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Definition: This is professional work in the field of speech,
language and hearing.

An employee in this class provides testing and diagnostic
services and plans a treatment program of individual and group
therapy for persons with auditory, speech, language and related
disabilities. The employee functions as an independent clinician
in diagnosis, treatment, and research in the field of auditory,
speech and language disabilities. Work involves the application
of principles, methodology, and technical skills employed in the
treatment of persons having speech, language, hearing, and
related disabilities. Work is performed under the general
direction of professional or administrative supervisor who
outlines scope and content of programs and reviews work through
conferences and reports.

Examples of Work: Selects and administers tests to measure and
evaluate speech, language, hearing, and related disabilities.

Determines extent of disability and defines habilitation/
rehabilitation objectives on the basis or results of testing

Consults with the professional discipline coordinator concerning
test results, interview findings, interpretations, and

Participates as a member of designated inter-disciplinary
treatment team and provides speech, language, hearing and
related disability program plans, goals, and objectives for each
assigned client/patient.

Participates in staff training programs in speech, language and
hearing and related disabilities.

Participates in intra and/or inter-agency seminars.

Instructs persons in the use and care of hearing aids,
augmentative communications devices and related adaptive

Complies and presents case studies to colleagues.

Participates in research studies designed to maximize
effectiveness of a direct services program.

Diagnoses and treats speech, language, hearing and related
disabilities such as delayed speech, stuttering, spastic speech,
asphasic disorders, dysphagia or disabilities resulting from
injury, or hearing handicaps requiring specialized auditory/
communications training, such as lip reading, use of hearing
aids, alternative communications methods, augmentative
communications devices and improving feeding and swallowing

Maintains individual progress records.

Performs related work as required.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Knowledge of approved
principles, methods, techniques, and procedures used in
individual and group treatment of speech, language and
audiological disabilities and of related behavioral problems.

Knowledge of speech, language and audiological disabilities,
their treatment, and effects upon the individual as related to
his social psychological, and vocational environment.

Knowledge of the principles of supervision and administration
and of methods and techniques of staff training.

Knowledge of research principles and practices as applied to the
field of speech, language, hearing and related disabilities.

Ability to plan, organize, direct and coordinate a speech,
language and hearing program.

Ability to provide technical direction, supervision and
coordination for the work of professional and non-professional

Ability to establish and maintain effective working
relationships with clients/patients, their families,
professional staff, and other colleagues.

Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely, orally and in

Ability to prepare clear and comprehensive reports.

Minimum Experience and Training: Completion of all requirements
for a master's degree, excluding a thesis, in the field of
communicology or a related area, including or supplemented by
not less than 24 credit hours in speech pathology and/or
audiology earned at either the graduate or under-graduate level.

Condition of Employment: Possession of a certificate of clinical
competence from the Council of Professional Standards of the
American Speech-Language and Hearing Association and/or
licensure as required by state law or regulation for
professional employment in public schools or approved private

Date Established or Last Revised

Class Specification - 1991

Evaluation Guide – 1990

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