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                                     KENT STATE UNIVERSITY
                                  CLASSIFICATION SPECIFICATION
                                             Developed for Equal Opportunity

CLASS TITLE: Office Systems Coordinator                                                Pay Grade:     40


      Analyzes needs and develops procedures and programs to expedite the processing of data; operates minicomputer
      and/or networked microcomputer system; utilizes mainframe operating system.


      Conceptualizes, designs, programs and tests complex office systems applications.

      Enhances and debugs existing programs.

      Operates and maintains minicomputer and/or networked microcomputer system; utilizes mainframe operating system
      for downloading and uploading information.

      Develops and maintains program documentation.

      Trains users on hardware and multiple software applications.

      Sets up and configures hardware; installs software packages; creates directories and menus using a disc operating
      system (e.g., DOS and/or screen editor); troubleshoots hardware and software problems.

      Reviews and evaluates available hardware and software; makes purchase recommendations.

      Assists in establishing operational procedures.

      May supervise, train and direct student or temporary employees; may participate in training new employees.

      Performs related duties as required.


      Designated supervisor


      Normal office environment; requires frequent use of video display terminal; may work varied hours to include early
      mornings, evenings and weekends.

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                Required Education and Experience: An Associate Degree in Computer Science/Technology (or equivalent
                training or experience which provides comparable knowledge, skills, and abilities). A minimum of two years
                experience coordinating a network system or programming office systems applications on a mini and/or micro
                computer operating system.

               Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
               1. Ability to program in a third or fourth generation (e.g., Cobol, Fortran) or higher language; knowledge of a
                  specific language may be preferred.
               2. Knowledge of basic systems analysis and design techniques.
               3. Knowledge of efficient programming techniques.
               4. Knowledge of JCL (Job Control Language).
               5. Knowledge of data access methods and database navigation.
               6. Knowledge of a disk operating system; knowledge of a specific system may be preferred.
               7. Ability to perform PC programming.
               8. Ability to troubleshoot and maintain hardware, software and peripheral equipment.
               9. Knowledge of text editors.
              10. Ability to cooperate with co-workers on group projects.
              11. Ability to work on a variety of projects at once while maintaining established priorities.
              12. Ability to operate a computer and utilize multiple software packages; knowledge of specific software may be
              13. Ability to create efficient databases.
              14. Ability to read and comprehend technical written materials (e.g., software manuals, local area network
                  information, etc.).
              15. Ability to train others in the use of computers.
              16. Ability to proofread and correct written information.
              17. Skill in written communication (e.g., to compose manuals that simplify technical information into a clear,
                  concise, and user-friendly format).
              18. Ability to operate computer-related equipment (e.g., printers, labelmaker, etc.).
              19. Skill in interpersonal communication to effectively interact with University personnel and public in person and
                  over the telephone (e.g., to gather information about user's program needs, to explain and train others in the use
                  of computers).
              20. Knowledge of office practices and procedures.

              Issued: 6-30-91                              Last Revised: 1-01-96                                EEO Code: 5C

This description is intended to illustrate the level of work difficulty and kinds of job duties that may be assigned to positions in this classification and should not be interpreted to
describe all the duties that may be required in an individual position. The use of a particular expression or illustration to describe duties does not exclude the assignment of other duties
not mentioned that are of similar kind or level of difficulty. The described job duties do not constitute a written or implied contract of employment. Kent State University reserves the
right to revise or change job duties, job hours, and responsibilities.



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