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									                               English 10th grade
                                 Mrs. Bearnson
                             Disclosure Statement

      This course will focus on increasing the development of thinking,
reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. We will work at improving all
aspects of communication skills. Language is the foundation for
communication. Without it we would all be confused, lost. Try looking at the
subject as something useful for now and your future. I hope to express to
you the importance English has for all of us.

     Students will know and be able to use commonly used prefixes,
       suffixes, and root words for deciphering word meaning.
     Students will be able to write persuasively in many forms (essay,
       research paper, letters, etc.)
     Students will know the steps of the writing process which include pre-
       writing, drafting, revising, and editing and the SHS writing standard.
     Students will be able to analyze and understand different types of
       informational and literary texts.
     Students will review and practice grammar rules such as subject/verb
       agreement, end marks, commas, etc.
     Students will plan and present orally using techniques appropriate to
       audience and purpose.
All students will be required to bring the following items to class daily:
    1. Three-ring binder with five dividers
           Your binder should be filled with loose-leaf paper. No spiral
           Label your five dividers into the following categories:
                   1) notes, 2) oral language practice, 3) vocabulary, 4)
                      chapter summaries/journal entries, 5) assignments
    2. Reading book-All students need to bring a reading book to class every
       single day. Students are required to read 500 pages per term of
       their choice preferably books at their reading level). Along with
       reading, students are required to write daily summaries.
    3. Paper, pencil, pen (blue/black ink)
             If a student chooses to have continual problems with being
              prepared, it will result in a loss of points and citizenship
Participation Points:
Students will be given 10 points per day for attending and participating in
class. Participation points are earned by arriving on time, reading during
independent reading time, showing respect of others and contributing to
daily activities.
Absent Work:
If a student is absent, he/she will be responsible to make up the work. It is
not the responsibility of the teacher to remember whether you were absent
or not. You can either check with the teacher or another student to get the
information needed in order to complete the assignment. You will be able to
access the textbook online. Those details will be given when it is necessary.
Also, it is important for you to know that I will only provide absent
assignments before/after class or after school. Important: you have one
week to turn in any absent work. This means that you must get your make-up
work the day you return to school. If you forget and a week passes, you will
receive a zero for that particular assignment. This information only applies
if the absences are excused.
Late Work:
No late work will be accepted.
A citizenship grade will be given according to classroom behavior, attitude
and punctuality. Tally marks will be assessed by the instructor for such
behavior as excessive talking, swearing, lack of respect, destruction of
classroom property, lack of preparedness, cheating and poor use of class
time. If a student chooses to display continual disruptive behavior, it will
result in lower citizenship marks. Hats, body piercing, or clothes that do
not meet up to the dress code standards will not be allowed. Absolutely
NO use of cell phones, I Pods, headphones, laptops or any other
electronic devices will be allowed during class time.
Absences and Tardies:
Unexcused absences and Tardies will not be tolerated. Daily attendance and
being ON TIME will definitely have a positive impact on success in this class.
Keep in mind; you will not pass this class with 4 or more unexcused absences.
Unexcused Absences and Tardies will impact the citizenship grade as
follows: 0 tardies/unexcused absences= H; 1 tardy/unexcused absence= S;
2-3 tardies/unexcused absences= N; 4 tardies/unexcused absences= U.
A     =      94-100                  C      =     74-76
A-    =      90-93             C-    =      70-73
B+    =      87-89             D+    =      67-69
B     =      84-86             D     =      64-66
B-    =      80-83             D-    =      60-63
C+    =      77-79             F     =      59 or below

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Mrs. Bearnson
English 10th grade
Period ____

I have read and understand the above information.

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