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New Commercial Ventures on Our Borders
by Lana Stein

A Cafe with Wheels                      A Gallery Moves and
   Susan Gyorog plans to open           Grows
Velocity, a new cafe and cyclery,          Diversity Gallery has been
in September at the intersection of     housed in the Pageant for seven
DeBaliviere and Pershing                years. It now intends to expand
(formerly home                              to the new building being
to Archway).                                    constructed on the south
The cafe is                                         side of Delmar, between
planned                                               Mirasol and the former
to be as                                                church. The Diversity
green                                                    Gallery draws its
as a                                                      art objects from all
cafe                                                      African countries.
c a n                                                     It will add a cafe
b e .                                                     and bookstore in its
T h e
                                                          new location, The
                                                          Culture Cafe. It         MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC
a n d                                                    will serve gourmet           The West End Arts Council and SDCC are sponsoring a free
t e a s                                                dishes representative of    concert series three Saturdays in September: September 15, 22 and
served                                                different ethnic cuisines.   29, at Greg Freeman Park at Four Corners, Des Peres and Kingsbury,
will all be                                        The Gallery is applying for     6:00pm - 9:00pm.
organic. The                                   a license to sell beer and wine        Fresh Heir – a hot, young and talented group based out of St. Louis,
cafe will be open                         at its cafe. The newly relocated         whose music reflects elements of soul/blues, R&B, rock and hip hop.
from 7 am to 9 pm.                      Diversity Gallery should be open           The energy that this group will bring to the stage will keep you dancing
   In addition to providing libation    in October and is owned by Leslie          and grooving all night.
to customers far and near, it will      Wilson, with her mother, Rubina               Lamar Harris – Jazz, Urban, R&B – Lamar Harris sound is "Funky,
also rent bicycles, including tandem    Patton. The Pattons are longtime           Jazzy, Gritty and Soulful with his talking horn." Lamar Harris'
and other speciality bikes, to those    residents of Skinker-DeBaliviere.          seamless blend of horns electric sounds and vocals forms an explosive
who wish to explore Forest Park,           Another storefront in the new           combination.
only 2 blocks away. This dual           Joe Edwards building will be Knitti           Bones Jones Band – "Bones Jones" is a local St Louis Jazz, Blues,
purpose gives rise to its name:         Couture, which will sell fine yarns        Funk, “Island”, Rock, Pop & Soul act covering tunes by a wide variety
Velocity Cafe.                          and offer knitting classes.                of artists including the Neville Brothers, Motown Hits, Etta James,
   The shop will also repair and           Second floor office space also          Nina Simone, Dr. John, Earth Wind & Fire, Van Morrison and Santana
restore bicycles. The cafe occupies     is available in the new building.          to name just a few. Bones Jones Band features our own Skinker
2000 square feet in what is again       Offices are 800, 99, and 1100              DeBaliviere resident, music genius, Jeff Stone.
called the Bristol Building. It takes   square feet and space rents for               Please come out and join us for a free, night of music that’s unique,
up 3 storefronts.                       $16.50 a square foot.                      danceable and entertaining... all evening long. Lawn chairs are welcome
                                                                                   and adult beverages are permitted. However, no glass bottles will be
                                                                                   allowed. For more information, call SDCC, 862-5122.
                                                                                      Joe's CafÈ, located at Christman Art Studio, 6016 Kingsbury, just
                                                                                   west of the SDCC office, is artist-neighbor Bill Christman's experiment
                                                                                   in entertainment, providing a place for neighbors to meet and relax
                                                                                   by turning his studio into Joe’s Cafe one night a week. On Thursdays
                                                                                   beginning at 8pm, neighbors are invited to bring themselves and their

  Loop Events
  By Debbie Murphy
                                                                                   refreshments to the Cafe to hear acoustic music and get to know each
                                                                                   other better. Everyone kicks in a little for the musicians. It’s a pleasant,
                                                                                   inexpensive interlude close to home. Bill welcomes children and dogs
                                                                                   (behaved of course).
  Loop On Sale Sept. 15 - 16, 2007
  The wildly successful Loop On Sale continues for the third straight
  year and is taking place on Friday & Saturday, September 15 &
                                                                                   GREAT GREEN PESTO FEAST
  16. It is the only event of its kind – the ENTIRE neighborhood is                The 17th Annual Great Green Pesto Feast will be held on Saturday,
  on sale.                                                                         September 15, 2007, at Grace United Methodist Church Fellowship
                                                                                   Hall, 6199 Waterman. The cost is $15 in advance or $20 at the
  The businesses that stretch along Delmar between the University
                                                                                   door. This is one of the best vegetarian dinners in St. Louis. Tim
  City lions and the Loop Metrolink station are banding together to
                                                                                   Montague and Naomi Davis will speak on “From Climate Chaos to
  present a bargain shopper's dream weekend. This includes all the
                                                                                   Global Justice.”
  participating restaurants, boutiques, gift shops, book stores, record
  stores, art galleries, baby shops and more. Some merchants have                  The feast is sponsored by the Gateway Green Alliance. For more info
  up to 50% off. Hours and discounts vary business to business.                    call 314-727-8554 or visit the web site: www.gateway-greens.org
  There will be a little something for everyone at these eclectic,
  largely independent establishments. So come out and support                      Rags to Riches: The Ultimate Yard Sale
  alternative shopping and diverse dining. The fresh air while                         On Saturday, September 8, 2007, Rags to Riches, the "ultimate"
  walking the historic Loop neighborhood is free. For information                  yard sale, will be held throughout the neighborhood. Sponsored by
  check www.VisitTheLoop.com.                                                      Rosedale Neighborhood Assoc. and Skinker DeBaliviere Community
                                                                                   Council, sale times are 8am - 2pm. Registration Fee is $10 in advance,
  Loop in Motion Festival Oct. 5 - 6                                               $15.00 day of event. Forms are at the SDCC office, (314) 862-5122.
  From 6-9 p.m. on Friday, October 5 enjoy dance & live music                      No competitive food sales – food sale includes BBQ and is held at the
  stages and exhibits in galleries & alternative spaces along Delmar.              parking lot at Westminster and Skinker, all proceeds go to the Rosedale
  Festivities continue on Saturday, October 6 from 1-9 p.m. with live              Neighbors Association. Donated baked goods are welcomed, as are
  music & dance and two stages, sidewalk performances, children's                  volunteers to help sell the food items. Please contact SDCC at 862-
  activities, sidewalk sales and continuing art exhibits throughout The            5122 to let us know when and how long you can tend the booth, and
  Loop. For information visit www.VisitTheloop.com/loopinmotion.                   plan on bringing and eating goodies on Saturday morning during your
                                                                                   shopping spree.
Page 2                                                         The Times of Skinker DeBaliviere                                                                       Fall 2007

 Editor's Notebook
 by Lana Stein
                                                                                  "RAGS TO RICHES" Saturday, September 8, 2007, 8a.m. – 2
                                                                                  p.m. For more information call SDCC, 862-5122.
    As I frequently remind people, I grew up in Michigan. A                       Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council Monthly meetings
 temperature of 80 was considered very hot. Once every few years,                 – 2nd Monday of the month: September 10, Skinker DeBaliviere
 there would be two or three days of 90s for the whole summer. Here,              Community Council/General Meeting/All Skinker DeBaliviere
 during the height of our worst heatwave of the summer, I had two                 Residents are invited--October 8, New Cote Brilliante Church
 very discombobulating experiences. I went to Dierberg's after dark for           7:00pm, all other meetings, September 10, November 12, December
 necessary provisions and exited into the worst traffic jam I've ever seen        10, January 14, 2008 are held at SDCC office, 6008 Kingsbury
 here. It was when the car and tanker trailer collided and they closed            (Kingsbury @ Des Peres), 7:00pm.
 170. It was a mess. I of course worried about all the perishables in
 my trunk (the reason I'd shopped after dark in the first place!) and I           Skinker-DeBaliviere Community Housing Corporation
 am not a patient person. I made it home and everything was ok but                (SDCHC) – Year 2007 Wednesday – September 5, September 19,
 I would suggest that St. Louis County and Brentwood and Richmond                 October 3, October 17, November 7, November 21, December 5--
 Heights have someone directing traffic during such an event. Many of             6:00 p.m., at the SDCC office, 6008 Kingsbury.
 us made a right to nowhere and lost 20 minutes of motor running.                 Loop on Sale: Sept. 15-16. For more information, see www.
    The second calamity was the power outage. Mine went about 5pm                 visittheloop.com
 and did not return till 6:20am. Luckily my house remained relatively
 cool and my pets (dog and cat) never let me down. I always knew                  WU Neighborhood Safety Seminar, 6-7:30 p.m., September 20,
 I would be bad in a more extended outage and I was. In addition,                 Regional Arts Commission, 6128 Delmar. For more information, call
 Ameren never gave an accurate projection of when power would                     935-9511.
 return. Do we really know what happened? But, as one friend said,                Loop in Motion: October 5-6. For more information, see www.
 13 hours was nothing; she lived through 7 days last summer.                      visittheloop.com
    On the first really hot Saturday, I attended a birthday party in
 Manchester. There were many trees, a clubhouse and pool for                      Report to WU Neighbors, 7:00 p.m., October 25, Charles Knight
 neighbors and quiet. But, I didn't relax till I returned to our hood. I          Executive Education Center, Danforth Campus. For information, call
 could never be a suburbanite. There's the traffic in the city . . .              Cheryl Adelstein, 935-5752.
    As a segue, our Delmar Commercial Committee has learned that                  Piano Exravaganza, 7:00 p.m., October 28, WU's new
 METRO has (finally) begun planning the construction of the long-
                                                                                  performance facility, "The 560 Building", Trinity and Delmar. For
 delayed transit plaza at the Delmar Loop Station. The committee
 will be meeting with Metro soon to give some feedback about their                discount tickets, call 935-5566, or make dinner reservations at one of
 plans. Although excited about this progress, I would be remiss in not            the Loop restaurants offering dinner and concert packages: Blueberry
 reminding METRO that their current upkeep of the station leaves                  Hill, Brandt's, Riddles, and the Melting Pot.
 something to be desired. It should be free of debris etc. James Q.               Halloween Party, St. Roch's Gymnasium, 5:00-6:00 p.m.,
 Wilson coauthored a very famous article about the "broken windows"               October 31. For information, call SDCC, 862-5122. Traditionally,
 theory. Neglect, waste etc. lead to disturbance and crime. If things             neighborhood Trick or Treating begins immediately after the party.
 appear to be well-kept, it will be safer. So, let's urge METRO to get
 on the stick now and clean up the station so many neighbors use.

                                                                                  NEW NEIGHBORS PARTY
                                                                                  By Jo Ann Vatcha

                                                                                     The early summer evening of June 23, 2007 was definitely charmed,
                                                                                  as an early sprinkling of rain threatened the first "New Neighbors Party"
                                                                                  in three years. But the rain failed to materialize, and over 100 neighbors
 Co-Editors:                 Lana Stein and JoAnn Vatcha                          were seen in the back yards of 6115-6117 Westminster. The crowd
 Business Manager:           Lois Schoemehl                                       built all evening long, making this one of the most successful "new
                                                                                  neighbors" parties ever.
 Contributors:               Norbert Hart
                             Maggie Peters                                           It was also the first time in recent
                             Darcell Braylock                                     memory that there were special activities
                             Tom Hoerr                                            and treats for children, and we were
                             Andy Cross                                           delighted that so many young families
                             King Schoenfeld                                      brought their kids. A few are pictured
                             Nicole Blumner
                             Rachelle L'Ecuyer
                                                                                  here, of the approximately 30 children
                             Rachael Boxdorfer                                    who attended with their parents.
                             Ligaya Figueras                                      There were even teenagers, including
                                                                                  Chela Colvin, of the 5700 block of
 The Times of Skinker DeBaliviere is published by the West End                    DeGiverville, who is off to college this fall
 Publishing Co., a not-for profit, independent, community organization.
 Members of the Board of Directors are:                                           with a scholarship, won for her MLK Day
                                                                                  essay, “A Dream Fulfilled: Coexistence
 Tom Hoerr         Venita Lake         Lana Stein        Marcia Kerz
 Loretta Lloyd     Juliet Schoemehl JoAnn Vatcha         Katie Kurtz              in America.”
 Essie McLean      Lois Schoemehl Marjorie Weir          King Schoenfeld             Another happy outcome – over $1,000
 Kathleen Williams                                                                raised for THE TIMES! Thanks to all who helped with food donations, with
 Layout:. . . . . . . Kate Klimut                                                 special thanks to Jon Parker of Parker's Table wine shop. Attendees
 Printing: . . . . . Arcade Printing                                              included Bob and Maggie Mahon, Rachel Boxdorfer and a hundred
                                                                                  adults, plus about 30 kids, including this spirited group atop the Baybeck
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   Display Advertising:
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 7532, or mailed to 5953 Pershing Ave., 63112.
   The writer is responsible for the accuracy of the data, including times,
 dates, location, and particularly the spelling of names. The editor retains
 the right to omit or alter any material.
                                                                                                                                            Photos by Jo Ann Vatcha

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Fall 2007                                             The Times of Skinker DeBaliviere                                                                                                         Page 3

News of Neighbors                                                                                                                                                        were much appreciated, and a
                                                                                                                                                                       beautiful lady who will be missed.
                                                                                                                                                                       Our sympathy to her husband Joe
By Rachel Boxdorfer                                                                                                                                                    and their family.
                                                                                                          We’re happy to have a new
                                                                                                       contributor join The Times of                                      Also passing far too early
                                                                                                       Skinker-DeBaliviere staff. Ligaya                               in his life was developer and
                                                                                                       Figueras was featured in a recent                               businessman, Rainey Crawford,
                                                                                                       Post-Dispatch Food Section with                                 Jr. Rainey was known by many
                                                                                                       some great healthy breakfast ideas.                             in the neighborhood and could be
                                                                                                       She has contributed a story in this                             seen regularly in the neighborhood
                                                                                                       issue about summer fun in Skinker-                              checking on his many renovation
                                                                                                       Debaliviere. Ligaya and her family,                             projects.
                                                                                                       husband Joe Gudiswitz and their
                                                                                                       sons Alvaro and Anton (61XX                                       Have you got some news to
                                                                                                       Washington) welcome Daniele                                     share? Please send your items to
                                                                                                        Tiddia to their home. Daniele                                  Rachel Boxdorfer at rboxdorfer@
                                                                                                        is a seventeen-year-old foreign                                charter.net with the subject line
                                                                                                        exchange student from Italy.                                   "News of Neighbors."

                                                                          Photo by Jennifer Olmstead
                                                                                                        Daniele arrived in August and
                                                                                                        will be living with the Figueras
                                                                                                        Gudiswitz family until June of next
                                                                                                        year while he attends Crossroads
                                                                                                        College Preparatory School.

                                                                                                          Welcome new neighbors! We
                                                                                                        are pleased to extend a warm
                                                                                                        welcome on 61xx Westminster to
                                                                                                       Jamaal Campbell and Maya
Fourth of July parade participants J.D. Allen, with Sarah and                                          Fields and also on 57xx McPherson
Maddie Baybeck.                                                                                        to Ed and Joy Mock!

                                                                                                                                              Photo by Jo Ann Vatcha
   The Wimmer-Brown family          and Westminster before returning
of 61XX Washington hosted their     to the Wimmer-Brown’s for some                                        The Times is sad to report the
annual Independence Day Parade.     “stars & stripes fruit: watermelon,                                passing of Betty Botz, longtime
A crowd of nearly 30 – including    blueberries and strawberries". The                                 resident of 61xx Kingsbury, St.
a handful of former neighbors       6100 block of McPherson also                                       Roch parishioner, wonderful water
and a few new faces – marched,      continued with their annual parade                                 color painter whose house portraits                             Ed and Joy Mock at the New
pedaled or roller-skated around     which was headed up by the                                         of neighborhood homes                                           Neighbors Party.
the 61XX blocks of Washington       McGroarty and Voss families!

                                                                                                       What's Cooking in the Hood?
                                                                                                       by Lana Stein
                                                                                                          Skinker DeBaliviere has
                                                                                                       been home to a bevy of authors
                                                                                                       – writers of fiction, specialists
                                                                                                       in education, historians,
                                                                                                       political scientists –and now
                                                                                                       we have a homegrown
                                                                                                       cookbook inspired by family
                                                                                                       and friends. Shirley Polk
                                                                                                       has lived on DeGiverville for
                                                                                                       four decades and she has
                                                                                                       served on the Community
                                                                                                       Council for over two. She's
                                                                                                       well-known on her block and
                                                                                                       has long befriended school
                                                                                                       children and encouraged
                                                                                                          Cooking has been a major
                                                                                                       part of her life. She watched
                                                                                                       her mother as a child and
                                                                                                       learned about many recipes                                      husband Al likes Big Daddy's T-
                                                                                                       from her.       She has continued                               Bone Steak. He also supplied a
   Congratulations to Rose Storey, formerly of 57xx Waterman,                                          to cook a lot over the years,                                   chicken recipe that comes from
 who retired recently from the Collector of Revenue’s office. We wish                                  particularly at holidays. Her family                            where he went to school.
 Rose well and miss seeing both Rose and George regularly here in the                                  and their recipes were a particular                                Quite a few books have been
 neighborhood.                                                                                         inspiration for this new cookbook,                              sold but there are some left for
                                                                                                       "What's cookin': Shirley in the                                 those interested in these recipes.
                                                                                                       Kitchen." As the book states,                                   You can write to Shirley Polk -
                                                                                                       "only the best make the best."                                  SPP Inc., Cookbook Chair, 5755
                                                                                                          A particular inspiration for this                            DeGiverville, PO Box 4521, St.
                                                                                                       cookbook came from the wonderful                                Louis MO 63108. As Shirley says,
                                                                                                       people Shirley encountered at the                               "Keep cooking!"
                                                                                                       Canaan Baptist Church in New
                                                                                                       York City. Housed
                                                                                                       in a former theatre,
                                                                                                       the congregation
                                                                                                       draws people from
                                                                                                       many nationalities.
                                                                                                       She received a lot of
                                                                                                       encouragement on
                                                                                                       her visits there.
                                                                                                          She said that her
                                                                                                       favorite recipe is one
                                                                                                       from her mother for
 From left, Mike x, former 28th Ward Committeeman, Mayor                                               Black Walnut Cake.
 Francis Slay, Rose Storey, former Mayor Vince Schoemehl,                                              She is also fond of
 former 28th Ward Committeeman, and Jim Sonderman, Special
 Assistant to Mayor Slay.
                                                                                                       the recipe for Sweet
                                                                                                       Potato Pie.        Her
Page                                                   The Times of Skinker DeBaliviere                                                                                              Fall 2007

                                 NATIONAL NIGHT OUT: A Rousing Success in Skinker DeBaliviere
                                 Robyn Nagle, Assistant Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council

                                     On Tuesday evening, August 8th,                                                                                                       Grade) for handling
                                 approximately 200 residents of the                                                                                                        the games, activities,
                                 Skinker DeBalivere neighborhood                                                                                                           and emcee duties.
                                 braved the heat to come out in                                                                                                               Last, but certainly
                                 support of the "National Night                                                                                                            not least, a special
                                 Out Against Crime" effort. The                                                                                                            thanks to Pulaski
                                 festivities began at 6:00 pm, with                                                                                                        Bank, for their
                                 live music provided by "Valle Tudo,"                                                                                                      generous financial
                                 whose music provided a great                                                                                                              support of this event
                                 backdrop to the evening's festivities.                                                                                                    and their investment
                                 Add in some outstanding balloon                                                                                                           in our community!
                                 work by Michael Geerloff and face
                                 painting by Jessica Dana (both
                                 of whom were extremely popular
                                 with our younger attendees), the
                                 sprinkler in the park for some
                                 water-related fun, and some great
                                 food (hamburgers, hot dogs, and
                                 brats, all hot off the grill), and you
                                                                                 Des Peres Big Picture School,

                                                                                                                            Photos by King Schoenfeld
                                 have one great evening!
                                                                                 and her staff, and Ron Glenn
                                     The overall success of any event
  Stephen A. Brammeier, DVM                                                      for their tireless work in making
                                 relies on the people who work on
       Kim Lynch, DVM                                                            sure everyone got food and cold
                                 it, and we were extremely lucky to
       Pam Clary, DVM                                                            drinks; Bob Mahon and Alice
                                 have the best. Special thanks to
                                                                                 Stanley, SDCC President and
                                 the following for their contributions
                                                                                 Treasurer, for taking care of
                                 and hard work: Andy Cross and
                                                                                 the cashier duties; and (finally)
                                 his volunteers for manning the
                                                                                 Margaret Nagle, Lena Braylock,                                           Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce
                                 barbeque grills; Kate Nash and Arline
                                                                                 and their volunteers (Allison, Grace,                                    joined our local policemen at
                                 Webb, SDCC Board Members, and
                                                                                 Madison, and Shaun, St. Roch 8th                                         Four Corners.
                                 Bonita Jamison, Principal of the

                                 SDCC Minutes 6-11-07, 7:00 pm                   excused. Minutes from April 9th, 2007,                                 results, the current recommendation if for
                                 Aldermanic Representatives: Lyda Krewson,       were approved as amended. Minutes of the                               pavement of the 6000 and 6100 blocks
                                 28th Ward; Chris Howard, 28th Ward NSO.         meeting held on May 1th, 2007 approved.                               of Kingsbury (both sides), and the 6000
                                 Staff: Darcell Braylock, Executive Director;    . Financial Report: Alice Stanley presented                           block of Kingsbury/Westminster. Arline
                                 Robyn Nagle, Assistant.                         the Financial Reports, with Robyn Nagle                                Webb noted a problem in the 6000 block of
                                 Others: Gary Boehnke, SDCHC; Sgt. Mark          providing additional clarification. It was                             Pershing/Forest Park Parkway alley, which
                                 Hemholt, 7th District (SLMPD).                  requested that a "Budget" column be added                              Lyda will look into.
                                 1. Welcome/Introductions: The meeting was       to the reports presented to the Board.                                 * 6200 block of Delmar: Scheduled for new
                                 called to order by President Bob Mahon.         Financial Reports for May, 2007 approved.                              pedestrian lighting
                                 2. Alex Shaffer/Fundraiser: Alex Shaffer,       5. Executive Director's Report: Darcell                                * Delmar Bridge (over MetroLink): Out to
                                 who is a member of the Kingsbury Ensemble       Braylock reported on the following:                                    bid, and Delmar will remain open during
                                 (a Baroque music group, consisting of           * Rosedale Association Representatives:                                construction. Norb Hart raised the issue of
                                 Washington University faculty) indicated that   The Rosedale Association has appointed                                 accommodating the proposed trolley on the
                                 the group would be interested in performing     new officers and representatives to serve on                           new bridge, and has contacted Tom Shrout
                                 free of charge at an SDCC event. Darcell        the SDCC Board: Nicole Blumner, Karen                                  (CMT). Lyda cautioned that construction
                                 indicated that she has contact information,     Hagaman, Alex Lowenstein, and Duana                                    needs to commence ASAP, to avoid the risk
                                 will facilitate efforts to contact the group.   Thomas. Arline Webb, a current member of                               of losing Federal funds for the project.
                                 3. Minutes from April 9th were amended          the SDCC Board, is the new President, and                              * Signal at Lindell/Skinker: Reconfiguring
                                 to reflect that Gwen LaZard's absence was       will continue on the SDCC Board.                                       intersection; construction should be
                                                                                 * SLPS Update: The current Des Peres                                   completed by mid-August.
                                                                                 facility will reopen as an alternative                                 7. Community/Neighborhood Reports
                                                                                 elementary school, and Hamilton School will                            * 7th District Report: There has been an
                                                                                 reopen as K-8th grade.                                                 Increase in auto accidents (over half of police
                                                                                 * SDCC Board Training: To be conducted in                              reports in neighborhood).
                                                                                 July and August, 2007.                                                 * Chris Howard/NSO 28th Ward:
                                   124 North Gay Avenue                          * 7th District Police Contribution: A group                            1. Meeting with property owners over
                                   Clayton, Missouri                             of businesses within the 7th District have                             property in 5800 block of Pershing -
                                                                                 joined together to support the officers,                               13 nuisance calls since Dec. (domestic
                                   63105                                         "Officer of the Year" luncheon, bi-annual                              disturbance). 2. 575 Pershing (2-family/
                                                                                 barbeque, and community building events.                               owner-occupied - traffic/gunfire - need
                                                                                 A $100 contribution to this effort was                                 residents to call SLMPD. 3. Weekly yard
                                                                                 approved.                                                              sales at apartment building on Laurel/

                    Katie Kurtz
                                                                                 * Skinker-DeBaliviere Jazz Festival, 2007:                             working with property owner - if no luck
                                                                                 Troy Williams (owner of Sweet Dough Hot                                with owner, call SLMPD (permit required
                                                                                 Beans) is proposing a summer jazz concert                              for yard sale). . Some graffiti on Parkview
                    Broker-Salesperson                                           series utilizing the stage in  Corners Park.
                                                                                 The events will be conducted from 6-9 pm,
                                                                                                                                                        monument at Skinker/now repaired.
                                                                                                                                                        8. SDCC Committee/Neighborhood Reports
                    Life Member Million Dollar Club                              with beverages (including alcoholic) and food                          * Rosedale Neighborhood Association: Arline
                                                                                 for sale. Proposed dates are July 1 and                               Webb reported new Board members/SDCC
                                                                                 28, August 11 and 25, and September 8. It                              reps; "Rags to Riches" event on Sept. 8th.
                                                                                 was noted that September 8th is the annual
                                   314 725-5100 Office                           "Rags to Riches" sale, and Darcell will work
                                                                                                                                                        * West End Arts Council: Andy Cross
                                                                                                                                                        expressed support for proposed jazz series.
                                                                                 with Mr. Williams on necessary rescheduling.
                                   314 721-5006 Fax                              Finally, it was noted that a portion of the net                        * Beautification: Andy Cross reported that
                                                                                                                                                        Planting Day on May 5th was a success.
                                   31 721-1777 x 5 VM                         event proceeds will go to SDCC, making this
                                                                                 a fundraising effort.                                                  Trees have been replaced at the Des Peres
                                                                                                                                                        pocket park/cul de sac, and the redbud trees
                                                                                 * SDCC General Meeting, October 8th: The                               have also been replaced at the Pershing/Des
                                                                                 annual meeting will be held at New Cote                                Peres pocket park. Trees have also been
                                                                                 Brilliante Church, with all Committee Chairs                           planted at DeGiverville cul de sac.
                                                                                 required to give a short presentation and                              The Garden Tour (June 2nd) was also a
                                                                                 respond to questions.                                                  success, and Andy expressed thanks to all
                                                                                 * Home-Based Business Approval: A request                              the volunteers.
                                                                                 for a home-based property management                                   * SDCHC Report: Gary Boehnke referred
                                                                                 business submitted by Melanie Rudolph                                  the Board to the attachment in the Agenda
                                                                                 was reviewed and approved. Norb Hart                                   packet, and noted that the SDCHC
                                                                                 suggested development of a mechanism to                                Board is currently working on a strategic
                                                                                 review business proposals in the business                              planningeffort. Finally, Ron Stephens (City
                                                                                 district.                                                              Building Inspector) is being promoted to
                                                                                 * Thanks: Appreciation was expressed                                   supervisor and transferred to the north part
                         OPEN HOUSE                                              to Aldermen Frank Williamson and Lyda
                                                                                 Krewson for their support and participation
                                                                                 at the May 1th meeting with SLPS.
                                                                                                                                                        of City. Ron has been in Skinker DeBaliviere
                                                                                                                                                        for several years, and will be missed.
                              Sunday, October 28th                               * Lyda Krewson was also thanked for her
                                                                                                                                                           9. Other Business:
                                                                                                                                                        * Education Committee Proposal: Kate Nash
                                                                                 attention to maintenance of the alleys,
                                   1:00 p.m.                                     and for her patience and willingness to                                proposed that SDCC establish an Education
                                                                                                                                                        Committee to work on the relationship
                                                                                 compromise on a controversial ("no win")                               with neighborhood schools (Hamilton and
                                  Scholarship                                    project. (see report below)                                            alternative school) on things such as a
                                                                                 * U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill held an open                           mentoring program in schools (Washington
                                  Imagination                                    house on Saturday, June 2nd, at her new                                University program), welcome event, etc.
                                                                                 office located at 5850 Delmar.
                                 Responsibility                                  6. Aldermanic Reports:
                                                                                                                                                        On motion by Kate Nash, second by
                                                                                                                                                        Alice Stanley, and unanimously carried,
                                  Grades 7-12                                    Lyda Krewson:                                                          establishment of an Education Committee
                                                                                 * Alleys: There have been many complaints                              was approved.
                                                                                 over years. Input was solicited from
         500 DeBaliviere Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63112                             residents, as well as recommendations from
                                                                                                                                                        10. Adjournment: On motion by Karen
                                                                                                                                                        Hagaman, second by Joe Keaveny, and
             www.crossroadscollegeprep.org                                       the Street Department. Eventually, it was                              unanimously carried, the meeting was
                                                                                 decided to "mill" (grind/remove asphalt)                               adjourned at 8:50 pm.
                     314-367-8085                                                alleys/evaluate condition. Based on the                                Respectfully submitted, Robyn Nagle
Fall 2007                                                 The Times of Skinker DeBaliviere                                                                            Page 5

S-D Residents Beat the Heat                                                                           person cost $50. The pass
                                                                                                      is valid at either location and
                                                                                                      includes access to the tennis
by Ligaya Figueras
                                                                                                      courts adjacent to the Pershing
   Skinker-DeBaliviere residents       visited other community pools                                  Pool.
went looking for a cool escape from    to stay cool. The Maplewood                                       For a handful of residents,
August's triple-digit temperatures.    Family Aquatic Center located at                               finding a place to swim was
Pattie Voss of 61XX McPherson          7550 Lohmeyer, directly behind                                 as easy as opening the back
loves the shade at the Heman Pool      Maplewood City Hall, remains                                   door. Joe and Beth Hogan
in University City, which made         a popular outdoor facility that                                of 61XX Kingsbury love the
it possible for non-residents to       includes an entire pool for young                              in-ground pool that they had
enjoy their beautiful facility this    children. The non-resident daily                               built earlier this year. "Not a
summer. The 2007 non-resident          fee is $6 for adults and $4 for                                day goes by that Hannah and
rate for a family pool pass was set    youths. Family memberships are                                 Jamie aren't splashing around
at $210 and $130.50 for a single       available for $300 per season.                                 in the water," says Beth of her       our neighbors better – everyone
membership. "There are so many         The pools at 55XX Pershing and                                 two young children. Jennifer and      wants to be your friend when you
mature trees, and the baby pool        56XX Waterman pools, though                                    Jon Barton of 61XX Westminster        have a pool!"
has a wonderful shade canopy as        smaller than municipal pools, are                              likewise enjoy swimming with their       For those who couldn't enjoy the
well," says Pattie. While she and      other nearby swimming options.                                 daughters Clara and Grace in the      amenity of a backyard pool, like the
her husband Tim appreciate the         The Pershing and Waterman pools                                evening. "Our family loves our in-    Wimmer-Brown family of 61XX
shelter from sun exposure, her four    are operated by Park Station at                                ground swimming pool. Even the        Washington, the classic sprinkler-
children flock to the serpentine       DeBaliviere Place Apartments.                                  dog Linus gets in the pool!           and-hose method was the best way
waterslide and the brightly colored,   Non-residents of DeBaliviere                                      "We often comment that we          to beat St. Louis's scorching heat.
giant animal-shaped rafts of the       Place Apartments can purchase                                  can’t remember 'life before pool.'       You can email Ligaya at
newly renovated pool.                  a membership for $150, which                                   We keep it open from April to         figuerasl@sbcglobal.net.
   Until this year, the Voss family,   is good for up to three people.                                October, as it is heated. It’s even
like other S-D neighbors, had          Memberships for each additional                                helped us to get to know some of
                                                                              Photos by Andy Cross.

                                                                                                         Sean and Angie Meara have
                                                                                                         transformed their yard from
                                                                                                         a tangled mass of debris and
                                                                                                         neglect to a lush and inviting
   Rebekah Asen is standing                                                                              oasis in just one year.
   among her collections of
   cactus, roses, elephant ears,
   orchids, and bonsai trees.

2007 Garden Tour with a Mission
by Andy Cross
   One of the many goals of the Breakfast Garden Tour is to reach out to                                                       %
                                                                                                                           r 60
all neighbors and bring them into parts of the neighborhood which they                                                  Ove
may not have a chance to visit. This 2007 Breakfast Garden Tour visited
a part of Skinker DeBaliviere which has been moving forward. Houses
have been rehabbed and renewed from poor conditions to excellent.
New neighbors are moving in and getting involved. The new Metro
line has changed a few things here. Public areas are on the rebound as
well. There is also a message in this tour about a group of nature's hard
workers. Like all of nature, this group is fascinating, they are a lesson
for us, we cannot survive without them, and they need our attention.
   All along the tour, puzzle pieces were offered to tour goers. Each
puzzle piece had a big letter and facts about bees on one side, and part of
a picture on the other. The letterpuzzle spelled the word 'honeybees' and
the assembled picture was a drawing of two honeybees. Tour goers who
brought their puzzle pieces to the last place on the tour map received a
book with drawings and amazing facts about bees and how important
they are to our planet and our survival.
   The underlying theme of this '07 tour is the worker bee attitude of
our participants. The old and new neighbors who have been working
hard to re-stabilize this part of Skinker DeBaliviere. Like bees they all
have their tasks set out for them. The coop students are recycling old
things into a new garden and sharing them with their neighbors. The
potter is harvesting the soil from the earth to make useful and attractive
objects, keeping alive an ancient and creative tradition. The bee keepers
are protecting one of our worlds most valuable resources. The new
neighbors are reclaiming old houses and yards and beautifying them with
healthy lawns, flowers, and plantings, while steadfast neighbors have
been holding down the fort through some turbulent times on these blocks.
Their gardens are a symbol of their efforts. Public gardens are being
replanted, and new ones are being created to make the neighborhood
more attractive and healthier. Even our coffee has a mission, Coffee on
the Loop' at 6017 Delmar donates it's proceeds to a special charity.                                            OPEN DAILY 12-4 or by appointment
   Thank you to all who volunteered to work on this tour, and thank you
to all who attended. A special thanks to the gardeners all of who made
an extra effort to create a garden tour in this challenging, changing, and
exciting part of Skinker DeBaliviere.
Page 6                                                                The Times of Skinker DeBaliviere                                                Fall 2007

                                               How Well Do You Know Your Home?
                                               By Dennis Northcott, Associate Archivist for the Missouri Historical Society

                                                  If these walls could talk, what
                                               stories might they tell? Perhaps
                                               you've wondered: When was
                                                          my house built? What
                                                          additions or alterations
                                                          were made over the
                                                          years?      Who      were
                                                          its    past    residents?
                                                          Fortunately for those in
                                                          the Skinker-DeBaliviere
                                                          neighborhood,         the
                                                          nearby Missouri History
                                                          Museum Library and
                                                          Research Center at 225
                                                          South Skinker may hold
                                                          the answers to these
                                                          questions. As a test case,
                                                          resident        Jennifer
                                                          Olmstead asked what I
                                               could uncover about the history of
                                               her house at 6115 Westminster
                                                  Determining when the house was
                                               built proved to be easy thanks to an seemed a likely school for Mildred        be found in the Pullman Company
                                               architectural survey map of the Garrels to have attended, so I                 archives at the Newberry Library in
                                               Skinker-DeBaliviere neighborhood consulted the Soldan yearbooks.               Chicago.
                                               compiled by the Landmarks Among the graduates of 1918 was                         Charles W. Keisker lived at
                                               Association of St. Louis in 1983. the "divinely tall and most divinely         6115 Westminster from 1950 to
                                               This map indicates that the house fair" Mildred Garrels. The yearbook          1972, and celebrated his fiftieth
                                               was built in 1914 and designed also noted a party held at the                  wedding anniversary with his wife,
                                               by architect C.W.                                                              Irma, in the home in 1969. Sam
                                               Pomeroy.                                                                       K. Green and his wife, Lucille,
                                                  To find out who                                                             resided in the home from 1973
                                               resided at 6115                                                                to 2005 until it was purchased by
                                               Westminster                                                                    current residents Brady Baybeck
                                               Place, I consulted                                                             and Jennifer Olmstead.
                                               the      Red-Blue                                                                 If you'd like to investigate the
                                               Books and Blue                                                                 history of your home and order
                                               Books.       These                                                             reproductions of photographs or
                                               annual reverse                                                                 artifacts visit the Missouri History
                                               directories                                                                    Museum Library and Research
                                               allowed me to                                                                  Center at 225 South Skinker. The
                                               look up the street     Current residents of 6115                               library is open to the public Tuesday-
                                               address, which         Westminster are Jennifer                                Friday, 12-5, and Saturday, 10-5.
                                                                      Olmstead and Brady                                         For special instruction on
                                               then     provided      Baybeck and their children,
                                               the name of the                                                                researching the history of your
                                                                      Sarah and Madeline.                                     home, sign up for "House History
                                               resident. The first
                                               residents were                                                                 101," a guided tour to our valuable
                                               traveling salesman William Henry                                               holdings including maps and atlases,
                                               Garrels and his wife, Clara, who Garrels' home: "At Mildred Garrels'           city directories, census records,
                                               resided in the house from 1914 house one night, A tea was given,               letterheads of old businesses,
                                               to 1925. (William Garrels died in that was just right; Our senior boys         photographs, and more. The
                                               1922.) The 1916 city directory were gentlemen, And served the                  class will be scheduled during a
                                               includes his business address, 1000 ladies now and then."                      weekend in mid-October.            For
                                               Washington Avenue, which was             Returning to the city directories,    more information or for advanced
                                               then the location of the Rice-        I located the                                           registration, please
                                               Stix Dry Goods Company. This h o m e ' s Lu and Sam                                           contact Alex Detrick,
                                               additional bit of information gave s e c o n d Green resided                                  Assistant Director for
                                               me a new avenue to investigate. o w n e r , here the longest                                  Community Education
                                               A quick search for the Rice-Stix M a l c o l m so far, 32                                     and Events at abell@
                                               Dry Goods Company in our library H e n r y years.                                             mohistory.org or 314-
                                               catalog revealed a publication titled Campbell,                                               361-8059.
                                               The Progress of a Progressive who              resided                                       Editor's Note: In
                                               House: Rice-Stix Dry Goods            at        6115                                         reading MOHIS'
                                               Company, published circa 1907,        Westminster                                            account of 6115
                                               which includes a photograph of with his family                                               Westminster, here's
                                               William Garrels.                      from       1925                                        an interesting
                                                  The old Rice-Stix Dry Goods        until his death                                        link between the
                                                                                                                                            generations of
                                               Company building has recently in 1950. The                                                   homeowners. In the
                                               been renovated as the home of the 1930 federal                                               late 70's. Sam Green
                                               Merchandise Mart Apartments. The census notes                                                also worked at the
                                               Library and Research Center holds that the value                                             Merchandise Mart
                                               a wealth of resources documenting of the home at                                             Building in another
             I love Skinker DeBaliviere!
 I was raised in this neighborhood and         the history of the burgeoning that time was                                                  dry goods enterprise,
             now my husband and I are          downtown loft district.               $15,580, and                             Lady Arrow Co. His showroom
         raising our children here, too!
     Call for all your real estate needs.
                                                  But who was this man, William the home contained a "radio set."             there was supplemented by an
                Friendly, reliable service.    Garrels? The 1920 federal census         Malcolm Campbell was a                ingenious "mobile" showroom
                                               provides additional information: He   conductor for the Pullman                in a converted Greyhound bus,
 Rachel Boxdorfer                              was 59 years old; he was born in Company, whose famous sleeping                which was frequently parked in
                                                                                                                              the back yard of 6115. The bus
        Multi-Million Dollar Club
           St. Louis Association of Realtors
                                               Missouri; his parents were born in cars were a fixture of luxury train         also made many appearances
                                               Holland; and he owned his home. travel in the United States. Our               at political events throughout
      Office: (314) 862-7500
                                               Living with him in 1920 were his library holds a collection of the             the 80's, when Lu Green
    Voice Mail: (314) 419-8989
                                               48-year-old wife, Clara, his 19- company's magazine titled The                 served as director of Operation
                                               year-old daughter Mildred, and two Pullman News, which includes a few          Brightside and her brother Vince
               #29 The Boulevard
                                               roomers.                              mentions of Campbell. Additional         Schoemehl was Mayor of St.
               St. Louis, MO 63117
                                                  Nearby Soldan High School information about his career may                  Louis. - JV
Fall 2007                                                          The Times of Skinker DeBaliviere                                                                          Page 7

SDCC and SLPS Work Together for Successful Schools                                                                                Metro Update
By Kate Nash                                                                                                                      By Alderman Lyda Krewson
   When the St. Louis Public Schools           be involved in the schools. In           SDCC for more information.                   It is about the 1 year anniversary
(SLPS) reopen for the 2007-2008                this capacity, the SDCC collected           Both public schools will offer         of the opening of Metro’s Cross
school year, Skinker-DeBaliviere will          school supplies and donations from       various resources to the community.       County MetroLink extension.
be home to two public elementary               area churches, Office Max and            Ms. Jamison has offered the use of        While the new service is great,
schools – Hamilton School, which               Bank of America, and will provide        the facilities at Des Peres for public    Metro has left the neighborhood
provides K-8 classrooms, and the               schools supplies to every classroom      gatherings. Persons interested in         with a lot of unfinished business.
Big Picture School at Des Peres.               at the Des Peres school and at           utilizing the facilities should contact   • The sprinkler system in Forest
These are in addition to our two               Hamilton School, in addition to          Ms. Jamison for more information.            Park Parkway has not been
private schools: St. Roch's and                providing supplies to St. Roch's         Her contact information is available
                                                                                                                                     restored. The new trees and
Crossroads. In recognition of the              and Crossroads.                          at the SDCC office. In addition,
need for communication between                    The Big Picture Elementary            Hamilton School offers various               grass are very stressed.
the schools and the neighborhood,              School at Des Peres will be home         courses for St. Louis residents,          • Accessible ramps on the NE
the SDCC has started an Education              to 96 students, and will offer a         from exercise courses to sewing              & NW corners of FPP &
Committee.                                     teacher-student ratio of 1:16. Part      classes. The contact person for              DeBaliviere are way off the ADA
   One of the committee's first                of the Big Picture program is to         these courses is Avis May, who               slope guidelines.
actions was to meet with the new               offer mentors to every student           may be reached at 345-2581.               • Pedestrian Access at the NE
principal for Big Picture elementary           in the school.      The Education           The SDCC looks forward to                 corner of FPP and Des Peres is
school at Des Peres, Ms. Bonita                Committee is looking for volunteers      working with our neighborhood                limited. The crosswalk runs you
Jamison.                                       to be mentors. Interested residents      schools for a successful school year!        into a guard rail and a traffic
     Out of that meeting, the                  should contact the SDCC office           Any person interested in getting             signal.
committee has been working with                at 862-5122 for a volunteer              involved or volunteering at the           • Metro promised a button
both public schools to promote                 application. Volunteers are also         schools should contact the SDCC
                                                                                                                                     activated pedestrian signal
relationships, and to look for                 needed in other capacities, and          office, 6008 Kingsbury Avenue,
opportunities for neighbors to                 interested persons may contact           862-5122, for more information.              at Lindell & DesPeres, but
                                                                                                                                     said later it was not on the
                                                                                                                                     drawings and they did not plan
                                                                                                                                     to do it. As a result we still

Hamilton School and Community Education Center                                                                                       have the traffic signal cycling
                                                                                                                                     which causes cars to sit there
By Avis May, Community Education Coordinator                                                                                         spewing fumes when most of
                                                                                                                                     the time it is not needed. This
   Hamilton Elementary eMINTS                  host great community events and          2007 Brochure to arrive in your
                                                                                                                                     is a very expensive project...
Academy & Community Education                  increase membership. This year           mailbox in late August or early
Center has returned to Skinker-                at Hamilton, the extended-day/           September. Classes start Monday,             around $100,000. It requires
DeBaliviere! As many neighborhood              evening program continues to offer       September 17, 2007.                          a completely new controller,
residents may know, during the                 varied classes for all interests. We       We look forward to seeing you              wiring etc.
2006-2007 school year, Hamilton                are particularly happy to promote        soon! Please call Avis May at                I have not given up ALL hope
was relocated to the former Scullin            our Chess Club for youth, and the        345-2581 voice mail or Katheryn           of Metro reconsidering and doing
Elementary School, at 4160 N.                  long-awaited return of the Sugar         Williams-Weaver at 367-6996 with          the right thing. But since it has
Kingshighway Boulevard, across                 N' Spice Programme for Girls.            any questions.                            been a year, I am starting to make
the street from the Mathews-Dickey             This class explores manners, poise                                                 plans to fix these things from 28th
Boys & Girls Club and the City                 and style for today's young ladies,                                                ward capital improvement funds...
Academy Charter School.                        taught by Sister Sherill Jones.                                                    or where ever I can ‘beg, borrow,
   Albeit an interesting year with                We have many course offerings                                                   or steal’.
many challenges, it was a successful           for adults and youth including
year. Our community council,                   Sewing, Word Processing & the
under the chairmanship of Kelvin               Internet, Private Guitar Lessons
Johnson, continued to hold monthly             and Junior Achievement. Look
meetings, make positive strides,               for the Community Education Fall                                                     Voice Mail 721-5600 x115
                                                                                                                                    Fax 721-3678

                                                                                                2626 Woodson
Become a Home Plate Host Family                                                                 (Our New Location)

   For some students, heading off              learn about and gain respect for                                                             KARLEEN HOERR
                                                                                                                                             l M M
                                                                                                                                                ife D c
                                                                                                                                                      eMber   illion   olar lub
to college and being completely on             the neighborhoods that surround                                                                MeMber Multi-Million Dollar club
their own for the first time can be a          the University. A special effort is
intimidating. Thanks to the Home               made to match you with students
Plate program, some Washington                 who have similar interests as your                  426-5959
University students are enjoying               family members."
a little bit of home away from                    Home Plate families are asked
home.                                          to host two to three home-based
   Home Plate, started by Risa                 informal dinners over the course of                                                      Welcome to
Zwerling Wrighton, wife of                     the academic year for a small group
Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton, aims              of Washington University students.                                                       McPherson
to enhance students' experiences by            After the first preset dinner date,                                                        Place!
connecting them with host families             students and families will schedule
from the University community                  their own dinner plans.
and surrounding neighborhoods for                 All Home Plate host families                                                          Yes, beautiful new
home-cooked meals and outings                  and students are invited to join                                                           construction is
around St. Louis.                              Chancellor and Mrs. Wrighton for
   "Many students greatly enjoy                the annual spring Home Plate
                                                                                                                                      available in the Skinker-
their experience at the University,"           reception at their historic University                                               DeBaliviere neighborhood!
Zwerling Wrighton said. "But I                 home, Harbison House. This great                                                           The 5700 block of
think this program has the potential           opportunity enables Home Plate
to help them love it here. It makes            participants to enjoy the beautiful
                                                                                                                               McPherson is home to a
a big difference in softening the              surroundings, great company –                                              new community with a mixture of
adjustment process for freshmen."              and maybe even a frame or two of                                           quality new and renovated homes,
   Currently there are 250                     bowling in the downstairs bowling
students placed with about 100                 alley.
                                                                                                                        blending historical and contemporary.
families. Washington University is                You can learn more about                                                        Starting at $349,000.
seeking more families interested               this program by visiting the Web
in hosting students. According to              site, homeplate.wustl.edu, e-                          #29 The Boulevard • St. Louis, MO 63117 • 314-862-7500
Zwerling Wrighton, "This is a great            mailing Risa Zwerling Wrighton at                  Don Posegate              Herb Mullins                       Rachel Boxdorfer
way to engage in the life of the               homeplate@wustl.edu, or calling                    314-504-4487              314-706-4692                       314-419-8989
University and also help students              (314) 935-5040.
Page 8                                                       The Times of Skinker DeBaliviere                                                     Fall 2007

                                                                                  was without power? I changed to           my laptop. Thank goodness for
                                                                                  my Ameren night shirt, and tossed         batteries!
                                                                                  and turned all night.                        I turned the computer on and
by Hawkeye Z. Hoerr
                                                                                      Morning came and still no             was hugged by Microsoft. Bill
                                                                                  power. Where's Karen Foss now             Gates never looked so good. No,
   OK, so let me begin by noting         folks like they did a year ago.          that I need her? I checked the            I can't get on-line, but that's OK,
that this year's power outage            Sooner rather than later they'd          computer and it was still OK, just        at least I can write. I wonder what
doesn't even begin to come close         get to us, I knew. So I waited. Did      resting. I grabbed the cell, and          is happening in the world, but it
to last year's down-time. This year      I note, by the way, that this is a       called the Ameren hot-line. The           will have to wait. My In Your Ear
our friendly zip, 63112, was all out     first-hand account?                      recording said that all power would       column is due, so that will be my
a total of maybe a dozen hours.              Initially, it was OK. Although the   be restored by 4:30 a.m. That's           focus. Power or no, life feels a
Last year some of us – please            temp was hot, hot, hot, the house        great but it was already 5:45 a.m.        bit normal now. Sure, it's already
note the "us"; this is a first-hand      was closed and the air remained          and I'm still without! I ran from         turning warm, and I can't even
account – were out seven days.           reasonable. It was during the day        room to room turning on and off           microwave my too-cool Starbucks.
That's seven days as in the same         so there was enough light to read.       light switches, just to ensure that       But at least I have the power
length of time it took Walt Disney       I couldn't use my trusty laptop          I hadn't missed the voltage jolt.         to type! Thank you, Energizer
to create the world. Seven.              for a couple of hours but that           Alas, no. I only tripped and fell         Bunny. I don't know how long the
   And let me continue by                was OK. I don't want to become           twice in the dark. I'm still in the       power in my computer will last,
expressing my admiration for             too dependent upon technology,           dark, literally and figuratively.         but I want to write about modern
the crews who braved the heat            so I was gratified to see that               I called Ameren again and waded       conveniences and how reliant
(they were still hot even after they     not touching a keyboard for even         through the labyrinth of phone            we've become on them. You see,
restored others' power) and risked       three hours was tolerable. The           options – it felt good to work            without electricity, I find that
their lives to enable you and me –       food in the fridge was still cold, so    the phone keyboard; I pretended
please note the "me"; this is a first-   the afternoon passed more easily         that it was my computer. Note
hand account – to work and relax         with some white wine and a frozen        the "my," by the way; this is a
in comfort. Thank you! Our lives         Hostess Cupcake. Life was good. I        first-hand account, pun intended.
proceed smoothly only because            love camping out like this.              Finally a live voice got on the
of the myriad of people like this,           Then a few hours turned into         line and told me that they were
often faceless, who do their thing       six hours. By now it was early           working on it. "The number of
so that we can do ours.                  evening. I went outside to brave         powerless households is less than
   It's easy to pick on Ameren, our      the heat and read. (Do you know          fifty," he said way too cheerily.
utility. Utilities aren't warm and       that the sun stays out longer in the     "Powerless," eh? He called that
friendly. People develop loyalty         summer? Amazing!) By now I was           one right, I thought, sitting in the
to their sports teams, politicians,      beginning to have some computer          dark and having voted for both
and even computers (the Apple            withdrawal          symptoms.      My    Gore and Kerry. Now what?
loyalists are a bit nuts, if you ask     fingers were moving sporadically,            At a bit before six, the sun was              399 N. Euclid
me; it's only a machine), but no         uncontrollably, searching for JKL;.      rising so I could read, but I was in no       St. Louis, MO 63108
one seems overly fond of Laclede         I went inside to check to be sure        mood to do so. I pulled my Laclede
Gas or Ameren. When's the last           that my computer was OK, and             Gas baseball hat down around my                 314 367-6731
time you saw someone wearing             it was. It was just sitting there, all   ears in a fit of frustration. I need a
a Metropolitan Sewer District t-         dark and lonely. And then the sun        jolt, I realized so I changed to my
shirt, for example? Go MSD, yeah         began to go down. Still no power.        AT&T gym shorts and drove to
team! I'm in no position to know         With no sun, no light; with no           Starbuck's to get some hot java,
Ameren's level of responsibility         light, no reading. Now what? Not         but that didn't help. Try as I might,
in all of these power outages.           only could I not read, I couldn't        I couldn't use the caffeine to turn
I mean, they didn't cause the            turn on the tube to see the latest       on the computer. So I waited.
storms. Perhaps the hiring of            Gilligan's Island, an evening ritual.    And waited. Then it dawned on
Karen Foss, former KSDK news             What if this was the episode where       me, even without power I can use
anchor was a wise move too. For          they escaped from the island, and
all I know, she is the reason that       I missed it? Yegods!
so many people's power was out a             Late afternoon turned to night. I
much shorter time this year. Please      could peer out the window and see
note the "our"; this is a first-hand     that some of the neighbors had
account. Thank you, Karen.               power; their porch lights taunted
   A year ago, seven days. Did I         me. Still dark at my place, though.
mention that this is the amount          And now it's beginning to get a bit
of time that it took to create           stuffy. But the inside air is cooler
the entire world, including the          than the outside air – the temp
continents, mammals and reptiles,        was still hovering in the low 90’s
and the arch? Oh, I did. This year       as late as 10 pm – so I kept the
the power was out just a few hours       house closed and tried to sleep.
for most of you. Please note the         The good news is that it was dark.
"you"; this is a first-hand account.     The bad news is that it was dark.
   When the power first vanquished,      And warm. Did I mention that I
I assumed, being the
trusting soul that I am,
that it would be restored
momentarily. Sitting there
in my Metropolitan Sewer
District t-shirt, I sighed
and waited. And waited.
Growing up in St. Louis
– don't even ask, Roosevelt
High – I'm used to the
rolling thunderstorms and
brief outages. We don't have
an ocean, Wash U students,
so this is as glamorous as
Mother Nature gets. Enjoy.
   So I waited. After an
hour or so I figured that
I'd have a couple of hours
to go. The good news, I
knew, is that the outage
was pretty local. "It's in the
Central West End, they said
on the news," my mom
reported when I talked to
her on my cell phone. It
was encouraging to realize
that the crews weren't going
to have to work to restore
the power to hundreds and
hundreds of thousands of

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