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									                             Synthetic Lubricants

Included in synthetic lubricants is your run-of-the-mill engine oil that everyone has to use on a
consistent basis, and that everyone should be changing out periodically. Most people do not care what
type of oil is going into their car when they get an oil change, and usually they just choose the cheapest
option available to them. The problem with this is that a simple missed oil change while using cheap,
non-synthetic oil can actually cause engine sludge, which is very damaging to the heart of your car - the
engine. There is no sense in saving a few bucks now if it is going to cost you thousands of dollars down
the road.

The reason why most people should choose synthetic motor oil is because it lasts longer between oil
changes, and it does not create any type of engine sludge. It is manufactured oil that does the same
thing as real oil, just without all of the negatives. This type of motor oil also can be used for high
performance applications, and even used for commercial trucking fleets that constantly need their
engines to perform. High performance engines always require synthetic oil in order to work at their
peaks without causing any internal damage. As far as trucks are concerned, their diesel engines work
much better while running on synthetic oil compared to traditional, cheaper oil that is available to them.

Another synthetic lubricant that is gaining ground in the car maintenance industry is transmission fluid.
This type of fluid is never a real concern to normal everyday commuters, and is typically only changed
out once or twice in the life of a car. This type of disregard can cause your transmission to break
eventually, causing a lot of money worth of damages. You know this first hand if you have ever had to
buy a new tranny for your car. One way to prevent this type of catastrophic failure is by using synthetic
transmission fluid. It lasts longer between the very few changes that are performed during a car’s life,
which is really what everyone needs.

If you go into an auto store, you will notice that nearly every type of lubricant that can be put onto or
into a car has two different main options. Synthetic or non-synthetic is these two different options, and
usually one cost less than the other. Don’t make the mistake by saving a few dollars today when you can
save thousands of dollars during your cars life by choosing the best lubricants available which are
obviously synthetic lubricants.

Diesel motors are common place in the trucking and construction industry because of many different
reasons. One of the main benefits of a diesel engine is that it can perform under pressure for many miles
without skipping a beat. Another reason is that diesel engines can produce a lot of power, specifically
torque, without sacrificing gas mileage and engine wear. The heart of a diesel engine performing so
consistently though usually comes down to properly maintaining your engine, and keeping it well
lubricated with synthetic oils and fluids.
Synthetic fluids work better under pressure for longer periods of time than standard lubricants, which is
king of how a diesel engine works compared to regular engines that run off of normal gasoline. Beyond
just engine oil though, AMSOIL synthetic solutions can range from transmission fluid, to normal grease,
and really any type of fluid you consistently change during the maintenance of a motor. There is no
sense of using a synthetic fluid just for motor oil if you aren’t going to go that extra step in care with all
the other fluids that often need to be flushed out.

Among the diesel motor oils that are available though, there are different types for different types of
engines. Some diesel motors are made specifically for a marine application which is why AMSOIL has
developed oil for this. Another application is for engines that have astounding amounts of mileage on
them. If you have a high performance diesel engine, you will likely go with the high performance based
Synthetic oil meant for this type of engine.

Because of the sheer amount of different uses for diesel motors, and all of the different performance
grades and applications these engines are used for, AMSOIL has had to develop countless different types
of motor oils that are fully synthetic and application specific. This shows that this company takes that
extra step in car care, truck care, and simply engine care. They want your motor to run smoothly,
forever. One of the best ways to make this happen is to keep your engine free of sludge and other
problems associated with using non synthetic lubricants.

Synthetic lubricants were started by AMSOIL, and they have been leading the industry in every way since
they developed and mass produced these types of lubricants. It is smart to trust the best company out
there to provide you with the highest quality of product to put into your diesel engine.

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