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Cause Marketing Manager Job Description JOB DESCRIPTION


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									                             Cause Marketing Manager Job Description

Tigerlily Foundation’s Cause Marketing Manager is responsible for providing support for cause-
marketing partners to ensure success and enhance current and developing relationships with
donor partners. The Cause Marketing Manager is responsible for meeting cause marketing
partnership goals and creating awareness of relationships with corporate partners. Requires ability
to work as part of a team, be assertive in order to meet goals and communicate effectively.


       Responsible for engaging corporations and securing cause-marketing partnerships that
        will benefit Tigerlily
       Responsible for planning and goal setting for the development of solicitation strategies.
       Strategically work to identify, initiate, and enhance marketing relationships.
       Cultivate and manage partnerships; anticipate needs, communicate clearly and maintain a
        consistent presence of partner products.
       Promote cause marketing partnership through social networking, new media, cause-
        related marketing partnerships and e-marketing initiatives.
       Assist in strategic plans for client presentations, displays, etc.
       Manage activities related to the design, execution and evaluation of corporate promotions
        and cause related marketing activities for key corporate partners.
       Provide detailed analysis for current and new corporate funding partners.
       Coordinate staff, network, Board and constituent involvement in corporate partnerships
        as needed.
       Provide coaching and guidance to staff members on cause marketing programs and
       Prepare tracking, reports and analysis on corporate revenue performance.
       Develop and maintain corporate relations materials, including organization’s corporate
        relations portfolio, presentation and program descriptions.
       Coordinate regular updates to key donors, and other constituencies
       Ensure accurate and timely documentation of all donor contacts within database.

About Tigerlily Foundation
Tigerlily Foundation’s (Tigerlily) mission is to educate, empower, advocate for and provide
hands-on support to young women, ages of 15-40 – before, during and after breast cancer.

For More Information: Email Nicolette Boxe, Director of Recruiting at
nicolette@tigerlilyfoundation.org or email info@tigerlilyfoundation.org for more information.

                                    Tigerlily Foundation
                     11654 Plaza America Drive, #725, Reston, VA 20190
                                   Tel: 1(888) 580-6253
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