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                                Cub Scout Academic Belt Loops
      Beltloop        Requirement 1                Requirement 2                  Requirement 3         Submitted     Rcvd.
Art              Make a list of common        Demonstrate how six of       Identify the three
                 materials used to create     the following elements of    primary colors and the
                 visual art compositions.     design are used in a         three secondary colors
                                              drawing: lines, circles,     that can be made by
                                              dots, shapes, colors,        mixing them. Show how
                                              patterns, textures, space,   this is done using paints
                                              balance, or perspective.     or markers. Use the
                                                                           primary and secondary
                                                                           colors to create a
Astronomy        Set up and demonstrate       Draw a diagram of our        Explain the following
                 how to focus a simple        solar system--identify the   terms: planet, star, solar
                 telescope or binoculars.     planets and other            system, galaxy, the Milky
                 (A local astronomy club      objects.                     Way, black hole, red
                 may be a resource for                                     giant, white dwarf,
                 this activity.)                                           comet, meteor, moon,
                                                                           asteroid, star map, and

Chess            Identify the chess pieces    Demonstrate the moves        Play a game of chess.
                 and set up a chess board     of each chess piece to
                 for play.                    your den leader or adult

Citizenship      Develop a list of jobs you   Make a poster showing        Participate in a family,
                 can do around the home.      things that you can do to    den, or school service
                 Chart your progress for      be a good citizen.           project.
                 one week.

Collecting       Begin a collection of at     Display your collection at   Visit a show or museum
                 least 10 items that all      a pack or den meeting.       that displays different
                 have something in                                         collections
                 common. Label the items
                 and title your collection.

Communicating    Tell a story or relate an    Write a letter to a friend   Make a poster about
                 incident to a group of       or relative.                 something that interests
                 people, such as your                                      you. Explain the poster to
                 family, den, or members                                   your den.
                 of your class.

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   Beltloop          Requirement 1                  Requirement 2                Requirement 3             Submitted     Rcvd.
Computers       Explain these parts of a      Demonstrate how to            Use your computer to
                personal computer:            start up and shut down a      prepare and print a
                central processing unit       personal computer             document.
                (CPU), monitor,               properly.
                keyboard, mouse,
                modem, and printer.

Disability      Visit with a friend, family   Attend a disabilities         Make a display about one
Awareness       member, classmate, or         event such as an Easter       or more disabilities. It
                other person with             Seals event, Special          can include physical,
                disabilities. Find out what   Olympics, a performance       learning, or mental
                this person enjoys and        with sign language            challenges. Share the
                what this person finds        interpretation, an activity   display at a pack
                difficult.                    with Guiding Eyes dogs,       meeting.
                                              or a wheelchair race. Tell
                                              your adult leader what
                                              you thought about the
Family Travel   Make a list of things you     With an adult’s help,         Research at least five
                would take on a three-        figure out the cost and       places to visit during a
                day trip with your family,    miles to complete a trip      trip to a place of interest.
                then pack these items in      to a place of interest        Explain what you learned
                a bag or suitcase.            using the family car or       to your family.
                                              public transportation.
Geography       Draw a map of your            Learn about the physical      Use a world globe or map
                neighborhood. Show            geography of your             to locate the continents,
                natural and manmade           community. Identify the       the oceans, the equator,
                features. Include a key or    major landforms within        and the northern and
                legend of map symbols.        100 miles. Discuss with       southern hemispheres.
                                              an adult what you             Learn how longitude and
                                              learned.                      latitude lines are used to
                                                                            locate a site.

Geology         Define geology.               Collect a sample of           Explain the difference
                                              igneous, sedimentary,         between a rock and a
                                              and metamorphic rocks.        mineral.
                                              Explain how each was

Good Manners    Make a poster that lists      Introduce two people          Write a thank-you note
                five good manners that        correctly and politely. Be    to someone who has
                you want to practice.         sure that one of them is      given you something or
                Share your poster with        an adult.                     done something nice for
                your den or family.                                         you.

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   Beltloop        Requirement 1                Requirement 2                Requirement 3           Submitted     Rcvd.
Heritages     Talk with members of         Make a poster that           Draw a family tree
              your family about your       shows the origins of your    showing members of
              family heritage: its         ancestors. Share it with     your family for three
              history, traditions, and     your den or other group.     generations.

Language &    Talk with someone who        Learn 10 words that are      Play two games that
Culture       grew up in a different       in a different language      originated in another
              country than you did.        than your own.               country or culture.
              Find out what it was like
              and how it is different
              from your experience.

Map &         Show how to orient a         Explain how a compass        Draw a map of your
Compass       map. Find three              works.                       neighborhood. Label the
              landmarks on the map                                      streets and plot the route
                                                                        you take to get to a place
                                                                        that you often visit.

Mathematics   Do five activities within    Keep track of the money      Measure five items using
              your home or school that     you earn and spend for       both metric and non-
              require the use of           three weeks.                 metric measures. Find
              mathematics. Explain to                                   out about the history of
              your den how you used                                     the metric system of
              everyday math.                                            measurement.

Music         Explain why music is an      Pick a song with at least    Listen to four different
              important part of our        two verses and learn it      types of music either
              culture.                     by heart.                    recorded or live.

Nutrition     Make a poster of foods       Explain the difference       Help prepare and eat a
              that are good for you.       between a fruit and a        healthy meal of foods
              Share the poster with        vegetable. Eat one of        that are included in a
              your den.                    each.                        food pyramid. (With your
                                                                        parent’s or adult
                                                                        partner’s permission,
Pet Care      Care for your pet for two    Read a book, explore the     Make a poster about
              weeks. Make a list of the    Internet (with your          your pet. Share your
              tasks that you did to take   parent’s or adult            poster with your den,
              care of your pet.            partner’s permission), or    pack, or family.
                                           acquire a pamphlet
                                           about your pet. List three
                                           new interesting facts that
                                           you learned about your

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   Beltloop          Requirement 1               Requirement 2                  Requirement 3          Submitted     Rcvd.
Photography    Point out the major          Discuss with your den         Using a camera, take at
               features of a camera to      leader or adult partner,      least 10 pictures of your
               your den or family and       the benefits and              family, pet, or scenery;
               explain the function of      contributions                 show these to your den.
               each part. Parts could       photography makes to
               include film, lens,          modern life. Report what
               shutter, power on and        you learned to your den
               off, zoom, battery, flash,   or family.
               display panel, case,
               settings, etc.
Reading and    Visit a library and get      Write a letter or a short     Keep a diary of your
Writing        your own library card.       story. Read it to your den    activities for one week.
               Check out and return a       or family.                    Read it to your den or
               book.                                                      family.
Science        Explain the scientific       Use the scientific method     Visit a museum, a
               method to your adult         in a simple science           laboratory, an
               partner.                     project. Explain the          observatory, a zoo, an
                                            results to an adult.          aquarium, or other
                                                                          facility that employs
                                                                          scientists. Talk to a
                                                                          scientist about his or her

Video Games    Explain why it is            With an adult, create a       Learn to play a new video
               important to have a          schedule for you to do        game that is approved by
               rating system for video      things that includes your     your parent, guardian, or
               games. Check your video      chores, homework, and         teacher.
               games to be sure they        video gaming. Do your
               are right for your age.      best to follow this
Weather        Make a poster that           Set up a simple weather       Watch the weather
               shows and explains the       station to record rainfall,   forecast on a local
               water cycle.                 temperature, air              television station.
                                            pressure, or evaporation
                                            for one week.

Wildlife       Explain what natural         Make a poster that            Learn about an
Conservation   resources are and why        shows and explains the        endangered species.
               it's important to protect    food chain. Describe to       Make a report to your
               and conserve them.           your den what happens if      den that includes a
                                            the food chain becomes        picture, how the species
                                            broken or damaged.            came to be endangered,
                                                                          and what is being done
                                                                          to save it.

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                                 Cub Scout Athletic Belt Loops
   Beltloop            Requirement 1               Requirement 2               Requirement 3          Submitted      Rcvd.
Archery         Explain the rules for safe   Demonstrate to your          Practice shooting at
                archery that you have        leader or adult partner      your district or council
                learned in the               good archery shooting        camp for the time
                district/council camp or     techniques, including the    allowed.
                activity you are attending   stance and how to nock
                with your leader or adult    the arrow, establish the
                partner.                     bow, draw, aim, release,
                                             follow-through and
                                             retrieve arrows.
BB Gun          Explain the rules for Safe   Demonstrate to your          Practice shooting at
Shooting        BB gun shooting you have     leader or adult partner      your district or your
                learned to your leader or    good BB gun shooting         council camp in the time
                adult partner.               techniques, including eye    allowed.
                                             dominance, shooting
                                             shoulder, breathing, sight
                                             alignment, trigger
                                             squeeze, follow through.
Badminton       Explain the rules of         Spend at least 30            Participate in a
                badminton to your leader     minutes practicing           badminton game.
                or adult partner.            badminton skills.
Baseball        Explain the rules of         Spend at least 30            Participate in a baseball
                baseball to your leader or   minutes practicing           game.
                adult partner.               baseball skills.
Basketball      Explain the rules of         Spend at least 30            Participate in a
                basketball to your leader    minutes practicing           basketball game.
                or adult partner.            basketball skills.
Bicycling       Explain the rules of safe    Demonstrate how to           Show how to ride a bike
                bicycling to your den        wear the proper safety       safely. Ride for at least
                leader or adult partner.     equipment for bicycling.     half an hour with an
                                                                          adult partner, your
                                                                          family, or den.
Bowling         Explain to your leader or    Show how to pick out a       Play a complete game
                adult partner the rules of   ball of proper weight and    with your family or den.
                courtesy and safety for      with finger holes that fit
                bowling.                     your hand.
Fishing         Review your local fishing    Demonstrate how to           Try to catch a fish.
                regulations with your        properly bait a hook.
                leader or adult partner.
                Explain why they are
                important, and commit to
                following them.
Flag Football   Explain or discuss the       Practice running, passing,   Play a game of flag
                simple rules of flag         and catching skills for at   football.
                football with your den.      least 30 minutes.

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   Beltloop           Requirement 1                Requirement 2                  Requirement 3         Submitted      Rcvd.
Golf          Explain the rules of golf to   Spend at least 30              Participate in a round of
              your leader or adult           minutes practicing             golf (nine holes).
              partner. Explain the need      golfing skills.
              for caution concerning
              golf clubs and golf balls.
Gymnastics    Explain the six events of      Participate in three of the Explain the safety rules
              men's gymnastics: floor        six events using the        you should follow to
              exercise, pommel horse,        proper equipment.           learn gymnastics.
              still rings, vaulting / side
              horse, parallel bars, and
              horizontal bar.
Hiking        Explain the hiking safety      Demonstrate proper             Hike at least 30 minutes
              rules to your den leader       hiking attire and              with your adult partner,
              or adult partner. Practice     equipment.                     family, or den.
              these rules while on a
Hockey        Explain ways to protect        Spend 30 minutes               Play a game of hockey
              yourself while skating.        practicing the skills of       while on roller skates or
              Demonstrate how to put         hockey: skating, stick         hockey skates.
              on all necessary safety        handling, passing,
              equipment. Explain why         shooting, and checking.
              proper safety equipment        This may be over two
              is important.                  different practice
Horseback     Explain five safety            With help from an              Go on a supervised
Riding        precautions for when you       experienced horse              horseback ride for at
              are near a horse.              handler, demonstrate           least 20 minutes. Wear
                                             how to safely mount and        an approved helmet
                                             ride a horse and then          (such as one approved
                                             how to safely dismount         for horseback riding by
                                             the horse.                     the ASTM, or American
                                                                            Society for Testing and
Ice Skating   Explain ways to protect        Spend at least 30              Go ice skating with a
              yourself while ice skating,    minutes practicing the         family member or den
              and the need for proper        skills of skating.             for at least three hours.
              safety equipment.                                             Chart your time.
Kickball      Explain the rules of           Spend 30 minutes               Play a game of kickball.
              kickball to your leader or     practicing the skills of
              adult partner.                 kickball (pitching, kicking,
                                             base running, catching,
                                             throwing). This may be
                                             over two different
                                             practice periods.

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  Beltloop               Requirement 1                 Requirement 2                Requirement 3           Submitted      Rcvd.
Marbles            Explain the rules of Ringer   Spend at least 30             Participate in a game of
                   or another marble game        minutes practicing skills     marbles.
                   to your leader or adult       to play the game of
                   partner                       Ringer or another marble
Physical Fitness   Give a short report to        Practice finding your         Practice five physical
                   your den or family on the     pulse and counting your       fitness skills regularly.
                   dangers of drugs and          heartbeats per minute.        Improve performance in
                   alcohol.                      Determine your target         each skill over a month.
                                                 heart rate.                   Skills could include pull-
                                                                               ups, curl-ups, the
                                                                               standing long jump, the
                                                                               50-yard dash, and the
                                                                               softball throw.
Roller Skating     Explain ways to protect       Spend at least 30             Go skating with a family
                   yourself while roller         minutes practicing the        member or den for at
                   skating or inline skating,    skills of roller skating or   least three hours. Chart
                   and the need for proper       inline skating.               your time.
                   safety equipment.
Skateboarding      Demonstrate to an adult       Carefully demonstrate         Practice skateboarding
                   the general rules for safe    how to fall to help           for 30 minutes. This
                   skateboarding by showing      minimize injuries.            practice may be done in
                   that you know how to                                        several periods.
                   wear the proper safety
Snow Ski and       Explain the conditioning,     Explain "Your                 Go skiing or snow
Board Sports       clothing, equipment, and      Responsibility Code," the     boarding. Demonstrate
                   planning needed for snow      rules of safety and           how to stop and turn.
                   skiing or boarding.           courtesy for the slopes.
                                                 (See "Your Responsibility
                                                 Code" in the Academics
                                                 and Sports Program
Soccer             Explain the rules of soccer   Spend at least 30             Play a game of soccer.
                   to your leader or adult       minutes practicing soccer
                   partner.                      skills.
Softball           Explain the rules of          Spend at least 30             Participate in a softball
                   softball to your leader or    minutes practicing            game.
                   adult partner.                softball skills.
Swimming           Explain rules of Safe Swim    Play a recreational game      While holding a kick
                   Defense. Emphasize the        in the water with your        board, propel yourself
                   buddy system.                 den, pack, or family.         25 feet using a flutter
                                                                               kick across the shallow
                                                                               end of the swimming

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   Beltloop          Requirement 1                  Requirement 2             Requirement 3         Submitted      Rcvd.
Table Tennis   Explain the rules of table    Spend at least 30           Participate in a table
               tennis to your leader or      minutes practicing table    tennis game.
               adult partner.                tennis skills.
Tennis         Explain the rules of tennis   Spend at least 30           Participate in a tennis
               to your leader or adult       minutes practicing tennis   game.
               partner.                      skills.
Ultimate       Explain the rules of          Spend at least 30           Participate in a game of
               ultimate or disc golf to      minutes practicing          ultimate or disc golf.
               your leader or adult          ultimate or disc golf
               partner.                      skills.
Volleyball     Explain the rules of          Spend at least 30           Participate in a
               volleyball to your leader     minutes practicing skills   volleyball game.
               or adult partner.             to play the sport of

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