
       Fun unique items, and cheap glassware
CHEAP thermometers! Found they are quite reasonable on a lot of stuff, but can be pricey on
       others, make sure to compare. (Great catalog to request, plus they offer freebies and teacher
       resources! Chemicals, biological, general science supplies, etc... Nice people. A
       favorite!) (Steve Spangler Science is a favorite.- great fun
       catalog and source for fun science stuff – lots of videos and you can buy the stuff from
       them. PLUS – Steve makes a visit every year to do a teacher workshop with OK
       Museum Network!

Calcium Chloride is the same thing as “Damp Rid” and is available at hardware stores

Phenol Red is available at pool supply stores as a liquid or
      an indicator tablet.

Medicine “dosing” cups can be found online ~$4.50/100 or sometimes
local pharmacies that mix their own drugs can sell you cups.

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