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									                      Statistics Disclosure Statement

Course:       Statistics                                                    My School Website
Instructor:   Mr. Newbold penewbold@wsd.net
Textbook:     Workshop Statistics, 2nd Edition

I.    Academic Grade
       a. Grading
              i. Tests and quizzes = 50% of grade
              ii.All activities in class and at home, and notes = 50% of grade.
              Grading Scale:         A      93-100        B-     80-82         D+     67-69
                                     A-     90-92         C+     77-79         D      63-66
                                     B+     87-89         C      73-76         D-     60-62
                                     B      83-86         C-     72-70         F      0-59
       b. Assignments
              i. Work must be shown for all problems. 1.) This means writing out the problem
                 number. 2.) Writing out the problem or answering in complete sentences including
                 wording from the problem, 3.) showing all steps taken, and 4.) boxing the final
                 answer. YOU MUST SHOW WORK TO GET FULL CREDIT.
              ii.Write assignments and notes on standard size lined notebook paper using
                 PENCIL ONLY. Do each assignment on a separate sheet of paper labeled with
                 NAME, DATE, PERIOD, and ASSIGNMENT TITLE in upper right hand corner.
              iii. Homework can be expected every day. These assignments are due the next
                 class period.
              iv. Bell quizzes are given daily to encourage students to be on time to class, to
                 get them thinking mathematically, to offer ongoing review, and to prepare
                 students for standardized tests (i.e. ACT, SAT, UBSCT). A student must be
                 sitting quietly in his/her assigned seat when the bell rings to earn bell quiz
              v. Extra Credit will be statistics related and given only at teacher discretion.
                 Extra credit will raise a final grade at most 4% (one full grade if not failing).
       c. Make-up/Late Work
              i. Make-up assignments, notes, tests, and quizzes, due to excused absence, are due
                 the class period following the student’s return to class. Please write ABSENT on
                 the top of these assignments.
                ii.Late work will be worth half credit if turned in on or before the day of the test.
                   Please write LATE on the top of these assignments. NO ASSIGNMENTS FOR

       d. Tests
                 i. Tests will be held at the end of every chapter, along with occasional quizzes.
                 ii.Students should use various study techniques such as flashcards, self-quizzing,
                    extra practice, re-reading of chapters and notes, and daily study of concepts to
                    internalize new material.
                 iii. Students who are absent on test day have one calendar week to come in on
                    their own time to take the test. After one calendar week, students may not take
                    the test.
     e. Test Retakes
              I.         One retake may be taken per test.
              II.       The test retakes will be similar to the original test, but it will not be the
                        same test.
              III. In order to qualify for a retake, students must complete corrections of the
                        problems missed on a separate sheet of paper and discuss them with the
                        instructor. This must be done outside of class.
              IV.       Students who earn 70% or higher on the original test will be required to
                        retake similar problems to those missed, but not the entire test. Students
                        who earn below 70% must retake the entire test.
              V.        The retake must be completed within one week of the day the corrected
                        tests were returned to the student. Retakes must be taken outside of
                        regular class time.
II.   Attendance
      1. The policies and procedures of the school and district will be enforced. Consistent
      attendance has a positive impact on success in this course; thus, students are encouraged
      not to leave the classroom during class time.
      2. Two hall pass coupons will be awarded per quarter and, if unused, may be turned in for
      extra credit.
      3. To ensure correct attendance records, any student arriving after the bell rings must sign
      in on the tardy sign-in sheet located near the door.
III. Citizenship
       a. Student behavior which disrupts learning, teaching in the classroom, doesn’t comply
           with teacher instructions or school and district policies will result in a decline of
           citizenship grade as noted in the school citizenship rubric.
       b. Do not bring cell phones, music players, or other electronic devices to class.
       c. Instances of cheating will result in no credit for the assignment and an automatic U in
           citizenship for the quarter.
       d. Students need to be aware of the citizenship requirements for extracurricular
           activities since poor citizenship marks may not be worked off
IV.   Extra Help
       e. Mr. Newbold is available for additional assistance 30 minutes before and after school,
          as well as Thursday mornings during EO.
       f. Access solutions to in-class activities online at:
       g. PLEASE come see Mr. Newbold. if you find you are struggling! He wants you to
V.    Other Important Information
       h. Materials
              i.    Personal graphing calculators (TI-83 or above) are strongly recommended for
                 this course. Graphing Calculators are $80 - $130 to purchase therefore the
                 Math Department has Calculators for rent for only $30 on a first come first
                 serve basis. See Mrs. Holt in room 13 and hurry fast before they are all gone.
              ii.Students will be required to have 3” x 5” index cards for vocabulary words.
              iii. Book, calculator, vocabulary cards, paper, and pencils need to be brought to
                 class every day.
       i. Access to students’ scores is available to parents/guardians and students at My
          Weber: https://myweber.wsdinfo.net/. Please contact Weber High School
          attendance secretary to obtain username and/or password. Scores on The Portal will
          be updated weekly.
       j. Mr. Newbold will grant reasonable accommodations to students with extenuating
       k. Please communicate your concerns to me by e-mail (penewbold@wsd.net), phone
          (Weber High: 476-3700 7:15 am - 3:15 pm), or in person.
       l. I reserve the right to adjust the above requirements and procedures as I deem
Course:     Statistics         Disclosure Statement
Instructor: Mr. Newbold              2012-2013
Period:     ________
Student Name: _____________________

  I have reviewed the disclosure statement for the above listed teacher and class. I am aware of
and agree to support and follow these policies and procedures. I am keeping the descriptive
portion of the disclosure statement for future reference.
  Throughout the school year, we may use video technology to film your student for educational
purposes. I give my consent for these clips to be used on websites, Portal, or blogs.

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